Wide Economic Distortions
As this first group of articles reveal, the know-nothing Trump governs like a reverse Robin Hood.  In fact, as he perpetuates this oligarchy where the wealthy are the ones benefiting, this rigged system against workers is literally killing us.  The persistently low unemployment rates indicate plenty of jobs are available out there, but that doesn’t mean they are good jobs.  If you think the Amazon pressure-cooker inside their distribution centers or the gig economy are good jobs, think again.  The economic system should be reorganized so full-time workers can expect to earn a livable wage.  And 2% quarterly GDP growth is actually higher than projected, but what about the 4, 5 or 6% growth Trump boasted about?  Check out the articles on these topics to see the real economy:
Where’d My Party Go?
I’ve always been a GOP supporter.  This is not the same party I’ve always supported, not even close.  Just like all the lies & conspiracy theories the party uniformly buys into, now the FBI spying caper has also been thoroughly debunked.  Supporting the GOP these days has become the ticket for dishonesty, divisiveness, gaslighting, economic inequality, greed, selfishness, narcissism, delusional mindset, moral debauchery, misplaced hatred, ruthless intimidation, bigotry, racism, sexism, corruption, demagoguery, autocracy & lawlessness.  Plus they pose a threat to our constitutional democracy & democracies throughout the world.  Who’d want to be a part of that?  Count me out!!!:
Latest Polling Data
Women especially have seen enough & want him gone!: