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The VORACS is a political blog dedicated to deciphering the latest political news on our Dear Leader. We strive to consistently provide information to readers founded on evidence, historical data, and most importantly…. common sense.

As our country moves through a trying time, lifting your voice and speaking the truth becomes more and more important, and harder and harder to find.

We don’t doubt you’ll disagree with some of the opinions offered up in our featured blogs, and we vehemently insist you offer a retort.

Political Updates

Part 2 – Trump Emergency!

Trump Emergency is Trump Himself...Trump is a master con man & BS artist!  He's been doing it during his entire business career & has become extremely good at it.  He never tells us the truth, but only says what he wants us to believe & how he...

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Part 3 – Liberal Policies are Gaining Steam

As Dem Candidates Position Themselves, Their Liberal Policies are Under Scrutiny...As an ex-GOP'er & my viewpoints that have typically tilted center-right, I've never aligned very much with their liberal policies.  To me, their proposals always cost too much &...

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Part 1 – Evidence Against Trump Keeps Piling Up!

Trump World is Oblivious as They Keep Ignoring the Growing Body of Evidence Against Trump...The evidence against Trump from this past week involved new revelations about Stone, Manafort & even a couple Trump's lawyers.  So we've pulled the most pertinent articles...

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