But This Witness was Actually on the Call…Last Tuesday was Taylor lowering the boom & today it was Vindman.  Alexander Vindman is a Purple-Heart veteran who is simply carrying out his civil servant duties & abiding by the law.  He was on the infamous July call between Trump & the Ukrainian president so he’s a firsthand witness.  His testimony today reportedly includes claims of strategic omissions left out of the call transcripts, particularly the part where Trump brought up the Bidens.
Vindman’s testimony in full military uniform goes along with other recent witnesses like Ambassador Taylor & Ambassador Yovanovitch along with the original whistleblower, plus Trump’s own confession when he released those call transcripts.  This comes not long after the Mueller probe offered plenty of evidence Trump engaged in a conspiracy with the Russians to defraud the United States, digging up dirt on a political opponent to interfere & taint an election.  But the powers that be including a corrupt AG determined the crimes did not rise to the level of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  Now that the Ukraine evidence has been unleashed, we do have proof of a conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt.  Even beyond that we see a quid pro quo where our prez pressured a foreign country to create a narrative in helping his political aims in the next election, holding up vital military aid until Ukraine complied, which amounts to extortion. 
With overwhelming evidence, Trump’s supporters are left to keep denying & pouring on the deceptions.  Lyin’ TV pundits like Laura Ingraham & Sean Duffy are simply despicable.  So we’re seeing GOP politicians are gaslighting us about the crimes, echo-pundits keep smearing the witnesses, & that gullible Trumpeter base keep believing the nonsense.  It’s up to the rest of us to overcome this wave of disinformation through spreading the facts & the law.  Also let’s spread the real news as seen in these headlines about today’s congressional hearing where Vindman dropped these bombshells:
Other Scandal & Investigation News
This is as big a news story as we’ve ever seen in politics, so please stay on top of the story.  And the drama keeps building:
Even before he was inaugurated in May, the Ukrainian president was concerned about this pressure campaign from the likes of Rudy & Sondland to interfere in American politics:
House to Make Impeachment Inquiry Official on Thursday
The investigation will be headed by the Intelligence Committee before ultimately winding up in Judiciary.  This official designation should give added weight to their subpoenas.  And it paves the way soon for public hearings, which may sear the public consciousness like a knife:
Simply Awful People
Pundits in Trump-world think nothing about smearing law-abiding Americans in serving their selfish political purposes.  The rule of law no longer matters to this bunch, since all they care about is helping their tribe win while keeping their demagogic leader in power.  To paraphrase Trump, we can truly say this of him & his allies, they are “human scum.”  These meritless vilifications in the links are shades of smearing John McCain for being a captured POW or attacking a Gold Star family.  The lying, deceit & corruption of these people have no bounds!  Check out the way they demonize/defame Vindman & we may come to the conclusion, describing these particular pundits as scum may be too kind: