Part 1 – Getting Down to the Wire
A week from now on the day before the election, we’re planning on posting our final message with more of the many article links from credible news sources in all 3 Parts.  We’ve done our civic duty & fought the good fight, so God willing we’re anticipating & hoping our nation will elect a new president for the good of America.  But this site can still exist as a detailed/thorough historical account of the chaotic Trump presidency.  It can serve as important object lessons for showing future presidents what not to do if elected, showing politicians that serving country should always rank over serving party, show media organizations their greater mission is to base reporting on fact-based reality & not partisan conspiratorial quackery, & show voters how tenuous the status of our democracy, rights & freedoms can be when we make the mistake of electing somebody like him.
The list of links in this first section will be brief, as there hasn’t been much new news on Trump’s crimes here in Part 1, since the economy, virus & election are dominating the headlines which we always feature in Part 3.  I fully expect in the coming weeks & months following the election, yet more strong clues of the mob boss’ illegal activities will come out.  I won’t be as interested & won’t be adding new messages in this blog assuming at that point Trump will be out of power.  But the news media will stay on top of those new revelations, much like they’ve reported all throughout Trump’s term a substantial pattern of evidentiary crimes which are spelled out in our Part 1 archives.  With everything we’ve already seen of Trump’s proven corrupt ways where he constantly flaunts the rule of law, which is only part of the story with all the related wrongdoings yet to be exposed, the current question becomes why would voters want a scoundrel like him to continue on as our president? 
Nobody is above the law.  This mob boss really could face charges at some point after losing this election, but in a bitterly divided country with Trump’s loyal army of cult followers, the evidence presented to the public would have to be irrefutable in helping tamp down widespread civil unrest.  Yes, I know the evidence that came out of the Russian probe & impeachment over Ukraine was rather irrefutable, but prosecutors would need to take any indictment of Trump to a higher level by connecting the dots so even Trumpeters can get it.  Trump always projects his own sins onto others, so his recent calling on Obama & Biden to be indicted, or all those lock her up Hillary chants from the previous campaign are underlying deflections away from attention to his own crimes.  And I do emphatically believe Trump is a criminal, as the thousands of links to news articles in our Part 1 archives can attest to.  Plus consider how this prez was the leader of the crime ring that led to several members of his staff being convicted. 
If this were any other president during any normal times who wasn’t protected by his cult supporters & echo-media, this president would be eligible for probably a dozen impeachments by now.  Let’s count the ways.  There is conspiracy with the Russians to taint the 2016 election, the resulting pattern of obstruction of justice, being a co-conspirator to felony campaign finance violations from paying off mistresses, the Ukraine bribery/extortion scandal (which did earn him an impeachment), the conflicts of interests from violating the Emoluments Clause, a long pattern of tax fraud, misuse of charitable funds, misuse of inauguration funds, a pattern of assaulting the First Amendment while sometimes calling on the use of force with federal troops, inciting white supremacist terrorism, giving a pass or siding with murderous dictators in Russia & Saudi Arabia when they killed political opponents or placed bounties on our troops’ heads, kidnapping migrant kids at the border with hundreds who’ll never be reunited with their parents, & other instances of high crimes & misdemeanors which I can’t even remember them all with this endlessly chaotic administration.
And never one to stay within the guardrails, Trump has been unleashing crazy Rudy on a witch hunt with Russian spies to dig up Biden dirt in Ukraine.  So the Trump campaign is really engaging in the same illegal collusion behavior as what they’ve done before!  And it’s essentially the same actions that rightly got him impeached!:  Our laws clearly state enlisting the help of a foreign power to interfere in our elections is a crime.  The prez was even demanding his attorney general take up the cause to immediately investigate this latest concocted conspiracy, plus without evidence he’s called on his presidential opponent to be indicted, kind of a remake of those lock her up chants in 2016 against Hillary.  These are tactics straight out of a rogue dictator’s playbook!  President Trump has gone off the rails with his lawless schemes/accusations & America absolutely cannot risk keeping this loose cannon in power!  Our democracy is clearly on the line more than ever, revealed in the thousands of links to fact-based articles from major news sources posted in this blog over the years, so as Americans we’re completely out of reasons or excuses to actually vote for reelecting this schmuck.
Trailing in the polls & with many votes already cast, Trump is desperate & digging into the same bag of tricks as 2016.  Whether it is Hunter emails or Hillary emails, it’s all part of the same tribal cabal of nonsensical campaign posturing thrown out there without evidence.  So there’s no doubt this hyperventilating over Hunter Biden is just another conspiracy theory & much ado about nothing, but Trump & his delusional echo-media are grasping at straws to try turning around their failed campaign.  Even the Director of National Intelligence is joining into the chorus in the person of Trump stooge John Ratcliff.  He too has chimed in on this supposed scandal involving Hunter Biden without offering evidence.  Also Ratcliff in a press conference announcing foreign interference has offered up the idea it’s somehow Iran trying to hurt Trump, even though their disinformation messaging was actually threatening Biden voters (although Iran does have every reason to want to undermine Trump):  The prez has surrounded himself with sycophant hacks, so I don’t trust Ratcliff, Barr, Pompeo or anyone under Trump’s thumb, especially with a desperate prez behind in the polls who needs talking-head enablers supporting whatever conspiracies & controversies he can drum up.
So yes, Trump keeps throwing mud against the wall to see if anything sticks.  But nothing is sticking since none of it is based in facts.  It’s really been that way for 4 years as the administration & Fox fake news constantly concoct one false conspiracy theory after another, which they just keep at it with their blatant attempts to smear political opponents since the current prez has no good closing campaign arguments for himself.  If Trump wants real scandals, he only needs to look at himself in the mirror.  The Hunter Biden thing is actually more collusion with Russia by the Trump campaign, while it looks like we also need to see Trump’s Chinese tax returns.  He has been paying a whole lot more in taxes to the Chinese government on an annual basis than the $750 he’s been paying to the U.S.  Is he trying to make China great again?  So see the details below of Trump having a secret Chinese bank account controlled by that communist government, which Obama is correct in stating had he done that as president, the livid Fox-led echo would have slammed him as Beijing Barry:  We know Trump is corrupt, but I’ve been saying all along based on fact-based reporting from major news sources, his actions keep crossing over into criminal behavior.  Here’s more evidence about that China connection & other updates on very shady behavior:
Yet Another Crazy Echo-Conspiracy in Serving Their Authoritarian King
This was their last-ditch attempt to invent a new scandal.  From what we’ve seen of the Trump kids, their international grifting riding on the back of a famous political father was far worse than anything Hunter was purported doing:
Part 2 – Let’s Put an End to this Dangerous Threat
Trump is always bashing the media & they gladly return the favor.  The media does aggressively go after Trump but rightly so, with him being the most dishonest, divisive, corrupt & dangerous president in American history.  The prez is also all about him all the time instead of serving the American people, so the press is just doing the job we need them to do in serving & saving our democracy.  The WaPo motto is correct that Democracy Dies in Darkness, so the media must call out a president totally given over to only his own personal interests as he tramples on our Constitution.  Given another 4 years, Trump could thoroughly discredit the real media while elevating his state-run echo.  He could also fully pack the courts with sycophant loyalists to rubber-stamp anything Trump wishes, while putting more henchmen in top positions of the justice/intelligence communities who could serve as a modern-day gestapo in compliance to their fuhrer:  The prez is actually in the process of trying to politicize every federal agency, which 4 more years could put in place a federal leadership structure tailor-made to facilitate tyrannical totalitarianism:
Plus the prez in a second term would further turn his own party members into submissive puppets.  Let’s face it, by any objective measure the current version of the GOP has no redeemable value.  The only thing left to do is burn it down & start all over: & also see  I’ve been warning about the risk of fascism for years, & with each passing day we see increasing signs of that intent being Trump’s ultimate goal.  So as of a little more than a week from now, hopefully we can say R.I.P GOP:  But even Republicans need to come to believe that in the end it will all be for the best:  If they keep submitting to this guy:, it’s impossible to hold power for very long short of establishing a successful dictatorship.  There’s a good reason we’ve spent all this time putting our blog together.  It’s because we need to spread the word that much more of this destructive Trump presidency, our great nation may not survive.  
It’s hard to express into words the real threat America is facing.  It’s the sleight of hand going on regularly behind the scenes with this White House which the public is mostly not paying attention to, that’s where the seeds of a corrupt administration & the complicit minions in his party are building a slide to the slippery slope of tyranny.  Perhaps our best guide is examining history how other countries have been manipulated & taken over by autocratic dictators.  Trump has the quintessential combination of factors that could see him co-opt unbridled power, from his egomaniacal, narcissistic, power-hungry, con man personality traits, to surrounding himself with corrupt loyal minions who’ll stoop to his every command, along with a significant portion of the population captivated by him & offers their undying support.  Even in defeating Trump the threats can still exist, since the echo-messaging machine will still spread their propaganda to millions in the loyal & bamboozled flock.  It raises the prospect of another charismatic populist copying the Trump model or even Trump himself riding in on the GOP ticket for 2024.  That’s why voting Trump out is just the first step, as the evil echo needs to be thoroughly discredited so a legitimate conservative party can rise up from the ashes that’s based on truths, rationality & sanity.
The WaPo fact-checker has lately been working overtime, as President Trump has been averaging over 50 lies per day during this campaign’s home stretch, so by Election Day he’s on track to exceed 25,000 verifiable lies while in office.  There’s no way to quantify this data, but I’m fairly confident Trump has told a lot more fibs than all the other presidents combined in our lifetimes, even for an old geezer who’s been around as long as I have.  By comparison I now consider Presidents Clinton & Nixon truth-tellers.  It’s hard to believe Trump has the gall to say some of the stuff he does because it’s so preposterous, which it’s equally hard to believe people believe him.  Much like the 225,000+ American deaths from Coronavirus, the 25,000 lies from Trump represent such a disturbingly high figure, it becomes more like a mere statistic since it’s so hard to wrap our minds around those numbers.  And as bad as Trump has been at playing president, just from observation he looks to be an even worse person.  As we’ve seen all along, Trump is more than just a pathological liar, also being a temperamental bully, egomaniacal narcissist, & corrupt con man, which I don’t know how anyone paying attention can dispute any of that.  It’s always dangerous for a nation to elect as its leader someone who only thinks about themselves & is completely devoid of ethics, so that’s why it’s time for us to go in a different direction.  I recall watching interviews of Trump two decades ago, which I thought to myself back then he wants to run for president & would become very dangerous if he ever won.  I was right.  Other warnings about this out-of-control president running roughshod over our Constitution are explained here:

Fox Fake News the Biggest Purveyor of Fabricated Falseheads
Most rational people can easily dismiss much of the Fox disinformation as tabloid-trash journalism, but when millions of Fox viewers actually buy into the nonsensical rubbish, it becomes a serious problem for our country.  For the better part of two decades I would watch Fox prime-time shows, until their lineup became radicalized & unwatchable as I got offended from being constantly lied to.  Most Fox hosts have become grifters profiting off the misguided beliefs of the far-right echo-bubble inhabitants who watch that network.  Our greatest challenge as a nation isn’t just replacing Trump as president, but the long-term mission for America is to discredit those peddlers of lies, propaganda & conspiracies coming not just from Fox, but all the other radio & internet echo-numskulls.  It’s the only way we’ll ever unite as Americans around real facts, which is a prerequisite for agreeing around real solutions in solving our all-too-real problems:
Lunatic Fringe
We always put our songs at the bottom of Part 3, but here we dedicate this song to the most unhinged among these Trumpeter crackpots…

Lunatic Fringe
I know you’re out there
You’re in hiding
And you hold your meetings
I can hear you coming
And I know what you’re after
We’re wise to you this time
Let you kill the laughter

Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh

Lunatic fringe
In the twilight’s last gleaming
This is open season
But you won’t get too far
‘Cause you gotta blame someone
For your own confusion
We’re on guard this time
Against your final solution
Oh no

Uh huh
Uh huh
Uh huh

We can hear you comin’
No, you’re not gonna win this time
(Not gonna win)
We can hear the footsteps
Way out along the walkway
(Out along the walkway)

Lunatic fringe
We all know you’re out there
Can you feel the resistance
Can you feel the thunder, yeah

Here’s a case where a crazed lunatic attacks a crazy lunatic:  It looks like real infighting is happening in Trumpist world as their master is about to go down.  I love it when the nutballs go after each other:  Here are articles about the rest of the echo-crowd going off the rails, as their mindset is disturbingly a couple pints short of a quart:  These lunatics could take down our country through a combination of their persistent lies & their guns.  Yes, these terrorist types could go berserk & get extremely dangerous starting next week:
Principled Evangelicals, Please Come Home
Will your moral conscience allow you to again vote for a moral degenerate?  And if evangelicals were really pro-life, why would they vote for someone whose bungling leadership during a pandemic has unnecessarily killed more Americans than any other presidential blunder in history!  I understand your passion over abortion.  But in some unique circumstances, it’s OK to vote for the candidate or party that isn’t pro-life, whenever the pro-life candidate is actually the far worse & most dangerous choice.  That time just happens to be here & now!  If Trump wins again & our country continues to go south, as a demographic group you will be to blame.  Four more years not only risks destroying our democracy & your Republican Party, but by association it could also take down your church.  You just got your new justice confirmed so it’s time to move on.  Please prayerfully consider & here are the links about your conflating politics with religion that could lead to doom:  
Part 3 – The $50 Trillion Theft
Trump is incompetent, clueless, dishonest, divisive, vengeful & corrupt, so do we need any other reasons to vote for Biden?  How about the public preferring Uncle Joe on most all issues:  Biden & his Dems really aren’t radical Marxist socialists as the Trump campaign is trying to scare us into thinking, since they actually have policies favored by the American people.  So we shouldn’t fall for the ridiculous scaremongering from the Trump campaign that Biden & the Dems could bring on Venezuelan socialism, since the odds are far greater Trump & the GOP would bring us Russian-style tyranny.  As for Biden’s policies, he’s actually pushing back against the E. Warren/Bernie/AOC progressive wing of the party, seeking a broad coalition of liberals & moderates to craft plans which could lift up struggling workers.  We must either fix capitalism soon or wind up losing out to socialism, especially with the up & coming younger generations actually preferring socialism after being left behind by the current system.
So why all the frustration?  How is it the once great American Dream has been reduced to the status of possibly being supplanted by socialism?  And why is that Dream now working better outside of America?  I think clicking on that link in this paragraph will give us the answer.  With America’s economy having evolved into having among the most disparate wealth/wage inequalities in the entire free world, the oligarchs have now gone far beyond providing jobs & keeping our economic engines going, they’re also absconding with a disproportionate share of our nation’s riches & resources.  This rigged system has been an unconscionable form of highway robbery for decades against America’s working middle class:  Please read every word of that article carefully, it should have every working person in America outraged!!!  No wonder roughly half the working population struggles to make ends meet!  This might be the greatest reverse Robin Hood example of wage theft in the history of the world!  I would emphatically proclaim the words written in that Bulwark article not only sum up our biggest economic problem, it is THE economic problem!  And it is the challenge as a society we must galvanize to fix.  Hear the working person’s song at the very bottom. 
To top it off, the pandemic has greatly widened those disparities as billionaires have raked in the riches more than ever during this virus economy:  And don’t let Trump get away with the coming predictable & shameless bragging about Q3 GDP, since we were in such a deep hole the recovery has a long ways to go (, plus those growth numbers will be skewed by this K-shaped recovery where the wealthy are generally doing well as so many desperate workers are in dire straits.  Recent GDP was also propped up by the original stimulus package & the Fed pumping in enormous liquidity.  As we somehow find a way to bounce back from this health scourge that has rocked our economy, it presents an opportunity to restructure the whole system in restoring opportunity & appropriate worker compensation.  Let me again state clearly the Biden Dems are not socialists & neither am I, but if we fail to revive the middle class by helping them benefit from what has become modern-day global capitalism, the anger & frustration out in the heartland could soon find us falling into socialism out of sheer desperation.  And the culture of sheer greed should cease being a template for corporate elites.  The challenge should be addressed by still unleashing the power & incentives of free market capitalism, but do so in a way fair competition is maintained & workers earn their proportional share of the growth.
Yes, the rewards have to be there for business owners to invest, build & risk in keeping the economy humming.  But when the pendulum has swung wildly in one direction, intervention is required to bring it back closer to the middle.  The oligarchs have created this cabal that has kept the lid on incomes ( & directed the additional gains to themselves, so any solutions must be far reaching enough to make a difference & not just skirt along the edges.  The political parties are complicit in this crony capitalism which they’ve been enabling for decades in obedience to their big donors, so they’re playing along without providing real answers, as the GOP’s do-nothing approach & the Dems throw-more-money-at-it remedies do absolutely nothing in resolving the core problems.  The GOP lax oversight would allow the oligarchs to further dominate going forward & the Dems could facilitate a dependency mentality.  Neither party emphasizes creative ideas for advancing shared growth & upward mobility.  To the extent there really is some nebulous deep state, it’s not just embodied by the political establishment, but also includes the private sector with the wider interests of giant multinationals which political leaders are in bed with.  Change can only come about when politicians prioritize the people’s interests over their donors.
We need to start looking at this challenge differently while thinking outside the box.  What’s holding us back are narrow tribal interests that have us so polarized & paralyzed, it’s nearly impossible to agree around facts let alone get anything done.  We do have a growing toxic condition of widening wage/wealth gaps & that sad reality must finally sink into the psyche of the American public, so we can hold our leaders accountable to paying attention while seeking viable comprehensive plans to right our wrongs, culminating in the creation of various policies that can work together synergistically in addressing the bigger issue.  When nearly half of all working families reported they don’t even have an extra $400 to pay off an emergency bill & that was BEFORE the virus struck, it illustrates that for far too many the American Dream has become more a nightmare.  Nothing about revamping the economic model will come easy, but America has always accomplished great things when presented with a challenge.  So no matter the obstacles & great difficulties, a fix can be achieved but only after as a society we recognize the bigger issue, then garner the determination & courage to find real solutions.  And it’s important to realize doing nothing & maintaining the status quo is not a feasible choice.    
We’re down to one last week & many Trump supporters have been preconditioned to only vote on Election Day.  We should endeavor to show/send that excellent/eye-opening Bulwark article to working class Trumpeters & then ask them in all sincerity, why would you vote against your own self-interests?:  And why would you willingly want to keep being exploited by the corporate elite?  Those corporate types are doing just fine & love those tax breaks for them at the top, so there are reasons they would be resistant to changes.  But middle class families deserve better!  Trump talks out of one side of his mouth claiming to be helping workers, but his actions side with corporate interests every time.  He sure failed on his bold boasts to save manufacturing jobs:  Workers should not only vote for new leadership in DC to speak on their behalf, they should hold them accountable for restructuring an obsolete economic model, changing the culture & environment so those with full-time jobs can rightly earn a livable wage.  Most Americans are likely unaware of the enormous wage theft going on in this new Gilded Age, so the more the truth becomes known, the more we’ll be motivated & galvanized as a nation to make that necessary paradigm shift.  The mission is urgent since the other alternatives are rather unpleasant.  Failing to correct the escalating wage/wealth inequalities could certainly cause this unconscionable wage theft to continue unabated, or out of frustration the nation may opt for socialism even as soon as 2024.   
The links below show the sad reality of our COVID economy, while the next section reports on the rising case counts & deaths from the virus.  It’s an obvious example on the perils of failing incompetent leadership.  But our prez doesn’t care.  He won’t fight the virus, plus he won’t help the workers & small businesses being financially devastated by this economic downturn.  Between Trump’s unwarranted demands & McConnell’s senate not wanting to spend the money, they are to blame for not addressing the dire hardships now faced by so many people:  It seems as though Trump has given up on the new stimulus bill much like he’s given up fighting the virus:  Plus after years of false promises, at long last we’ve seen a copy of Trump’s healthcare plan (or so they claim): & also see  It’s so heartless in the middle of a pandemic emergency, Trump wants to take away health care for millions.  These articles paint a sorry picture of Trump’s malfeasance over the economy in multiple ways:

The Magnitude of a Mangled Pandemic Response with a Virus Raging Out of Control
As tough as it would be to watch, if Americans could see some of these virus deaths on video (a la George Floyd), the magnitude of these tragedies could hit home.  We could better personalize the 230,000 deaths in our minds & it wouldn’t seem like only a grim statistic, which by some estimates the totals are much higher:  Columbia University now estimates between 130,000 & 210,000 lives in America would have been spared had Trump managed this pandemic correctly from the start: & also see  This high number of avoidable deaths which range between 60-90% of total U.S. deaths, is based on a comparison of effective interventions done in countries who’ve successfully contained the virus & kept fatality counts low.  I could point to several countries whose death rates are 90% lower, or even 99% lower than ours.
With Trump’s smug/aloof attitude towards the virus without expressing any remorse for the families of the victims, those families should rightly be livid at his lack of concern, especially when a better government response might have spared their loved ones.  As Trump has proven time & time again, he lacks any sense of compassion or empathy:  With 200,000-300,000 dead Americans he was sworn to protect (which those totals could easily double or triple before we finally get out of this), apparently our current president can’t be bothered by what he sees as such trivial matters, especially with more important things to do like golfing & tweeting:  With the magnitude of these personal tragedies, none of this should be a laughing matter:
Trump has a really bizarre campaign strategy, especially during a pandemic with a highly contagious deadly disease, having a string of rallies with people mostly not wearing masks packed in like sardines while shouting & screaming.  Running a campaign that could kill your own voters is not normally a good way to win:  And it also doesn’t seem helpful to threaten or criticize those not even directly involved in your opponent’s campaign, people like Lesley Stahl, Ben Sasse, Anthony Fauci, Gretchen Whitmer, Bill Barr, Chris Wray & of course as always…(drumroll please)…Hillary.  Meanwhile, he’s bellyaching over the media coverage having the gall to report on this pandemic, as our prez says he’s tired of always hearing about it: & also see
With a president who still refuses to take the virus seriously & won’t even encourage suggestions for public behaviors that would help keep Americans safe, this deadly pandemic may well hang around another year or so, which could threaten to surpass the death counts from the Spanish flu a century ago.  It’s as though for campaign optics, the prez has given up & won’t even fight this virus:  It would be as though FDR surrendered to the Japanese & Germans after Pearl Harbor, or Bush Jr. surrendering to Islamic jihad terrorists after 9-11:  This is simply incompetent, irresponsible & tragic leadership from Trump, becoming the deadliest mistake from any leader in our nation’s history!  Despite being negligent from the beginning in adequately testing & tracing to help stop the virus from spreading, & having a woeful approach to encouraging social distancing & mask wearing, Trump had the nerve to say not much when asked if he would have done anything differently to fight the virus:  Nobody wants to see the country shut down again, so our only line of defense is universal mask wearing & social distancing until safe & effective treatments come along.
In Trump’s twisted mind, he mocked the media reporting on COVID ( while bizarrely comparing the virus deaths to a plane crash during a recent rally:  But the daily virus death tolls would be like America having 3-5 major airline crashes every single day in this country!  That raises so many perplexing questions which come to mind, including if we had that many plane crashes that just kept happening with no end in sight, would it be appropriate for our president to claim we’re rounding the corner?  Would he also chastise the media for always reporting on those plane crashes?  Plus would it be responsible for a president to reassure his followers not to worry & just keep flying, since in spite of the crashes we want to maintain normalcy?  And would the prez & his fans keep dismissing & downplaying the dangers?  What reckless/callous leader with so many dying would ever say such words & send those types of signals?  And what does that say about his supporters?
Other than the families being directly affected by this pandemic in horrifying ways, we should also feel bad for older frontline workers who put their lives at risk every day just to earn a living.  Plus our inexplicably pathetic response has brought on financial devastation for so many in this uneven & hobbled economy.  It should have never gotten this bad.  The prez since the beginning ignored early warnings from experts, which continuing through today he’s still shunning expert doctors like Fauci & Birx in favor of epidemiology quack Scott Atlas.  And by emphasizing politics over health, Trump has blinded his base to the real dangers:  Our prez is still trying to wish this virus away rather than actually fighting it:  So what’s that noise we hear?  It’s the Sound of Surrender: & also Just Giving Up:
Smart public health measures have been laid out before us from several countries in SE Asia who’ve successfully controlled the spread & kept deaths down to a minimum, so we’ve got a proven playbook if we only had a president & his following adhering to those guidelines.  Such basic safety protocol are the same precautions constantly encouraged by health professionals but dismissed by Trump.  So the prez & his merry band of Trumpeters won’t do the responsible actions that are so essential, which is the main reason the virus still rages out of control & we badly need a new competent president in the White House.  It’s hard to imagine Trump’s frenetic last few weeks of super-spreader campaign events can win him the White House again, but it is highly likely these cult rallies will end up killing thousands more Americans through spiking the spread.  It doesn’t seem Trump even thinks twice about killing more of his people if he thinks it can help his reelection chances:  So all along his response to this virus has been a policy of death.  Plenty more reports on Trump’s bungling response beyond measure are seen here:
The Final Debate
With his first term ending in a cataclysmic disaster & no vision for whatever he wants to do with our country for a second term, Trump had no other strategy during this last debate than to smear his opponent.  So he trotted out a baseless conspiracy theory about Biden’s son (basically yet another attempt to collude with bad actors in foreign countries like Russia & Ukraine to interfere in our election) & painted Uncle Joe as a career politician.  But maybe that’s what we need is an experienced statesman in charge, since having a clueless/incompetent rookie like Trump hasn’t worked out so well.  As always, Trump unleashed a litany of lies which has long since blown his credibility with most Americans (, while Biden is absolutely correct in stating character is on the ballot.  Uncle Joe got through this last landmine just fine, so here’s hoping it’s smooth sailing this last week.  Trump came across as uncaring on key issues he is losing, such as the devastation from the virus, struggling workers in this down economy, healthcare coverage & preexisting conditions, treating humanely the migrant kids he ordered kidnapped, the rising perils of climate change, his failure to try bringing our country together, & his disingenuous claims on issues like race relations & releasing his taxes.  All those details are explained inside these links about the Thursday night debate: 
Election Projections Do Look Encouraging
Late next Tuesday night we might get some strong indications from the Florida results, & by next Wednesday the Pennsylvania returns may tell us which way this election is going.  If we find out Biden takes either FL or PA, I’ll feel much more confident about the final outcome.  My worst nightmare would be Trump squeaking by in both those states with narrow wins, in which case the future of America would rest on a tightrope walk from which Biden had better win a long-time red state like AZ, NC &/or GA.  There’s just as good of a chance we’ll see a landslide as a close election, so if a blue wave sweeps the nation, Biden will come away with 350+ electoral votes & we’ll call it a day.  Such a wave would also likely win the Senate.  For America’s sake, let’s hope such a lopsided win happens, making the results decisive & taking an edge off the racist white supremacist/gun toting army ready to go to war for Trump.
I do remain optimistic despite the shock of 2016 still surging through my mind, that the polls are fairly accurate & the heavy early turnout signals the votes are going Biden’s way.  But it is terrifying to think Biden’s lead is way too close for comfort, as America is sitting on a precipice just a few percentage points away from our nation perhaps going into permanent decline & our constitutional democracy being irreparably damaged.  The results next week could collectively become the most consequential moment of our lives.  Yes, I know, those of us who are patriots looking to save our country are all paranoid after the shock from 4 years ago, but I’ve got a number of reasons why the same fluke isn’t likely to repeat itself again.  Do you find this list of 2020 compared to 2016 somewhat reassuring & comforting?:  
*Polling has been fairly steady all along & Joe’s is consistently higher than Hillary’s lead
*Hillary’s lead fell to 3 points in the last week of national polling while Biden’s holding steady around 5 points higher than that
*Biden holds solid leads in WI, MI & PA which gave Trump the surprise win last time
*Biden leads or statistically tied in all 9-12 states that will decide this election
*We know the GOP is in trouble when Dems are competitive in reliably red states
*Trump favorable/unfavorable ratings remain nearly 20 points underwater
*I said right after the first cringeworthy debate it likely clinched the election for Biden & I think that’s true
*The different polls paint a uniform picture & were likely adjusted to compensate for 2016 errors
*Biden has lots of paths to 270 in combo of states while Trump needs to pull an inside-straight again
*Biden already has a projected 270+ electoral votes in states he leads in the polling by more than the margin of error
*Most national polls have Biden over the 50% line
*Prior polls had indicated half of all voters would not vote for Trump under any circumstance
*Percentage-wise there are very few undecideds left which makes it hard for Trump to make up ground
*Young people in key states are early voting in huge numbers
*Trump’s support among whites, women, seniors & independents has dropped significantly since 2016
*Dem turnout/early voting looks to be sky-high after the shock from the stunning 2016 loss when many Dems didn’t vote
*Turnout is also spiking because of an intense dislike for Trump which he has certainly brought on himself
*Biden is generally well-liked & hasn’t been vilified by the echo for 25 years like Hillary was
*Trump’s attack lines aren’t sticking to Uncle Joe like they did with Hillary
*The intensity that sparked the 2018 blue wave is still there
*Fewer 3rd party votes this year could mean more Dem votes as a referendum against Trump
*Biden has the money to run a lot more ads than Trump
*Biden has run a decent campaign (albeit low profile) while Trump has run a terrible campaign & can’t stay on message
*Trump has no platform or vision for a second term so he can’t even explain why he should earn our votes
*Trump’s rallies were a ratings hit in 2016 with several networks covering live & now they’re mostly ignored
*Trump’s rallies are backfiring with the same old tired/trite lines & this year are regarded/derided as super-spreader events
*As a society we’re more aware of GOP dirty tricks like voter suppression & foreign disinformation campaigns
*Changing demographics keep trending in favor of Dems
*Trump has helped shrink GOP base
*More Dems have voted early so it’s GOP voters more likely facing jitters over long COVID-risky lines & Trump’s patrolling armed thugs on election day
*Americans still believe in the Constitution & free electoral process which makes it difficult for Trump to steal the election
*No James Comey October surprise
*Most Americans have had enough of the chaos & are exhausted from this calamitous current presidency
*Trump has a lousy record to run on & can’t fool people like 4 years ago running as a renegade outsider
*Trump was the shiny new object as successful businessman/The Apprentice which that aura around him is now tarnished
*We’re also tired of the non-stop lies, insults & tweets from Trump
*Trump has never expanded his base & hasn’t even tried
*Hundreds of thousands of dead Americans along with a devastated economy largely because of Trump’s mishandling & downplaying a virus pandemic
Feel better now?  I admit, we’re still on pins & needles & will be for at least another week.  I get it:  The stress won’t let up until the votes are tallied & we’ve elected a new president.  I really do believe about 8-10 days from now Biden will be sitting comfortably on over 300 electoral votes & things will be fairly well settled (, although Trump & his hardcore Trumpeters may stir things up for awhile.  If late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning they’re able to call Florida for Biden, he’ll be our next president:  I’m hanging my hat mostly on the polling, 2018 midterms & energy against Trump as reasons to be confident without taking anything for granted:  But the last thing our nation needs now is either a Trump win or a contentious close election.  If Trumpeters think they got robbed (which Trump already has them convinced), they could tear our nation apart & it would get real ugly.
If the polling holds up in these 3 states, it’s game over:  My cautious optimism is blended in with an acute sense of being nervous, since the sting from 2016 still hurts & there are enormous stakes for America beyond any other election.  I doubt that I’ll sleep next Tuesday night.  I just don’t know if my trepidation is real or just an aftershock from 2016, but I really do believe the chances of Uncle Joe taking Texas & winning around 400 electoral votes is just as likely as a narrow Trump win.  But if it is a close election & should PA become the tipping point state, I have plenty of fears just about that one state alone.  Will white working class voters still buy into Trump’s loud bombasts full of false promises?  Will they also believe Trump’s distorted attacks on Biden’s position about fracking & the oil industry?  Will a way too high percentage of mail-in ballots get rejected on technicalities?  Will Trump’s accusations of voter fraud against government officials stir things up or spark voter intimidation?  Will the area around Biden’s original boyhood home in Scranton decide their favorite son is their favorite?  Will a Barrett-installed Supreme Court rule against ballots being counted for 3 days after the election?  Will the state’s delayed count on mail-in ballots give Trump an opening to declare himself a winner before all the votes are counted?  Can the Browns in their AFC North Division ever finish ahead of the Steelers?…(that last one may never happen):


Biden’s odds of winning a week out is around 90%, & the longer the polling holds relatively steady, the higher his odds go up:  Plus the Dems are looking at sizable gains in Congress.  Let’s hope they capture the Senate to help put obstruction-Mitch out of business.  The prez is actually saying his party will win back the House, showing he’s really trapped in some kind of delusional never-never land.  Trumpeters don’t see it yet, but their party needs a good spanking that would actually be a blessing to America moving forward.  It’s better the GOP faces a reckoning now so they can do some introspection & try to remake themselves, since their current message doesn’t resonate & they were about to hit a brick wall with demographics: & also see  And there is nothing Trump has done in his first 4 years to demonstrate he deserves reelection, & there’s nothing he’s articulated for the next 4 years that would inspire us to elect him again.  So both his presidency & his reelection campaign have been disasters, as he has completely whiffed on making the case why we should rehire him:
Fully expect that our desperate lunatic-in-chief may try whatever crazy stunts he can think of this last week in trying to hold onto power the next 4 years.  Like a deranged madman losing his grip on power, Trump is using a variety of voter suppression tactics & has already discredited the election results, setting up a legal challenge in November that could easily provoke the more hardcore Trumpeters into violence.  For many reasons, America needs a decisive defeat against the dangerous curse of Trumpism:  As a lifelong GOP supporter, I’m clearly detecting an evil & tribal cult mentality from that party which has become the biggest internal threat to America since the Civil War.  And this is the one election when political ideologies shouldn’t even factor in, since as Biden said it’s democracy now on the ballot.  Reality & civility are also on the ballot as the conservative world has been besieged by their false/divisive echo-delusions in deference to a demagogic autocrat seeking total power.  As we have consistently revealed in detail with our Part 2’s through the years, there is an abundance of rock-solid evidence clearly demonstrating our current prez is a wanna-be dictator:  That makes voting for Trump an enormous risk!
His 60 Minutes interview was yet another string of lies & denials, from which he came off like a thin-skinned psycho before storming off the set in a huff.  Lesley Stahl’s questions were not in any way rude or unfair.  Trump just had a temper tantrum which he always seems to have when female journalists ask tough questions.  But whenever real journalists ask real questions, Trump gets flustered since it’s not the same softball love-fest he gets on Fox fake news.  I’ve long questioned his mental health, but based on his answers & demeanor in that interview, his condition seems to be getting worse as he continues to retreat from reality & retrenches into some disconnected alternate universe.  Trump was more like the same obnoxious jerk we saw in that first debate: & also see  There are more articles about that tense interview among the links below. 
We’re better than this!  America deserves better than this!  I’m baffled how this current prez still has 40% support, let alone 4%.  I guess those blinded by evil see no evil:  And yes, I’m still mystified how people could actually vote for this running joke, but it’s not funny.  He’s a disgrace!!!  Let’s vote with overwhelming numbers to repudiate this type of loony loser leadership & take our country back!  C’mon Ohio, we’ve picked every winner for more than a half-century, let’s not break that streak now:  Over 60 million early votes have already been cast of the likely record 160 million total votes estimated for this election, so it does look like we’re in the process of saving our country!  America cannot afford to continue being led by a dishonest/divisive demagogue who’s an imminent danger to our nation!  His corrupt abuse of power has hit us over the head like a sledgehammer & voters are now woke to who this guy really is.  With each passing day seeing the enormous turnouts, it’s looking more & more likely the people are ready to go in a different direction.  We’ve got the momentum, let’s pour it on!  Polling probably didn’t account for such a massive turnout, & I do recall 4 years ago Dems being a lot more complacent.  One big reason is we’ve now seen President Trump in action.  I’m really hoping even prior to Election Day, we’ll see that the Dem voter turnout for early voting/mail-in ballots has come in with such overwhelming numbers, it makes the final outcome virtually certain.  With just a week to go, there is a ton of relevant election news in the long list here, so at the very least please peruse the titles:
Do What You Can
We can all do what we can as we fight through this virus together, plus do what we can by voting to bring back decency & civility to our nation.  This was the song Bon Jovi played at a Biden rally a few days ago:
And here’s a good review of this unhinged presidency:
If we all did this, many thousands of lives would be saved:
This is a working person’s song: