Mid-Week News Links to Share…We’re sending out important news articles in Parts 1, 2 & 3 from the past few days, which especially cover the impeachment inquiry & the congressional transcripts released this week.  Check back on the weekend for more articles & our expert commentaries. 
The evidence so far leaves no doubt Trump pressured a foreign country to dig up dirt on a political opponent for helping him in the next election, from which he crafted a quid pro quo deal that basically amounted to extortion, bribery &/or blackmail.  Televised public hearings start in a week, which we can only hope for the sake of our country those testimonies really resonate with the public, without the edge being taken off & surprise factor removed from already released transcripts of their private testimonies.  For GOP politicians to ever break with this president, it’s going to take more public opinion understanding these were serious impeachable crimes even among a decent chunk of the GOP base.  A significant majority of the American people need to get this since the evidence is irrefutable!
The July 25 Trump call transcript released publicly wasn’t a transcript at all, but a summary that screened out the juiciest parts.  Even so, what we did see from the so-called transcript was far more a Trump confession than an exoneration.  And from the multiple congressional testimonies, we have proof of a quid pro quo coerced on Ukraine from Trump & his cronies, which Ukraine was made well aware of what was required of them.  Yes, receiving vital military aid (actually urgently needed to help prevent more Ukrainians from dying) preapproved by Congress was predicated on Ukraine making a public statement about opening an investigation into the Bidens, plus probing conspiracy theories into the origins & missing server connected with the 2016 FBI investigation.  It’s also become quite clear this shadow diplomacy & attempted shakedown conducted this year by team-Trump were an ongoing coordinated effort that extended well before & long after the July 25th call.
The Dems are trying to wrap up their impeachment inquiry promptly before it spills over into the primary season, which becomes very challenging in the face of the massive cover-up by team-Trump when they withhold documents & witnesses.  Trump even requested his corrupt AG to take part in the cover-up.  Team-Trump obviously don’t want the facts to come out because they have a lot to hide.  As I keep recommending (even imploring), please keep track of all this headline news & share with others, since this is the biggest political story of our time & has direct implications for the future of America.  The updates on impeachment are coming fast & furious:
The day reports came out immediately after Ambassador Taylor’s testimony a couple weeks ago, that was the exact day those of us in the know knew for a fact we had concrete proof Trump & his henchmen had illegally tried engineering a quid pro quo with Ukraine.  Today those transcripts were released & they are damning!:
Sondland revised his testimony by admitting there was a quid pro quo & that he felt the Ukraine deal was improper, much as he tried hard to protect Trump in his original testimony.  It’s no coincidence the standard Trump-team talking points can go by the wayside, when the agreed upon lies told put a person at risk of being charged with perjury:
Transcripts from the former Ukraine ambassador’s testimony show how Trump wasn’t trying to drain Ukraine’s swamp of corruption, but he was actually adding snakes & alligators to it.  As Yovanovitch tried pushing back on this quid pro quo our prez, Rudy & others were orchestrating, she was instructed by Sondland if she wanted to keep her job, she should basically send out a message of praise & worship for our American presidential king.  So not only was she alarmed by the way Trump politicized our dealings with Ukraine for personal gain, she also felt threatened by Trump’s comments for not only losing her job, but out of concern for her personal safety!
Rudy & Trump face more legal problems as an arrested associate looks to be flipping on them:
The Stone trial could stir up more of a hornet’s nest of trouble for Trump over the Russian scandal, including evidence coming out in today’s court case that Stone coordinated directly with Trump on the WikiLeaks email dump:
A federal appeals court ruled an accounting firm is required to turn over 8 years of Trump taxes to New York prosecutors.  The Supreme Court will likely decide whether to take up this case:
World Disaster
Trump has managed to decimate the morale & effectiveness of the State Dept. & intelligence community.  He’s also put many important foreign intelligence sources at real risk while undermining our ability to collect critical intelligence.  Plus our prez has strained relations with close allies, emboldened autocratic dictators around the world, plus is letting our adversaries run wild on the world stage.  In his nationalistic retreat, Trump has sacrificed our influence & leadership authority.  All in all, a Trump presidency is making our world a far more dangerous place: