Evil-Echo Empire Update….

When I saw Trump’s words scroll across my TV screen Saturday, I had a visceral reaction as I started shouting at my TV, expressing the even more urgent need to remove this clownish nudnik from power.  And I was convinced it would dominate the headlines for days, which was tempered somewhat by actually hearing the audio where he seemed to say it partly in jest while playing to the crowd.  At least that’s how his pundits spun this.  But for a president constantly spewing dangerous, idiotic & irresponsible statements, this might be his worst of all!  All these links below under president for life in the Related Articles offer up this same basic news report from over the weekend when Trump spoke at a fundraiser:

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently consolidated power. Trump told the gathering: “He’s now president for life. President for life. And he’s great.” Trump added: “I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday.”

This is so wrong on so many levels.  When a major world power, trending toward being the #1 economic superpower commits unapologetically to autocratic rule, riding a wave away from representative democracies, it’s a very disturbing pattern.  So how does our American president react?  Of course, with a ringing endorsement!  Plus he suggests America should follow such a dictatorial model! Trump craves being president for life!  No wonder he gives the Russians & his idol Putin a free pass in tainting our elections! Equally alarming is the way his base is reacting, whether from the donors in that room, echo-pundits & the conservative base in general, they shrug off such comments with some even offering tacit support.  There’s no denying Trump’s fascination with dictatorial rule & appreciation for other autocrats around the world (trump-xi-jinping-dictators), as wealth & power is all that matters to him, caring nothing about upstanding personal character.  Plus he still has enormous sway over his base & the GOP in general, making him a real threat.  And it’s no small number falling for the lies & deception undermining our democracy. Roughly 1/3 of the nation seem to have joined in on the OK with fascism camp, so should a mere additional 20% of the population join them in being taken in by the Trump/echo persuasion machine, our American democracy could be relegated to the dustbin of history.


Highlighting some other related articles below, with all the advantages offered by this new digital age, it unfortunately provides a powerful platform for would-be dictators or enemies to control the messaging which controls the population.  In these warnings below from everything-here-is-fake, saving our democracy requires fighting back against the dissemination of this onslaught of false propaganda, while educating the masses with much-needed caution & truth so they’re less susceptible to falling for the Trump lies:

It is impossible to imagine Trump and his repeated big lies that go viral except in the digital-video age. It is impossible to imagine our present political polarization except in the age of the Internet, which drives people to sites of extreme views that validate their preexisting prejudices. And, in the spirit of Hollywood, it is impossible to imagine the degree and intensity of emotional and sensory manipulation, false rumors, exaggerations and character assassination that decay our public dialogue except in this new and terrifying age of technology which has only just begun. Digital-video technology, precisely because it is given to manipulation, is inherently controlling. Think of how the great film directors of the 20th century were able to take over your mind for a few hours: a new experience for audiences that previous generations had never known. Theater may be as old as the ancient Greeks, but the technology of film lent a new and powerful force to the theatrical experience. Moreover, it was contained within a limited time period, and afterward you came back to the real world. In the 21st century, dictators may have the capability to be the equivalent of film directors, and the show never stops. Indeed, Joseph Goebbels would undoubtedly thrive in today’s world. As for warfare itself, it will be increasingly about dividing and demoralizing enemy populations through disinformation campaigns whose techniques are still in their infancy.


Never before have we had to fight for democracy and individual rights as now in this new and — in some sense — dark age of technology. We must realize that the fight for democracy is synonymous with the fight for objectivity, which lies at the core of professional journalism — a calling whose foundational spirit was forged in the print-and-typewriter age, when mainly the movies were fake. We will fight best by thinking tragically to avoid tragedy. This means learning to think like the tyrants who feed and prosper on misinformation so we can keep several steps ahead of them. Only in that way can we build safeguards against the specific dangers of the digital experience. The pioneers of Silicon Valley were inherent optimists who simply believed in connecting the world. But it is precisely such integration that provides our authoritarian enemies with access into our own democratic systems. The future will be about wars of integration rather than wars of geographic separation. So now constructive pessimism is called for. The innocent days when illusions were the province of movie stage sets are way behind us.


Russian cyberattacks are direct attacks on our democracy, so when we see an American President doing nothing to stop it, that goes beyond being irresponsible.  It might be treasonous!  What is going on here?  Whether intentional or not, it seems as though Trump’s mission is to make Russia great again & China great again, but at a huge cost to America.  Articles like state-dept-hasnt-spent-any-of-its-120m-to-counter-foreign-election & also from trumps-total-indifference-to-russias-ongoing-meddling-in-american-politics  practically scream out the Trump Administration are still illegally in cahoots with the Russians!  The ONLY plausible explanations why are the Russians have something on Trump or Trump welcomes their interference.  In links on another topic, if any suggestions of a devious deep state actually exists, Nunes is the classic example of a corrupt politician from which the swamp must be drained (watchdog-group-files-ethics-complaint-against-nunes-after-report-of-house & also see its-time-for-paul-ryan-to-remove-devin-nunes).

As always in these part 2 Related Articles, we have a separate group of links for Fox fake news & another group of other far-right echo-sources.  Trump & rightwing-echo’s shameless attacks on Sessions are reprehensible & sooooooo disingenuous (hey-mr-president-lay-off-jeff-sessions), being an obvious attempt to push him out of the way to get at Mueller.  And it’so absurd Trump & his minions keep attacking Obama, Hillary or any of their favorite boogeymen, especially those no longer holding office in an obvious ploy to distract away from the Russian scandal.  We truly are bombarded with lots of fake news, coming from Fox & other echo sources, Russian bots & Trump himself, creating virtually dozens of phony scandals over the past year which they claimed were worse than Watergate: trump-renews-charges-of-unfair-obama-investigation-bigger-than-watergate.  Of course there was nothing behind any of them.  But we can rightly be flabbergasted at the large number of people somehow believing this stuff, which doesn’t reflect well on the human mental condition once a toxic group-think takes hold & traps victims inside a tribal bubble, especially with those echo-lies being sooooooo blatant.  This is an audience base that it appears could be convinced 1+1=3.  They’ll believe anything if it scores points for their side.  It’s difficult to get their attention when we tell them the facts, but all those buying into that fake news REALLY need to be properly informed by real news sources like The Voracs, since we pull from dozens of the top media sources providing real journalism, so please do share.  We won’t convince most in that alternate-reality world, but we just need to try & rescue those we can from their delusional illusions.

We need to understand not everything coming from the echo are lies, which makes them all the more devious.  These master manipulators hook their fans by presenting enough solid conservative doctrine, they manage to camouflage the lies, tricking their audiences into believing the entire narrative.  Under the category of Fox fake news, inside the link fox-news-is-in-denial-about-mueller-investigation there are the typically moronic statements from Trump lapdogs Carlson, Gutfeld & Hannity, with this excerpt exposing their lies & showing how Fox viewers are not hearing the real news presented accurately:

“The more Mueller discovers, the more Trump’s TV boosters have to deny, deny, deny,” Stelter said Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” “The worse things things look for Trump’s inner circle, the worse the deflections get.” Stelter said that while a new CNN poll found that 61 percent of Americans believe the Russia investigation is a serious issue, if you’re watching Fox News then “you’re hearing the opposite.”……..So far, Mueller has indicted 19 people and three companies in connection with his investigation. The CNN poll also found that 72 percent of Americans are very or somewhat concerned about foreign interference in U.S. elections, and 70 percent of Americans are concerned about Russian-backed disinformation campaigns. 

Why Hannity & the rest of the Fox prime-time lineup still has an apparently mental-midget fan base regularly tuning in defies comprehension.  The lies & misdirections are nauseating, which any adult human possessing normal mental functioning should be capable of seeing through it.  So asking again why Hannity actually has a loyal following, I can’t explain it, other than to say it’s scary to think those people live here in America & not someplace like Yemen, Pakistan or Mars.  Assuming as the evidence is increasingly pointing towards our leader engaged in conspiracy with a foreign adversary & possibly treason, that means his enablers in the echo & Trumpeter base are essentially acting in effect as enemies to America, so I’m not at all bashful about calling them out even to the point of insulting them.  And you too should be so bold.  Think about it, they’re the ones who gave us Trump.  The patriotic thing to do in saving our nation is to share the news, hoping they’ll finally get it.  More & more Americans do seem to be getting it, so see the excerpt here from Rachel-Maddow-Guides-MSNBC-to-a-Strong-February-2018-Fox-News-and-Hannity-are-Scared, while keeping in mind a few years ago I never would have aligned with Maddow.  Perhaps it’s the old saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend.  More accurately, I say always choose a liberal over a fascist:

Hannity’s program is sinking into ever more ludicrous conspiracy theory territory. He is challenging Alex Jones as the right-wing’s most unhinged crackpot. On almost every show Hannity ignores actual news of Trump’s daily failures. Instead, he features topics exploring Hillary Clinton’s ancient and baseless controversies, or some version of the alleged “deep state” takeover of America. And of course, Hannity is serving his master in the White House with constant attempts to slander special counsel Robert Mueller and the FBI.


These subjects are also spread across the Fox News schedule. It’s why Fox viewers are so often shown to be more uninformed (or ill informed) than viewers of any other news network. And it is probably contributing to the overall audience decline at Fox as people seek out actual news and information relevant to their lives. But it is consistent with the Fox News commitment to defend Trump at all costs.


The Fox News mission has always been to prop up the conservative, Republican agenda. But it’s more immediate objective is to discredit the investigations into Trump’s unsavory connections to Russia (and other financial corruption). And flagrant propagandists like Hannity, Tucker Carlson (who just called Democrats anti-American), and the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends, are focused intently on smearing America’s law enforcement and intelligence institutions. They are putting their rancid partisanship before the interests of the country. And America’s television viewers are reacting with disgust and seeking out more credible reporting.