Part 1 – Time to Quit this Blog & this Presidency
Here on Monday night election eve in our latest & what we fully intend to be our last blog post, we head into tomorrow with a high amount of both optimism & trepidation.  We hear this same thing at every election, but this year truly is the most important election of our lifetimes.  That’s how truly dangerous Trump is.  Though our new messages will cease, this site will still be here for anyone who wants to look back on the gory details where we exposed the horrors of the Trump years.  It’s high time to leave that presidency behind as this year’s record turnout looks to sweep Trump’s rule away.  About 100 million eligible Americans didn’t bother to vote 4 years ago, but after witnessing the unmitigated disaster that was the Trump presidency, many were motivated to let their voices be heard this year.  Those who have yet to vote need to get out tomorrow now that we can clearly see more than ever that voting matters!  Most of us may have already voted, but I’ll emphasize again to those who haven’t, please make sure you get to your designated polling place tomorrow.  Become a part of our movement to take back our country in the name of freedom, integrity & civility, since making the wrong choice can continue having dire consequences.  By unleashing a newly empowered Trump with another 4 years, the nightmare we’ve experienced would probably only be a drop in the bucket compared to what’s ahead.
I’ve actually enjoyed putting these messages together, especially during a pandemic this year when staying home is the safer choice, plus with this being an election year where there’s so much at stake.  Like my aunt just told me who’s doing texting for the Biden campaign, it’s so satisfying.  I’m sure I’ll actually miss doing this work after this final post.  Much like voting itself, one person doing their civic duty by working on an important cause like America’s need to change presidents is not going to affect the outcome by themselves, but collectively we can make all the difference in the world, even perhaps to the point of saving our democracy from an authoritarian.  So any of you who joined us on this vital mission, we can be satisfied to leave a legacy for ourselves & future generations that we helped make our nation a better place through doing what’s right, knowing the only possible way to make America great again is to vote out Trump.  So yes, I’ll really miss doing this blog, but I won’t miss this current president!  Please check out this final message & peruse the link titles, & by all means get out to vote tomorrow if you haven’t already:  Also hear the songs at the very bottom.     
Once again there aren’t as many links in Part 1 about Trump’s criminal activities, but stay alert to future headline reports from real news sources (not the fake echo-news), when more evidence will come out & prosecutors will be obliged to hold the former president accountable for his crimes.  Part 1 previously took up most of the space in these blog posts during the Russian & Ukrainian investigations & throughout impeachment.  But as has been the case for several months now, Part 3 holds the bulk of the activity today since that is where you’ll find recent reports this week on the economy, virus & election, along with our selected songs at the bottom.  So these weekly blog posts seen here inside have provided all the most relevant political news grouped together all in one place, divided by section based on the topic & with the live links roughly grouped by subject matter.  We always used articles from around 50 different major news sources, but here in the final month we’ve streamlined it down to just MSN & Yahoo links from the newsfeeds.  Thanks to those who followed us & we trust you found these updates informative.  And tomorrow a message is about to be sent in correcting the mistake from 4 years ago, because putting a reckless & corrupt demagogue like Trump in charge of America, he’s a legitimate risk to our nation & the entire world:
Part 2 – Please Do Not Vote for a Wanna-Be Dictator
One twisted advantage Trump has is the fact he lies so much & does so without conscience, we’ve grown numb to it as the lies have become normalized in the American psyche.  With the help of his Trumpeter base believing whatever he says & echo-media doubling down, Trump has a way of getting away with his lies no matter how frequent or preposterous they are.  And he does tell a lot of whoppers!  The current WaPo fact-checker has the prez around 25,000 verifiable lies while in office!  Of all his many faults, the chronic lying is the most obvious:  Lately almost everything he says is a lie.  That his supporters can still trust him violates all reasonable norms of human comprehension.  Our current president lives in an alternate universe inside his own mind, being so self-absorbed he’s incapable of seeing beyond himself, so he governs with the attitude of always doing what’s best for him instead of the country.  I knew a Trump presidency would be a total disaster long before he took office, but it has been so much worse than even I could have ever imagined.  The incompetence, division & cluelessness were to be expected, but the corrupt criminality & assault on our democracy were off the charts, which this blog over the past few years has laid out in such great detail that the facts speak for themselves.  The overall intent of this blog was to give the truth in refuting the lies constantly coming from Trump & his echo.  
I may be one of the biggest never-Trumpers you’ll ever know of, but there are times we must fight for what is right & a lot of us have joined the cause:, as we must also hold Trump’s acolytes to account.  Yes, democracy is something that must be prioritized & fought for when it’s under threat like it is now.  Practically every day from this administration there’s a new attack on democratic norms or new outrage against basic human decency.  And the prez is constantly trampling on the Constitution, especially the First Amendment:  As Americans we need to become more keenly aware of the rug being pulled out from underneath us, as the list is practically endless:  The pillars of our democracy have been shaken to their core by this maniac in the White House, & given another 4 years they may topple altogether.  Those who dismiss such warnings as being overly alarmist, they just aren’t aware what’s really going on & don’t see Trump for who he really is.  And this prez is well on his way to replacing professional public servants in top leadership positions inside our key institutions of power with corrupt lapdog loyalists, from Congress to the courts & throughout the intelligence community to the state-run (echo) media, so a second term should allow him to complete his authoritarian mission.  By 2024, an American version of the king (fuhrer) & his court (gestapo) should be in place with any opposition long since banished while their voices will have been silenced. 
Americans have never lived under a repressive regime before & I guarantee not even Trumpeters would like it, as they won’t even know what hit them until it’s too late.  The struggle we face can be best evaluated by looking at how fascist autocracies rose up in other countries throughout history.  With Trump, all the same warning signs are flashing red for America too!  Dictators are defined by egomaniacal narcissistic personality traits, deceitful propaganda & gaslighting, power-mad insistence on total loyalty & compliance, discrediting objective independent news & punishing political opposition, having no regard for established traditions, norms & laws protecting rights & freedoms, & possessing the unique ability rogue leaders have to command & galvanize a large cult following.  In voting against these types of demagogic atrocities, we can spare ourselves from such evil & literally save our country.  As I’ve repeated dozens of times in this blog, don’t think fascism could never happen in America!  We’re on the doorstep of it right now & that imminent threat residing in the White House needs to be eliminated from power.  I just don’t understand how so many could still vote for Trump.  I really don’t.  It’s scary.  That mindset must come from being deceived or they’re just not paying attention.  And ousting that president is only the first step, we must also repudiate the party & echo-media that has enabled such deplorable leadership.  Some of the best conservative WaPo opinion journalists are former Republicans, so here are WaPo op-eds giving their take on where that party is heading or should be heading:
People often comment that I sound angry over this presidency & this election.  Well yes, we should all be livid over what Trump is doing to our nation!  And if America makes the same drastic mistake as 4 years ago, we’re all going to suffer as our lives as we knew them will probably never be the same.  That’s the price a nation pays when cursed with a leader lacking a moral conscience from whom the truth is not in him.  America may not survive another 4 years of this, let alone not be permanently scarred by the experience.  This is not who we are, but by putting a mad king in charge it is who we’re becoming if we allow this to go on:  Democracies are destined to crumble when leaders govern by deception, bullying, tribal grievances & playing the people against each other, while our DC swamp is more putrid than ever.  So throw out the party labels GOP or Dem, or ideologies conservative or liberal, since that’s irrelevant to what this election is really about.  Again I emphasize, the results of our collective voting which ends tomorrow could be nothing short than a choice between democracy or fascism.  As in every Part 2, the articles reveal a presidency off the rails with every intent to govern as a dictator:
Fox Fake News a Huge Problem for Our Nation
Echo-narratives are appealing to their audiences inside the far-right bubble & don’t report on real news in any objective way.  It’s become all spin!  That’s become the business model of Fox fake news & the rest of the echo.  They’ve made their rhetoric so outrageous that it stirs controversy & grabs attention even if it’s not true.  That’s good for ratings & has staying power because their conservative audiences have been mentally preconditioned to actually believe the unrelenting propaganda & conspiracies.  But in adhering to echo-speak, they’ve abandoned any pretense of offering up the important news all Americans need to hear.  It’s a perplexing problem that will persist, since even with Trump out of power, we’ll still have the dilemma of Trumpeters thinking the real news is fake news (, while the opposite is also true that the real fake news is coming from Fox & the rest of the echo.
I’m all for having rational conservative media based on factual information, but not the current offerings of pseudo-conservative extremist messaging based on disinformation & conspiracies.  That model is based more on entertainment that plays on emotions, not news based on the truth.  Many of these echo-hosts are proven to be pathetic liars doing a great disservice to our country.  These blowhards will remain on the air spewing their garbage by kicking President Biden around, since the delusional Trumpist beliefs & attitudes still aren’t going away.  As we see in some of the links below, those like the crackpot Carlson keep putting out wild & outrageous conspiracy theories that are easily dismissed, but the problem comes in when millions of his rabid fans are gullible enough to believe his crap.  So it does appear ratcheting up the fake drama is entertaining & good for ratings since their low-info viewers eat it up, even if it has about as much relevance to real news as watching old reruns of Hogan’s Heroes or Gilligan’s Island.  
The Rest of the Echo-Inspired Crackpots
Trump & the entire echo-media complex has unleashed an ugly side of the American populace as the nutballs are being inspired to come out of the woodwork.  The dog whistles coming from the President of the United States are actually instigating the real possibility of post-election violence!  America is a powder keg just waiting to explode, which the prez & his evil echo are catering to these extremists since they are a big part of their fan base.  Trump seems to revel in the insurrection:  Many among the gun-toting rabble-rousers are just itching for a fight, which some of these white supremacist groups have been designated domestic terrorists.  This is the type of knifes-edge turmoil & deadly threats normally reserved for unstable banana republics, not here.  These nudniks are not just mental midgets several threads short of an afghan, but many of them really have become very dangerous & are ready for war when their master goes down in the election returns this week, so they really are standing by waiting for more of his orders.  It’s a deadly game Trump & his echo are playing with terrorists:
Final Appeal to Evangelicals
Here’s the final case we’re making to evangelicals before this critically important election:  I’m keenly aware that many in the faith base their presidential votes entirely on having conservatives justices who’ll strike down abortion.  But in voting for someone like Trump who’s a moral basket case, they’ve abandoned their Christian witness & ceded the higher moral ground in possibly doing irreparable harm to their religion.  To my evangelical brethren, if you really want to build a pro-life society that is sustainable, it’s going to require changing the hearts & minds of the public.  Forcing your views down the throats of citizens through riding a morally-repugnant demagogic tyrant pulling strings for you is certain to soon backfire.  Meanwhile, charlatans among church leadership like Franklin Graham are engaging in the same type of deceptive scaremongering like the president does.  Evangelicals better look to the Lord instead of corrupt earthly leadership, before their own rank hypocrisy destroys the moral foundation of the church.  And there can be no doubt, the world is definitely noticing.  If that group again goes for Trump at around the 80% level, should he get reelected then evangelicals will be to blame, but all Americans will suffer for it:
Part 3 – Our Final Pre-Election Updates on the Economy, Virus & Election
Four years ago the state of our nation wasn’t that bad, but Trump the outsider managed to paint the picture that things were a disaster & he fooled people into thinking he could make America great again.  Fast-forward four years, we really do have a disaster on our hands which Trump is largely responsible for, so his words ring hollow when he tries to convince us how great things are.  Plus his claims he created this great economy even prior to the virus are just a lot of hype:  So we had the greatest economy ever?  Hardly:  And even by voting him out, we’re still facing more than two months of incompetent leadership from a failed presidency, as perhaps his greatest failing has come from not grasping the fact we must control the virus first in order to restore the economy.  So until Biden is sworn in, we still have a clueless Trump managing a raging pandemic that will kill thousands more, along with disparate economic conditions where millions are falling through the cracks.  One important mission Biden has indicated he wants to do is swing the pendulum back to where work is justly rewarded, rather than the trend we’ve been on where the wealth gains keep going to the very top.  Any trend towards a full recovery could be years away without getting a handle on COVID, something Trump has steadfastly refused to do.
The prez & his pundits have been touting the record Q3 GDP, but that was driven almost entirely by the original government stimulus & the Fed pumping in massive liquidity.  We still have a long ways to go in getting us out of the hole we’re in.  The drop in GDP for the first half of the year was larger than the rise in Q3 (, & unfortunately with the effects of the first stimulus package wearing off & the virus spread spiking again, there are strong indications the economy is cooling off again.  Plus it’s been a K-shaped recovery as those who were well off to begin with are generally still doing quite well, while it’s largely those living paycheck-to-paycheck who’ve taken the brunt of this tumultuous COVID economy.  Thousands of businesses & millions of folks face bankruptcy without more help from DC as months of negotiations broke down, so in this very uneven & uncertain economy, the path ahead looks devastating for so many no matter what the GDP numbers might say: & also see
In a society which creates such massive wealth, it’s inexcusable & unfathomable that our system leaves so many in the working middle class on edge:  An article we posted in last week’s blog describes systematic robbery for decades by the aristocrats against the working class, so if you haven’t read that stunning article, you can find it here by searching out the first part of Part 3 on the economy under the title $50 Trillion Theft:  The challenge ahead is to recover from this COVID economy which has devastated so many industries, businesses & their workers, plus foster a recovery that features shared economic growth in restoring the American Dream to the middle class.  If any good can come out of the Trump presidency, he at least raised awareness over the need to someday soon establish a level playing field with China over trade.  He never actually fixed that problem (the tariffs/trade war made things worse) but he did call attention to the issue, which that one positive is more than offset by hundreds of negatives.  Moving forward, Biden is far better positioned to save our economy while creating a more equitable system for struggling workers, since Trump is all about serving big corporate interests & expanding the wealth of oligarchs.  The current prez is great at convincing workers with his bold boasts without the actions to back it up.  And of immediate concern, Biden will actually be responsible in fighting the virus!  Here are reports on the economy & immense challenges which lie ahead:
Tragic Deaths were Largely Avoidable, But was it also Murder?
Trump has sloughed off the devastation from the virus as he touts what a great job he’s done.  Obviously that’s a lot of hogwash.  In the Part 3 virus section from last week’s blog, we posted a link to a report by the National Center of Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University, which their research estimated between 50 to 90% of the deaths from COVID in the U.S. were avoidable:  And in our September 22 post:, we listed a number of countries who took responsible actions in fighting the virus, which those successful measures produced outcomes that saw mortality rates at over 90% less than what we suffered here in America.  So by those numbers, our 230,000+ deaths might have been just a few thousand with responsible leadership.  That’s a key reason why as seen in our October 13 post:, the New England Journal of Medicine & other prestigious medical publications have taken the unprecedented step of endorsing Biden for President.  Plus like I speculated last week, if FDR had given us the same type of leadership Trump has, the Japanese & Germans would have overrun us.  Or if Bush Jr. had been a leader like Trump, after 9-11 he would have surrendered to radical jihad terrorists.  It’s clear Trump has surrendered to the pandemic.  Any type of coordinated federal response with clear instructions from our president rallying the people might have made all the difference.  Just by being late on the switch in the early days on testing when the virus may have still been contained, then turning masks into a political statement, those two factors alone will probably end up costing us several hundreds of thousands of American lives. 
So we’ve watched this year as Trump made the deadliest blunders by any president in our nation’s history.  His bragging over the China travel ban at the start actually spiked the virus spread as Americans in China came flooding home.  And he can’t blame this pandemic all on China or say he wasn’t aware of the threat, since we have him admitting on tape to Bob Woodward he knew full well how dangerous & deadly this virus could be.  But he lied to all of us in trying to downplay the risks, claiming from the start the virus will just go away & disappear, so way too many Americans didn’t take the pandemic seriously & refused to take proper precautions which produced cataclysmic consequences.  Had he been transparent & actually fought the virus, it might have won him the election.  The prez is emphatic about not shutting down the economy again, so he needs to be equally emphatic about recommending distancing & masks without being so flippant about it (at a recent rally he even chided Fox sycophant Laura Ingraham for wearing a mask), at least until the right treatments can be found.  Even a simple request of staying apart whenever out in public & always wearing a mask anytime someone comes near, it would have a huge impact in reducing the spread:  But doing the right thing would conflict with his prior messaging, & to Trump it seems the messaging is more important than saving lives. 
Deranged hyperbole is apparently a family thing.  When sonny-boy jr says the deaths are down to “almost nothing,” I guess those 1000 or so people a day who are dying in our country must not count: & also see  Maybe when the Trump family refers to these poor victims as almost nothing, it’s an attempt to deny those people even exist as it runs contrary to their preferred campaign narrative.  Families who’ve lost a loved one should be not just offended by those insensitive comments, but livid!:  With deaths being a lagging indicator & cases spiking to record highs, expect the daily death counts to jump in November.  Despite what Trump says, health experts do expect a dark winter.  And does this look like almost nothing to you?:
The great Trump ego-trip, super-spreader tour is now in full swing at a frenetic pace (, which could ultimately kill an indeterminate number as crazed fans cram together screaming & shouting with most not wearing masks.  Yes, these rallies are confirmed mega-maga-killers:  Based on that Stanford study, SNL even went so far as to say Trump’s behavior by holding these rallies have already killed more people than have famous serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer & John Wayne Gasy combined:  And toying with a lethal pandemic must be a rally-going Trumpeter way of entertaining themselves:  I don’t mean to sound flippant or crass about so many dying in America, but we can use the absurdity of our situation in pointing out how absurd our government response has been, especially since behind those astronomical numbers were real people with real lives & families. 
It’s incumbent on our political leadership to fight this virus with everything we’ve got in reducing the deaths, but we’re actually watching our own president willingly sacrificing lives as part of a twisted political calculation.  Yes, these rallies in effect might become the modern-day version of the Jonestown death cult.  But that murder-suicide only killed about 1000.  The dozen or so Trump rallies over the weekend through today, once the infections stemming from those events reverberate all around, may eventually produce thousands of deaths.  All that carnage is for the sake of a last-minute desperate reelection attempt.  But as we’ve seen from the Columbia study & the Stanford study, the prez is already responsible for so many avoidable deaths, perhaps he’s grown cold to it all & simply considers the victims as collateral damage.  And in rallies from last week, it looks like the virus wasn’t the only health risk, as they almost froze to death in Omaha: & also see & were passing out from the heat in Tampa:
But now that we know this pandemic is killing hundreds of thousands of Americans, with infections & hospitalizations ramping up again, it says a lot when Trump is presiding over large rallies that we know is the type of behavior that brings on a rise in case counts & ultimately deaths.  We can easily make a case that such actions make him a murderer (seriously).  Perhaps it’s only negligent homicide, but willingly taking actions which would likely result in random deaths may seem to constitute some form of homicide.  But if you still have yet to vote & are actually considering Trump, please pause to consider what we already know about him.  It’s been proven beyond doubt he’s a pathological liar, vindictive bully, narcissistic egomaniac, hyper-divisive, morally corrupt, selfish con man, racist, sexist & bigoted.  Even beyond that, this blog for years has laid out a very compelling case he’s a wanna-be dictator (see any Part 2) & a criminal with no regard for the Constitution or rule of law (see any Part 1), which I trust in the evidence his lawlessness also extends to being a rapist & now perhaps even a murderer.  This is no joke, that entire list is based on fact-based evidence which we’ve detailed repeatedly in this blog.  So please ask yourself, are these the types of qualities America would want in their president?  If a majority of voters in some key battleground states answer yes to that question, God help us all!  This list of links are recent updates on the virus pandemic, so please peruse the titles:
Election Day
My bold prediction is the anti-Trump sentiment has swept the nation sparking record vote counts, which will sweep the current prez out of office.  But I remain nervous as can be until it actually happens.  Here on election eve, I’m really hoping & praying by late tomorrow night we’re gonna have a good idea where this election is headed, as perhaps the networks can either call the election for Biden or know with certainty he will become the winner.  Throughout this section I’ll give you various scenarios & possibilities.  If either FL or TX goes to Biden, it’s over.  If just one from a group of NC, GA, OH or AZ go for Biden, it’s likely over.  If none of that happens & we have to wait the next couple days for PA, MI & WI to count their votes, we’ll be on pins & needles.  If it takes til Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for the PA results to come in & the entire election comes down to just that state, during the wait I may have a meltdown:  And in the aftermath, the confusion & mayhem could replicate election year 2000, but the stakes are so much higher now with a real threat of violence & neither George W. nor Al Gore was a corrupt tyrannical demagogue who’d steer our democracy into a ditch.  I’m guardedly optimistic one or more of those aforementioned states will come through for America & spare us the agony.  Plus I think all of us can concur we want this election over.
There are legit reasons to trust the polls now more than 4 years ago:  The polling services have course-corrected their models to account for the under-weighting of white non-college voters in 2016.  That is especially true of state-level polling that had it wrong in the industrial states from the last presidential election, as the national polls were accurate well within the margin of error.  Other factors should also help the accuracy of state polling in this election, thereby helping reduce the likelihood of another Trump surprise win, including fewer undecideds, fewer votes for third party candidates & higher turnout:  And Biden has a big enough lead compared to Hillary 4 years ago, even if the Trump vote were underrepresented in the state polling similar to 2016, Uncle Joe should still have enough to win.  Trump in order to win would need to thread the needle not just in 3 states like 2016, but in 7-8 different states this year.  Four years ago was more of a fluke which is unlikely to repeat itself, especially since we now know who President Trump really is.  If the networks are able to call the race tomorrow night, it will be for Biden & that would be a great thing for America.  A quick call likely signals a landslide which is what Carville predicts:
In the early voting, I’m very encouraged by the high turnout among young people, plus so many infrequent voters turning out who didn’t vote 4 years ago:  I see the record 100 million early votes as a great sign, being prompted by the energy to want to vote going beyond the concerns about the virus while waiting in long lines on Election Day.  There are fears of hidden Trump voters out there missed by pollsters, but after watching his clownish circus act these past 4 years, there is a surge across the nation of anti-Trump voters who are fervent in taking back our country!  He’s turned into more of a vaudeville act than president & we’re sick of the show.  I do believe the enthusiasm among Trumpeters is eclipsed by the energy against the prez.  And yes, I think the anti-Trump backlash is the main reason for the high turnout.  As I recently heard respected pollster Charlie Cook say, the spike in turnout could indicate the odds are just as likely Biden’s support is actually what’s being undercounted (& we can trust the Cook Report far more than a polling service like Rasmussen):  To protect our democracy, let’s hope that’s the way it plays out as Biden sweeps up electoral votes well into the 300’s.  I’ve admitted all along to being a lifelong Republican & now I can attest to being a proud Biden voter!  Of course, I’ve often stated I would have voted for Donald Duck over Donald Trump.  My former party being controlled by Trump has gone around the bend into a very dark/deceptive/dangerous place, so it’s time to send a clear loud message to that party.
If the networks can call FL for Biden late tomorrow night, we may be headed for a landslide.  And if TX goes for Biden, the GOP from this point forward may cease to be a competitive national party.  Other states to watch in the wee hours of election night are NC, GA, OH & AZ:  If those states remain too close to call or worse yet go to Trump, again I’ll say it then becomes nervous time as we await in the next couple days results coming in from WI, MI & especially PA, which is why Uncle Joe has spent almost all his time in PA these last two days.  But there are so many paths for Uncle Joe, we just need a state or two in those close races to go his way.  It’s not often we see a map where the challenger could lose both FL & OH but still win the whole thing.  Fully expect some surprises & reshuffling of traditional party loyalties in some states, such as even if Trump surprises in PA, Biden could make up for it with a win in NC, GA or AZ.  But I don’t want the stress of waiting another day or two for PA results to come in, so if I get any sleep Tuesday night/Wednesday AM, it’s going to take the networks calling FL, GA, NC, TX, AZ or OH for Biden.  At least one of those states should do, then we can rest easy.  
It’s time to show Trump our military heroes aren’t suckers & losers, he is!  So I really hope the results become decisive & by late tomorrow night the swing states are going our way (even listen closely for clues from analysts with their sophisticated models even before the individual states are called), with Uncle Joe sweeping up most of the dozen or so competitive states that would likely add up to an overall total 350-400 electoral votes.  That way American democracy can be restored & it could take the edge off the anger from the armed white-supremacist militias ready to go to war for Trump:  Plus it could send a loud clear signal repudiating Trumpism & hopefully prompt the GOP to finally realize they should move on from their conspiracy-laden nihilistic insanity.  And if a Dem Senate rides in on Biden’s coattails, it can help make him a more effective president.  Otherwise, a McConnell-led Senate will only guarantee more of the frustrating gridlock obstruction we saw during the Obama years.  Over in the House despite Trump claiming the GOP can wrest control, in reality look for the Dems to gain some seats in adding to their majority.  An overall clean sweep for Dems at the federal, state & local levels really could bring on that much-needed GOP soul searching, since the Trumpist agenda can only keep shrinking their party.  Because GOP politicians capitulated to Trump, they could go down with the captain of their sinking ship.   
Don’t take much stock in the early vote totals tomorrow night.  The northern industrial states of PA, MI, & WI don’t start counting mail-in votes til tomorrow, so the same day votes will be tallied first showing Trump ahead.  But states like FL & NC will have their mail-in ballots counted first, showing Biden with the lead early on.  If I were to pick the one state that might be called by the networks for Biden before any of the other swing states, watch for GA.  That call would be crucial!  Next in line is NC.  But if none of those sunbelt states can be called for Biden on election night & it ultimately comes down to PA, that long wait would be agonizing knowing the future of our constitutional democracy may hinge in the balance on a narrow win in that state:  A huge turnout in metro Philly could be what saves our country:  We can keep analyzing the various factors in detail, but the fact remains we won’t really know until the votes are tallied.  Rest assured this election is different from 2016 in that Trump is now the incumbent & the energy is almost entirely a referendum on Trump, which the pro-Trump forces in this turnout election will certainly be outnumbered by the anti-Trump vote.  We just have to win in the right places.  I hope my home state of Ohio doesn’t blow their winning streak by voting for Trump again (assuming Biden wins).  Ohio has picked every winner for more than a half-century, while we’ve only missed 4 times since the Civil War.
Whatever slight sway in Trump’s direction we’ve seen in some late polling, it may be that it’s been over a month & our memories have gradually drifted away from that cringeworthy first debate.  Throughout his presidency we’ve seen a remarkably steady 40-45% job approval for Trump, which can be good news & bad news.  The good news is he’s failed to expand his base for his entire term which makes it hard to win reelection.  But the bad news which is actually rather horrifying, despite his awful management over a pandemic which has crashed many sectors of our economy & caused so many American deaths, his approval ratings are basically where they were prior to the virus hitting us.  That shows the grip a cult mentality can have over people in that his approvals haven’t cratered.  Those of us who are still residing in reality back here on Planet Earth, we’ve seen more than enough of Trump to know this is not who we are!  So by voters sending a strong signal which we’ll see this week, Trumpeters might be given a healthy dose of shock therapy when the results don’t go their way, giving them a stark choice to either return to the real world or keep living in exile way out on some distant planet.  We sincerely hope they can someday mentally escape that cult & rejoin us here in a free America.  But if they refuse to change & the GOP keeps catering to them, maybe we can change that party’s acronym to better reflect who they really are.  Perhaps something like GODP (Grand Old Dictator Party), GOFP (Grand Old Fascist Party), GORP (Grand Old Racist Party) or GONP (Grand Old Nazi Party).  
Trump’s whole campaign revolves around tribal grievances, unfounded smears about his opponent, lies/distortions about his own record & denying reality on COVID:  And griping about Fauci or Gov. Whitmer or court rulings or even Fox News isn’t exactly a winning strategy.  Despite the advice of his aides & party leaders, the prez isn’t focused enough to stay on message as they pleaded with him to mostly talk about the economy.  He’s a loose cannon incapable of leading others with a sane truthful narrative.  In his business & on his reality TV show, he could bully others into submission with his fame, power & money.  That approach as a president is only limitedly effective.  It’s time for Americans to grasp the gravity of the moment!  By 2024 our nation will have become a very dark disturbing place after another 4 years of being led by more divisive, deceitful, gaslighting & corrupt demagoguery.  So we need to direct The Apprentice buzz-phrase back at him:  Trump clearly abuses his power & is unfit for office, while he offers no coherent argument for why he deserves a second term, being in it only for the attention, adulation & power.  And Americans have become exhausted by this chaotic presidency:  Most voters are smart enough to know we don’t need another 4 years of all this nonsense.
As for Trump’s opponent & the next president, Uncle Joe is a real person who cares about others.  If some Dem voters are hesitant since they wanted a more dynamic nominee, please bide your time & take it one step at a time.  It’s highly possible he may decide to just serve one term, from which a new choice can be made in 2024.  Some hold his age against him, but Biden is still sharp & should make for a fine president:  He’s got the experience & knowledge, plus he will surround himself with competent advisers.  Biden will govern for all of us & not just on behalf of some narrow-minded tribal cult, so a new president is what America really needs these days:  The reason he ran for president is because of his deceased son Beau, who told his father before passing to stay engaged.  Those of you who’ve helped out in this noble crusade, choosing truth over lies, competence over chaos, expertise over buffoonery, integrity over corruption, character over narcissism, empathy over self-absorption, civility over division, law over criminality, & democracy over demagoguery, we sincerely thank you for joining us on this journey as we engaged in this civic duty.  It’s through our efforts we can sweep out the old & bring in new leadership who can truly make America great again.  Here are lots of articles through Monday with interesting updates on the eve of Election Day:
The Bigger Question Surrounds the Cheating & Trump’s Comprehensive Plan to Steal this Election!
The prez & his minions will stop at nothing to try cheating & stealing this election!  The Trump campaign has made the calculated decision the only chance they have to win is by destroying people’s right to vote!:  Here is this president’s latest plot to attack our democracy, looking to claim victory before all the votes can be counted:  Would Trump have the gall to declare himself the winner in PA tomorrow night without the mail-in votes being counted?  He does constantly break norms & laws!  Trump wants to perpetuate minority rule, as the Dem presidential candidate is certain to win the total popular vote again.  The fact is in national vote totals, the GOP wouldn’t have won any presidential election in the last 30 years except for a 2004 state issue on Ohio’s ballot that pushed back on same-sex marriage & energized conservative voters. 
Biden is virtually certain to win overall & in most of the battleground states if the voters are allowed to decide, but there are plenty of shenanigans at foot to worry about.  Among Trump’s tricks in addition to looking the other way as Russian bots again flood social media with targeted disinformation, are rather blatantly obvious efforts to suppress votes, including deliberately sabotaging mail delivery service, making citizens jump through hoops to qualify as voters, making confusing rules that cause ballots to be rejected, orchestrating long lines to voting booths in large cities, using intimidation to dissuade voters from going to voting booths, shrinking the time ballots can be counted & using the courts to disqualify ballots:  Why do you think Trump & his party were in such a rush to confirm the new justice onto the highest court?


So we’d better hope Biden wins in a landslide or otherwise chaos could ensue, since after a close election Trump has already laid out that elaborate plan to contest the election & unleash his militaristic dogs.  And it’s all the more reason for voters casting ballots tomorrow to beat back against the forces of tyranny who would obliterate our free & fair elections!  Being the pathological liar he truly is, Trump has managed to convince his merry band of Trumpeters the only way he could lose is if the election is rigged, when in reality the exact opposite is true:  The prez is really ramping up his rhetoric about the PA voting process, since he wants to challenge the outcome there since that’s his best bet to steal the election.  And the tricks we’re already seeing could be just the tip of the iceberg.  One appalling example of Trumpian-GOPish cheating is by prompting an appellate court in MN at the last minute to trump state laws by squashing late-arriving ballots from counting. 

You can’t legally change state election laws on the fly, but Trump is sure to try.  He has a history of filing lawsuits with high-priced lawyers about as often as most people brush their teeth.  I do fear Trump may do something crazy here in the month of November (something crazy even for him), as his vengeful temperamental nature could kick in & blow up everything when he sees his reign slipping away:  We need to be prepared for everything since he’s capable of most anything, including an attempt to stage a coup through the courts & state legislatures, or inciting violence through his white supremacist army.  I repeat, don’t put anything past this guy!  Many of those lawless unconstitutional schemes are exposed inside the list of links below.

Please indulge me as I again go off on a tangent with more of my speculations, since I study the polls with all the different scenarios, variables, machinations & combinations.  With WI, MI & PA not beginning to count the mail-in ballots until election day, it could take a couple extra days to count them.  We may need a call late on election night in FL for Biden to assure victory & hopefully avoid sparking a string of Trump-inspired, post-election litigation & violence:  Or if FL is too close to call or goes for Trump, a good substitute would be NC, GA, OH &/or AZ being declared for Biden.  I do so badly want to believe:  It’s now Monday night & I’m somewhat confident we’ll start seeing trends favoring Biden in 24 hours, which I’ll be surprised & very disappointed if those signs don’t show up by sometime late Tuesday night.
And if Texas somehow turns blue as we’ve been seeing enormous turnout, chalk up the next several elections for the Dems while Trumpism within the GOP could steadily be extinguished.  When Trumpeters tried to run a Biden bus off a TX highway this weekend & Trump’s GOP tried to disenfranchise 100,000+ TX votes turned in from voters’ vehicles, that only energizes the Dems.  So with a TX win for Dems, this might be the election that permanently upends the map!  There’s just no way to be a competitively viable national party without CA, TX & the NE corridor (& maybe almost the entire Eastern corridor!), so the GOP must come to the realization they need to abandon their narrow-minded tribal insanity just to survive.  But as for tomorrow & this week with the vote counting, maybe a simpler way to look at the returns barring something crazy coming out of left field (such as polling being way off in MI, WI, MN or NV), is to just consider these 7 states where the race is tight….Namely with PA, OH, NC, GA, FL, TX & AZ, in order to win the election Trump needs to take ALL those states!  That’s a tall order when realizing Biden has a slight lead in most of those & Trump has a safe lead in none of them!  And as seen inside these links which there are a ton of them, we can’t let Trump illegally steal this election as we recall the words of Michael Cohen during a 2019 congressional testimony, he’s a cheat:
The Songs that Make Sense on this Election Day…