Lest You Have Any Doubts, Read This Blog Post Closely To Clearly Understand Trump Is Evil…There’s a lot to cover here in Part 1, with several headline stories showing in detail how indeed Trump is evil.  Yes, our current American president has been exposed to be all these things; incompetent, clueless, divisive polarizing figure, pathological liar, con man, unindicted co-conspirator to a felony, cited for numerous obstruction crimes in a special counsel report, & accused rapist/assaulter of women.  Plus just listening to him as he regularly crafts together his own alternate reality, he also may be mentally ill.  Other than that, he might make a fine president. 
It’s astounding the prez still has so much support!  There is just no justification for backing such a scoundrel.  Perhaps the best explanation is cults are never logical.  Since Trump is evil, a leader like him trumps whatever our individual policy positions or political ideology might be, since all that becomes irrelevant when we have an unhinged president destroying the norms of truth & decency.  The most vociferous among Trumpeters are probably too far gone to save, but please spread the word of TheVORACS.com in the hopes we can salvage the mindsets of those still open to reality.  Those who do read this entire Part 1 message plus click on some of the links, should be able to readily see our headline Trump is evil does ring true.
In a half-century of close political observation, I’ve never seen anything internal to our country that even comes close to how horrifying our current president is.  I remain stunned & dismayed the same party I’ve always supported has gone off the rails in backing him.  Fortunately, most Americans maintain far higher ethical standards than what we’re seeing among those following their sinister leader, with that deceived bunch enabling a level of depravity our great nation has never experienced before.  The rot could lead to an internal decay that resonates around the world, destroying us from within & shattering our international moral authority.  When a nation loses its moral compass, it may never come back & that’s how great societies have fallen. 
It’s a free country & the GOP base can support whomever they want, but I for one would prefer a president that I wouldn’t have solid reasons to believe is a liar, narcissist, con man, demagogue, criminal, rapist & traitor.  I would only hope my former party could aspire to such high standards which is actually a very low bar.  It’s hard for me to rationalize how anyone who’s paying attention & has at least an ounce of values could still support this deranged train wreck of a man.  We should have little tolerance for those Trumpeter supporters who’ve brought this curse upon our nation.  An evil spirit of deception has overtaken many in the GOP base, echo audiences & within the evangelical church.  And to my evangelical brethren who insist God chose Trump for the presidency, truly only Satan could have brought us a leader like this. 
There’s very little about the current conservative movement worth saving.  It might be all for the best in the long run that Trump winds up destroying the GOP, echo & evangelical church, so we can start over from scratch through rebuilding those entities as a noble endeavor on a solid moral foundation.  As a nation we’ve entered such a dark place, sometimes it takes blowing it up to rise from the ashes & get it right.  I’m not limiting the number of live links from the newsfeeds, since these headline stories lately are too important.  Here’s an outstanding interview Jennifer Rubin had with Peter Wehner: washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/06/24/conservatives-vision-lets-make-politics-great-again.
Mueller to Testify in Public
I can almost hear Team-Trump collectively sweating.  Mueller was just issued a couple congressional subpoenas in open sessions for 3 weeks from now (must see TV): thehill.com/homenews/house/450358-mueller-to-testify-in-front-of-house-judiciary-intelligence-committees-next & also see npr.org/2019/06/25/736065083/robert-mueller-to-testify-in-open-hearing-before-house-committees.  There are plenty of misconceptions about the Mueller report which we hope the July 17 hearings can help clear up, especially after Trump & his congressional/echo pundits have muddied the waters by constantly lying to us.  In reality, the Mueller report pointed to plenty of crimes, plus the crazy Trumpian conspiracies trotted out to cover up those crimes are easily debunked: time.com/5610317/mueller-report-myths-breakdown.  The only reason Trump may not have been charged yet is from Mueller adhering to longstanding DOJ protocol not to indict a sitting president. 
A Very Low Barr
Meanwhile, AG Barr may soon be held in contempt, plus along with countless other sycophants inside the Trump cult, he also looks to be complicit in the expansive Trumpian cover-up: rawstory.com/2019/06/ag-bill-barr-killed-7-robert-mueller-investigations-10-days-after-he-submitted-his-report.
Yes, This Is Illegal Despite Whatever Trump Says
And consider how Trump enthusiastically encouraged the Russian incursion during the 2016 campaign.  Check out the facts based on law in this first part to the article thebulwark.com/how-many-times-do-we-have-to-say-this:

Whatever President Trump has is catching. Last week he said he’d accept dirt on a political opponent from a foreign government to help his campaign. On Friday, he tried—and failed—to walk that back, reaffirming that he’d accept the information but promising to report it to the authorities “if I thought anything was incorrect or badly stated.” Now other congressional Republicans are chiming in saying they’d do the same thing. On Saturday, an actual member of the House Intelligence Committee, Chris Stewart—who you’d think would know better—said he’d happily accept intel on his opponent from “one of our close allies.” If the candidate and his campaign “look at it and its credible, I think it would be foolish not to take that information.” Actually, it would be much worse than foolish. Accepting anything of value—including information—from a foreign government, friend or foe, as part of a political campaign is completely out of bounds. Here’s what Ellen Weintraub, the head of the Federal Election Commission had to say about it: “Let me make something 100% clear to the American public and anyone running for public office: It is illegal for any person to solicit, accept, or receive anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election. This is not a novel concept.”


I’ll put this as bluntly as possible. Accepting compromising information on a political opponent from a foreign government isn’t just unethical. It’s a crime, potentially a felony that can earn you up to five years in prison. That makes it a “bad idea” by definition. This isn’t a matter for debate. There is no alternative point of view. Your opinion doesn’t matter. It is a fact. Is this getting through yet? Are all you elected officials, including you, Mr. President, catching on? Because, if you’re not, the next step is behavior modification training involving massive legal bills and a time-out in federal custody. There’s a perfectly good reason that the law prohibits a candidate from accepting anything of value from foreign nationals and, most especially, foreign governments. Foreign government officials don’t try to “help” an American political candidate for altruistic reasons. They’re doing it because they think it is in their interest to do so. Not America’s. Worse, you aren’t only un-American, you are a complete idiot if you accept dirt on your opponent—or anything else—from a foreign government. Regardless of whether you think it’s “OK,” you’ve just entered into a criminal conspiracy that could land you in prison. Your foreign handlers—you’re a foreign intelligence asset now—can drop the dime on you whenever they want if you don’t do what they “suggest.” The word for this is “Kompromat” and it’s not only the Russians who engage in this sort of thing.

The Unrelenting Cover Up
It looks like the Hope Hicks testimony wasn’t a total bust despite her refusing to answer over 100 times.  By all indications it appears she admitted Trump was open to receiving dirt on Hillary from foreign interests: thinkprogress.org/hope-hicks-trump-serious-accepting-election-information-foreign-officials.  Plus Nadler pointed out the Hicks’ stonewalling & constant assertions by White House lawyers claiming executive privilege, may help in legal battles as House Dems continue trying to get the courts ruling in favor of their committees’ calls for transparency: politico.com/story/2019/06/21/hope-hicks-democrats-trump.
We’ve seen an unprecedented cover up by Trump & his henchmen against the facts coming out from the investigations.  If his corrupt team continues to block documents & witnesses by defying a final court ruling, it would cause a constitutional crisis when impeachment proceedings would need to begin, as revealed in this opening to thehill.com/homenews/sunday-talk-shows/449909-schiff-would-support-impeachment-if-white-house-ignores-a-final:

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said Sunday that he would support impeachment proceedings against President Trump if the White House defies a final court ruling requesting documents and testimony. “We may get there- a third of our caucus is there- what would get me to that point is if we get to a final court decision compelling the administration to provide testimony and documents and they refuse, then I think we’re in a full-blown constitutional crisis,” Schiff said. “I may get there before that point… but at this point I’m not prepared to recommend it.”

Trump is Evil as a Sexual Predator
This news really didn’t come as much of a surprise & is consistent with what we’ve already known about Trump.  With more than a dozen women previously accusing Trump of sexual assault & with him also being caught on a video bragging about abusing women, it certainly fits a pattern.  Plus the most recent accuser told two close friends about the rape right after it happened, adding to the credibility of her account.  It’s another example as we’ve seen with other recent high-profile cases, where women were initially afraid to come forward against rich powerful men, fearing the men would have the wherewithal to turn the tables & destroy the reputations of the women.  Our president continues to appall us in so many different ways, but this reprehensible act as much as any shows he doesn’t belong in the White House, as rational objective Americans are feeling the shame from having this deviant degenerate as our nation’s leader.  Don’t think Trump is evil?  Think again:

Donald Trump has denied raping the author E Jean Carroll, the latest woman to accuse him of sexual assault, partly on the basis that “she’s not my type”. Carroll appeared on CNN on Monday to provide further details of the alleged mid-1990s incident in which she claims Mr Trump cornered her in a dressing room, forced her up against a wall and raped her. “He pulled down my tights, and it was a fight,” she told the broadcaster. “I fought. It was over very quickly, and it was against my will, 100 per cent. I fought and then I ran away.” Carroll told CNN: “With all the 16 women who have come forward, it’s the same — he denies it, he turns it around, he attacks, and he threatens. Then everybody forgets it, and then the next woman comes along. And I am sick of it. We have to change this culture of sexual violence.”

“Not My Type” & Not Enough Outrage Condemning such a Hideous Act
Trump says that lady victim was “not his type” (which mocks her appearance while it also might mean he thinks it’s OK to rape a woman who is his type?), but with an alleged scumbag rapist like Trump, it’s all about exerting his power over women more than the sexual act itself.  And needless to say it’s a very heinous crime!  But it’s apparent the Trumpeter cult don’t give a damn!  They’re dismissing or ignoring the news.  This story which should have otherwise been headline news for weeks, we’ve grown so numb to all of Trump antics that he has practically normalized such evil behavior coming from our leader.  It seems Joe Biden touching a woman on her shoulder got more coverage & denouncements than accounts of Trump committing rape.  At least the major news networks finally started covering the alleged rape tonight after four days.
How else can we say it but Trump is evil, deplorable beyond despicable.  When is he finally going to be held accountable?  Assuming it’s true (& by all the available evidence I do believe it), life in prison is probably too good for this sorry excuse of a human being!  Just look at these further articles below detailing Trump’s behavior, which can help show to those who still don’t think Trump is evil, maybe they should reconsider based on these new revelations.  And these articles don’t include the accusation of Trump’s pedophile rape while hanging with Jeffrey Epstein, which I believe that witness was threatened into silence.  If the allegations inside these links are even partially true, then yes, we should all agree Trump is evil & his supporters are acting like a cult accepting of such evil.  Trump is shameless, so maybe we can shame a few Trumpeter cult members into rediscovering their moral principles:



Insanity Hannity
I normally save articles revealing the maniacal lunacy of insanity Hannity for Part 2 when we highlight the far-right media-echo.  But this series of ongoing text messages between the insane one & a chief villain in the Russiagate scandal elevates Hannity to a whole new level of suspicion.  It puts him right in the middle of strategizing a defense for key Trumpian criminal figures, plus exposes him as a participant in the ongoing blatant obstruction of justice by Team-Trump.  It might also leave Hannity vulnerable to having committed witness tampering.  Here’s the articles:

Throughout Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecution of Paul Manafort, he found a willing and enthusiastic ally and confidant: Fox News host and presidential pal Sean Hannity. On Friday, a D.C. federal judge released dozens of pages of private text messages between the former Trump campaign chairman and Hannity, who at one point offered “anything I can do to help.” The messages show Hannity apparently reached out shortly after the FBI raided Manafort’s Alexandria, Virginia apartment in August 2017. Hannity checked in on Manafort throughout the course of the special counsel’s investigation and prosecution of him, asking if he was OK. Like many other higher-ups in Trump’s orbit, Manafort maintained a friendly relationship with Hannity during the 2016 election and kept in touch after he left the Trump campaign in August 2016. The Special Counsel’s Office charged Manafort with tax and bank fraud counts in Virginia and tried him in a separate case in Washington, D.C., for acting as an unregistered foreign agent, money laundering and obstruction of justice. Hannity spent large portions of his texts with Manafort discussing (and rehashing) episodes of his own television show. He complained about never-Trumpers, Hillary Clinton, and the special counsel’s investigation. Hannity in one instance declared he was “NOT a fair weather friend,” and told Manafort how unfairly he believed he was being treated. “We are all on the same team,” he said.


Sean Hannity is facing new scrutiny over a lengthy series of text messages he had with Paul Manafort during both the Mueller investigation and the period around his sentencing. A federal judge unsealed a filing that contained the text messages and they are…….something. You can scroll through the entire set of messages in the embedded document below, but one thing is abundantly clear—from July 2017 to June 2018, Hannity was frequently talking to Paul Manafort to offer his help in shaping coverage of the story. In Hannity’s own words, “If you ever talk, vent, grab dinner, strategize, whatever—I’m here.” In fact, he made several offers to Manafort to “strategize.” This is completely unacceptable. Can you imagine a scenario where Chris Hayes or Rachel Maddow of MSNBC were privately communicating with a former Obama or Clinton campaign staffer under criminal investigation? Communicating about how to shape coverage and provide assistance? It is unthinkable. Sean Hannity should immediately be fired from Fox News. 


Other notable exchanges, include a text where he says of Robert Mueller, a man who spent 12 years as the head of the FBI, through both Republican and Democratic administrations and who served as a U.S. Marine in Vietnam, earning a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart and a string of other medals, “fuck him, he’s a disgrace.” As Marcy Wheeler notes, another interesting theme in the text messages are several exchanges where Hannity and Manafort are just so sure Mueller has evidence of criminal wrongdoing against Jared Kushner. Now, why would they think that? Wheeler also flagged two other key exchanges. One that might get Manafort’s lawyer in hot water with the judge. Hannity tells Manafort to have his lawyer, who was under a gag order, to “send me stuff” on the case so he can discuss it on air. Manafort replies, “he will.”


At one point Manafort said Sessions had to get a different special prosecutor and Hannity tells him “He has to. He is gone. Talked to a friend.” Let’s see……who do you think that friend was? What friend do they have in common. Thinking. One last thing that struck me was the fact that these messages seem to show Hannity actually believes the drivel he pushes each night. I always thought it was an act, but it turns out, he’s really, truly just that dense. You can peruse more than 50 pages of text messages between these two scoundrels. If nothing else, Hannity should be driven off the air. It is grossly inappropriate for him to be coordinating news coverage with someone involved in a federal criminal investigation. The House Judiciary Committee has some new witnesses to call as well. 

Only the Best People?
We’ve actually seen the prez stocking the swamp with slimy swamp creatures on a regular basis.  It’s because he corrupts everyone he touches, has grabbed several staff members from the evil corridors of Fox News studios, plus he ignored an incredible number of red flags during the vetting process:


Is There No End to Trump’s Evil Ways?
Trump is evil in the horrific ways he’s presiding over the abuse of helpless innocent kids.  This is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis brought on by our own country against children, as our president is willfully violating the international human rights code.  Due to the backlash, most of those kids were just moved to a tent city or other locations.  We need an emergency border aid package passed, but the funds must go strictly to helping the kids.  Here are several links explaining the crisis:

Enabling Another Attack on American Democracy
The coming election could be a train wreck, yet our recalcitrant leader is AWOL: washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/06/25/our-election-is-dangerously-exposed-sabotage-top-democrat-warns-does-trump-care
The Back-to-Back Dem Debates
Hey, I really was a lifelong Republican until recently when my party went certifiably insane.  So in these TheVORACS.com posts, I rarely comment on the many Dem candidates, other than the numerous challenges they all face as seen inside www.thevoracs.com/elizabeth-warren-decides-to-run.  So I’m counting on the Dem base to make up their own minds on the candidates in the hopes the cream will rise to the top.  A word of caution similar to what we saw with the GOP four years ago.  The energy in the base with primary voters tends to come from the fringes, so I hope Dem supporters can resist the temptation to fall for those high-cost bag of goodies they’re hearing from the more left-leaning candidates.  The key is to not scare off general election voters, since the highest priority is to get Trump out of office:

International Dangers
Trump has been known for having a pay-to-play system, granting special privileges to those throwing money his way.  Such arrangements are illegal for a president to make governing decisions based on such special favors: washingtonpost.com/opinions/trump-adds-to-his-endless-parade-of-corruption-and-conflicts-of-interest
The prez a year ago claimed North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat, plus he said him & Jong Un had fallen in love.  Well, it looks like Trump is still sending love letters to the world’s most brutal dictator:
Trump has often stated he was close to a trade deal with China anytime he wanted to give the stock market a boost.  But how many times will he cry wolf until investors catch onto his game.  A deal still looks a long ways off as certain sectors of our economy get pounded:
I agree the preeminent goal is to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  But in pulling out of the Iran deal without a better deal pending, it can only incentivize Iran to rush through their nuclear program.  At least earlier this month Trump assured us he’s gained the respect of Iran, since they no longer shout death to America.  Really?: