The Fate of Our Democracy May Rest on 20+ GOP Senators Willing to Follow The Law & Their Conscience…We’ve seen how preferred Trumpian talking points keep evolving as previous talking points get smashed to smithereens.  The excuses have gone from witch hunt to no collusion to no quid pro quo, but the latest gambit is trying to gaslight us that their crimes really aren’t crimes.  Only fools could really believe that line….or Trumpeters.  Abusing the power of the presidency by coercing foreign countries to dig up dirt on political opponents for gaining an election advantage is a crime.  And as we recall with Nixon, obstructing justice on a federal investigation is also a crime.  Giving Trump a pass on his crimes may create a dangerous precedent for future presidents, setting the stage to follow Trump’s example by abusing their powers, which could actually cause our country to slide from a constitutional democracy into a tyrannical dictatorship.  There’s a reason we have laws.  From a rational standpoint, there can be no mistaking the crimes associated with our prez since the Ukraine headlines first broke in September, the basic details being:
*This House investigation is moving at an incredible rate of speed
*We already have proof of criminal activities by Trump & his men, including their own admissions by none other than Trump & his men
*Americans were already prepped from the 2-year Mueller investigation that collusion (conspiracy) with a foreign power for political gain is a crime
*And it wasn’t just collusion Trump engaged in with Ukraine, but he used the power of his office to coerce a quid pro quo (extortion) from a foreign nation to dig up dirt on our president’s political opponents
*Team-Trump had Ukraine over a barrel, since they needed the congressionally-approved military aid & missiles in defending their independence against Russia
*Ukraine’s president felt pressure from Trump, Rudy & their other henchmen to play ball in a quid pro quo deal as far back as May
*The various witnesses being called before Congress are corroborating & verifying such accounts of criminal activity
*Faced with a growing abundance of evidence against them, Trump’s legal team & political supporters have not produced a shred of evidence to push back on the actual substance of the crimes being laid out
*Plus the obstruction of justice (also a crime) by Trump & his administration is well beyond anything we’ve ever seen in any previous investigation, going well past the extent of Nixon’s cover-ups
For the fourth time in our nation’s history, a president has been subject to an impeachment proceeding.  Seeing the formal vote play out live on the House floor just makes it all the more real.  It’s a shame this move was even necessary, but a corrupt president who constantly thumbs his nose at our laws made it mandatory.  No GOP reps voted for an impeachment inquiry despite such rock-solid evidence of felonious wrongdoings by our prez, turning down the idea of merely conducting a probe.  The GOP is still putting politics over conscience, party over country.  The prez & his GOP protectors are allowed to call & question witnesses, so the process is set up more than fairly.  Open hearings should begin in a couple weeks & the case might make its way to the Senate for trial before Christmas, although we shouldn’t place an exact timetable on it pending the new evidence coming out of the public hearings & more documents, plus the constant stonewalling from the White House really serves to drag things out. 
Several more witnesses are scheduled to appear this coming week if they’ll show up, including John Bolton:  We the people should demand the facts come out of these hearings, which for now the GOP seems to have zero interest in the truth.  As Americans we need to pay attention since nothing short of our democracy is on the line like never before.  Please share this info on with others among your contacts, since public opinion has the power to sway some GOP senators.  We don’t need to convince the GOP base en masse to get on the side of the law & Constitution, as only a sizable minority of them would be enough to make the difference.  There’s no question it’s going to take a tremendous amount of extremely damning evidence to crack the hard exterior of the fervent Trump-worshiping cult, but swaying a decent chunk of that GOP base could happen as this Ukrainian storyline continues to play out.  The GOP really hasn’t been preconditioned to accept lawlessness, have they? 
Public opinion from polling indicates the sentiment on impeaching and removal is currently split down the middle along partisan lines, with 80%+ of Dems saying yes & 80%+ of GOP supporters saying no.  But that is prior to a lot of the evidence still about to come out, with the congressional hearing transcripts soon to be released as well as the coming televised hearings which tend to resonate with the American people.  The accepted narratives need to become strong enough to overcome emerging GOP talking points, like Trump’s actions may have been wrong but aren’t impeachable so let the people decide (next year), while many GOP senators are refusing to comment at all since they’re saying (& hiding behind) no comment because it’s probable they’ll soon become jurors.  Again I’ll admit the GOP mentality has largely been hardened to never deviate from their tribal cult, but I’ll repeat we can only hope when the evidence presented looks irrefutable, quite a number from the GOP base will rediscover their patriotism & virtues over extremism by embracing our constitutional rule of law.  That could help drag the senators along with them.
Nixon had the strong support of the GOP until near the end, when the obvious evidence & hearings caused public support for Nixon to crater with many GOP members of Congress breaking from their president.  The same could happen again despite the echo fueling this hardened tribalism.  Recently we are detecting Trump’s support among GOP voters is slipping at the margins: (more articles on polling are seen near the bottom of Part 3 just above the song).  I can’t emphasize enough & hope it’s not just wishful thinking, if the evidence becomes damaging enough to where most independents & more among the GOP base cease supporting a criminalized presidency, it will encourage wavering GOP congresspeople to save their own legacies by getting on the right side of history & the law.  The odds of that happening are hard to say as public sentiment can be fickle, so it could trend either way as the drama unfolds. 
When every GOP senator has to register their vote that could live in infamy for either preserving or removing a criminal president in the face of overwhelming evidence, it’s very possible at least 20 out of 53 will abide by the Constitution despite angering many of their constituents (there’s my wishful thinking again).  Many pundits believe under no circumstances would the Senate oust Trump, but let’s wait to see the weight of the remaining evidence & how well it registers.  The rapid onslaught of incriminating evidence uncovered over Ukraine in just the past month & a half has been impressive, with practically every day we keep learning more.  Call me naive, but I’ve got to believe many in the GOP will finally admit crimes are crimes.  Is that too much to wish for?  As a nation this should rise above party partisanship by appealing to our better angels & adhering to higher principles.
If the Senate fails to convict with a 2/3’s vote, a potential option might be a majority vote preventing Trump from running again next year:  If the Senate fails us, our last line of defense would be voting Trump out a year from now, which could literally become our last chance to perhaps save the Constitution & our democracy.  A second Trump term could unleash the monster inside him as his lawless presidency could aggressively & irrepressibly pursue his dictatorial ambitions.  The newsfeeds again overfloweth so here are valuable articles from the past few days, & below this first large group of links are sections on Vindman, Morrison, Mueller Memos & speculation about holding a fireside chat.  So please peruse the titles & together let’s stay informed on what’s really going on during this critical time in American history:

His bombshell testimony Tuesday corroborated the same details of a quid pro quo Ambassador Taylor testified to the previous Tuesday.  Another big discovery disclosed from the Vindman deposition was word that White House lawyer John Eisenberg actively sought to hide that July 25 conversation Trump had with the Ukrainian president, instructing those who knew to hush up about it while moving the transcripts to a highly classified server.  If Eisenberg actually shows up for his congressional hearing tomorrow & agrees to speak, that should prove quite interesting:
As he was walking through the halls of Congress, I was thinking to myself this guy is taller than James Comey (& turns out he is).  Our prez was elated Morrison in his testimony stated he didn’t think Trump’s Ukraine shenanigans constituted a crime, but he verified the same quid pro quo cited by other witnesses, so the evidence he presented actually did add to the mounting facts of serious illegalities.  When Trump cheers the Morrison testimony & champions the read the transcript phrase, it just shows how weak his legal defense is, since he’s touting evidence which proves a quid pro quo that our prez uses as a way to defend against accusations of a quid pro quo.  Huh?  It’s like a bank robber defending himself by saying watch the surveillance camera footage showing him robbing the bank.  There is no good legal defense when proof of criminal activities are hiding in plain sight:
Fireside Chat
Trump claims his “perfect” call was so perfect that he wants to schedule a fireside chat & read it to the nation.  That would be a combination of Trump reading us a Mr. Rogers type lullaby that would probably put us to sleep, plus recite a summary that implicates him in the quid pro quo scheme of extortion.  Our prez claims his reading would be from the call transcript that is word-for-word, comma-by-comma, which is just a bunch of BS.  The reality is this was only a summary of the call & there were vital missing parts, leaving out the nutty conspiracy theories including his discussion about the Bidens.  So his so-called perfect call became a perfect way for getting himself impeached.  The prez knows he’s been caught red-handed in a crime & wants to portray his perfect call as perfectly normal, since his political allies & echo will echo the lies so his doting base will actually believe his nonsense.  But make no mistake, this call basically serves as a confession that’s increasingly being corroborated by multiple witnesses appearing before Congress:
Mueller Memos
These were just released.  Had these memos come out a year ago, it would have been major headlines for weeks.  These documents present more grounds for impeachment which Congress may not have the luxury to fully explore with their time restraints wanting to move impeachment along ASAP.  There is plenty of evidence of Trump’s knowledge in advance about the 2016 hacking of DNC emails & their release by WikiLeaks, which strongly suggests collusion/conspiracy.  Other clues show Manafort years ago planted the seeds for some of these crazy Ukrainian conspiracy theories like Crowdstrike, probably looking to deflect the blame from Russia.  Inside these links, add it to the yuge pile of evidence we already have on Trump’s criminal enterprise: 
International Challenges
What a fine mess our prez has dragged us into: