When I Get on a Rant, I Don’t Hold Back!…The echo headed by Fox fake news operates like if they were some contrarian media source for a local community covering a serial murderer terrifying their town.  They would basically ignore the murders but report without evidence on wild speculation the police might be working in cahoots with the murderer, while complaining about competing news sources being fake since their reports focus on catching the murderer instead of bashing the police.  Some of the most echo-like opinion writers might even try spinning the murders really aren’t a crime, calling the investigation a witch hunt.  It’d be easy to dismiss such a crazy local news source as a bunch of crackpots & we’d assume they would wind up going out of business, since their false reporting has no connection to reality.  But that local community would have big problems even beyond having a murderer on the loose if roughly 40% of the townspeople actually believed their alternative-facts news.
Whether it’s a small town or large country, whenever 40% of the population falls for crazy stuff, that society is headed for trouble.  It would get to the point such a society becomes so fractured, it could cease to function properly when a population can’t form a consensus around basic facts.  For the better part of 20 years, I personally followed Fox News in getting conservative viewpoints.  But as a close observer I never relied on the echo for all my news, as it’s important to have a balanced perspective.  I gave up on Fox a few years ago when the network gave up on real news & became a talking head for the prez.  Unfortunately, it seems most of the conservative base has fallen for their crazy spin & become wrapped up in this extreme form of pseudo-conservatism, even to the point they’re rejecting facts & no longer believe anything coming from the real media.  Unless that 40% can somehow finally recognize the lies & come join the rest of us in the real world again, America will not only never be great again, but we’re in major trouble. 
The echo is that vast consortium of far-right radicalized messaging on radio, TV & social media which coordinates their narratives to deceive the public, & it’s extremely unfortunate conservatives have largely taken the bait.  I did escape that echo a few years ago when I realized their onslaught of lies had turned into a zombie-like cult.  As a lifelong GOP supporter, I could clearly see conservatism had been taken over by this new form of a delusional, nonsensical, destructive mentality, which their mindset needs to return to sanity in order to save the GOP & our nation.  For those conservatives who have yet to detect the radicalization of the echo, let me state unequivocally their patronage is causing great damage to our country.  We’re in a constitutional crisis & not far off from starting a civil war.  And how can anyone still believe Trump?…he lies constantly!!!
We can make a strong case the radicalized propaganda now coming from Fox News is the biggest problem we have in America, since they’ve redefined reality by making falsehoods true & the truth false: https://www.mediaite.com/tv/joe-walsh-rips-trump-media-sycophants-people-like-hannity-and-gorka-have-their-noses-way-too-far-up-the-presidents-butt/.  Their viewers have swallowed the lies whole.  Anyone still trapped inside their echo-bubble never see any of this stuff like we present in TheVORACS, because they ignore the real news or only hear an extremely distorted version of it.  And what’s especially frustrating is they don’t even know they’re being lied to.  I encourage conservatives to once again think for themselves instead of just following the crazy tribal counternarratives of disinformation they get from the echo, so Americans on both sides of the ledger can again agree around basic facts.  Our polarization is tearing us apart & we’re incapable of moving ahead as a country, unless supporters of a major political party can start believing in truths over outlandish echo-conspiracies & false talking points.  
As for how all this disinformation is affecting our current situation, it’s allowing crimes at the highest level to be glossed over & excused.  Trump’s crimes are far worse & more extensive than Nixon’s ever were, but there was no echo back then serving as a corrupt state-run media.  Think of the irony that during the Russian probe, even Americans only marginally paying attention became aware conspiracy with a foreign country to dig up dirt on a political opponent is a serious crime, as is obstruction of justice.  Now with the Ukraine scandal, we see those same crimes shining through in flashing neon lights to the point thinking people understand high crimes & misdemeanors by our current prez are beyond refute.  But the echo manages to justify those high crimes & misdemeanors as just hunky dory, which their audiences fully buy into.  GOP supporters who were once principled Constitution-loving patriots are now anything but, so our advice to them is stop being an echo-head!!!
Our constitutional rule of law on the bigger merits is not that difficult for even Trumpeters to figure out, since whenever presidents commit serious crimes, they deserve to be impeached & removed.  Is it too much to ask repeat criminals shouldn’t be our president?  Let me ask a pointed question to those citizens who remain in denial, are they too dumb to understand reality or just choose not to?  I honestly don’t know, but for whatever reason they’re being deceived & siding with corrupt demagoguery.  It’d be ordinarily easy to ignore all these alternate-universe nutballs, but as a whole they’re responsible for dragging down our nation.  And even beyond those hardened far-right extremists, those who remain indifferent at this critical juncture in our nation’s history are also part of the problem, since through default their silence & complacency are not defending our fragile democracy when we need them the most.  One of the tools we can use to spread the facts is right here at www.TheVORACS.com, so now is that critical time to get the word out. 
Not abiding by the Constitution & rule of law undermines the principles & institutions our democracy is built on, shredding the balance of powers along with our checks & balances, which offers a serious threat of bringing on a type of lawlessness which could ultimately turn our constitutional republic into authoritarian fascism.  I’ve warned repeatedly don’t think fascism could never happen in America, which people aren’t taking my warnings seriously, but we’re right on the cusp of such an ignominious fall if our leader’s cult of personality backed by his compliant irrational echo-machine wind up winning the day.  But we do have a constitutional instrument to repel such dangers.  Our forefathers in their wisdom through establishing the impeachment process gave us the means to remove a criminal from the highest office, & never has that obligation become more imperative than now! 
The public has yet to see all the evidence & watch public hearings, but already we’re definitely seeing proof of a conspiracy, extortion & obstruction from the Ukraine scandal.  Yes, let me again state this succinctly, soliciting &/or coercing foreign powers to interfere in our elections through digging up dirt on political opponents is a serious crime & abuse of power, one that demands removal from office.  Allowing candidates for public office to enlist the help of foreign countries in winning elections would set a horrible precedent.  Add to that the proven pattern of obstruction of justice from this administration, the choice for our nation should be crystal clear on impeachment & conviction.  Trump himself has virtually made our decision for us. 
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It’s a tragic allegiance to a moral degenerate.  At the root of this tunnel-vision support is the abortion issue.  But when we’re dealing with a chronically lying, women abusing, corrupt con man of criminal based on increasingly compelling evidence, any religious group embracing him as their earthly leader would soon not have much of a spiritual faith left that others would be drawn to follow.  My criticisms aren’t meant to dump on my evangelical brethren, but to save the church we must first expose their sins by calling them out.  Make no mistake, white evangelicals more than any other demographic group are responsible for keeping Trump in power.  I’m convinced succumbing to moral debauchery in a political leader is mainly ruining the Christian witness which is driving untold millions away from the faith: