Liar in Chief been Working Overtime to Discredit Our Democratic Institutions…For the first time in our lifetime, Americans have legitimate concerns about the preservation of our constitutional democracy.  With the backing of his minions within the GOP, the echo media-machine & Trumpeter base, the President is engaged in a nefarious campaign to trample on the rule of law & disrupt the balance of power, hijacking our democratic institutions to bestow upon himself unbridled control.  Our Liar in Chief is creating a blueprint on how to set up dictatorial leadership even in these United States by unleashing a wave of deception.

As a wanna-be dictator, Trump is on a relentless campaign to discredit & take control of the pillars of power.  His attacks on the courts were so alarming, it even prompted a rebuke by the Chief Justice.  The prez is attempting to weaponize the intelligence community to go after political opponents, while purging those organizations of civil servants not completely loyal as he installs a political hack as acting AG.  His attack on the free press protected by the First Amendment has effectively diminished news reports by the real media in the eyes of Trumpeters, so they only trust the extreme propaganda coming from Trump’s sycophant echo.

Lately the Liar in Chief has even taught his merry-band of Trumpeters not to believe anything that comes out of the Mueller probe.  So the overall dynamics have established a uniquely dangerous situation where the echo & Trumpeter base blindly trust & tout the president’s constant barrage of distortions & lies, while consistently giving him a pass on his widespread corruption & violations of the rule of law.  The prez speaks as a true authoritarian: fake-news-and-trumpian-rhetoric-echo-around-the-world.

Lies on Overload

WaPo has their list at nearly twice this many, but this Toronto Star article chronicling the lies is still rather stunning: donald-trump-fact-check.  There’s no question Trump is in a class by himself when it comes to lying, as explained in these excerpts pulled from why-does-president-trump-get-away-lying.  He keeps lying to us ad-nauseam since the echo & his base gladly let him get away with it.  So my Liar in Chief phrase isn’t just a criticism, it’s spot-on accurate!:

According to The Washington Post, Trump has told 6,420 lies so far in his presidency. In the seven weeks leading up to the midterms, his rate increased to 30 per day. I recently wrote a book, titled Post-Truth, about what happens when “alternative facts” replace actual facts, and feelings have more weight than evidence. Looked at from this perspective, calling Trump a liar fails to capture his key strategic purpose. Any amateur politician can engage in lying. Trump is engaging in “post-truth.” The Oxford English Dictionaries named “post-truth” its word of the year in November 2016, right before the U.S. election. Citing a 2,000 percent spike in usage—due to Brexit and the American presidential campaign—they defined post-truth as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.” Ideology, in other words, takes precedence over reality.


When an individual believes their thoughts can influence reality, we call it “magical thinking” and might worry about their mental health. When a government official uses ideology to trump reality, it’s more like propaganda, and it puts us on the road to fascism. As Yale philosopher Jason Stanley argues, “The key thing is that fascist politics is about identifying enemies, appealing to the in-group (usually the majority group), and smashing truth and replacing it with power.” When a politician gets caught in a lie, there’s usually a bit of sweat, perhaps some shame and the expectation of consequences. Not for Trump. The point of a lie is to convince someone that a falsehood is true. But the point of post-truth is domination. In my analysis, post-truth is an assertion of power.


As journalist Masha Gessen and others have argued, when Trump lies he does so not to get someone to accept what he’s saying as true, but to show that he is powerful enough to say it. Even if all politicians lie, I believe that post-truth foreshadows something more sinister. In his powerful book On Tyranny, historian Timothy Snyder writes that “post-truth is pre-fascism.” It is a tactic seen in “electoral dictatorships”—where a society retains the facade of voting without the institutions or trust to ensure that it is an actual democracy, like those in Putin’s Russia or Erdogan’s Turkey. In this, Trump is following the authoritarian playbook, characterized by leaders lying, the erosion of public institutions and the consolidation of power. You do not need to convince someone that you are telling the truth when you can simply assert your will over them and dominate their reality.

Our Liar in Chief keeps getting more & more Deranged

The degree to which he’s gone off the rails are seen in excerpts taken from donald-trump-lies-clinton-comey-investigation:

The holidays can be tricky when one has begun to reflexively assume the posture of being pinned under the breakfront as the crazy racist grandpa shrieks year round. For many of us, the echo of Donald Trump’s voice, his tweets, his boasts and threats, are what wake us up at 4 a.m. and what makes us afraid to contemplate summer plans or even buy green bananas. But after two deeply destabilizing and in fact traumatic years of soaking in the president’s ugliness and invective, of absorbing the sound and sight of the sneering and the scowling and the fury, there is much to be thankful for this year. Because this year, by dint of miracle or magic or human endeavor, Donald Trump has been reduced to his actual size. He isn’t everything anymore. He is barely anything at all. He becomes smaller every single day, and for that, we have America to thank. It is no secret that Trump himself is sliding further and further off the rails. The tweets are cruder and materially less coherent, and the public performances are more frightening still. The White House staff is in turmoil, and the president seems to have aligned himself with the Saudi murderers of a Washington Post reporter. None of this offers holiday solace, save for the fact that, as support for the president peels off among members of the military, conservative lawyers, and women, he finds himself ever more shrilly attacking them all. And as the president finds himself shunned and largely ignored internationally, he is left more and more alone to watch television, tweet hectically, and attempt to rewrite his own story to his satisfaction. At least we can, as Matt Yglesias smartly observes, be grateful that he can’t manage to be effective and pissed off at the same time.


We can be thankful for other things this past autumn: a press corps that has remained vigilant and unbowed by presidential threats and abuse, and that has increasingly adjusted to the lies and the distortions that embody this presidency. We can be thankful for a judicial branch that quietly delivers setback after setback to the president’s cruelest imperatives. And we can be thankful for the tireless work of Robert Mueller (bows head), a man who is nothing less than a bionic truth-seeking robot in an age of alternative facts. Mostly, though, it is worth recognizing that Trump has managed to shrink slowly down to a small manageable size simply by being ever more himself. Be it his military action against the caravan that wasn’t, his wall that wasn’t, his raking that wasn’t, or his inflated election claims that weren’t, the deflections and distractions seem to come faster and faster. But the fall of 2018 saw truth able to get its boots on before a falsehood could travel very far—maybe because the lies are more transparent now, or maybe because we are finally getting better at this. The final factor in Trump’s diminution had to be the appalling (!) White House (!) statement defending the Saudi Arabian royal family from his own CIA’s finding that they had been complicit in the murder and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. That document has been widely read and deconstructed for its lies, exaggerations, and untruths, but it should also be briefly celebrated as the perfect distillate of Trump’s moral reasoning: By the president’s own ethical lights, no criminal who might make us wealthy can ever be condemned.


This is, of course, terrifying and nihilistic and dangerous as a defining statement of what “America First” is supposed to mean. But it also ties together everything that has been wrong with Trumpism from the moment he first announced his candidacy: Everything is transactional, nothing is intrinsically of value, and everything is worth doing only so long as it benefits you. This is hardly a novel philosophy: It’s how Mitch McConnell sleeps at night and how Sarah Huckabee Sanders lives by day. But Trump has taken the philosophy and made it more apparent in how recklessly open he is about it. Go ahead, amend your financial disclosure forms again, send government emails from your private accounts again—everything’s just a big colorful game of plutocrat Twister anyhow. We’ve known this is Trump’s mode of being forever, but coupled with the news that the president genuinely believed that his own Justice Department could be commandeered to prosecute James Comey and Hillary Clinton places it all in a different sort of light. Because it illuminates how abjectly and severely limited this man is, in his understanding of government, and governance, and law. And it’s a gift to those who stood by him for the judges, or stood by him for the tax cuts, or stood by him for national security, because now they must ask themselves if it was all worth it. The folks who wondered in 2016 whether blowing everything up might be fruitful and thought to themselves, “Well, heck, let’s try it,” are finally starting to get a taste of what drifting ash and falling steel beams really look like. And it looks small. It’s going to be a long-ass haul to restore what’s been dismantled over the past two years. Fear and contempt are contagious and so, apparently, are ugliness and violence. But in so many ways resilience and dignity and pride are pushing through the noise. It’s hard to see it sometimes, but it’s surely rattling under the surface of things. Things will turn around the way you eat an elephant—bite by bite. But recognizing that the elephant was never all that enormous in the first instance makes it easier to do the work.

Trump Shaking in His Boots

Having been caught in so many lies & likely guilty as sin, he should rightly be terrified, as revealed in excerpts from donald-trump-is-terrified.  He lies so frequently it’s become second nature to him, but the Mueller investigation will regard the lies as no excuse for the crimes.  Same goes for the House Dems who’ll hit the ground running in 2019:

We’ve been dealing with Trump’s lies all wrong. We’ve been totaling them up — 6,420 over 649 days, according to the Washington Post! We’ve been parsing and categorizing them — Trump’s statements are regularly found “false,” or “misleading,” or it “needs context,” or it “lacks evidence,” or it’s “exaggerated,” or a claim “contradicts earlier statements.” We’ve been comparing his firehose of lies to the scant misstatements by past presidents — remember how Republicans reacted when during the fight over healthcare, Obama said “you can keep your doctor”? We caught him in a lie! Yipee! We’ve been fretting about what to call them — The New York Times famously made news with the first time they used the word “lie” in September, 2016 to describe Trump’s “birther” claims about President Obama, and since then has been sparing in the use of the word. The rest of the media has followed the Times’ example. Whole treatises have been written about why Trump lies, profiling him psychologically, looking back at his habit of lying as a businessman when he called reporters and pretended to be a PR man representing himself. Speculation abounds: he does it because he can; it’s all part of a grand strategy; he’s clever; he’s foolish; he can’t tell the difference between truth and lies; he quite literally can’t help himself.


But what we haven’t done is look at what Donald Trump’s lies have done to him. They’re backfiring, and he’s showing signs that he knows they’re beginning to hurt him. His lie that the Mueller investigation is a “witch hunt” is working only for his base. An October poll by CNN found that about 60 percent of the public supports the Mueller investigation, while about a third of the public “consider it an effort to discredit Trump’s presidency.” But keeping the base energized has a big downside. He has thrown everything he could think of at the wall, and the problem is, it stuck, and now he’s stuck. He can’t fire Mueller because he has made such a big deal about Mueller’s investigation being a “witch hunt” that if he fired him now, it would be an admission of guilt. Trump’s near constant barrage of attacks on Robert Mueller have only served to make him look like he’s got something to hide. He succeeded in backing himself into a corner he can’t get out of, and he did it the same way he does everything else: with lies and an outsized ego. Trump has the same problem with his appointment of Matthew Whitaker as attorney general. He spent so much time yelling about Jeff Sessions recusing himself from the Russia investigation that firing Sessions isn’t just suspect, it’s yet another admission of guilt. Trump has hobbled Whitaker fatally when it comes to handling Mueller. Anything he touches will be suspect. All because Trump has lied and lied about Russia, and lied and lied about Mueller.


The trap Trump has put himself in with Mueller mirrors the trap he found himself in right after he was elected. If as many believe Trump made a deal with the Russians to lift sanctions in return for their help in his election campaign in 2016, that deal died with his election. As the number of contacts between the Trump campaign and prominent Russians like Ambassador Sergey Kislyak became known, the chances of Trump making good on lifting the sanctions approached and then became zero. When it was learned that Trump campaign adviser Michael Flynn promised Kislyak that Trump would lift sanctions as soon as he took office, the deal was off. The minute Trump killed the sanctions, he would confirm his guilt in accepting help from the Russians in his election. It was another trap of his own making. And now Trump finds himself trapped not only by his own lies, but by those of Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman. Trump is stuck with Putin’s denials that he ordered the poisoning of two Russian dissidents in Great Britain last March just as he’s stuck with his denials that Russia interfered in our elections in 2016. And he’s stuck with Mohammed bin Salman’s denials about the killing of Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi. First the Saudis said he was still alive, then they said he died in an accident, then they claimed he was killed by “rogue agents,” and now they’re left with denying that the murder was ordered by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Trump has been with them all the way. He never accepted his own intelligence agencies’ assessment that the Russians interfered with our elections, and now he won’t accept the CIA’s report that bin Salman ordered Khashoggi’s death. Why? Putin and bin Salman both probably have something on Trump, but that’s not it. He is trapped by the lies of others just as much as he is by his own lies because to admit anything at this point is deadly. Donald Trump has good reason to be terrified. The sky really is falling.

How about a Psychological Evaluation?

We may actually be dealing with a psychopath as is being demonstrated on the world stage on a daily basis.  Read excerpts from donald-trump-mental-psychiatry-yale-lee to grasp how serious this situation has gotten:

But some psychiatrists beg to differ. One of them, Yale psychiatry professor Bandy X. Lee, claims to not diagnose lightly, but she has nonetheless repeatedly, and publicly, suggested that Donald Trump should be evaluated by psychiatrists. Apart from suggesting that Trump should willingly undergo psychiatric evaluation, Professor Lee has developed a theory of her own about the mental state of President Trump, which she concisely laid out in a recent interview. Lee explained that psychiatrists look for patterns in an effort to develop theories about one’s mental health. When it comes to Donald Trump, Lee claims, his behavior fits the pattern “of someone acting that is driven by emotional compulsions.” The president has found a way to capitalize on this, managing to re-frame losses — like the recent midterm election, for instance — as victories, therefore convincing his supporters that he is indeed winning. Emotionally-driven, relatively uninformed, and dependent on Trump, his supporters don’t question him and tend to take his claims at face value, according to the psychiatrist. She adds, however, that emotionally manipulating his supporters is not a matter of strategy for President Trump. Rather, “this can be explained through their emotional wounds.” President Trump himself, in Lee’s assessment, is “driven by pathology rather than healthy choices.” According to her, Trump sometimes makes seemingly effective choices, without realizing that they are actually self-destructive. He is manipulative, demeaning, deceptive, and destructive, she asserts. “He’s choosing a self destructive course, not just for him but for the nation,” she opined.

Fox Lies

As a lifelong GOP supporter & center-right conservative, for years Fox News was my go-to network.  Over the past few years, I got highly offended when many of their shows started lying to me.  All Fox viewers should be likewise offended, but most don’t follow politics so closely to gain the discernment necessary to know it.  I’m all for having a conservative network to balance out the news, but most Fox shows are no longer rational, having channeled the rest of the far-right echo in becoming radical.  And when the echo helps legitimize/provide cover for the corruption & lies we constantly see coming from this administration, that spells big trouble for America.

Trump may well be forced out in 2019, but there remains a destructive extremist ideology which has latched onto & permeated the mindset of so many in the GOP base.  The echo now spearheaded by Fox fake news has steadily shifted to the extreme right over this past decade or so, with the change being subtle enough that most conservatives seemed to have followed along with the madness, falling for a hardcore tribalistic agenda that’s unworkable, divisive & counterproductive.  We can only hope the entire echo gets discredited when their leader goes down, to be replaced by a constructive/principled conservatism (along with better GOP leadership).

Another obvious sign this corrupt president & corrupt TV network have a symbiotic relationship is inside this next link, working in cahoots to spread their radicalized agenda that’s wreaking havoc on America, profiting substantially by fooling their base: white-house-deputy-chief-receiving-millions-fox.  The Fox News hosts aren’t the only ones who are coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs, as some of their regular guests are also blithering buffoons as proven by these links: ann_coulter_u_s_troops_invade_mexico_shoot_migrants_republicans_winning_presidency & also diamond_and_silk_lying_ignoramuses_immigrationnational_security_experts_fox_news.

Their extensive lineup for the new streaming service is listed inside this next link, most of them being total morons: bigotry-and-lies-fox-nation-fox-news-streaming-service.  That online service just started today, which I plan to watch as much as I once watched Sarah Palin TV!  Not!  And what network might be even worse than Fox?: trump-helped-roger-ailes-create-fox-business-network-the-most-pro-trump-cable-outlet.  I really think it’s about time for Bill & Hillary to retreat in the background & only be heard from afar, letting new leaders inside the Dem tent take center stage to lay out a new Dem agenda.  But in an interview Hillary was absolutely correct in her critique of Fox fake news, seen inside hillary-clinton-blasts-fox-news & also this article posted from

It’s been two years since the election of the first Dotard President of the United States. See, children? In America anyone – ANYONE – can grow up to be president. Even if you’re an ignorant, narcissistic, rage-aholic, wannabe dictator whose only experience is bankrupting casinos and hosting unreality TV shows. It’s the land of opportunity. Over the past two years Donald Trump and his State TV benefactors at Fox News have been unable cure themselves of their obsession over his 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton. They continuously wallow in misremebrances of the campaign and the fabricated “crimes” they imagine she concocted. Part of the reason for the durability of this obsession is the fact that Clinton actually “won” the election by more than three million votes. But mainly they are just too stupid to come up with something more relevant to discuss, and they are too immersed in Hillary fetishism to let go of a subject they think is advancing their incoherent agenda.


Clinton has been a mixed bag since the campaign. but it hardly matters because she isn’t a major factor in politics going forward. She has ruled out running for office again, so her opinions are just those of a former statesperson with considerable experience who is exercising her rights like any other citizen. And in that role Clinton was interviewed by The Guardian and she unleashed some of her views about Trump and Fox News. Here are some of the highlights:


*“The Republican party has collapsed in the face of Trump.”

*“I believe that where we are now in the political cycle is that the press does not know how to cover these candidates who are setting themselves on fire every day, who are masters of diversion and distraction.”

*[Trump] is someone who craves dominance over any situation he finds himself in. He craves adulation, flattery, all of which fit the profile of leaders we can remember from the past.

*“Now [Trump] doesn’t attack Fox News, because they’re like a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump and the Republican party now. So he attacks the press and the broadcast media that raise questions about him, that don’t give him fidelity and loyalty.”

*“You watch Fox News, it’s always, ‘Something terrible is about to happen’, ‘Something terrible did happen’, ‘These people are doing all these awful things’. It is totally divorced from reality, but it is superb propaganda. I don’t know the best way to puncture that. You have to hope that reality catches up with politics and entertainment at some point.”


These are not necessarily revelations. Many people have noted the psychological aberrations of Trump and the sycophantic nature of his coverage by Fox News. But it isn’t often that these views are openly expressed by former First Ladies, Secretaries of State, or Senators. and that makes them welcome and constructive. After all, with Fox’s Hillary fetish, you can be sure that they will notice these remarks. Already Fox News host Mark Levin was so rattled that he tweeted what has now been immortalized as Dumb Question #4,782: Q: How come when Hillary attacks Fox it’s not a threat to the free press? A: Because she’s a retired grandma from upstate New York with no power over the media, you ignorant blowhard.


Levin is delusional. While Clinton’s criticisms are sharp, at no time does she say anything that can be remotely regarded as a threat. As opposed to Trump who calls the media “the enemy of the people,” revokes their White House passes, issues decrees mandating their behavior, incites violence by the cult followers at his rallies, and advocates new laws to make it easier to sue them. Trump even castigated the press as enemies just hours after some of them had received mail bombs. This is typical of the way that Fox News tries to muddy the waters of political discourse. They deliberately misrepresent facts and purposefully distort reality. Consequently, we need all the help we can get to enlighten the nation as to the nefarious intentions of Trump and Fox News. So even a flawed former public servant like Clinton is doing a significant service by providing an honest characterization of the anti-American agitprop of the Trump administration and their media comrades.

Trump Attacks Old Enemies as a Diversion 

Hillary may be the most investigated political figure in history.  Between the many years of the Ken Starr probe & several years of the Benghazi investigation (totaling a decade of scrutiny), had any major wrongdoing been done, it certainly would have come out (& by comparison based on their durations, the Mueller investigation has been going on only a fraction of the time, while being far more productive uncovering crimes).  GOP world & the echo universe also dredged up Hillary hatchet-job talking points ranging from emails to uranium that turned up empty.  With that entire conservative apparatus being obsessed in finding whatever dirt they could to bring her down, any serious indiscretions would have been discovered if they ever existed.

Trump governs only by what can please his echo & Trumpeter base, while attacking Hillary, Comey, Mueller & a host of others confuses his fans, insulating him from his own crimes.  When they always chant at his rallies lock her up & build that wall, that explains why Trump sought the prosecution of Hillary & funding for the wall even when it made no sense.  If he were to ever lose his echo & base, he’s done, so no lie is ever too big or wrongdoing ever too immoral to not do if it serves his higher purpose: did-donald-trump-hire-matt-whitaker-as-acting-attorney-general-to-prosecute-hillary-clinton.

Trump & Nixon

They both performed the duty of liar in chief, but Trump just took it to a much higher level.  It’s hard to ignore the striking similarities from the Watergate & Russiagate scandals.  But the one thing Trump has going for him is a fawning, obedient, conniving, sham of a state-run TV network, as explained in excerpts below from fox-nixon-trump-hannity-sullivan-maza.  As this current drama plays out, it will be fascinating to see if truth & justice can win out over deception & lawlessness.  For America’s sake, we’d better hope so!:

Gallons of ink have already been spilled about the parallels between Presidents Trump and Nixon, and Russiagate and Watergate. Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey recalls Nixon axing of Archibald Cox, the special Watergate prosecutor who got too close to the truth. Trump’s press-bashing and conspiracy-mongering were innovated by Nixon. Conservatives protect Trump now, conservatives protected Nixon then. The comparisons keep adding up: demonizing law enforcement, keeping a list of enemies, an all-out war on leaks… it goes on and on.

There is, however, one key difference: Nixon never had Fox. “It is hard to overstate how unusual what is happening on Fox is,” argues Voxmedia critic Carlos Maza on this week’s episode of the Mother Jones Podcast.“It is not just a right-wing network. It is an incredibly well-financed and a massive ‘get out the vote’ operation,” instructing viewers on how to vote, district by district, along strictly Trumpian lines. “This expectation that we’ll have a revisit of what happened with Nixon, that the public will just wake up and say, ‘enough is enough,’” Maza notes, “assumes there is not this incredibly sophisticated, well-funded, and wide-reaching operation.” He warns Fox News has now become “a different kind of beast than just a propaganda network.” 

Fox’s coverage of the migrant caravan in the run-up to the election, for example, was so relentless and extreme that it became a de facto “mobilization network,” argues Maza— adopting and amplifying the president’s false claims that the group’s inexorable northward march was nothing less than an “invasion,” had as its objective acting as a catalyst to get his base out to vote. “It was pretty much constant ‘caravan’, ‘invasion’, ‘disease’ ‘vermin,’” says Margaret Sullivan, Washington Post media columnist who joined Maza in the studio for the taping of the podcast. Fox News is “so far off the charts that they basically function as state media for Trump.”

Partners in Crime

It’s bad enough that Fox fake news blathers on in reverence over every buffoonish move made by this president.  But there are times they encourage the prez to abuse his powers & the rule of law (not that he really needs any prodding to do so) by defying court orders, stating to their viewers how it’s peachy-keen for a president to obliterate the balance of power between the 3 branches of government established by the Constitution.  Fox envisions themselves as the official state-run network embellishing & aggrandizing everything about their omnipotent leader, much like North Korean TV pollutes the minds of their people with the superhuman exploits of Kim Jong Un.  Catch these outrageous statements coming from Dobbs, Jarrett & Ingraham in these excerpts from FOX-News-Pushes-for-Lawless-Tyranny-in-the-White-House-Tells-Trump-to-Violate-Judicial-Rulings:

The blatant biases of State TV (aka Fox News) have been well documented for many years. And particularly in the Era of Trump, their slobbering sycophancy has gone to extremes never before seen. But for most of that time they have confined their propaganda to slavishly supporting Donald Trump and falsely maligning his critics. Now they are upping their game. Throughout much of Trump’s presidency he has attempted to govern as if he had dictatorial powers. Now Trump is getting help from Fox News in his bid to become the American Fuhrer. A pair of court decisions has inflamed the network’s hosts to the point that they are openly advocating lawlessness on the part of the White House. The embarrassingly brown-nosing Fox Business host, Lou Dobbs, presided over a discussion about the court decision forcing Trump to restore the press pass of CNN’s Jim Acosta. The White House’s original suspension of the pass was repudiated by most of the press corps, including the executives at Fox News (although not their on-air punditry). Following the court order, Trump issued a bizarre and unconstitutional decree that sought to enforce strict behavioral guidelines for reporters. But Dobbs and his guest Gregg Jarrett weren’t having any of it: Dobbs: Isn’t there a time where you have to just tell a district court judge to go to hell?  Jarrett: I agree with you. I would tell the judge to go to hell.


So these alleged “patriots” believe that “There’s no freedom of the press to question the President”? Apparently their constitutional education didn’t even make to the First Amendment. What’s more, they believe that they can simply tell judges to “go to hell”? That’s a form of ultra-rightist anarchy that is practiced in dictatorships, not constitutional republics. And now it’s openly advocated by Fox News, Trump’s designated media mouthpiece. But that isn’t the end of it. Fox News host Laura Ingraham took a similar stand on different subject. Another recent court ruling found that Trump’s proposed restrictions on how and where immigrants can apply for asylum were unconstitutional. This pertains to the refugees that Trump falsely accused of being criminals and sent the military down to the border to prevent an imaginary “invasion.” In response to this ruling Ingraham lashed out saying that:Maybe it’s time to just defy these court orders and say, ‘Make me. Make me. We think your order is illegitimate.”


Once again, a Fox Newser is advising the President to violate the law, to act in contempt of court, and to impose his dictatorial will over the rule of law and the American people. This is beyond mere political advocacy. This is subjorning criminal acts. This is cheerleading for tyranny. This is profoundly disrespecting the principles enshrined in our nation’s Constitution. And, not to be overlooked, this is being done with the full knowledge and approval of the network’s executives and owners. Fox News is acting in concert with the criminals in the White House and their accomplices in the Republican Nationalist Party. This is a shockingly inappropriate abuse of the air waves and warrants an investigation by the FCC and the oversight committees in Congress. Just like yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater is not protected free speech, compelling illegal acts on TV is not protected freedom of the press. If Sean Hannity were to look into the camera and tell his viewers to get their guns start shooting some Democrats he would be arrested immediately. This is the same thing. It’s a direct incitement to criminal activity. And Fox News needs to be held accountable.

Promotes Violence

Corrupt influencers put Trump in power, from both internal & external forces, so read about this vast network of deceit from inside cyberwar-network-propaganda-review-russia-rightwing-media-2016-election.  Thanks to the racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic diatribes coming from Trump, certain like-minded cronies in the echo, & some in Congress like Steve King & the Mississippi Senator hoping to win her election today, it’s helping to fuel the evil white supremacists among us.  That helps explain why the number of right-wing terrorist attacks tripled last year, as can be seen from a chart inside chart-of-the-day-right-wing-violence-soars-during-trump-presidency.

The Only Person He Cares About 

Well, maybe two if we count Putin.  Our liar in chief is only there to serve himself, so once anyone is no longer useful or shows the slightest hint of disloyalty, he’ll stab them in the back or throw them under the bus.  They become dispensable, it’s how he uses people.  Those deplorable personal traits are brought home in excerpts from the-only-cause-our-president-is-willing-to-serve-is-his-own-well-being:

One suspects Trump’s sympathies lie with the Saudis for more personal reasons. The Saudi king and crown prince laid out the red carpet, literally, for Trump on his first trip abroad as president in 2017. They haven’t criticized him. Why should he criticize them? He is tougher on the SEAL commander who was responsible for killing Osama bin Laden than on the Saudi despot who was responsible for killing Jamal Khashoggi — simply because the latter is nicer to him than the former. In Trump’s case it’s hard to have any faith that he will act in accordance with a higher good. His lack of regard for the principles of constitutional governance is evident most flagrantly in his demands that the Justice Department end the investigation of him and, as the New York Times just reported, launch investigations of James B. Comey and Hillary Clinton. Trump’s attempts to politicize justice have been thwarted so far — but for how much longer, with a political henchman now installed as acting attorney general? In any case, obstruction of justice, even if unsuccessful, remains an impeachable offense, as Richard M. Nixon found out. How could any president so grievously misuse his power? Simple. Trump doesn’t recognize any loyalty to any cause other than his own well-being. Let us hope that our political system is strong enough to disabuse him of this dangerous conceit that he shares with a long line of absolute monarchs.

Zero Moral Values

While we’re still in the middle of all this, it’s impossible to measure just how much damage is being done to our country.  Here is the conclusion to this-is-the-only-trump-syndrome-we-need-to-worry-about:

But all the tax cuts and judges in the world won’t compensate for the cost to the United States of abandoning any claim that it prefers democracy to dictatorship and human rights to barbarism. The syndrome we most need to worry about is denial — a blind refusal to face up to how much damage Trump is willing to inflict on our system of self-rule, and on our values.  

Many in the Faith have Succumbed to Wickedness

No church faith can be sustained when aligned with immoral values.  Catholics are dealing with their own issues.  But I actually stopped going to my own (white) evangelical church when it became clear to me many in the congregation didn’t adhere to the same moral code I believe in.  I also find it interesting the rudest, most close-minded & nonsensical replies I’ve gotten to my messages have actually come from (self-professed) evangelical Christians.  Could it be Satan knows he can maximize his damage by targeting the spirit of deception directly towards God’s people?  I’m still at a loss to explain this whole dynamic where that demographic group remains so loyal to an earthly leader who’s a moral basket case.  To my fellow evangelicals out there, please read this: trumps-christian-apologists-are-unchristian-polls-show.