But Don’t Take My Word For It, Decide For Yourself If You Think Trump is a Rapist…In all TheVORACS.com Part 3 posts, we highlight pertinent economic news from the week, plus always have our music in concert at the bottom.  That is also true of today’s Part 3, but I’d be remiss if we didn’t start off with yesterday’s breaking news.  The President of the United States has been credibly accused of forcible rape, so allow me to explain why I do believe Trump is a rapist based on the reports, plus we’ve posted plenty of links below from major news sources describing the woman’s account.  If her accusations along with those of many other women are indeed true, our prez would really deserve to spend the rest of his days in prison, certainly not the White House!
Just consider who this man really is.  We’ve seen enough of him to know he is a chronic liar, corrupt con man & has been credibly shown to have committed other criminal felonies.  He is also egomaniacally narcissistic who’s entirely self-absorbed, completely incapable of seeing the world from another person’s point of view.  As to whether Trump is a rapist, it stands to reason someone with his background & despicable character flaws is capable of most any act of heinous evil.  Those conservatives who profess to adhere to morally ethical standards, their ravenous support of Trump doesn’t square with me.  It’s become clear for many of us the untenable loyalties by enablers in the GOP, echo & evangelical base are increasingly being laid bare.  They may wind up destroying their own party & religion!  The majority of Americans still hope truth & justice win the day, so they are sure to reject the extreme voices of deception & depravity defining Trump-world.
If the accuser were an isolated case, it’d be much easier to dismiss her claims as that of a publicity seeker as our prez has just stated.  But when there are at least 16 credible accounts of sexual assault perpetrated by Trump, plus he was even caught on video in the Access Hollywood tape admitting how he abuses women, his denials are really ringing hollow.  Here in previous posts of TheVORACS.com, we’ve even provided reports of an allegation of pedophile rape committed by Trump when he was bumming around with convicted child predator Jeffrey Epstein, which I also found credible but it appears the victim under the name Katie Johnson was threatened into silence right before the 2016 election.  When all these accusations taken as a whole are examined, they really do seem to ring true.  Remember how easy it was to not believe & outright dismiss the allegations against Bill Cosby when they first became public?  That wall eventually crumbled under the weight of multiple credible accounts from accusers.
Trump cult members are surely offended about blogs like ours even bringing up this story, but what about justice for the victims?  The latest victim who came forward yesterday had considered going to the police when it occurred in the 1990’s, but while one friend suggested she report it, another convinced her not to as she’d get buried under the onslaught of character assassinations by Trump’s high-priced lawyers.  So much like the victims of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein & other sexual predators who are powerful men feeling entitled, this woman feared coming forward in the face of certain intense scrutiny & being further humiliated by the ire/denials/backlash of such a rich famous man seemingly being reproach.  Some of the victims who were denied their dignity from being raped by famous men but did have the courage to come forward, it also literally cost them their careers & reputations.  But the truth can be exposed in time & numbers with justice delayed being better than justice denied, as those like Cosby & Weinstein are finally paying the consequences of their horrible/repeated crimes.  When will it be Trump’s turn?   
These are some of the stories from the newsfeeds since it became public yesterday, so please review & determine this question for yourself, could it be true that Trump is a rapist?  But before you automatically decide off-the-cuff one way or the other, be sure you read the lady’s own words inside the first link, & listen to her words in a video in the 2nd link:



Thoughts on the Trump Economy, Capitalism & Socialism
Trump is still riding the wave of the economic recovery that began under Obama (cnbc.com/2019/06/20/the-trump-economy-is-starting-to-look-more-and-more-like-the-obama-economy), where cherry-picked economic data are looking strong.  The problem is that decade-long recovery has mainly benefited the top earners while roughly half the population keep falling further behind.  Despite Trump & the GOP constantly crying socialism, the Dems intent really is not looking to transform our economy into a socialist system, but instead they’re just reacting to the indisputable circumstances befalling the working poor, exploring strategies which could give the bottom half of workers their fair share of the pie.  While incomes for workers have generally been stagnant for decades, it really is worse than that.  If we examine the net worth of American families, the top 1% have seen their wealth skyrocket in recent decades.  But the bottom 50% over the past decade or even 3 decades, marking an era of staggering technological innovation & wealth creation, in today’s dollars have actually seen their collective net worth go down!  I keep saying we either fix capitalism for them, or we’re going to lose it as voters try a different approach that isn’t really socialism, but leans in that direction.  We heard a preview of that in South Carolina with the assorted goody-bags offered up by Dem candidates in speeches today.
So it’s a misnomer for the GOP to paint the entire Dem agenda as socialist.  But over the next year+, we’re going to be hearing about it ad nauseum.  That false branding is mainly what the Trump GOP is running on for 2020 as a scare tactic, since they’re lacking a coherent policy agenda of their own.  Granted, some far-left proposals like Medicare for All, Green New Deal, free college, slave reparations & universal basic income would put us on the road towards redistributionist socialism, but such progressive hopes are a ways off from actually coming to fruition, even should Dems take over DC soon.  These ideas taken together would cost too much in the aggregate to actually implement.  So here’s hoping the Dems can leave their more pixie-dust ideas behind long enough to embrace practical solutions, reconstructing a free market capitalist model that would allow full-time employees to actually earn a livable wage.  Even perceptions do matter as we see with Dems wanting a candidate who can beat Trump, with Warren gaining momentum over Sanders as the progressive darling.  I know it’s just semantics, but Bernie is being hurt by his embrace of the term democratic socialism, which if he were the Dem nominee would be walking right into the Trump/GOP trap.  Warren does have plenty of expensive/unaffordable ideas, but give her credit she does have plenty of specific proposals, & she uses the word capitalism instead of socialism as a backdrop.  Here are interesting articles on the topic:



While formally launching his 2020 reelection campaign on Tuesday, President Trump circled back to a word he has used publicly at least 118 times since becoming president: socialism. “No matter what label they use, a vote for any Democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and the destruction of the American Dream,” Trump said at his 60th rally since being sworn in. Republicans linking Democrats and Democratic policy proposals to “socialism” or “communism” is nothing new, examples of which you can watch in the video above. But the tactic of “red-baiting” has roots in a near-century-long Republican campaign to discredit policies including Social Security, the G.I. Bill and Medicare.

Crony Capitalism allows Monopolies to Breed Inequality
Check out these excerpts from salon.com/2019/06/17/how-unrestrained-crony-capitalism-is-making-americans-miserable, which clicking on that link provides details on the 4 categories listed here:

The private sector certainly has its place in the United States, but absent sufficient regulation, one doesn’t have a free market, but rather, monopolies, gaping inequality and exploitation of consumers. Sanders, Warren, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others in the liberal/progressive movement of 2019 are not really anti-capitalist; what they are railing against is crony capitalism. Here are some ways in which unrestrained crony capitalism is making Americans’ lives miserable.

1. Health care

2. Banking abuses

3. A severe housing crisis

4. Unfair tax policies

Doing Something is Far Preferable to Doing Nothing
Yes, there are now lots of jobs available out there, we just need to find a way to get them to pay better.  And the next generation in America can no longer expect to attain the same financial status as their parents.  These 5 ideas are but a small number of all the things we should be doing to restore the American Dream, allowing our economic growth to be shared by a lot more working families.  So as a society we should be uniting behind such initiatives & working diligently to make it happen!
Wrongheaded Tax Cuts
The facts Trump & the GOP are trying hard to hide about their lone big legislative achievement, which seen here are some key points patched together from thinkprogress.org/tax-reform-bonuses-trump-trumpeted-keep-shrinking:

When President Donald Trump signed his signature tax code overhaul in December 2017, he loudly touted the benefits it would provide working Americans — among them, economic growth, higher wages, lower taxes, and bonuses. Those heady promises have largely gone unfulfilled. Current economic growth no higher than it it would have been without the tax cuts. Wages continue to stagnate. And the largest share of the tax cuts’ largesse has been taken by wealthy executives and shareholders. That left the possibility of generous bonuses as the one benefit that working people might still claim from the tax bill. Bad news, then: The bonus boom never materialized. It was a promise made from the outset. The day he signed his tax bill, Trump tweeted that bonuses were an unheard-of “source of ‘love’” from companies, “and now it is all the rage.” However, according to the most recent survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), worker bonuses have dropped 24% since the tax cuts went into effect. This is the largest such drop in that business cost category since 2005. Overall, the trend has seen bonuses slowly plateauing before and during the Great Recession, before rising sharply starting in late 2014 as the economy improved. After a crest in early 2018, immediately following the passage of the tax cut bill, bonuses dropped. Bonuses are a one-time expenditure, and therefore far less consequential to both workers’ checkbooks and corporations’ balance sheets. Wages are another matter. If corporations, which saw their tax rates drop from 35% to 21%, were really passing along that money to their workers, they would hand out big raises. Wage growth would skyrocket. But that has not happened. According to the Economic Policy Institute’s Nominal Wage Tracker, growth has been far below target. After a year of flat wage growth in 2017, there was a small bump in 2018, which looks to be an anomaly, because 2019 has seen wage growth drop.

The Dems are ready to roll back those regressive tax cuts:
As the father of trickle down, he’s the king of income inequality:
See the Mean vs. Median, as the Tax Cuts were Mean in making the overall situation worse:
And the Rich keep getting Richer with dumb policies largely to blame, as described in this first part to the article ourfuture.org/20190618/how-wealthy-have-our-super-wealthy-become:

We have a great deal of statistical data, in America today, about the economic circumstances of Americans who live in poverty. We know far less, by contrast, about Americans who live amid great wealth. And much of what we do know, suggests a revealing new study, turns out to be wrong. America’s wealthiest, this new study details, almost certainly hold substantially greater personal fortunes than our standard analyses of the nation’s distribution of wealth indicate. What are these conventional analyses not taking into account? A simple reality of our deeply unequal age: Extravagantly wealthy people cheat on their taxes. Regularly. Extravagantly, too. Our super rich are stashing vast chunks of their personal fortunes in offshore tax havens, generating billions annually in new income that — to their governments — goes unseen and untaxed. Just how enormous has this tax evasion by the super rich become? University of California-Berkeley economist Gabriel Zucman and his Scandinavian colleagues Annette Alstadsæter and Niels Johannesen calculate — in a just-published American Economic Review paper — that offshore tax havens are enabling our world’s richest 0.01 percent to evade 25 percent of the income taxes they ought to be paying. The holdings of this wealthiest one-hundredth of 1 percent, the three researchers relate, make up about 50 percent of the overall assets parked in tax havens. The super rich are using these havens, add Zucman and his colleagues, to conceal about 40 percent of their total personal fortunes. The most recent Federal Reserve Board figures on U.S. inequality, released this past March, put the top 1 percent’s share of American personal wealth at 32 percent, up from 23 percent in 1989. Other estimates place the top 1 percent share closer to 40 percent. But with the new calculations from Zucman and his colleagues, the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy’s Matthew Gardner reflects, even this 40 percent estimate could well be a distinctly “low-ball number.”

Here are some more ideas for helping the 99% who’ve lost so much ground compared to the very top earners over the years:


I don’t think it would be wise to go as far as this article suggests, but we do need to take concrete steps in swinging the pendulum back towards benefiting the working class:
Making America Great Again Requires Fixing Our Broken Government
I have to agree, it’s time to drain the swamp:
It may take dramatic change:
We hardly have a functioning government anymore:
Here are logical explanations why our government seems broken & hopelessly gridlocked as seen in this last part to thebulwark.com/uncle-sam-is-very-sick:

To do that, one needs only to look at the rules and procedures which regulate our elections and the governing process itself—the U.S. political system. Because it is here that the infliction of Washington dysfunction has its primary origins. The Founding Fathers would be greatly alarmed with how far our current system has strayed from what they envisioned when the U.S. Constitution was ratified. Partisan primaries, gerrymandering, party-determined committee assignments, segregated cloakrooms, the Hastert Rule, and much more have been created by party leaders and political insiders. And done so largely in back rooms with only nominal public representation. It is important for Americans to understand that these rules have nothing to do with the U.S. Constitution. They are the creation of partisan elites.


Though the complete body of rules that regulate our elections and government processes are a mixture of old and new, most older rules have been transformed into more dictatorial and partisan adaptations. Other rules that were adopted as a force for good have either had their weaknesses exploited or because of advancements in technology and changes in American culture are now detrimental to the system. And of course, there are numerous rules that exist solely because the majority caucus of the time wanted to preserve and concentrate its power or achieve ideological objectives. As power has transferred back and forth between the parties, each new majority – those in charge of rulemaking—has engaged in retaliation for unfair (or perceived unfair) practices of past opposition governments. Dangerous precedents have been set.


These partisan maneuvers have been exacerbated with the advent of social media, digital voter databases, digital mapping, as well as a lucrative election and political advocacy industry that caters to partisan insiders and special interest groups. There must also be something said about accountability. In our political system, partisan insiders are police, judge, and jury. Defective rules, exploited rules, and abolished norms that promoted civility, fairness, and bipartisanship are never repaired or reinstated. Instead, the newly added concentration of power is utilized by each new majority to push its own agenda. The end result is a system with minimal competition that incites pandering, deception, egotism, and partisanship. All leading to the very sick Uncle Sam we see today.


To give one example of how current rules lead to dysfunction, let’s examine one of the leading causes—the primary election system. In primary elections, the most successful strategy is for candidates to brand themselves as ‘purer’ in party orthodoxy than their opponents so as to appeal to the base—voters who are typically more ideological and who are the dominant voting bloc. To achieve greater ‘party purity,’ candidates seek to adopt policy and worldviews that are more extreme than their opponent’s. Over the years, as partisanship has intensified and moderate voters in both parties have steadily quit, thishas become more and more essential to achieving a primary victory. Once a candidate wins his or her primary, the best strategy to win the general election (because it’s largely an either-or choice between Republican and Democrat) is to increase the unfavorable rating of the other party’s candidate by assaulting his or her character and professional experiences. Thanks to the format of primary elections, our entire electoral process has become dominated by candidates on the left and the right who, save for a few, lack moral courage, pander unrealistic promises, and are willing to embrace hypocrisy whenever politically prudent.. Independent and moderate voters (roughly 41 percent of the national electorate) are more often than not forced to choose between two bad choices in the general election.


All sound familiar? Tied to all this is the governing process itself. Inaction—not solving problems—becomes the greater incentive when in office because to solve problems requires compromise. Compromising with the other side dilutesone’s purity and creates the threat of a primary opponent. And so  the rules and procedures governing our political system do not align with pragmatism, good governance, and problem-solving. But this does not have to continue. Gerrymandering can be neutralized with bipartisan committees, primaries can be reconfigured, separate cloakrooms can become a single cloakroom, and the Hastert Rule can be abolished. These are steps that will help heal our ailing system. Meanwhile continued inaction, pandering, deception, egotism, and partisanship will lead only to downfall.


Abject Cruelty

It’s inexcusable!!!  First they were kidnapped from their families & now are trapped in inhumane conditions.  What kind of barbarian could be responsible for such atrocious human rights abuses?:

Plus many families who’ve lived & worked in America for years are now living in fear of being separated, perhaps about to be snatched by the Trump gestapo.  The prez just delayed the raids for two weeks, similar to the faux pull-back strategy he employed with the threatened Iran strikes.  It’s all a game to him as his chaotic spectacles capture the headlines:
And everywhere the issue of desperate refugees keeps rising:
Short Bits
Give Trump credit where credit is due, the Trump economy is almost as good as the Obama economy:
But his policies really aren’t working:
The self-proclaimed king of debt seems proud of that:
Is this the type of better, wonderful, fantastic new plan touted to replace Obamacare we need?  For starters, what about preexisting conditions?:
This unusual problem has been going on for years & looks to be getting worse, which we’ve been too passive in correcting or even figuring out the source of the trouble:
The GOP is right to be worried about 2020:
These are probably some of the same Trumpeter wackos who’d be on the front lines starting a civil war when Trump is ousted from office, no matter if it comes about by impeachment or losing the 2020 election:
Hit Oldies that are Hit Pieces
In Part 1 we posted Tuesday night after his reelection speech in Orlando, under the title Cult Gathering are several articles describing his unhinged rambling rant full of asinine sanctimonious blather.  And just like Nixon had an enemies list, Trump listed off his favorite list of enemies like the swamp, deep state, Dems, Hillary, Obama, FBI, Mueller, media, migrants, deplorables, Obamacare, (perceived) socialism, some (nebulous) angry left-wing mob, & various other targets of derisive/hateful insults & fabrications the prez uses to incite/divide us.  It’s the exact opposite of the unifying tone & greater vision a president is supposed to strive for.  So as our president, Trump’s a dud!  Four more years of him would promise more of the same, offering up chaos & dividing our nation without doing much that’s actually constructive.  These top 3 links describe that reelection speech dredging up all those same stale/old talking points, while the bottom 3 links are acknowledging Trump’s Golden Oldies: