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The VORACS is a political blog dedicated to deciphering the latest political news on our Dear Leader. We strive to consistently provide information to readers founded on evidence, historical data, and most importantly…. common sense.

As our country moves through a trying time, lifting your voice and speaking the truth becomes more and more important, and harder and harder to find.

We don’t doubt you’ll disagree with some of the opinions offered up in our featured blogs, and we vehemently insist you offer a retort.

Political Updates

Part 3 – Economic Warnings are Real!

Even During These Times of Low Unemployment, the Sirens of Economic Warnings have been Blaring...It was a busy Father's Day weekend, but here is our Part 3 post on the economy to end another busy week of news.  As the articles we pull from the newsfeeds continue to...

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Part 2 – Trump Confession of a Crime!

The Trump Confession Indicates He's Open for Business...There's a lot to cover here in Part 2.  Trump just admitted he'd be willing to illegally receive help from foreign powers for the next election, & he's inviting foreign bad actors to taint our election...

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