Sondland Says There Was a Quid Pro Quo…Which is another way of saying the White House committed bribery & extortion!  This is the biggest day of evidence in the biggest scandal-ridden administration in American history!  Sondland admits this dirty deed with Ukraine was done through Rudy at the direction of the president!  Keep in mind Sondland is not some partisan or never-trumper, as he donated $1 million to Trump’s inaugural committee.  No American president or presidential candidate can work in cahoots or coerce a foreign nation as a political favor to dig up dirt on a political opponent.  It constitutes a serious illegal action & abuse of power.  It’s now a foregone conclusion articles of impeachment will be passed through the House.  From there the overriding question becomes whether 20 out of 53 GOP senators can be persuaded to abide by the law & Constitution.
By making critically-needed, preapproved military aid predicated on a foreign leader making a public declaration to an investigation into an American president’s political opponent, that is precisely the same type of collusion the 2-year Russian probe was largely focused on.  And tying an invitation to the White House by also requiring a foreign country to explore debunked conspiracy theories stemming from the 2016 campaign such as looking for a DNC server, that is also collusion which indicates a criminal conspiracy.  Trump has been squarely identified as orchestrating the crimes based on his intense fervor wanting to smear Biden, along with all his key players also being implicated such as Rudy, Pence, Pompeo, Mulvaney, Perry, etc.  But conservatives need not be overly alarmed, since the Pelosi presidency will only last a year.
It’s still hard to pin Trump down on exact quotes where he directly ordered the dirty deal.  For one thing his key people have refused to testify, so will the likes of Pompeo, Mulvaney, Perry &/or Bolton please soon tell us what we need to know even if just to save yourself.  We still may need a come-clean John Dean moment from someone who discussed the dirty deal directly with Trump to effectively break through the GOP cult.  Plus as Michael Cohen once testified, Trump talks in a code language which clearly gets the message across without saying the exact words.  Like the accomplished mob boss he is, the prez expertly knows how to set the stage in deflecting the blame to others should they get caught, so in the Ukraine case he made Rudy the point person.  But the numerous witnesses have been remarkably consistent, making it clear they understood the president was calling the shots on this illegal undertaking.  As Sondland stated, “we followed the president’s orders.”
The White House has been blocking important documents & witnesses all along related to this Ukraine deal, unquestionably obstruction of justice & it’s obvious they have plenty to hide, which I presume the importance of all that hidden information we have yet to learn about takes on added significance based on the Sondland testimony.  Whether the additional critical evidence comes out prior to the House voting on impeachment, or it finally comes out during the trial in the Senate, the bottom line is such facts do need revealed soon so we know everything about what actually happened.  And with such damaging reports being exposed from the witnesses we have heard from, it’s entered the public consciousness & is likely to fuel more interest & support for removal, so we’re at the point the probe needs to be done right more than it needs done quickly.  The administration’s cover-ups are what has really dragged this whole thing out.
Even if the unfortunate occurrence transpires that the corrupt GOP & echo-media successfully bend the narrative to help prevent conviction in the Senate, we can still take assurances the vast majority of the American people can now clearly see this administration is corrupt & lawless beyond measure, so a year from now most will know the only reasonable option is to vote for whoever Trump’s Dem opponent is.  But Trump is the kind of leader who could do a tremendous amount of damage in a year, plus nobody is above the law & it would be a travesty to give a criminalized president a pass, so we really have a constitutional duty to remove Trump now.  By comparison this scandal currently unfolding before our very eyes makes Watergate look more like a minor misdemeanor.
It’s rather bad timing the Dem debate is currently being televised on MSNBC, when the whole focus this evening should concentrate on analyzing the riveting Sondland bombshells.  I suspect the ratings tonight on CNN will be much higher than usual.  Of course, those who want to keep hearing the lies & conspiracies tune into Fox.  Especially the Fox prime-time shows in their unconditional fawning for Trump, the facts are not on their side, so they resort to asinine sideshows with confounding/perplexing narratives in confusing their viewers.  And it’s become apparent their viewers are easily confused.  But this entire scandal shouldn’t be all that confusing.  Most Americans respect the laws of the land & are greatly disturbed by a president who would break those laws, while the other 40% or so buy into the lies in supporting a corrupt presidency, empowering him to get away with all his shenanigans.
It’s time for the American people as a nation to decide what kind of country we want to be.  Should we uphold the Constitution to preserve our laws & freedoms?  Or opt for corruption & demagoguery that could lead us into dictatorial fascism?  There’s a fork in the road which this moment in our history requires we must go one way or the other.  It could be the most consequential decision the American citizenry have ever been asked to make.  If we go the Trump way by dismissing his crimes & keeping him in power, it legitimizes him & future presidents to lie, cheat, abuse their power & break our laws with impunity, doing whatever it takes to acquire & hold power including illegally tainting our elections.  Such a path would ultimately destroy our democracy & undermine our precious freedoms. 
The magnitude of the moment requires us to pay attention & get involved, so we ask you please share our information.  Do not wait until it becomes too late, since someday we might look back on this narrow window of opportunity & regret we did nothing when we still had a chance to choose the path of freedom.  Our opinions can help sway fellow Americans, while together we can sway GOP senators.  We hope our message in can effectively join forces with other freedom-loving Americans in defeating the forces of evil whose mission would throw our constitutional democracy into the scrapheap of history.  Don’t let the far-right extremists do that to our country!  There are tons of link titles here for you to peruse so do spend time going down the list, since after all, this was the biggest day for the biggest political scandal in our lifetime.  All responsible patriotic Americans should be following such vital news reports: 
There was Another Hearing after Sondland’s
Quite a busy day for the House Intel Committee.  Cooper testified the Ukrainians knew of Trump withholding military aid way back in July when Trump had that infamous call with Zelensky.  So the Ukrainian president understood he was the target of a shakedown which was forcing him to play ball with Trump’s corrupt demands.  Hale revealed how Ambassador Yovanovitch was the innocent victim of a smear campaign by the administration.  So here are links to those stories & we’ll be back with more impeachment updates on the weekend: