The Trump Managed Economy is Mediocre at Best…Despite Trump juicing the economy with his tax bill, considered a giveaway to large corporate interests that shot up annual deficits, the trajectory of the economy hasn’t changed at all.  Business investments have been declining, along with the manufacturing, agricultural & retail sectors in a real tailspin.  And despite continuing low unemployment rates & a tight jobs market, we’re also still seeing tepid wage growth, expanding wage/wealth gaps, & roughly half of all middle class working families struggling to get by.  So for far too many the economy stinks!
The Trump camp is using the talking point Dems are so focused on impeachment, they’re not getting anything done on behalf of the American people.  But the old adage is true Dems can walk & chew gum at the same time.  Hundreds of bills coming out of the Dem-controlled House have gone onto die in the Senate, so the GOP is doing far more obstruction than the Dems.  And the great GOP leader in the White House has shot down many initiatives, including proposals on immigration reform, gun laws, infrastructure, healthcare & prescription drug plans.  Another GOP talking point is painting Dems as socialists, which is more hyperbole than reality.  We start Part 3 articles with the latest economic news, while near the bottom is a large section on the GOP’s dilemma, followed by our selected song:   
Weak GDP Economic Growth
Our third-quarter GDP reported this week dipped under 2%.  Trump calls this the greatest economy ever.  When Obama had a quarterly GDP that dipped under 2%, at that time Trump derided the economy as being in deep trouble.  Inside Trump’s distorted mind, the performance of the economy has nothing to do with the economy itself, but rather whose presidential watch the economy is on. 
Trump Lies about Everything Else, so Why Not also Lie about the Jobs Report?
How does he come up with these distorted numbers & who’s gullible enough to believe him?:
Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Does Not Make for a Great Economy
But it sure makes for greater deficits:
Struggling Sectors


Millennials & Socialism

I’ve often said if we don’t fix capitalism, we’re going to lose it.  Well, we’re still doing a lousy job of fixing it & we’re running out of time:
Healthcare Costs
Immigration & The Wall
Gun Laws
The only bipartisanship we’ve seen in DC came from watching the World Series.  Otherwise, we’re an extremely bitterly divided country & it might be about to spiral out of control.  Especially with the type of rhetoric coming from Trump & his more unhinged Trumpeters hinting at civil war, it’s getting scary:
Where is the GOP going with this?
Numerous witnesses have confirmed the prez held up military aid to Ukraine until they agreed to publicly open an investigation into the Bidens along with other debunked conspiracies emanating from the 2016 campaign.  The aid was finally released only after news of the scandal broke.  And the accounts of the original whistleblower have been shown to be spot on with numerous corroborators:  But Trump pundits on the talk shows are throwing out word salads to deflect & confuse the issue.  As substantial proof of a criminalized presidency has recently been uncovered, Trump has lost some support among GOP voters.  But the GOP base remains overwhelmingly opposed to impeachment.  As the transcripts from previous hearings are released & live televised hearings grab the attention of the public, we can only wonder whether GOP supporters will be open to the facts or are they hopelessly entrenched in their tribal cult?  There should be enough reasonable Republicans left to acknowledge crimes really are crimes & break with their party brethren by breaking with Trump.  But there’s a valid concern the party actually has evolved into a cult, as members of a real cult tend to all march together with a zombie-like mentality, ignoring truths in favor of delusional group-think headed by a hypnotic leader.
Trump refers to those who don’t bow down to him as scum or enemies of the people, like the deep state, or the media, or Dems, or never-trumpers, but he’s got it all backwards.  Let’s examine who America’s real internal enemies are.  The extreme-right echo is a no-brainer since they constantly lie to their audiences for selfish gain.  But it’s a 2-way street, so let’s also examine their audiences.  We may soon find out if that conservative base is willing to preserve our Constitution or embrace corrupt lawlessness.  If these congressional investigations & public hearings expose provable/irrefutable evidence of crimes, & Trump’s support among his base still holds firm, that can only tell us the echo has hopelessly brainwashed them into submission for an autocratic tyrant.  The true enemies of the people are those who willfully (even if unknowingly) support falsehoods, conspiracies, corruption & criminality which can put us on the road to dictatorial fascism.  Just remember, it has been chronicled a similar type of delusional nationalist cult also swept through the mindset of citizens in 1930’s Germany.  
There is a whole lot below pulled from the newsfeeds.  We have some of the latest polling, but mostly we have speculation on how the GOP might handle this impeachment inquiry in the face of increasing evidence our prez committed substantial crimes.  When the votes are soon counted, especially in the Senate, there will be no middle ground.  Their votes will be registered for history as either standing up for truth & justice by preserving our constitutional democracy, or live in infamy by siding with evil when criminal behavior in the executive branch is formally approved of.  Regardless of the political calculation, impeachment & conviction is just the right thing to do.  So for you the reader, at the very least please peruse these link titles to get a flavor of the pickle Republican politicians are in, since they are trying to spin that they’re not condoning presidential criminal actions while at the same time they condone those crimes.  Say what?  Yes, that’s a tightrope very difficult to navigate without falling off:
I guess this gesture best sums up the conundrum for GOP politicians:
The Court of the Crimson King
He began with bold promises & a fervent following, but it was always first & foremost about him instead of the kingdom he ruled over.  His reign featured a slick sleight of hand & iron fist which kept his subjects in line, as his day in the sun saw the cheering praises of his loyal flock while he gloried in their adulation.  But the fake mirage he built could not be sustained.  When his sins & faults found him out, the mystique surrounding him began to fade with his image permanently stained.  In the end when he lost his throne & his influence had crumbled, the power he possessed that sustained his court disappeared along with the magic.  The crimson king who had gained so much fame & fortune, suddenly found himself alone with only regrets…