Check Back with Us in a Couple Weeks sometime in Early May…But if major news comes out about the investigations into Trump, I’ll post some info on those headlines even though I’m busy with another project away from politics.  And today is Tuesday, so today I have some great songs at the bottom. 
Our Part 3’s are always about the economy, & the more we analyze the persistent struggles of the working middle class, the biggest problem might be rising expenses even more than stagnant wages.  In comparison to the rest of the world, the U.S. wages & costs-of-living are both relatively high.  When we look at health care, housing, education, etc., the high costs probably reflect how much the big corporations are raking in huge profits by basically taking advantage of us.  Whatever needs done to correct the situation, we do know the status quo won’t stand, as doing nothing is not a viable option.  It’s unconscionable to have a country creating more wealth than any in the history of Earth, yet roughly half the working population are living paycheck-to-paycheck & don’t have a few hundred extra dollars to cover an emergency.
It’s beyond unfortunate we’re hearing so few fundamentally good ideas, while the few worthwhile proposals are buried under the forces of polarization & gridlock, as nothing constructive gets done.  The Dems tend to rely too much on handouts ( while the GOP remains out to lunch.  Things are touted to be going so well with our economy, which only shows cherry-picking particular economic stats helps hide the decay of long-term economic decline.  So check out the articles & songs below, & catch us again in a couple weeks unless some big headline story breaks prior to that.  I will make sure I post something if important evidence of Trump crimes becomes public.  So I’ve got to run & don’t even have time to post excerpts, so I’ll just let these pertinent articles speak for themselves.
The Wealthy & Corporate Interests have Co-Opted the GOP
While the Working Middle Class keeps getting the Shaft

And Ridiculous Trump Policies are Sabotaging Our Future
Health Care among the Worst of GOP Policies
Entitlements have gone Far Beyond Affordable
This can’t be a good budgetary trend:
Supply-Side Morons have Sold Trump on Their Trickle-Down Crap

He’s not only a terrible trickle-down economist, but based on past comments looks to also be a sexist pig.  No wonder Trump likes him!:
Here’s the whole squad of those trickle-down knuckleheads:
Part of the Psycho Trump Army Fighting Migrants
Polls look like a Sinking Ship
We Always Post Songs in Part 3 & it’s Tuesday
And I like to post links to live performances.  So it’s Tuesday afternoon & today we have 3 of them.  Enjoy these 3 classic hits from a half-century ago with Tuesday in the titles, & they’ve always been personal favorites of mine.  And since The VORACS is taking a break from politics for a couple weeks barring any major breaking headlines, these songs are about goodbyes & leaving for awhile:
Tuesday Afternoon, now I’m on my way…
Goodbye Ruby Tuesday…
Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind…

Preview YouTube video Rolling Stones – RubyTuesday -Ed Sullivan -1967

Preview YouTube video Lynyrd Skynyrd – Tuesday’s Gone