These are the email & social media messages I sent out during the Trump coup attempt between the November election & Biden inauguration (lists of links to articles were omitted)…
Going even beyond the famous words of Gerald R. Ford, our much longer national nightmare is over!  It’s official, we have a new president!:  Can we finally rebound from the catastrophe that was Trump?:  It will be a difficult road ahead, but America has always risen to the challenge.


16 Hours, 59 Minutes to go…We no longer need to count the days when President Biden is inaugurated, we’re instead down to counting the hours & minutes.  We can finally say goodbye to the bullying gaslighter-in-chief who has been such an unmitigated disaster for our country.  Our curse is about to be lifted which actually provides hope we can start heading in the right direction & begin solving our pressing problems.  And once Trump leaves office his personal problems only increase, including the likelihood more connections in the know can speak freely about the spectacular evils of this man.  He also has significant debt issues to deal with as creditors come a-calling, as banks have turned off his loan faucet & his brand (Trump’s primary source of income) has now been badly tarnished.  The Senate has a shot of convicting him in the impeachment trial & could also vote to bar him from ever holding public office again.  Plus prosecutors can be expected to soon hand down indictments for the crimes they’ve found Trump committed, featuring a wide litany of financial crimes plus a civil rape case, along with possible legal jeopardy over the recent inciting of a violent insurrection:

So here’s hoping & praying President Biden really can get the nation back on track in the midst of monumental challenges, greatly complicated by the fact much of the GOP base routinely dismisses undeniable & irrefutable facts.  There will still be a sizable Trump cult out there believing those continuing lies, coming from his GOP political cronies, extremist echo-media & millions in his merry band of Trumpeters.  Their deceptive & duped mindsets will remain extremely dangerous to America even with their master out of power.  All those falsehoods, distortions & conspiracies can only be overcome by telling the truth to the American people along with demonstrably constructive governing by the Dems taking charge.  Trumpism must be forever repudiated & banished to the dustbin of history, which among the many dire threats we saw included the past few months with the election & coup attempt, as we’ll likely never fully know how close we really came to falling into dictatorial fascism: & also see  In Trump’s reclusive final days as his dwindling group of close advisers have come down to the likes of Stephen Miller, Roger Stone, crazy Rudy & My Pillow-head, that’s emblematic of a failed presidency.

Trump should go down as the worst president in American history, period!:  He’s also been by far the most dangerous, which the numerous & varied valid reasons for that have been recorded in great detail inside our blog:  After tens of thousands of links to informative articles sent out throughout this chaotic presidency, below is the final group I’m posting with Trump still in the White House.  We’ll start with a poignant interview with Rep. Jamie Raskin seen on the Sunday morning talk shows, as posted here is a quote from him seen inside

Turning to the tragedy of his son’s death, Raskin delivered a moving tribute, discussing Tommy’s lifelong passion for “human rights for every person” before saying he accepted Pelosi’s request to lead the impeachment trial because of him.

“When we went to count the Electoral College votes and it came under that ludicrous attack, I felt my son with me and I was most concerned with our youngest daughter and my son-in-law, who is married to our other daughter, who were with me that day who got caught in a room off the House floor,” he told anchor Jake Tapper. “In between them and me was a rampage, an armed mob that could have killed them easily and was banging on the doors where they were hiding under a desk with my chief of staff.”

“These events are personal to me, Jake,” he continued. “There was an attack on our country. There was an attack on our people.”

After Raskin said the president “did nothing” about the riot for hours, instead just continuing to “watch it on TV and enjoy their insurrection tailgate party,” Tapper expressed his condolences to the congressman.

“You just lost your son and now you’re in Congress worrying about your daughter and your other daughter’s husband because of these terrorists who had attacked the Congress,” the State of the Union host said. “That trauma on top of trauma just seems so debilitating to me.”

“I’m not going to lose my son at the end of 2020 and lose my republic in 2021,” Raskin sternly replied. “It’s not going to happen. The vast majority of American people—Democrats, Republicans, and independents—reject armed insurrection and violence as a new way of doing business in America.”

“We’re not going to do that,” he added. “This was the most terrible crime ever by a president of the United States against our country, and I want everybody to feel the gravity and the seriousness of those events.”

Can We Save Our Democracy?…Trump has done very little for our nation except lie to us & divide us, unless you liked his tax cuts for the wealthy & big corporations.  By any measure the last 4 years have been a chaotic disaster.  And just in the past year he let a virus spiral out of control & attempted a coup which featured inciting a violent insurrection.  Looking at our nation’s current state of affairs & the conspiratorial mindset adopted by the conservative base, it’s taken America into a very dark place as those Trumpeters seem to have no remorse or clue how wrong they really are.  We’re facing another dangerous week ahead as the Trump mob is threatening more insurrectionist attacks, & with DC so well fortified the domestic terrorists might view state capitols as softer targets.  So we’re just counting the days until we can get past Wednesday with a new president who can hopefully launch a new beginning for America.  Whether the destructive Trump demagoguery becomes a permanent stain, only time will tell.
Since Trump’s second impeachment, we’re hearing his pundits demonizing the GOP reps who voted for impeachment, the very ones who should be considered national heroes.  I actually pleaded with my local Republican rep to vote for impeachment, but that didn’t get very far.  By enabling an insurrectionist coup attempt, I think most GOP politicians are a combination of cowards, liars and fully indoctrinated into the Trump cult.  Likewise, far-right media hosts and their listeners are also enablers to trampling on the Constitution.  There’s also the most fringy alt-right social media groups who much like ISIS, they’re radicalizing a whole army of deadly terrorists bent on civil war.  These are very scary times.  We’ve selected some of the most relevant political articles from the past few days in yet another week of riveting headlines, giving perspective in this uniquely dangerous moment in time.  Even just perusing the link titles can be instructive…


It’s official, Trump has become the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.  But with only 10 GOP House reps voting to impeach, the Trump cult is still largely holding firm.  Whether those reps are still afraid of Trump or the crazed domestic terrorists who might have come after them or their families directly, the individual reps in that pro-Trump caucus will never say.  Too many in that now fascist party have been proven to be cowards.  And if the no votes really were prompted by the terrorists, that only highlights the sorry state of affairs our governing system is now operating under here in America.  The Senate could be a different story depending on whether McConnell favors impeachment, but if he refuses to bring it to the floor before Jan 19th, that would let Trump ride out his term.  So Senate conviction is still a possibility depending on the evidence that comes out during the trial, along with the 14th Amendment also in play which would prohibit Trump from ever running for office again.
Updates on the Eve of Impeachment…Inciting insurrection is the most obvious offense deserving impeachment, but in any normal time there were probably a dozen different instances where Trump could have been impeached the past 4 years if he didn’t have the protection of his obedient cult.  He’s been shown to be a chronic liar & divisive bully, along with being a corrupt con man & likely criminal mob boss.  I harken back to the words of former chief-of-staff Gen. Kelly, who a month before the election called Trump the most flawed individual he’s ever known.  He also inferred lying to Trump is like breathing to the rest of us.  Most Americans don’t fully realize how close we just came to falling into dictatorial fascism, but the next time a corrupt/gaslighting demagogue comes along using the Trump playbook, we may not be so lucky.  There’s no question there should be consequences for scheming & inciting a malicious/seditious insurrection, & this time impeachment will have bipartisan support, as reportedly even Senate Majority Leader McConnell favors what’s about to happen in the House:  So conviction in the Senate could possibly be in play (, after the number of GOP House members voting to impeach might number 20 or more.  It signals some Republicans are simply done with Trump.  If these events can diminish or destroy Trumpism & split the GOP (plus cost them corporate funding), that would be great for America!
Below are messages I sent out on Jan. 6th only 1-4 hours before the insurrectionist riots began.  I don’t claim to be a prophet, just someone who has closely followed Trump, the GOP & right-wing media for a long time.  And just like what I’ve been warning about in my blog for years, I have a clear sense of the deception & evil that has manifested itself in the person of our outgoing president & the party he has hijacked.  As I said in the last message in the final sentence below, can anyone doubt me now?  I know many of you have seen it as well, which makes it so frustrating & scary that millions of our fellow Americans haven’t seen it, being swept up in his cult & consumed by a spirit of deception.  But the tide seems to be turning!  Perhaps the one silver lining is this violent coup attempt has finally woken up & retrieved some GOP-supporting conservatives away from the insanity, seeing Trump for who he is.  In the very near future we must monitor & if necessary put down attempts from the crazed loonies to launch a civil war.  Then we can try to repair all the damage.  So here were my emails I sent out to some of you just prior to the attacks on the Capitol Building & our democracy, as we were watching the horrors of that day being played out on live TV…
9:47: Georgia has spoken, pushing back on the fascist party & the lies of a wannabe dictator staging a coup attempt!  The Devil went to Georgia & again came away a loser.  And the Trump cult loses its influence when their master can’t win pivotal elections.  Always remember the traitors in Congress who today will object to the will of the people & try to steal the election from the rightful winner, as they are true enemies of American democracy.  Here’s hoping nothing crazy happens in DC today so America can put down this unconstitutional madness trying to usurp unbridled power, so the pillars of democracy can withstand this evil tyrannical onslaught…
11:08: I’m glad we’re watching on TV, wouldn’t want to be in DC.  Trump has his white supremacist army stirred up for violence.  I have a bad feeling this could get ugly.  Never would have dreamed in my worst nightmares this type of deranged insanity could ever happen in America.

11:30: Even after Jan 20th when Trump is gone, America still has the far-right echo-media & their lies to battle, who’ve spawned this crazy cult mentality with roughly 40% of the country.  It’s so surreal…& dangerous!

12:10: The cult leader is preaching to his crazed followers now, not that far removed from a 1930’s Germany Nazi rally.
12:22: I’m convinced, he really is a delusional psychopath!  And being incited by Trump, this bloodless coup attempt could be turning into a violent coup.
12:41: Our fascist-in-chief is now reciting the QAnon greatest hits of debunked election fraud claims.  If there’s any silver lining I can possibly see from this travesty episode in American history & litany of lies from this DC rally, Trump is tearing apart & possibly destroying the Republican Party.  A lot of people have doubted me through the years when I said he really was bent on becoming a rogue dictator.  Can anyone doubt me now?


Words can’t adequately describe how dangerous this pro-Trump conservative faction is to American democracy.  But we keep trying to explain the reality of the true threat we’re facing.  Americans being aware of the facts can repel the insurrection, plus we have a great chance at this pivotal point in history to weaken or eliminate Trumpism.  From there, the conservative media will need to return to being rational instead of radical.  As for here & now, make no mistake, Trump is in a lot of trouble politically going into tomorrow, so his presidency may not last til next Wednesday.  There’s some good stuff in these links, so check out the titles as these articles offer valuable insights which I’ve grouped by various categories…
After 4 Years of Wild News Cycles, This Week was the Wildest One Yet…Pull up a chair & some popcorn in watching the GOP implode on itself, unless the white supremacist nutwings start a civil war from which we might need guns instead of popcorn.  The ugly scene with the deadly riots & insurrection serve as an important warning how fragile our democracy has become, but the silver lining is the way it has exposed Trump & his compliant party for who they really are.  Now the most extremist wing among GOP politicians, media & base are turning on long-time Trump allies for whom they regard as nothing short of traitors.  Their ire is directed at the likes of VP Pence, Majority Leader McConnell, Sen Graham, Chief Justice Roberts, AG Barr & others for their perceived lack of fealty to Trump.  There’s even a conspiratorial fringe among social media adherents within Parler, QAnon &/or 4chan who blame Trump for surrendering.  As the fascist party turns on itself, here’s hoping the GOP becomes marginalized or destroyed since they’ve certainly earned it.    
Trump’s voter fraud claims he sold to his gullible supporters was his way of creating the perception he didn’t lose, so he could solicit their help in the insurrection & keep their loyalties beyond his presidency.  Above all Trump protects his brand & image, so this narcissist could never accept being considered a loser, but on Wednesday his plot backfired & will seal his legacy.  His inflammatory speech clearly incited the deadly riots on the Capitol Building.  Prior to the election our blog ( had even predicted Trump would try to steal the election, since in various ways his devious plans were in the works for months, but the extent he relentlessly pursued a post-election coup went well beyond what I even expected.  Trump will always have his fervent cult backing him, but for everyone else I hope the lessons from this week taught us as a nation we’d better get a grip if we want to save our constitutional democracy for now & into the future:  Here are selected links to valuable articles categorized by topic in helping give us perspective on what we just witnessed & what it could mean going forward…
Trump released a taped address tonight that was the closest thing he’s done to giving a concession speech.  It may have been the case close advisers got to Trump & convinced him to give a short speech (more like a hostage video) because it was necessary in warding off impeachment or the 25th Amendment:  But Trump’s spell over his own party has largely been neutered, while the divisions he’s created within the party could lead to the GOP’s demise.  Kudos to Congress for getting the job done last night despite the horrors unleashed during the day.  There are plenty of important articles after the disgraceful insurrection from yesterday, so here are some of the more interesting ones.  WaPo especially has some great insights but you may need to subscribe.  It looks like our constitutional democracy has been saved for now but the far-right threat is still out there, & this close call is a real wake-up call how fragile our system can be if we the people were to become too detached/complacent/misinformed:
Some Thoughts on the Day After…Yes, security should have been better prepared knowing these white supremacist groups had evil intent.  I’m just speculating, but it might have been Trump who didn’t want to deploy the troops.  After inciting the crowd with his maniacal speech, reports are he was enjoying watching the mayhem from inside the White House & was repeatedly pleaded with to deploy the national guard, which he repeatedly refused.  Finally it was Pence that called them in even though he lacked authority.  And it might have overall been a strategic blunder, since maybe they were thinking positioning a large deployment of armed guards against a huge angry mob (some of them also armed), there was fear the streets of DC could turn into the shootout at O.K. Corral.  These rioters who were Trumpeters (they were certainly not antifa) have their faces on surveillance cameras & should be rounded up/arrested.  And the guard will be deployed at least through the inauguration.
Looking at the glass half-filled, more people have finally discovered who Trump really is & the damage he can do.  Trumpism needs relegated to the dustbin of history.  So this ugly scene yesterday should hopefully put a dent in the Trump mystique among some of his cult members.  He incited this rioting terrorist attack & the American people got to see the horrors of the Capitol Building being stormed by these thugs on live TV.  There is a possibility this might invoke the 25th Amendment to get this psychopath out right away (or just hold that possibility over his head to try & keep him in check for two weeks), along with Trump going forward having waning influence & no viable path to run again in 2024.  Americans have had enough!  We never/ever want Trump anywhere near the White House ever again!  This sorry episode might also retrieve some GOP politicians back to sanity, even to the point of reducing the destructive polarization.  So looking ahead, our political battles may be narrowed down to largely discrediting the lying echo-media & marginalizing the Trumpeter cult.  If these enemies of democracy can be confined inside a smaller box, they will lose their power to ever again stage another assault on our Constitution.  We can only hope.
This is a day that will live in infamy as a sorry chapter of our history.  Not just Americans, but the whole world is shocked by what happened.  Congress is about to reconvene to finish the job of declaring Biden the winner.  But for the next two weeks, we are in essence operating without a president, at least a viable president.  That’s why the 25th Amendment could come into play, as Trump has shown himself to be a psychopath & needs removed for being unfit for office.  We do have to wonder if this insurrection movement can effectively be put down, or is it an opening salvo launching civil war.  Let’s hope & pray sanity prevails.
I’ve said all along I would vote for Donald Duck over Donald Trump.  In other words, I would NEVER vote for Trump!!!  In fact, I may never again vote Republican.  Battling back against the fascism party trumps any type of ideology.  And for Trumpeters who are math-challenged, 81 million is more than 74 million.  I predicted ahead of the election 160 million total votes & I wasn’t far off.
I replied to this guy on FB who had reacted to my worse than treason article:
Nothing has broken my heart for America as much as this trend in the past 12 months of Trump’s tyranny…and his followers’ (some of whom are family members and dear friends) willingness to go to bat for this lunacy. I pray for unified days ahead.


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Dan Halmar

Me too. I’ve pushed back hard on the insanity from friends & family, creating plenty of tension. It’s heartbreaking & scary. But if we don’t tell them the truth at this critical juncture, who will?

He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it…MLK


It’s just so unbelievable, stuff that could only happen in third-world banana republics.  Democracy has been rocked like never before in our lifetime & it will leave permanent scars.  It might set the stage for any losing party in future elections to reject & not abide by election results.  Plus the base voters of the losing side may never again accept the results of free & fair elections.  The current facts are, in the past two months, no proof of widespread election fraud has emerged & the courts have already spoken.
The section of the GOP aiding & abetting Trump in this coup attempt have truly turned into the fascist party.  Remember the names of GOP politicians who assault our Constitution this week, they are the true enemies of the people.  My hope is the GOP splits apart & crumbles, since it needs burned to the ground & just start all over.  And Trump’s GA phone call reminds me of his Ukraine phone call in the summer of 2019, it was proof of crimes including abuse of power. 
The larger core problem & main source for spreading all this disinformation & conspiracy mongering remains the far-right echo-media.  As for this week as I was telling people yesterday, I hope & pray we don’t see some serious violence in GA Tues & DC Wed, since Trump & his party have certainly incited their white supremacist army.  Democracy is a participation sport, so when it’s being threatened like it is now, those who love our country should not remain silent:
Today’s Stunning Updates…I know why such a high percentage of the GOP base are being so badly deceived.  Much like talk radio & social media have dragged Fox further & further out on the fringe right this past decade, these upstart conspiratorial TV networks like Newsmax & OAN will serve to drag Fox even further out in their alternate galaxy.  So believe me when I say, the most serious, dangerous & intractable problem America currently faces is the far-right disinformation media that most conservatives seem to unconditionally believe.  At least with the pandemic unlike right-wing media, it’s hoped the vaccines will soon serve as an off-ramp.  But when an entire major political party & their base keep believing the cascade of falsehoods constantly emanating from their preferred media sources, it keeps fostering the kind of polarization when as a nation we can’t agree around obvious facts.  No wonder we find it so hard to solve problems & move forward!  That entrenched core problem is explained in this must-see monologue aired this morning from the best show on cable TV:
In case you still don’t think this whole charade wasn’t a coup attempt, this phone call audio with Trump speaking with the Georgia secretary of state should put that to rest.  Our outgoing president was browbeating him to come up with another 11,780 votes so Trump could win his state.  The prez offered no evidence, only citing hearsay & debunked conspiracies to try stealing the state that has found no irregularities with 3 recounts.  This wannabe tyrannical dictator should face arrest for threatening state officials as well as abusing his power.  And if we really want proof of election fraud, Trump certainly committed it during that conversation while his supportive GOP cronies are truly turning into a fascist movement.  Not only is Trump a proven chronic liar, on the call he sounds like a psychopath!  Our nation is in imminent danger for every minute he remains our president.  Here are the latest headlines hot off the presses:
But What the Hell is Going On?…For the first time in our nation’s history, we must fend off an illegal coup attempt.  Yes, that’s really what it is.  Trump’s words & tweats clearly state that’s his intent, so there is no longer any doubt a tyrannical takeover indeed was his plan.  He’s power mad!  Just look at everything he’s saying, the outgoing prez is trying to browbeat GOP allies into helping him steal the election he lost.  And like dutiful cult followers, some are going along:  It’s hard to believe this would ever happen in the U.S., but based on what we’re now seeing, believe it!  I always believed Trump was a wannabe dictator & this post-election dustup proves it, while the precedent it sets imperils our constitutional democracy now & into the future:  And the prez keeps throwing out conspiratorial bombs much like throwing a lot of mud against the wall hoping something sticks, but 60 failed lawsuits confirm the Trump legal team has no credible evidence to stand on.  It’s been two months since the election & we’ve yet to see any indications of voter fraud, so it’s time for these authoritarian crackpots to show us the proof or just shut the hell up!
Even after Trump is sent packing Jan 20th, other future Trumpian cult-like figures could copy his same playbook for gaslighting truths & running roughshod over our democratic norms/institutions, making the possibility of establishing a fascist dictatorship all too real.  As horrifying as his presidency was, his state-run far-right media is an even greater threat since they’re not going away after Jan 20th.  But I’m the most disappointed in his Trumpeter base who all along gave him a free pass:  The stuff they’ve been programmed to believe is indecipherable to rational minds:  If all these enemies of freedom ever got their way, autocracy & oppression would ultimately overrule our rights & our voices.  We can identify the main groups advocating for this tyrannical cult, as white no college degree voted for Trump at nearly 70% & white evangelicals nearly 80%.  And although Biden won by 7 million votes & pulled down 306 electoral votes (a landslide as Trump defined it 4 years ago), democracy was saved by the narrow margin for Biden of just 40,000 total votes in only 3 states, that being WI, GA & AZ.   
Trump set the stage for stealing the election well before November.  I described on election eve the various ways the prez was scheming to rig & steal the election both before & after the election, which is seen by scrolling down towards the bottom of this post:  Among the numerous strategies, it features suppressing the votes, intimidating voters, sabotaging mail delivery, changing state election laws, inviting disinformation on social media by Russian bots & overall convincing his fans the only way he could lose is if the election was rigged against him.  The post-election maneuvers involved relying on loyalists among election officials, GOP governors & elected representatives, the VP, DOJ officials, electoral college voters & the courts to go against the will of the people & declare him victorious, while filing multiple frivolous lawsuits to keep the fight going & his base energized, even to the point of possibly inciting his white supremacist army into violence:  Wednesday is no day to be in DC:  The logic for the planned stunt inside Congress on Wednesday stems from millions of Trump voters having concerns & confusion over the vote tallies, but the entire reason for that is Trump has been lying to his base all along. 
There is absolutely nothing unexpected or abnormal in the vote totals.  In late Oct I predicted 160 million total votes based on early voting and heightened emotions on both sides, as seen near the bottom of this post:  The final numbers came up just short of 160M while Biden’s 8% polling advantage came up short at 5% (more Trump voters don’t answer pollsters).  So as a Biden voter, based on advanced projections I’m actually disappointed Biden didn’t get more votes than 81M.  But I’m really disappointed in the down-ballot results with Dems failing to overturn any state legislatures, signaling a continuation of extremists being elected to the DC House from the ridiculous & destructive gerrymandered district maps.  But contrary to what MAGA-heads might think, the final vote counts certainly don’t indicate anything shady going on.  And yes, 81 million is more than 74 million.  See this Trump-friendly publication saying it’s time to stop the insanity of cheering for an undemocratic coup:  But we must stay concerned & treat the threat seriously since we really are dealing with an evil cult:  Much like metastasized cancer, the destructive fascist mindset is spreading:
Trump in a tweet has posted some sort of vague threat about Jan 6th when Congress is to certify Biden as the winner: & also see  If enough of his loyal cultists in Congress support dismantling the Constitution by submitting to Trump’s illegal plot on Wednesday, much like they overlooked his proven crimes during impeachment, that would be when things get dicey.  It could signal nothing less than the death knell for American democracy.  The number of jackass GOP members of Congress attacking our democracy on that day is expected to run into the hundreds:  Remember who they are since they’re true enemies of the people.  But let’s not panic, it’s likely enough GOP members will put country over Trump & not stoop to such shenanigans, but we can’t take anything for granted as we need to be prepared for any worst-case scenario.  Since the more hardcore Trump sycophants are hopelessly blind followers of their cult, they’re capable of most anything.  And we’re just counting the days until Jan 6th & Jan 20th, but anticipate some rough days ahead as this coup attempt & whatever machinations rise out of that must be put down, since there are no limits to the depravity Trump might unleash:
The Pandemic
Among the stubborn knucklehead subset of society, there is no recognition or sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans who have died or will die from the ravages of this virus.  There are also hundreds of thousands of workers & businesses going bankrupt, along with widespread hunger throughout our land & more residents facing eviction.  Even fully opening up the economy, that’s not going to do much for the hardest hit sectors of the economy, who won’t see business bounce back until their customers have confidence this pandemic has been corralled.  Other countries much more effectively contained the virus since they took it seriously & handled it differently, while Trump bungled & lied about the whole thing every step of the way.  And as for the Trump pundits in the echo-media, the end result of all their gripes & dismissals & denials have been catastrophic!:  With the initial vaccine rollout going so poorly as the numbers are way behind the projected pace, it’s also hard to envision people getting their second dose on time.  Here’s hoping for improved coordination on vaccines being delivered & administered, so we can trend towards herd immunity & a return to normalcy:
The Crimes
There have been many previous reports on Trump’s crime spree & many more yet to come.  To begin with, the prez is an unindicted co-conspirator for campaign finance violations, part of the same crime spree that landed his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen in jail.  There are a myriad of other financial crimes such as tax fraud, the kind of which the NY Times published in exacting detail a couple years ago.  Once his tax returns are soon turned over to Congress & NY prosecutors, they will get to see if those tax crimes from the 1990’s are continuing right up through recent years.  There are also credible reports of Trump over-reporting the value of his assets to fraudulently obtain loans.  Ongoing investigations into Deutsche Bank’s financial records should help shed light on that front.  The Trump Foundation headed by Trump & his kids are also under investigation for stealing funds from their own charities & inauguration committee, among other suspicious financial dealings under probe, so losing the protection of the office he holds til Jan 20th could open the door for indictments to be unsealed.  Stay tuned!


Oh, did I fail to mention the court case where it will be determined if Trump’s DNA can be used to match evidence in a rape case?  The clothing from E. Jean Carroll is different from President Clinton’s DNA discovery with Monica’s blue dress, since in that case from the late 1990’s at least it involved consensual sex, not forcible rape like Trump is accused of.  Yes, Trump is looking ahead to a boatload of legal troubles.  Maybe that is the underlying reason he’s still trying to steal this election, since he needs the legal protections afforded by the presidency: & also see  Even from the federal cases I didn’t mention, there is proof of obstruction of justice all throughout the Russian probe, along with violating the Emoluments Clause & other crimes.  The prez should have been charged for election interference from his conspiracy plot with Russia & bribery/extortion scheme with Ukraine, but he had his cult there to protect him.  And among those corrupt cronies he recently pardoned, they could be required to testify & actually tell the truth next time.  The news about this vast criminal enterprise should really ramp up once the findings by prosecutors are uncovered & made public:
The Economy
At this stage of modern-day capitalism, it is fair to ask which is now the bigger threat to individual liberty, giant monopolistic corporations or big government?  History may not be an accurate guide in this high-tech global economy.  I would argue based on how the pendulum has swung wildly in favor of the oligarchs, we may have more to fear from the private sector.  They know no borders & can’t be voted out.  Worse yet, when big companies team up with big government, with corporate execs having DC politicians in their back pockets, that’s the worst of both worlds as individual liberty is not a priority of the powers-that-be.  The working class continues to get shafted as the system is rigged against them.  The U.S. has among the widest wage/wealth gaps in the entire free world that the pandemic has only exacerbated the inequalities:  In an incredibly wealthy nation like ours, it’s unconscionable for nearly half the working population to be living paycheck to paycheck & constantly struggling to keep their heads above water.  That is the key economic issue moving forward, restoring the American Dream by reigniting upward mobility, shared growth & opportunity for all.  Some eye-opening reports are inside these links:
Hoping for a Better Year in 2021
In conclusion, thank God 2020 is behind us!  We’re transitioning over to a new president after the outgoing president is largely responsible for the myriad of problems he’s leaving behind.  Namely, Trump’s mismanagement of the pandemic has resulted in the highest number of infections & deaths in the entire world, while various sectors of our economy have virtually collapsed.  He’s even bungling the rollout of the vaccination distribution:  The prez has also further divided us, bullied us & lied to us 25,000 times while in office.  Furthermore, from very credible evidence chronicled in my blog through the years at, I truly do believe him to be a corrupt con man, serial criminal & rapist.  What in the world is a person like that doing in the White House?  But expect more evidence to soon come out verifying such reports of criminality.
Now this dangerous demagogue seeks to fulfill his dream of becoming a dictator by stealing this election he lost.  This entire sorry episode is the most surreal/bizarro thing I’ve ever seen in American politics:  And permanent damage has been done to the underpinnings of our democracy with millions of Trump voters being deceived into thinking this election was stolen, destroying faith among a large chunk of the electorate that election results can be trusted (the fact most Trump voters believe his debunked election fraud claims reveal a gullibility & brainwashing well beyond normal human reasoning):  Oh wait, there really is proof of election fraud, but as I mentioned it came from Trump orchestrating sinister stunts like voter suppression, voter intimidation & sabotaging the postal service:  We are not a banana republic, or at least we never used to be.  MLK once said…He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.
So yes, 2020 was a miserable year, but the one saving grace was the election results may have saved our democracy.  The entire Trump presidency has been an assault on constitutional democracy as the needle has been bent closer to fascism, with his corrupt party, echo-media & fawning base all being enablers to the unimaginable evil.  We also see Trump’s primary legal team of Powell, Wood & crazy Rudy who all seem to be certifiably insane ( & also see making legal arguments which truly are insane.  All things considered, Trump has gone well beyond just being our worst president ever, he’s one of the worst persons we’ve ever known.  Let’s hope & pray Biden & his administration can fix the damage done to get us back on track.  The deranged lunatics in Trump’s cult are treating a descent into fascism as merely some constitutional procedure.  Words do not adequately describe the type of psychopathy we’re fighting.  Here are recent perceptive articles giving us a heads up on where we stand as a nation going into Wednesday, along with our selected music at the bottom:
Songs of Hope?
At a time when so-called patriot conservatives should be rallying behind the flag & Constitution in preserving our democracy, they are instead doubling down on lawless authoritarian fascism.  So they’re still going in the wrong direction as reflected by Fox News no longer lying enough for many of them, so they’re gravitating to other far-right networks willing to shamelessly lie ALL the time:  Millions of our fellow citizens who carry the conservative mantle have been duped into an extremist agenda that would in effect destroy our rights, freedoms & way of life.  Many white blue-collar workers are devoted to their charismatic king who is actually facilitating this society of oligarchy which works against their interests.  We’re also seeing white evangelicals preaching salvation can come through their deceitful & immoral earthly master.  They’ve all fallen under an evil spell which has dire consequences for all of us.   
There’s quite a diverse group of songs here, trying to offer some perspective & make sense of the chaos/confusion which has gripped our great nation, one in which our bitter divides are tearing at the fabric of society & ushering in a precipitous decline if we fail to agree around basic fundamental truths.  The insanity is no longer confined to fringe groups among the population, but has invaded the mentality of a huge portion of the American citizenry.  We can only hope in a few weeks under new leadership we begin to find our bearings again, but unfortunately we’ll still be cursed with the Trumpian mindset among his echo-media & Trumpeter base, which will continue to threaten our democracy unless we find a way to thoroughly discredit & marginalize their delusions.  America has reached a crossroads from which choosing the wrong road would lead to our ruin.  So enjoy the music & perhaps there are bigger lessons contained within we can all draw from:
A Failure…Hard to argue with the results of the poll from this article which are explained here…The poll of 1,000 registered voters Dec. 16-20 has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.  Asked how history would judge Trump’s presidency, 16% predict he will be seen as a great president, 13% as a good president, 16% as a fair president, and 50% as a failed president. Five percent are undecided:
If Trump’s Involved, Chaos Ensues…I’ve been correctly warning about the dangers of Trump for years, which this post-election dust-up only confirms my views as the current coup attempt further reveals who the outgoing prez really is.  The most disappointing part about this entire sorry chapter in our history the past 4 years is the response of most of the American people, where a high percentage of GOP supporters were deceived & possessed by his cult, while too many Dems were complacent & failed to do anything in confronting the threat.  Beating back against the threat of totalitarian fascism is too important to be apathetic about or give Trumpeters a pass in their embrace of all the lies.  This type of discrediting-an-election madness has never been seen before in America, so we must treat it with the kind of red-alert alarm it deserves.  Democracy is not a spectator sport, especially when seriously challenged as it’s been throughout the Trump presidency.
Let’s step back & review the way the wealthiest nation on Earth has turned into Trump’s America.  His bungling of a pandemic has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands, his lack of leadership on a stimulus package finds so many individuals & businesses going bankrupt as food lines stretch on for blocks, while his attempted coup to steal an election could permanently undermine our electoral process & constitutional democracy.  Great job Donald!  And 74 million really want to keep this guy?  I’d really like to know what they were thinking:  In his increasing lunacy, the prez is actually shrinking from the job as inexcusably the American people are suffering & being placed in more danger.  So as shocked & concerned citizens, we must resist as Trump is trying to steal our stimulus & our election.
This week’s headlines featured another bombardment of head-spinning Trump-inspired chaos.  Whichever advisor/lawyer that shifts further into the crazy zone is the one Trump most listens to.  And this terrible president has plenty of enablers within his party & state-run echo-media.  It looks like the deceptive conspiracy channels like Fox, Newsmax & OAN are cooling their jets over false claims of voting software irregularities, when a voting machine company threatened to call out their lies through lawsuits:  But after all this time, we might have finally found proof of voter fraud:
More political stunts to steal the spotlight came last night as Trump granted corrupt pardons along with that threat to veto the stimulus bill.  He always surrounds himself with corrupt criminals so is now rewarding their loyalties, further exposing this most lawless presidency in American history.  Also, if the prez really wanted higher stimulus checks, why did he not intervene during the congressional negotiations?  Congress took months to hammer out a relief bill that’s desperately needed, but Trump suddenly blows it up on a whim.  This episode is really more of a hissy fit con job by the drama king in his unrelenting quest to shake things up & perhaps try overturning an election, but he’s putting his own party in a bind ( while broke & starving Americans continue to wait.  As Chris Cuomo said tonight following the crazy shenanigans we’ve seen the past few days, Trump is indeed the absolute worst president ever!:
Listening to a Biden press conference compared to the current prez is like the difference between sober reality & clueless insanity.  I’ve long speculated Trump is an unhinged psycho, which since the election he’s increasingly proving me right.  And Trump’s low-information supporters continue to believe the lies being told questioning the validity of the election, so in effect they’ve become enemies to democracy & our country whether they realize it or not.  Citizens in 1930’s Germany were similarly seduced by such power-mad lawlessness & evil:  Yes, Trump does possess the same type of deceitful/narcissistic personality traits as some of the worst dictators throughout history.  America remains squarely seated on a keg of dynamite until this kook is ousted.  We’re just anxiously counting the days!  For the sake of democracy, we should all be grateful Uncle Joe will be our new president a month from now.  But as long as we still have a raging madman in the White House bent on revenge & carrying out his destructive mayhem, it’s a story we must follow closely.  So please peruse these numerous link titles (with a Christmas song at the bottom) & there’s a lot here in another crazy week:
Disastrous Dereliction of Duty while Dangerously Damaging Democracy…It’s clear Trump loves the attention & prestige that comes from the presidency, but never wanted to do the job.  Now this entire unhinged episode since the election of encouraging his political allies to stage a coup while inciting his more deranged followers to engage in threats/violence & be ready for war, are all doing incalculable damage to the stability & future of our democracy.  The more Trump plots these preposterous conspiracy theories to try stealing the election, the more insane he looks.  But it may be mostly a con for grifting huge piles of cash away from the pockets of his naive base on his way out the door:  Overall we cannot dismiss the bigger threat, this video shows how democracy dies:  The prez even had a White House meeting on Friday night with the likes of Flynn, Powell & crazy Rudy, hashing out every potential option for turning America into a fascist society:
More so than any other public figure in American history, with Trump it’s been lie after lie after lie after lie, leading to the astounding count of more than 25,000 verifiable lies by Trump while in office:,4410717749345817999&mkt=en-us,en-us&ocid=uxbndlbing.  The lies can arguably be considered treasonous & complicit in inciting domestic terrorism:  His most deadly 2020 fibs involve all the dismissals & denials he made earlier this year about the virus, even though as the prez admitted to Woodward he was fully briefed & well aware how dangerous Covid would likely become.  Then his mismanagement of a pandemic throughout 2020 featured slowing down testing, mocking mask wearing, undermining social distancing by encouraging public gatherings, plus pursuing a strategy of herd immunity where he favored letting people get sick:
And this bungling by Trump allowing the virus to spiral out of control also crashed many sectors of the economy, which for months he failed to take the lead on a badly-needed stimulus package to help desperate businesses & workers from going under, as congressional talks kept getting hopelessly bogged down:  Sen. Toomey was previously considered more of a sane GOP politician, so it’s surprising he would throw in a last-minute poison pill over the Fed’s emergency lending power:  It is true many GOP senators never wanted a deal, which offers up yet another good reason the Dems need to win the Senate.  At least tonight FINALLY, after months of haggling, a deal was reached:  The one good optic for the prez on the virus is the way drug companies recently helped cushion his catastrophic leadership by using modern medical advances & breakthrough technologies to produce vaccines in record time, but even now his flailing buffoonery is botching the rollout distribution of these vaccines:  
Not only has our prez failed to protect us against the pandemic of the century as we lead the world in virus deaths, but he’s utterly failed to protect us against a leading geopolitical foe in Russia:  He’s dropped the ball on a major cyberattack that represents a legitimate threat to our national security:  Even this weekend our Russian-friendly president gave cover to his ally Putin by denying & deflecting Russian involvement:  One Facebook reply I got speculated Trump may have helped the Russians carry out this massive hack attack, since he always seems so compromised by Putin.  Such a suggestion may seem far-fetched, but we can’t put anything past someone like Trump…Gabbie Book I wouldn’t doubt that Trump is part of the hacking because he probably somehow gave them codes or entry into our system. As it turns out he should have never been president.  Yes, he truly never should have been elected in the first place, but we can take heart there’s only one more month of chaos remaining when the curse will be lifted!

Despite his boasts, Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he stocked it with snakes & alligators:  And the right-wing media is always in the tank for their king, but they have the nerve to go after Hunter Biden while giving the Trump family a pass?:  From Trump & his family, to their political allies & state echo-media, to the Trumpeters who are enabling this smelly toxic swamp, it’s increasingly apparent we really are dealing with a cult who’d opt for autocracy over democracy if it kept their wannabe dictator in power:  Aside from the pandemic, the single biggest problem we now face in America is a sizable portion of the population believing the lies & are being “radicalized” by the various far-right messaging sources: & also see
So just when we thought this incompetent presidency couldn’t get any worse, Trump has now resorted to basically doing nothing while crisis after crisis flares all around him.  He’s earned his reputation:  And in defeat, we see the way the prez is playing out the string while checked out from doing his job, with valid signs he might be falling into psychopathy: & also see  As this article accurately states what should be obvious to most of us…I have noted in the past that the president has at times tried to compete with James Buchanan as the worst president in U.S. history. But there is one important difference: Buchanan knew it and wanted to leave the office. Trump does not…Jed Babbin.  These links provide the most pertinent recent reports, since it’s especially important to stay on top of the news when our democracy is being threatened.  It doesn’t really matter if many of these are left-wing sources, as long as they speak the truth:


With our country mired in the devastation from the virus, collapsed economy & as yet unknown calamity from the extensive Russian hack, there’s not a peep about any of this coming from our president.  But tonight, our psychopath-in-chief deemed it appropriate to tweet out an insult like this:  Trump is a complete disgrace!
Who’s In Charge?…With our prez doing absolutely nothing except stewing over losing the election & trying to stage a coup, at a time when the disasters from his incompetent leadership are sprouting up all around us, that’s why we must pay close attention to the chaotic & very scary news headlines.  The virus spikes have hit all-time highs for infections, hospitalizations & daily deaths in this pandemic of the century, springing from Trump’s multiple failures to contain the virus early on, plus newly released documents showing his administration pursued a policy of herd immunity where they actually wanted Americans to get sick. 
Trump’s bungling also led to the collapse of many sectors of the economy, with businesses & workers desperate to keep their heads above water, yet the White House & Congress have been negligent for months in passing another urgent stimulus package.  Then there’s the massive Russian hack into our government agencies which includes the department that holds our nuclear weapons, from which our prez has again gone into his shell so as to not offend his good buddy Putin.  Make no mistake, Trump has been AWOL as the catastrophes afflicting our nation continue unabated on his watch:
Aside from the immediate dangers, by discrediting our electoral process (& we have yet to see any hard evidence of voter fraud), the prez has set a precedent for future demagogues who could turn American democracy into autocracy.  The good news we can point towards for hope is in the vaccines now being delivered, plus Trump will be leaving office next month (& it can’t come soon enough).  My daughter won a Reagan scholarship after high school which earned her a trip to the Reagan Library, so I wonder if Trump will sponsor a scholarship & invite the winners to his library?:  Here is the important news of the day:
Still…The Electoral College has officially confirmed Joe Biden is still our next president.  Yet Trump is still attacking our election system, & in doing so is still doing great harm to the pillars of our constitutional democracy.  McConnell & other GOP politicians are begrudgingly acknowledging Biden as the president-elect, but too many in that party are still mum on the election results, or worse yet still assisting Trump with those false claims of election fraud.  Although his support is still shrinking, the outgoing prez is still pressing forward with his lawless coup attempt.  And he still has the backing of the deceptive far-right echo-media.  So with the threat still hanging over our heads along with millions of his deluded voters still thinking the election was stolen, we still need to follow the headlines closely as seen below.  We just can’t sit still & watch the autocratic enemies of freedom still trying to usurp ill-begotten & unbridled power.  And we still put our songs at the bottom, the selected ballard chosen this time is simply called Still:
No long-winded rants from me tonight, it’s time for the Electoral College to do all the talking:  And after all the disgraceful denialism we’ve heard from Trump & his minions, they should be ashamed our nation has hit the 300K mark for deaths (many of which were needless deaths):  Please peruse these links of interesting articles from over the weekend…
Are We At a New Beginning?…This was probably the scariest week in America since 9-11.  Deaths in this country from the virus have soared to levels above having a 9-11 every day & become our leading cause of death, plus Trump tried to pressure the Supreme Court into taking two cases that basically would have nullified the votes of millions of citizens in key swing states.  Earlier this week, a case involving the PA vote was turned down by the high court, while a Texas amicus brief was rejected by most of the justices this evening.  That brief was the one Trump called “the big one,” which has now blown up in his face.  On Monday the electoral college is set to officially ratify Biden’s 306 votes as the president-elect.  At that point only diehards could keep up the outrageous fight to undo our election.  The sore loser mad king is virtually out of options in his relentless quest to steal this election & usurp unbridled power.  So tonight ends the week in victory with the dual headlines of the court dismissal plus the first vaccine being approved.
While grave damage to our democracy has been averted, terrible damage has already been done.  The skids have already been greased on our slide into tyranny.  Due to Trump’s example, the end result could see future elections when denying the outcome & staging coups become commonplace.  Even this week when we saw 18 state attorney generals & a solid majority of the GOP House caucus sign onto the baseless Texas legal brief which essentially really was a coup attempt that could obliterate voting rights, it has shaken our longstanding democratic foundations while leaving our Constitution hanging by a thread.  We may never fully know how close we were to falling into dictatorship.  The bigger lesson from the Trump presidency is that we can never take our free democracy for granted, so there are times like recently when we needed to raise our voices in stamping out the threat.  Thanks to all of you who participated in this noble crusade.
With this shameless Trumpian effort to override the will of the voters being so obvious, we have to wonder why most of his GOP voters still believe those unsubstantiated & outlandish claims of election fraud.  Those Trumpeters have such twisted logic that they’ve managed to convince themselves whatever Trump says is true, but the outgoing prez could have never achieved such an elevated level of deception by himself.  He’s gotten a lot of help all along from his compromised echo-media, those who’ve climbed aboard the Trump train delivering a constant stream of nonsensical propaganda & conspiracies.  The evil echo actually brought about Trumpism in the first place, since Trump’s presidential campaign began well before 2016 through channeling the exact same rhetoric his base was hearing in the right-wing media.  And that same extremist messaging is sure to continue long after Trump leaves office.
As a formerly lifelong GOP supporter, I was a faithful Limbaugh listener & Fox viewer, but I quit that habit a few years ago when I could tell they were mostly lying to me.  Conservative media messengers are not nearly the same as 20 years ago when such shows were a worthy counter to the mainstream media.  But as they’ve steadily shifted further & further out to the extreme right over the years, their narratives have practically gone insane as the standard mantra has shifted more to nihilism & tribal grievances.  When the blowhard hosts & their captive fans derisively refer to RINO’s, little do they know that acronym actually refers to those of us Republicans who were smart enough to escape the Trump cult & the destructive agenda it represents.  What remains of the GOP now immersed in Trumpism may be corrupted beyond hope.  Many Republicans have become pathological liars in following the example of the boss they serve.
It’s the right-wing media’s business model to be shameless grifters where facts are routinely dismissed as inconveniences.  It is not real news they peddle, more like entertainment for a niche audience.  The same basic narratives are uniformly spread throughout social media, TV & radio networks, where lies are permitted if it fits the tribal narrative.  Rarely do they say anything constructive, just a litany of complaints.  And that entire far-right media industry has been built by identifying and demonizing enemies which gets their listeners all riled up, so they constantly hear a daily dose of whatever dirt they can dig up on Biden, Pelosi, AOC, etc.  It’s still hard for them to give up on Hillary since she’s been their go-to villain for decades, but conservative audiences haven’t caught onto that echo-media’s disingenuous game & generally don’t recognize how off-base these media hosts truly are.  This voter fraud claim despite zero evidence is their latest disgrace.  They’ve even managed to dupe their followers into literally supporting a form of fascist tyranny with their election denialism. 
Also keep in mind that same disinformation messaging has all along basically called this pandemic a hoax & not something to actually take seriously, which the reckless behavior they convinced their fans to engage in likely contributed to a large chunk of the hundreds of thousand American deaths.  Trump himself largely dismissed & ignored the virus to catastrophic consequences, but at least now he’s saying that he’s working harder than he ever has (not in fighting the virus, but instead calculating to try stealing the election).  So the brainwashing of the GOP mindset goes on unabated, feeding the polarization as our country badly suffers for it.  When Americans are so bitterly divided & can’t even agree around basic facts, we become feckless in resolving our pressing problems.  Here are recent relevant articles for you to peruse the link titles which contain some interesting stuff:
How Can We Defeat an Evil Echo?…Trump will be exiting the White House next month, but the bigger & longer lasting problem of the far-right echo-media remains:  As has been the case for years, the conservative base keeps gravitating to increasingly more extremist messaging sources where tribal grievances trump facts:  We’ll never reverse our nation’s decline & unite around a consensus for solving our pressing problems if the conservative base keeps believing the constant stream of lies they’re being fed:  That misinformation media is also unleashing the crazies out there ready to inflict violence.  
Trumpeters need rescued from their destructive cult, but there are no easy answers for actually achieving that:  Some of these nutballs are so delusional & deranged, they seem ready for civil war in a coup attempt to keep their authoritarian hero in power.  The heat keeps getting turned up from Trumpian rhetoric, as this right-wing uprising could turn tragic if their foolish mindset continues comprehending things far beyond the realm of reality.  Public servants (including Republicans) upholding our election laws are getting death threats while present/future Trump-clone politicians will use his same devious strategies in perpetually gaslighting us until their autocratic dreams are realized.  Let’s recognize who our enemies are as they’re here among us within our borders:  Perhaps this former Republican explains it best:
Even prior to this maniacal coup attempt, Trump has been a proven disaster as president:  But no matter how little we thought of Trump up through the election, this post-election assault on truth makes it abundantly clear the outgoing president is even more despicably psychotic than we ever realized.  After this insane & criminalized presidency, I don’t know if it’s more appropriate for Trump to go straight from the White House to the big house or the rubber room.  One thing I do know, our free democracy isn’t likely to survive if Trump or somebody of his ilk ever becomes our conspirator-in-chief again.  Even today there seems to be no limits to their tyrannical game after Biden has already won the election, with 17 Republican states coming onboard in still trying to nullify this free & fair election:  Much like we’re in the midst of the pandemic of the century, our country’s political climate is also facing the most dangerous moment in more than a century.  Here are today’s headlines we most need to know:
Another Bad Day in Court for the Sore Loser…Trump is thoroughly despicable as he shamelessly tries to steal this election.  The attack on our electoral process goes far beyond these selfish grifters like Trump, his corrupted party & deceitful echo-media more than willing to sell out our democracy.  There are also their slavish followers who’ve been bamboozled into being participants in this current decline of America’s constitutional norms.  And all these devious elements will still be exerting their destructive influence on our nation long after Biden has taken over.  But for now, we’re still watching in real time how the outgoing president is rallying his troops for a legislative & judicial coup, while the clarion call from the far-right fringe are urging civil war:  The sore loser appears to be mentally deranged as he can’t acknowledge, accept or handle losing, plus he remains a liar to the bitter end:
The wanna-be dictator & his corrupt henchmen will keep pouting as they refuse to recognize Biden’s win, but they’re fast running out of time & options.  After yesterday’s Pearl Harbor Day, today is Safe Harbor Day which basically locks in the state electoral vote counts:  Today also saw the Supreme Court run away from a PA vote count challenge as fast as they could:  So the dangers of overriding a free & fair election may have been averted for the time being, but we should never forget how the GOP at the beck & call of their cult leader tried to steal this election along with destroying our longstanding democracy.  Even in 4 years we must remember which party was complicit in this evil plot to deny the American people their vote & thereby establish tyranny.  Here are today’s updates:
Stop the Steal?  Better Yet Stop the Coup…Trump’s assault on our electoral system was a premeditated attack!  Knowing he was trailing in the polls prior to the election & was likely to lose, our autocrat-in-chief laid out an elaborate scheme which featured convincing his echo-media & base that he could only lose if the election was rigged against him.  The plot included a comprehensive disinformation campaign for discrediting & challenging the election in a variety of ways, which I predicted would happen the day before the election as seen here by scrolling to the bottom of Part 3:  It’s a tragedy for our nation that rather than trusting the truth from fact-based media sources, the conservative base like lemmings are being hoodwinked by Fox fake news & all the rest of the conspiratorial far-right talk-show nudniks.  Such a delusional right-wing group mindset is undermining democracy:  Can this GOP quest for power really be worth backing an aspiring dictator?  And this entire post-election fiasco has laid bare Trump’s mental psychosis.
With Trump’s legal team dredging up mind-numbingly twisted and baseless claims about election fraud, there are reasons they’ve lost more than 3 dozen lawsuits in the courts.  Without any hard evidence, it’s just hard to comprehend the level of naivete it takes for Trumpeters to actually believe this election was stolen: & also see  The crazy has been normalized in America because of Trump-world.  This gaslighting strategy may just be the grifter Trump shaking down his gullible supporters for more campaign funds.  But after what has been two-&-a-half centuries of successful democracy, Trump is pressuring GOP officials to support his insane power-grab that could essentially turn America into repressive fascist tyranny.  Below is a list of more recent articles with important news, which we all should be paying attention since we’ve never before experienced a sitting/outgoing president engaging in a coup attempt:  A half-hour here provides 100 times more info than the evening news, as it’s imperative we remain vigilant & ready to squash this threat of fascism should it spiral out of control: 
Anniversaries…It’s Pearl Harbor Day & it sure is a good thing a president like Trump wasn’t in charge in 1941.  He may have surrendered to the Japanese like he surrendered to the virus:  We also lost a Beatle 40 years ago when he was fatally shot on the steps leading to his door:  Life itself is a long and winding road full of disappointments, challenges, uncertainty & misconceptions…


Let’s Not Be Complacent, The Crazies Out There Are Still Stirring Things Up…Trump’s deranged temper tantrums since the election clearly show what a danger he is to our country.  It verifies what I’ve always believed about this egomaniacal/narcissistic madman, that he at his core is pure evil & is leading a delusional cult who’d destroy America if given their way.  The whole Trump presidency has been the most blatantly continuing abuse of power from governing authorities in the history of our nation.  Lest you doubt the veracity of my claims about this outgoing president, the truth about these chaotic 4 years is well-chronicled inside  All along we’ve seen an incompetent, divisive & lawless president engaged in a direct assault on our constitutional democracy, while he always puts self over country.  It’s hard to believe the things we are still seeing could ever happen in America as Trump tries to overturn a free & fair election, but that’s what can happen when we put a lying corrupt demagogue in charge.  Let’s hope we can keep the ongoing disasters down to a minimum until January 20th when Biden takes charge. 
Below are the most relevant new reports from the newsfeeds, featuring a variety of topics including Trump’s attempted coup & his deadly bungling in handling the pandemic of the century, despite the prez being warned repeatedly early on how lethal this virus would likely become.  It’s simply stunning that in his sworn role to preserve & protect, his entire focus is now on stealing this election while the virus is killing Americans at the rate of another 9-11 every day.  It’s trending towards soon becoming the leading cause of death over both heart disease & cancer.  Our dismissive president allowed COVID to spread out of control to where we have the most infections & deaths of any other country, causing the rest of the world to pity us while our reputation sinks.  And our international leadership role as the great defender of democracy is also in disarray, with a tyrannical nationalist party (the GOP) acting like a fascist movement more closely aligned with 1930’s Germany.  There’s always lots of links posted which you should at least peruse the titles, since preserving our free society in this unique & dangerous situation requires we really pay attention, at least until this immediate Trump threat is put down (so we still face 47 more days of terror):
It’s good to have power back after getting slammed with a 2-foot snowstorm yesterday.  As I checked the newsfeeds today once my internet came back, I see Trump & his accomplices are still deceiving their followers about the election results.  The Trump cult in echoing their master are trampling on the Constitution with this coup attempt while ratcheting up the risk of violence from their duped/crazed fans, as many among the suckers in their base are donating real dollars to the hopelessly failed election fraud case with most of the donations diverted to other purposes.  Yep, the GOP base is being played for fools with no understanding how badly they’re being manipulated, displaying gullibility beyond reason by buying into fantasy tales of a rigged election without proof. 
And the hero they worship is acting like a psychopath, maybe because he is one.  It’s as though he truly wants to incite civil war while permanently damaging our democracy, since he apparently doesn’t give a damn about our country now that the voting public has rejected him.  If Trump-world got their way, tyranny would replace freedom.  It’s why I have zero tolerance for Trumpeters & the echo-media that fuels them, since they are complicit in this ongoing national nightmare.  Here are links to informative articles which clearly expose Trump’s fact-free rants that are giving a whole new meaning to words like crazy, maniacal & lunatic.  In fact, this entire post-election charade represents insanity on steroids:
Yep, we must be dealing with a demented psychopath hell-bent on becoming a tyrannical dictator.  How else can we explain Trump’s bizarre statements?  The Trump presidency has been an unmitigated disaster in practically every sense, but these relentless evidence-free claims of election fraud which essentially amounts to a slow-moving coup attempt are probably the most destructive attack on our democracy that he’s committed:  It will be a tall order, but there’s hope Biden can mend some fences & perhaps begin the process of reuniting our nation:
But until January 20th there can be no mistake, we’re still dealing with a madman in the White House who needs held in check until we can thankfully get rid of him.  And to the extent the echo-media & Trump voters actually believe these crazy allegations how this election was stolen from Trump, it displays both their blatant lying & abject stupidity, even to the point of them serving as enemies to the people:  Yes, way too many Trumpeter deniers have flat-out been hopelessly brainwashed by the propaganda echo:
On 60 Minutes, election security chief Chris Krebs explained why there was no grand scheme to give Biden the election win.  For one thing, having a paper ballot trail that aligned with the actual tallies in various states, it clearly shows there was no widespread manipulation of the vote.  So that does provide irrefutable proof Trump’s rants about a rigged election are simply nonsensical gibberish:


I’m convinced this president’s assault on our free & fair elections is either an act of treason or someone severely mentally ill.  It’s either one or the other, or even a combination of both.  But as a nation, we can’t wait to rid ourselves of this deranged lunatic, who by any definition has demonstrated he’s truly a jackass plus a chronic liar…& that’s being kind.  We can’t give any slack to someone who’s out to destroy our democracy.  And it’s true the echo-media & Trump voters certainly share in the blame.  It’s so surreal this could even be happening in America:
The Gaslighting Continues…Trump’s lies are still doing tremendous damage to our democratic system as lately he relentlessly undermines our electoral process.  When the far-right media-echo keeps perpetuating those lies, the resulting polarization is tearing our nation apart while potentially precipitating our demise.  Just ponder the fact 75 million Americans voted for a corrupt/lawless demagogue.  If the conservative mindset doesn’t change, it has the potential to destroy America.  Even without a President Trump, a free society would never survive the growing Trumpism mentality backed by a deceptive right-wing media.  The dangers are all too real as explained here in the latest news reports worth paying attention to:
Fighting a Coup…It’s hard to believe we’d ever see this unconstitutional plot to steal an election happening in America.  Yes, this coup attempt has become a sick joke and national disgrace:  And the crazy conspiracy theory about rigged voting software trumpeted by Trump’s legal team doesn’t hold up to scrutiny:  Despite those kangaroo court lawyers dutifully spewing Trump’s lies, the fact is Dominion’s voting system tally is backed up by paper ballots, which the Georgia hand recounts prove there was no monkey business going on with their software:
So are the deranged arguments Trump placed high hopes on crumbling?  Now we’re hearing this entire insane legal strategy has apparently gone off the rails, based on finding out tonight there’s trouble in paradise: & also see  If it’s possible, crazed-lawyer Powell might be even loonier than crazy-lawyer Rudy!:  Her dismissal seems to blow the legitimacy of whatever last desperate claim about widespread voter fraud Trump might have clinged to.
Our outgoing president’s pathetic blind thirst for power is trumping the integrity of our democratic system.  Trump has lowered America’s leadership standards to such an extent we may never recover.  No matter what a person’s political ideologies might be, when the fictional far-right mindset has infested much of the conservative base with a gaslighting-type dishonesty devoid of integrity, the forces of deceitful echo-media messaging must keep replicating their chicanery just to keep the game going & maintain its existence.  So it is with Trumpism, an evil way of thinking that will live on even after Trump leaves office, continuing in their destructive efforts to usurp illicit power which could ultimately replace freedom with suppression.  And GOP politicians are playing along in their silence, capitulating to the cult.  There is no redeeming value to Trumpism, as it must be defeated before their hero-worshiping ways anointing the next demagogic leader turn our democracy into an autocratic state.  Here’s some more of today’s news it is important for Americans to pay attention to:
Trump’s Clown Train is Rolling Off the Rails…Despite all the bizarre & wild-eyed claims from Trump’s so-called legal team, we have yet to see any credible evidence, since the real facts would cause the Trump arguments to fall flat on their face.  One example is crazy-lawyer Rudy & QAnon-loving lawyer Powell claiming overvotes in some areas, but they confused townships in Minnesota with Michigan: & also see  And it’s deplorable this is Trump’s entire focus when thousands of Americans are dying each day from a pandemic. 
Most delusional Trumpeters are convinced the election has been stolen from Trump, but they only believe the conspiratorial nonsense coming from the fact-free, far-right, evil-echo media.  They’re totally clueless how wrong they really are!  So they should instead be watching a show from real news this morning that does an excellent job of refuting that echo-propaganda garbage about election results, explaining how asinine those arguments of massive voter fraud truly are.  No wonder Rudy was sweating black ooze down his face in that vaudeville act on Thursday, as what he was saying was mind-bendingly ridiculous.  This would all be comical if it weren’t so serious, since Trump-world may be doing permanent damage to our democracy.  The beginning of the Smerconish show is broken down here into 3 parts:


I guess none of this should surprise us.  I’ve said all along Trump aspired to be a fascist dictator if he could get away with it.  And before the election I pointed out he had already laid out an elaborate scheme to steal the election, but he’s now being so blatant about it that he’s no longer trying to hide it.  Today’s gambit features meeting with GOP lawmakers from Michigan, where our current prez may have convinced them to delay certifying the election in their state despite Biden winning there by over 150,000 votes.  There’s no question all his crazy antics are an abuse of power undermining our democracy.  Even after Trump is booted out in a couple months, he’s still leaving a very dangerous precedent. 
As the American people, we must be paying attention & fend off this apparent coup attempt, so below we’ve posted today’s most pertinent news headlines.  Fighting back against a wanna-be dictator is something Americans have never had to deal with in our nation’s entire history, so we must now rise to meet the moment.  I’ve always perceived Trump as pure evil, which the more we see of his sinister actions the more he proves it, while we can’t dismiss the possibility this mad hold on power means we’re dealing with a true psychopath:
Trump Media…Even these Trump sycophants on Fox understand the claims of rigged software giving Biden mass vote counts at Trump’s expense are nutso and lack even a shred of credible evidence.  How long is the rest of the right-wing charade media going to keep perpetrating these obvious lies and enabling a coup attempt?:
Never Up To The COVID Fight…It’s not the governors or health experts we should be complaining about as constantly heard on the mindless twisted distortion of truth that is the far-right echo-media.  It’s actually the leadership void at the very top which is the problem.  It’s like if FDR had surrendered to the Japs after Pearl Harbor while going into hiding inside the White House, or George W. going into seclusion after 9-11 while ignoring the terrorists.  Trump has been AWOL as he ignored and surrendered to the virus, now hiding out inside the White House as this pandemic rages.  And to think he’s the one who was accusing Biden of hiding in his basement: 
Being Dumbed-Down is a Tragic Thing…Trumpeters remain delusional, still trusting in Trump & his right-wing fake news.  Even after Trump leaves, his cult will live on:
Crazy Press Conference on Thursday…Thursday’s presser with crazy Rudy and his hair-dye dripping down his face really was absurd.  Team-Trump fed us conspiracies, hearsay & innuendo full of disinformation from bad foreign actors that was mind-numbingly preposterous!  If they want to prove any voter fraud in court with actual evidence, those lawyers have got to do a whole lot better than the nonsense they threw out there yesterday.  And it takes a fan-base with stubborn mindsets thoroughly brainwashed by the far-right Trumpian media to actually swallow this garbage.  Yes, this really was insane:
Come listen to a story ’bout a man named Jed (or was it Rudy?)…What could that dark liquid running down crazy Rudy’s face be?  Just a wild guess here…And then one day he was shootin at some food, And up through the ground come a bubblin crude. Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea:
It’s terrifying that 70+ million Americans still basically abide by that misguided Trumpian point of view & demagogic attitudes.  America did dodge a bullet since we narrowly defeated the forces of deception, division, corruption & autocracy.  We can’t get Trump out of office soon enough!  Once the recount in GA is concluded next week & goes into Biden’s column, all these absurd claims by Trump of voter fraud or letting state legislatures override the will of the people becomes even more preposterous, since he would need to steal 3 different states & not just 1 or 2. 
And Trump’s war against Fox fake news is rather amusing:  In his rage going out the door, he’s gonna burn a lot of bridges.  As the prez continues his temper tantrums & refuses to concede, he’s undermining our free electoral process that is the bedrock of our democracy.  He’s also checked out from doing his real job as the pandemic escalates with thousands of Americans dying every day, so Trump’s appalling indifference & incompetence continue to cause so many needless deaths:  Some more interesting recent updates are here:
This morning I posted the message below to the Facebook page of a local radio-host hack who’s on the big AM talk show station in Cleveland.  Their daily lineup features Geraldo, Glenn Beck & Limbaugh, which this local buffoon is just as bad as those syndicated shows.  This was under his section on Facebook where he’s mad at Fox fake news since they only lie 80% of the time in compliance to Trump, so he switched to Newsmax so he could be lied to ALL the time!…
I was formerly a GOP supporter, but I stopped watching Fox years ago when they started lying to us, so I switched TV networks for different reasons.  Over the past few decades, right-wing talk radio and social media sites have gotten increasingly extreme as they kept dragging the conservative mindset further out on the nihilistic far-right, so Fox kept going further out on the fringes in appealing to that audience.  This latest push to Newsmax & OAN is an extension of that trend which would prompt Fox to go even further out on the far-right.  Problem is, those networks crossed the line of reality and sanity years ago, abandoning planet Earth as they now live in some alternate galaxy.  I would even suggest other than COVID, these extreme right-wing media sources have become the biggest problem facing America, since they’ve mentally conditioned the base of a major political party to believe in falsehoods, distortions, exaggerations, propaganda and conspiracy theories.  So as a society when we can no longer agree around basic facts, we’ll never work together in solving our major problems.  This out-of-control pandemic is one glaring example.
Trump & the allies in his party & echo-media are still throwing out there the prospect of election fraud without a shred of evidence, to the point they’re trying to stage an illegal coup & invalidate a free & fair election.  Hopefully truth will soon prevail & we can somehow have some semblance of a smooth transition without civil war breaking out.  But at least for the time being, we keep hearing demonic lies & conspiracies on the far-right originating from the pit of hell.  As the Scripture states in John 8:44 that Satan is the father of lies, so right now he’s giving the Trump cult plenty of fodder.  Fortunately, not only does Trump’s evil squad lack any credible evidence, but it looks like he’d need to steal 3 different states that Biden won & not just one.  Plus in the case of PA, the number of so-called illegal votes would have to sway in Trump’s favor by probably around 70K votes, a very tall order. 
We should remember how in the year 2000 Al Gore graciously accepted defeat for the good of the nation even though he had a legitimate beef.  But we shouldn’t be surprised that Trump declines to concede & would pull out all the stops in trying to become a rogue dictator, since that’s who he has proven to be.  We’ve posted thousands of links from major news sources revealing his fascist intent in the archives of every Part 2 from our blog:  The current prez has already succeeded in packing the courts while anointing loyalist lapdogs in key positions of power inside Congress, his cabinet, the DOJ, State Dept. & his echo-media.  And this week he’s starting to pollute top military positions with corrupt henchmen who might assist in any coup attempt while placing our national security at risk:
I’ve repeatedly warned in my blog if Trump were given another 4 years to complete his mission, we likely wouldn’t even recognize our constitutional democracy by 2024 (& some of the damage done may already be permanent by Trump setting dangerous precedents:  Always remember, we are dealing with a certifiable pathological liar, immoral/serial con man, vengeful/temperamental bully & egomaniacal narcissist who really does appear to be mentally unstable.  He’s further proving that in his disgraceful conduct & denials this week.  So these post-election shenanigans aren’t a surprise & we must resist this cult uprising.  Imagine if Hillary had tried this same corrupt usurping of power 4 years ago, Trump nation really would have tried to lock her up. 
Yes, Biden did win fair & square:  At some point for the good of our nation, Trump & his followers need to accept reality & admit we have a new president (which the most hardened Trumpeters obviously won’t concede while refusing to stray from their comfort zone inside that fact-free/hermetically-sealed bubble).  Oh, by the way, in addition to all this chaos we also have Trump’s mishandling of a pandemic allowing the virus to rage out of control.  Here are excellent updates mostly from WaPo giving accurate perspectives on where we currently stand on the election results, with America having to deal with a conservative party giving way to their fascist urgings in support of their tyrannical king: 
So far there’s been no coordinated deadly attacks from Trump’s army (yet), those crazed white supremacist domestic terrorists.  Perhaps Trump & his pundits claiming voter fraud they’re fighting out in court has Trumpeters thinking they can still win this election through legal means without the use of force.  So this delay hopefully gives these deranged militia groups a chance to gradually accept defeat & simmer down, perhaps taking much of the edge off their violent coup plans.  It’s curious how Trump has gone silent this weekend, so we have to wonder whether he’s becoming resigned to reality.  Those court challenges are really just a Hail Mary, especially when it appears multiple states & not just PA would give Biden the winning margin.  And the ballots being counted were legally cast based on state laws as there is no evidence to the contrary, while the mail-in vote counting is being watched by observers in both parties & monitored on camera. 
It just defies logic that even after 4 years of this chaotic nihilistic mess we’ve endured, Trump still managed to garner the overwhelming support of that strange coalition mix of white rural, white non-educated, white evangelicals & white nationalists, which these misguided & naive folks were again all in on the Trump grievance-train.  Those groups just don’t see the same Trump as others on the opposite side do & there’s lots of pent-up anger on both sides: & also see  But this weekend was a moment of jubilation for many of us, since I sincerely doubt our democratic institutions would have held up under the horrors of a second term:
It was a great hard-fought victory but with plenty of battles ahead.  Even by voting Trump out, the greater problem for America remains as Trumpism lives on.  The tentacles of that entire far-right echo-chamber media machine headed by Fox fake news is still spreading a constant litany of lies, propaganda & conspiracies, which rational minds find mind-numbingly ridiculous.  But if those entertainment (they’re not news) outlets keep spewing that extremist garbage & the conservative base keeps believing it, as a polarized nation we’ll never be able to agree around basic facts & start resolving our serious issues.  Uncle Joe can’t fix things on his own.  Biden does have an extremely difficult job ahead with our country in crisis & bitterly divided:, plus he needs to restore our shattered relationships around the world. 
So yes, other than the immediate threat of getting the raging virus pandemic under control, it’s the evil echo that may well be the biggest challenge America must first overcome in becoming a functioning society again.  We do need conservative media expressing those viewpoints if they’re valid, but not the outrageous train wreck those TV, radio & internet sources are cooking up these days with their crazy Trumpism rhetoric:–but-not-the-war-against-trumpism/ & also see  I was a Fox viewer for a long time, but they don’t even resemble the same network I once knew as certain hosts & particularly prime-time shows are way off the rails!: & also see


Time for Trump to look in the mirror & say those famous words that need to be said…

CNN, NBC & Others just Called the Race for the NEW President!!!

They’ve got to call this thing soon, all the numbers are going Biden’s way in all 4 states still in doubt.  A few more vote drops coming in today & there will be no more doubt.  I really do sense the hesitancy to declare the winner comes in large part over fears of violence from deranged Trumpeters, since they’re loaded for bear.  Trump’s insane tweets are further convincing his fans the election is being stolen from them (while offering up zero credible evidence), so his lies become the primary source that’s sure to incite the inexcusable violence. 
But the facts cannot be denied & Biden is about to become President-elect, at which point many dedicated civil servants would sadly need to have taken steps for ensuring their safety, as politicians, pundits & even poll workers could find themselves in the crosshairs of the rage unleashed from that crazed-psycho Trump-nation cult.  It’s stunning & discouraging (& scary) so many Americans have abandoned truths by instead choosing to believe whatever their dishonest demagogue master tells them.
A Sigh of Relief along with that Hollow Feeling…It’s after midnight here in the Eastern Time Zone, so enjoy our midnight songs at the bottom as the midnight hour has arrived for the Trump presidency.  The returns are coming in agonizingly slow, but we already know the election’s outcome as it will likely be tomorrow before it’s declared officially.  I’m no longer doing the blog but just enjoying the moment.  It is a huge relief to squeak by in this election with a newly elected president, but it’s still leaving a rather deflated feeling.  A close election means Trumpism will still be in control of the GOP, fueling America’s decline for the foreseeable future as the conservative base continues to adamantly refuse to agree around indisputable facts.  I’m mystified nearly half the voting population who cast ballots (around 75 million) would vote for Trump after what we’ve witnessed the past 4 years.  Apparently, Trump nation wanted more lying, bullying, division, corruption & failing to fight a virus devastating our economy, along with killing Americans into the hundreds of thousands with no end in sight:  Why would anyone want such traits in a president?
It’s disheartening to think Trump might be only a symptom of the bigger problem, in that at least 40% of the population are being influenced & deceived by the extreme far-right narratives that are proliferating throughout TV & radio networks & internet social media groups, from which not even our majority of votes & fact-based arguments can contain.  That Trumpist attitude embraced by the echo-media & conservative base which is fueling unrelenting polarization doesn’t bode well for America’s future, while it looks likely gridlock-Mitch may continue controlling & committing perpetual obstruction in the Senate, as he’ll fight Biden at every turn like he did with Obama.  The pre-election polls turned out disappointing, maybe because it’s more likely to be Trumpeters who refused to answer the pollsters or perhaps lied to them about their voting intentions. 
It’s also clear the Dems lost the economic message in this election, which they must regroup with a more viable plan they can articulate to the working middle class that actually resonates, while fostering a can-do work ethic that produces shared growth/upward mobility without being seen as having a handout socialist agenda.  It will be challenging but shouldn’t be that hard, since they’re competing against the GOP policies of basically rewarding the wealthy so the scraps can trickle down (but often don’t) to struggling workers.  The virus disruption has so thoroughly dismantled many sectors of our current economy, it could present a unique opportunity to build back better with truly smart & innovative ideas that collectively benefit all of us with an improved/revamped system.  Many Trumpeters are fueled by racism & bigotry, but not all, as much of the frustration comes from ongoing stagnant wages that can’t keep up with the rising cost of living. 
But in the immediate future, we must deal with both the virus & threat of violence.  The networks soon declaring Biden’s win could be about to unleash that pent-up cult violence from crazed Trumpeters, & more crazy conspiracies from Trump turned into baseless/frivolous lawsuits, deliberately trying to delegitimize/overturn a free & fair election.  Our current & outgoing prez has his fans worked up into a tizzy as many of them are convinced the establishment deep state managed to steal this election from them, even though there is zero credible evidence.  His press conference this evening was absolutely pathetic, something out of the playbook of rogue dictators as he shamelessly threw out a parade of false accusations about this election, but he wants to stoke the rage of his base.  Those doting troops believe their master’s lies & it is likely to get real ugly for awhile, since if any group could launch a civil war in modern-day America, it would be Trump & his merry band of Trumpeters.  It is far better Trump loses both PA & GA, since he can’t direct all his most vitriolic suspicions toward only one state. 
And AZ could also go for Biden, but it’s interesting Trump is catching up there which is the opposite pattern of the Biden comebacks happening in PA & GA.  It’s also interesting how Fox News (of all networks) was the only one to call AZ for Biden before midnight on election night.  I also find irony in the AZ contest that could be poetic justice in this next thought.  Maybe just call it payback from war-hero John McCain for all the insults non-hero Trump hurled at him, igniting plenty of backlash against Trump among AZ moderates while prompting Cincy McCain to campaign for Biden, so it may end up making the difference in that state going against Trump.  But every American can be thankful that we’ll have a new president, even if upset Trumpeters don’t realize that yet.  And their king they worship is the ultimate poor loser, since being denied a second term slams the brakes on his ultimate mission of becoming a dictator like his good buddy Putin.  The newsfeeds are blowing up including WaPo having plenty to say:

People kept dismissing the warnings I constantly put in my blog at the top of every Part 2, that Trump had every intention of becoming a tyrannical dictator.  That press conference just proved it, as he delivered a speech full of lies & false accusations that was beyond pathetic!  And it was beyond scary he would attack the integrity of our free elections with no credible evidence.  But it proves how dangerous he is & fascism truly was in our future had he been allowed to get away with his true intentions.  It’s like 1930’s Germany he wanted to bring to America!  Believe it!!!  Time to batten down, he’s inciting his white supremacist/domestic terrorist army to violence!
An Update as I See It…Based on where the projected votes still to be counted are coming from, I think the chances of Biden winning all 4 (PA, GA, AZ & NV) are just as good as not!  A clean sweep would give Uncle Joe 306 electoral votes, ironically the same number Trump got in 2016.  And for Trump to win all 3 (PA, GA & AZ) this year as he would need to is highly unlikely!  If the bumbling election officials in NV continue to be slow as molasses in their count, plus if the additional returns coming in today still leave GA & AZ too close to call, I’m hoping by tonight we’ll see enough of the new PA returns to conclusively see that state will go to Biden. 
Winning PA means it’s all over, no matter what happens in the other 3.  As I’ve often said in my now-dormant blog, it could be the voters in metro Philly who’ll save our democracy.  So that might soon become true either tonight or tomorrow, as Trump’s current 100,000 lead could easily be obliterated based on Biden’s lopsided advantage on the PA mail-in votes being counted now.  And as is typical of Trump, he’s now going off totally unhinged offering up wild accusations with zero evidence.  But even by removing Trump from office, it’s horrifying the kind of insane far-right mentality our nation will still be required to put up with:
There really was a “shy” Trump voting bloc out there the pollsters missed, so the Dems dramatically underperformed compared to expectations.  My thanks to the people of AZ who may wind up saving our democracy, as voters here in Ohio & so many other states failed to grasp the extent of the autocratic threat.  But the commander-in-thief is trying to disenfranchise voters whose votes haven’t yet been counted, as his coup attempt is in full swing.  Still plenty of votes to be counted in AZ, NV, GA & NC, & there is a real question if the anticipated blue wall of WI, MI & PA will hold for Biden.  It will take a couple more days to count the votes & sort this all out.  And the closeness of the race will see our current prez tying things up in court & many in his Trumpeter army ready to go to war if this close election goes against their master.  The scab is being ripped off our bitter divisions.  Let’s brace ourselves for most anything, this is a dangerous moment in American history.