A Presidency Drunk with Power doing a lot of Wrong Things
Which has hugely negative implications for America:
Our Top Cop is Dirty
When we have the nation’s top law enforcement officer advocating for unfettered power residing in the executive branch, basically embracing the idea for a dictatorship, American democracy is in serious danger: 
Trump’s Health

An impromptu trip to Walter Reed raised suspicions about the president’s physical & mental health.  Of course, many of us have long questioned his mental stability.  His constant lying crafting a fact-free delusional world is quite a tip-off we’re dealing with a mindset far removed from reality:

Fox Fake News
Their lying has become unrelenting:
Loony-Fringe Crackpots
Dangers in Journalism
Losing local news sources while seeing a proliferation of radicalized online messaging is a dire threat to our free society, as truths are being buried in all the noise: