The Evidence is Irrefutable but the GOP remains in Denial…We will not have our usual Sunday commentary posts over the holiday weekend, barring a major breaking news story on impeachment.  In this era of unprecedented corruption & chaos coming from our executive branch, I’ve often called the Trump lawless activities the biggest political scandal in American history.  But I’m starting to wonder what is the worst part of this growing scandal, the fact that Trump has been caught red-handed colluding & coercing foreign states like Russia & Ukraine to help cheat in our presidential elections, or that we have a major American political party letting him get away with it. 
But this whole mess of corrupt connections is an existential threat to our democracy, so we must keep pursuing the letter of the law as we protect our Constitution.  Anticipate more bombshell headlines in the coming weeks since this prez has zero regard for our laws, but to remove this clear & present danger prior to the next election would take even more monumental criminal reveals, enough to drive up public support from roughly 1/2 to 2/3rd’s so GOP senators finally take note.  There’s still time for a huge new smoking gun even seen by Republicans as beyond the pale to move the needle:
America is now swimming in & practically drowning in criminal corruption!  The rising floodwaters of multiple serious crimes are collecting all around us as we find out about more incriminating evidence on almost a daily basis, so only time will tell if the continuing deluge of bombshells can someday cause the dam to break, when some GOP members will rediscover their moral compasses & admit enough is enough as they finally break with this president.  But as has been mentioned many times before including by the president himself, even a crime of murdering somebody on Fifth Avenue may still not be enough to penetrate that cult mentality.  It just goes to show how delusional & stubbornly entrenched the GOP has become & how much trouble our democracy is truly in.
As the House Judiciary Committee takes up the case next week, the articles of impeachment will be crafted.  Although it won’t be bipartisan due to entrenched GOP tribal gridlock, the overwhelming support from the Dem base & irrefutable proof of crimes demand the House proceed.  The GOP base has bought into this nonsense the process is unfair, so they’re not even paying attention to the facts & not taking the concrete evidence seriously.  Among the links in this section on pertinent impeachment updates, new evidence suggests Trump released the military aid only after he learned of the whistleblower complaint, knowing he got caught in his dirty deal:

What has Rudy Wrought?

Looks like another one of Trump’s personal lawyers is in deep legal trouble.  Cohen is in prison & Rudy may soon be.  And are Trump & Rudy really throwing each other under the bus?  Trump claims he was unaware of what Rudy was up to in Ukraine, while Rudy has commented he has an “insurance policy” if Trump turns on him & also said Trump was his only client at the time.  Maybe this will eventually set the stage for Rudy flipping on Trump to save himself.  Do not for a second think Rudy was doing anything in Ukraine without the president’s knowledge of it or even ordering it, especially with the prez compelling so many members of his cabinet to join in on Ukraine’s dirty deal:
Mark Sandy
He signed off to put the hold on security assistance to Ukraine but never got any valid explanation why.  Here are details on the final two transcripts from the House depositions:
McGahn Ruling
Trump’s DOJ will appeal while the judge put her ruling on temporary hold.  It was hoped the McGahn ruling might compel other former White House officials to testify such as John Bolton, but Bolton’s lawyer pushed back on that idea.  It seems Bolton would rather build suspense for his coming book while also not alienating the conservative base.  We’d like to hear the truth from these key players, but it appears Dem House leaders don’t want to wait around for this whole court process to play itself out:
This may soon come to a head:
David Pecker
Watch out for what comes out of the SDNY:
Failed Commander-in-Chief
Being one himself, Trump has a real thing for criminals: