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The Voracs | The Voice of Reason and Common Sense

The Voracs is a political blog dedicated to reporting information to the consumer that is founded on evidence, historical data, and  most importantly ….common sense.

As our country moves through a trying time, having an untainted central hub of information becomes more and more important, and harder and harder to find.

We don’t doubt you’ll disagree with some of the opinions offered up in our featured blogs, and we veheminently insist you find your own voice to offer retort.

Political Updates

Part Two – Need to Impeach?

Yes, We Need to Impeach, but let's just Bide Our Time...While Russia has been using Trump as kompromat, the president's nationalistic/isolationist positions are making the world a far more dangerous place.  On the point of kompromat which is a Russian term for being...

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Part One – Individual-1 is in Real Trouble!

Individual-1 Implicated in a Felony...Many of us Trump critics have been saying all along Trump (or known as Individual-1 in the Cohen court memos) is facing some serious legal jeopardy & isn't likely to finish his term.  But our comments were often...

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