News that is the Calm before the Storm…The storm is the congressional testimony we’re watching now on Wednesday morning.  These article links below are prior to the Sondland hearing today.  Tonight we’ll have commentary & articles about the Sondland testimony, since today we’re watching history in the making!!!  Trump did direct the dirty deal with Ukraine & everyone in the administration was in the loop.  This criminal administration is going down!!!  The one remaining question is, will this concrete proof of crimes finally break through that hard shell of the evil cult the GOP has become, so they actually end up breaking with their leader?  Check back tonight for my analysis about the stunning Sondland revelations & its repercussions…
Impeachment News
These articles come from the newsfeeds Monday & Tuesday:
The GOP’s Star Witnesses?
If these are Trump’s friends, they sure aren’t providing much exculpatory evidence:
Vindman is a Great American
Vindman & Williams were both listening in live on the July 25 call with Presidents Trump & Zelensky:
Hale & Holmes Transcripts Released
Holmes overheard the cell phone call between Trump & Sondland that Ukraine had agreed to do the deal, while Hale reveals Hannity was also in the loop:
It Looks Like Trump Lied to Mueller
Need we be surprised?  Our prez lies about everything: