Evil-Echo Empire Update

Hannity has devolved into the same kind of loony conspiracy theorist as Alex Jones, mired in lies & subterfuge as he goes for maximum shock value.  As revealed in links below such as releasethememo-is-the-next-phase-in-the-anti-mueller-campaign, Hannity is using wild-eyed alternative-facts without evidence, accusing the FBI, DOJ & Mueller investigation of malfeasance such as “the systematic abuse of power” that is “far bigger than Watergate” and is in fact “the biggest national scandal by far in our lifetime.”  Need any more reasons why I refer to Hannity’s show as pure insanity?  But his influence to wreck havoc comes through his audience, so while it’s bad enough they watch the show, it’s positively incomprehensible they’d actually believe what they hear.  Hannity is wallowing in the gutter making reprehensible accusations that others in the echo & Trump’s GOP-protectors in Congress have picked up on, calculating that failure to stop Mueller soon would lead to the truth coming out about Trump’s shady dealings.  So like Carlson in the show before him, it’s little more than tabloid trash dumbing-down their viewers.  


fox lies with trump cartoon

Illinois Times Creators

These conspiratorial Fox lies & echo-diversions are being ramped up, coordinated with Nunes & the other incompetent congressional simpletons in the Freedom Caucus to try & stir up political hay for discrediting Mueller’s probe, with fake-news Russian bots also reportedly joining in on the effort.  I’m not making this up, see for yourself the articles in the first group below.  Hannity, Nunes & the rest of those flimflam artists are seemingly spreading a narrative with the assistance of Russian disinformation to sell their conspiracy propaganda!  One is a TV host with millions of conservative viewers, with the other elected as a congressman, who in cahoots with a fake news campaign from a foreign adversary, are trying to sell a story as preposterous as a James Bond movie.  Beam me up Scotty, we’re in an alternative universe & need transported back to Planet Earth!  So on the surface it appears Trump’s minions are still colluding with the Russians to this day!  And against any rational human comprehension, that echo/Trumpeter crowd are believing their false propaganda!  In a million years I could have never dreamed millions of Americans would be so gullible!  But they are being bombarded with these lies.  And in conducting this massive propaganda campaign of fraud & falsehoods, the last thing these pro-Trump conspirators want to be uncovered about the Russian probe are the facts.  

The insanity behind the Hannity rants have become so unhinged, we can only wonder if he’s not just protecting the president he worships, he might also be trying to protect himself.  In buddying up to Trump the past couple years & being more than willing to serve as a consultant & strategist for him, he may well have been privy to the possible collusion & obstruction committed in the Russian scandal, potentially being personally complicit in those crimes.  So Hannity has become the lead blowhard among this group of various Trump henchmen in the echo & the House who are squawking about VISA warrants that were used, which of course were issued to spy on the Russians, once the FBI had solid evidence of Russia spies with ties to the Kremlin actively engaged in messing with our election.  So in other words, the VISA warrants were entirely justified.  And their desire to release the memo is as dangerous as it is irresponsible, containing classified info which could compromise intelligence sources.

Hannity is using the power of his microphone & every conspiratorial gambit he can dream up, since stopping the Mueller probe in its tracks could be the only chance to hide criminal activity which might even implicate him.  Another so-called scandal that Hannity & the rest of Trump’s enablers keep trotting out there are text messages critical of Trump that FBI investigator Peter Strzok sent to his girlfriend, which Mueller correctly removed him from the investigation last summer once those texts became known.  But don’t we all have political leanings we’re allowed to express?  With tens of thousands in the bureau, some are sure to be pro-Trump & some anti-Trump, just like the population-at-large.  But the government can’t dictate what people think!  Looks like the Trump police want total loyalty & a blood sacrifice, plus control people’s viewpoints.  As the echo-crowd buys into all that nonsense, the one thing they’re overlooking with all these sideshows, is the fact the overriding concern we need to find out is whether there were illegals activities done in coordination with the Russians.  It’s only the integrity of our democracy at stake.

The echo & Trump’s congressional sycophants are grasping at straws, making mountains out of molehills.  Being nothing but a hatchet man, Nunes (who may also face legal jeopardy for obstruction) is accusing the FBI of serious indiscretions he says that memo contains, without even showing them the parts of the memo he’s squawking about.  It’s all about raising doubts about the Mueller probe with their far-right base.  These Trump talking heads with Hannity playing the role of lead nudnik, have been known for producing or reactivating a long laundry list of so-called major scandals in the past year, including Seth Rich, Obama’s OFA, Hillary emails, uranium deal, Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, Susan Rice, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Loretta Lynch, Donna Brazile, & so many others I can’t remember them all.  These are hot topics hyped in echo-world which keep their audiences entertained, but those conspiracy theories are only getting increasingly outrageous.  Every weeknight on Fox as more mud keeps getting thrown up against the wall to see what sticks, that shtick coming from Hannity is truly insanity.  I’m only speculating on his true motives based on the increasingly demented things he’s saying, but the closer Mueller gets to the facts, it seems the more desperate Hannity is sounding.

Also click on the link titled fox-news-conspiracy-theories, where you’ll see the headline The night Fox News went completely off the rails, which refers to their Thursday evening prime-time shows which were arguably the worst block of programming in television history.  At least with network sitcoms, anyone connected with those shows would readily admit the narratives to their shows are made-up.  But not with Fox.  They pretend their fiction is real.  Fox lies constantly but last Thursday night was a special kind of psychosis.  And Fox actually has the gall to try & convince their audience that somehow their phony storylines & implausible conspiracies are true.  It’s very difficult to even relate anymore to many in the GOP base of whom we once shared the same political affiliations, after they’ve been befuddled by a steady stream of Fox/echo-deceptions fraught with their far-right extremist ideologies.  The echo has been caught in so many lies, you’d think echo-fans would have caught on by now.  Even the headline from tonight, FBI Director Wray had reportedly threatened to resign over the lies which produced pressures to fire members of his staff.

Paradoxically, as the Fox evening programming goes off on their inane tangents worthy of being posts on Alex Jones’ InfoWars site, they are totally whiffing on the real news!  Rarely does the serious subject come up about Trump’s lack of depth on issues, character deficiencies, serial lying or updates on the Russian investigations.  When those topics do come up, it’s all about diminishing those news stories or covering up for the prez.  So the part of the Fox audience that never plugs into other news sources outside the echo, they are missing the relevant headlines entirely or getting a version of it totally apart from reality.  As a nation, it becomes virtually impossible to agree on our common set of problems or rally around shared solutions, when millions in the GOP base are regularly being fed toxic garbage which they’re readily willing to swallow.  It’s what got Trump elected & enables him to this day.  With Trump corrupting all around him, America’s values may never recover.  In the article trumps-first-year-a-damage-assessment, here is just one of numerous perceptive paragraphs outlining the destruction Trump has wrought after just one year in office:

The consequent damage Trump is doing to the Republican Party should worry liberals as well as conservatives. The point of political parties is to aggregate interests and soften the edges of the extremes in order to find common cause to make policy. Without viable parties, alienated and discouraged citizens withdraw from politics, and only the most motivated and aggrieved voters show up for the primaries and conventions. This is already happening in the GOP. Whatever principled origins there were to the tea party movement, for example, it fell prey to the most angry and extreme elements within it, resulting in the emergence of some truly repellent congressional candidates (think Indiana’s Richard Mourdock, who said, “even when life begins in the horrible situation of rape, that is something that God intended to happen”) and later contributing to the rise of Trump.

Then we see the article whats-so-extremely-uniquely-wrong-about-trumps-presidency, when after assessing the train wreck in the first year of this presidency, concludes with these thoughts:

The longer-term and greater danger is that Trump does not believe in American ideals and institutions. He does not believe in a free press or free speech; unconstrained, he would crack down on both. He does not believe in the rule of law, a Justice Department free of political interference, the separation of powers or an independent judiciary. He does not believe in the United States as a beacon and example to the world. My continuing confidence remains that our institutions can withstand this assault and that our national reputation has been so well-earned that others will understand: Trump does not reflect who we are. “Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny,” Bruce Springsteen sang. No, we won’t, not with Trump. What we can hope — and what we must pray — is that we will look back on his presidency as a blot on our nation’s honor, an aberration from our history and a moment from which we emerged, not unscathed, but more resolute for having endured it. 

In the next article trumps-short-term-achievements-will-cost-conservatives, Erick Erickson begins with this introduction, then goes on to explain the long-term ramifications that will come from conservatives hitching their wagons to the abandonment of principles through accepting abject immorality:

Being a conservative who does not cheerlead President Trump can make one feel like the Prophet Amos. Amos went to Israel at a time of great prosperity to tell the nation God would destroy it for failing to care for its widows, its poor, its orphans and its refugees. Everyone looked around at the success, riches, and plenty and mocked the prophet. Like the people of Israel in a time of plenty, it is easy for conservatives right now to focus on the successes of Trump’s first year in office. But those on the right should consider the long-term costs.

There are links at the very bottom to evangelical articles where we see our faith is under attack from within, with leaders like Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr, Robert Jeffress & Mark Burns diminishing & smearing the faith by engaging in extremist politics, while through their duplicity & stupidity are actually justifying abhorrent sins that are morally indefensible.  With any other president in any other era, evangelical leaders would be denouncing the serial debauchery taking place, which are currently crossing over into the territories of immorality, racism, bigotry, greed & chronic lying, but some of these sorry-excuses-for-leaders speaking on behalf of evangelicals these days seem perfectly fine with embracing such sins.  It’s as though they’re misinterpreting scripture to justify evil while aligning with unholy political forces.  So as much as the external culture wars have been challenging for the church, the greater threat is internal.  Those who profess to speak on behalf of evangelicals yet sacrifice their principles, can be among the most destructive people on Earth through undermining the church’s reputation & mission.

The degree of deception invading the flock by following the leadership of charlatans are reflected in two mind-twisting examples I recall from those claiming to be Christians.  One was during the campaign when a person likened those who criticize Trump to those who killed Christ.  Another was a few months ago during Trump’s presidency when someone said if Jesus came back to Earth with a message, before believing it he’d first need to check with Trump.  I’m not making this stuff up.  It’s scary what people can be made to believe.  Admittedly, most aren’t nearly this delusional, but I do sense a warped mentality has spread which is not coming from on high, but rather from on high in the White House & among certain evangelical leaders.  Our faith had better get back to basics & live according to the teachings of Jesus, before the rest of the world totally rejects the religion based on blatant hypocrisy & mocks the church as fools.  The evangelical faith should recognize new leadership committed to their higher purpose, with a focus on heavenly power vs. earthly power.  The final link on evangelicals-continue-to-apply-moral-relativism-in-dealing-with-trump-but-at-what-cost, the op-ed concludes with this:

Winning the White House has always been important to evangelicals. But historically, winning people to the Christian faith has taken higher priority. To some within the tribe, it appears the former has replaced the latter.The Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, a leading evangelical, recently wrote: “At the Family Research Council’s recent Values Voter Summit, the religious right effectively declared its conversion to Trumpism.

Who would now identify conservative Christian political engagement with the pursuit of the common good? Rather, the religious right is an interest group seeking preference and advancement from a strongman — and rewarding him with loyal acceptance of his priorities. The prophets have become clients. The priests have become acolytes.”