Part 1 – Yet Another Earthshaking Week of News!
We have devoted our Part 1’s through the years to news of Trump’s crimes.  During the heydays of the Russia probe & Ukraine scandal, there were plenty of posts where Part 1 comprised a big percentage of our total message.  Real crimes were indeed exposed, but the DOJ put the kibosh on the Mueller investigation, while the GOP senate failed to convict after overwhelming evidence from the impeachment trial.  Today’s newsletter has the bulk of our reports in Part 3, as have most of our posts in recent months, with news on the economy, virus & election dominating the news lately.  And even switching to a reliance on only MSN & Yahoo links, as you can see below there’s no shortage of articles in today’s post. 
We request you join our crusade & please circulate our blog address to as many people as possible, as we consider this a civic duty in helping our country before a critical election, especially considering we’re getting down to the wire & 15 days from now it will be too late to do anything more about it.  Don’t take it personally if Trump fans decline your offer.  If they want to keep their heads in the sand by avoiding truths while staying inside their delusional bubble, that’s their prerogative.  But those willing to check it out, you might be able to change some minds or at least get them thinking, something many of them haven’t done in awhile when they let the prez & his echo do the thinking for them. 
So while our posted links only have a few updates on new reports of Trump’s crimes here in Part 1, the news headlines overall remain on overdrive!  Part 2 is loaded up with Trump’s assault on democracy aided by his party & echo, along with other sections on the cultish QAnon & other dangerous white supremacist groups which our prez is inciting, along with too many evangelicals still being deceived by these evil influences.  Then Part 3 is really overflowing with recent reports on the sinking economy, rising COVID infections & deaths, plus a very contentious election season with songs at the end.  We’ve got the different sections & groups of live links generally organized by topic, so below each of our commentaries you can peruse the list of link titles while clicking on those most intriguing to you.  So here’s only a handful of articles revealing potential Trump illegal activities, a far smaller number than usual for this serial criminal mob boss:
Part 2 – Please Heed the Warnings!
Do not be mistaken what’s at stake in this election:  I sincerely doubt America can ever recover from a Trump second term.  My words aren’t just empty talking points before an election, but are based on close observation & the body of evidence from fact-based reports found in the thousands of links we’ve posted in these Part 2’s from recent years.  The party he leads has evolved into a destructive force built upon deception & lies.  As a long-time GOP supporter & student of national politics, I’ve been able to detect over the years how the GOP base has been led around by the nose from the false narratives constantly delivered by Trump & his echo.  They’ve abandoned constructive conservatism & embraced nihilistic extremism, so in other words they’ve gone loco (i.e. crazy, loony, nuts, insane, out of their minds).  How we break this cult mentality is anybody’s guess, but a good place to start is voting out Trump, after which Trumpism will still live on ( & we need a coordinated truth campaign for discrediting the evil echo-media which has such a hold on the minds of conservatives.
I readily admit to having ZERO tolerance for the Trumpeter base, especially with our constitutional rights & freedoms on the line as never before.  A surefire sign of how Trumpeters can be counted on to embrace the lies can be seen in the way they swallow every conspiracy theory put out in front of them.  This unmasking nonsense was always a hyped-up hoax to begin with:  Much like the views from our repeated commentary here in, most objective observers paying attention could readily detect from the start these Trump/echo conspiracy theories were pure poppycock, but now it’s been confirmed:  Those shameless liars kept the myth going for years because their base is so over-the-top gullible.  There have literally been dozens of outrageous conspiracies that have cropped up during the Trump years, not because there was any evidence to support them, but were a false narrative concocted to back a deceitful political agenda. 
As I heard Thomas Friedman say this past week, Trump doesn’t stop at red lights.  The prez got away with his conspiracy with Russia four years ago to illegally interfere in the election which may have swayed the outcome, so with the help of crazy PR lawyer Rudy he has no hesitation to try it again:  It must be that Rudy is the designated stooge playing the role that Manafort & Stone previously served in.  By the way, Friedman also has said that if you are not frightened right now, you are not paying attention & recently wrote I can’t say this any more clearly: Our democracy is in terrible danger — more danger than it has been since the Civil War, more danger than after Pearl Harbor, more danger than during the Cuban missile crisis and more danger than during Watergate.  He’s right in sounding the alarms because Trump is an egomaniacal control freak with quintessential authoritarian personality traits, which a reelection win would give him 4 more years without the restraints of running in any more elections, so please believe me when we warn in this blog that our president will not stop at the red lights of democratic norms, the rule of law or the Constitution.  
I have no good answers for Max Boot’s question what are they thinking when referring to Trump supporters still willing to vote for the worst president in our history:  There’s absolutely no rational reason why we’d want as our president someone who’s demonstrated to be a chronic liar, divisive bully, undisciplined loose cannon, selfish narcissist, temperamental/vindictive demagogue, & corrupt con man who doesn’t know the details/nuances of most any issue.  As for a plan of action, the current prez can’t articulate any vision for why he should be given a second term, but we can draw conclusions from the unmitigated disaster that was his first term.  The record he has to run on involves being a science denier who downplayed the virus despite being warned early on of the dangers multiple times, from which his inexplicable inaction led directly to a collapsed economy & the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.  And by any measure he’s just an awful person:
Let me repeat & I can’t emphasize the dangers enough, the second term could become even more catastrophic with an empowered prez allowed to become even more unleashed & unhinged!  We only need to review the collective knowledge from the thousands of links to articles in these Part 2’s over the years, which taken as a whole offers irrefutable evidence we may be currently looking at the perfect storm for ushering in dictatorial fascism.  Trump has made great inroads in controlling the instruments of power, from within his own party to the courts & intelligence community, while wielding a perplexingly powerful influence on his state-run media & merry band of Trumpeters.  He has shown no regard for the institutions of our democracy, balance of power, rule of law, the Constitution or the common good among all the people.  Given another 4 years to further surround himself with corrupt loyal henchmen & backed by relentless echo-propaganda, it’s no longer so farfetched to think things could spiral out of control fast as Trump-world keeps seeking to transition from democracy to tyranny.  Yes, it really could happen here as it’s happened to many other countries throughout history, so don’t for a second think America is immune from fascism.  The warning signs are definitely there if anybody wants to take the time in clicking on the numerous links below & in our archives.  This grand long-standing experiment of American democracy is worth taking the time, worth paying attention & worth fighting to save! 
Here’s one of the rare moments when a sitting Republican senator actually tells the truth!  Listen to this audio where Ben Sasse answers a voter’s question about Trump, when the juicy part begins at the 2-minute mark:  Among his stinging rebuke of our prez, he also mentions Trump is likely to lose along with the possibility of a Republican bloodbath in the Senate.  Plus Sasse asks this upmost important & relevant question…What the heck were any of us thinking, that selling a TV-obsessed, narcissistic individual to the American people was a good idea?  Once Trump is removed from his political leadership gig, the crescendo of GOP leaders speaking out like that against Trump will certainly become much louder & more widespread, perhaps sparking that deep introspective moment the party desperately needs: & also see  If as voters we can help that counterproductive party self-destruct, it will make it easier for GOP members to remake themselves from scratch while recapturing their long-lost sanity.  See more on the sass from Sasse inside these links: 
And sometime after Nov. 3rd, just watch as more who served within the administration will also unload on this supremely flawed human being completely devoid of integrity, with our prez indeed being among the most dishonest & immoral individuals any of us have ever known: & also see  With such stinging comments coming from General Kelly, we’d better pay attention!  Yes, the president’s shameless/relentless lying & transactional nature in all his relationships are stunning, far beyond what we’ve ever seen in any other individual.  By putting a leader like that in charge of a whole country, such a country could go down fast, which is why the first term has featured so much calamity & a second term could prove cataclysmic!:  I’ve always questioned Trump’s mental state, which currently seems more unstable than ever.  And the more I see of him as an extremely voracious consumer of political news, the more I’m convinced a second term would do permanent damage & cement our fate that we’ll never become great again.
There are other recent articles worth noting that clearly signal dangerous attacks on our laws, democracy & Constitution.  This is the type of murderous police state Trump envisions as a means to enforce his fascist society, which he even admits to supporting such gestapo-like tactics: & also see  Trump does demand a gestapo head with unconditional loyalty to fulfill his commands in going after their opponents.  So as corrupt as AG Barr truly is in servitude to the American fuhrer, he might have to ratchet up his conspiratorial lies to an even higher level to please his boss:  Gee, look here, our brilliant dealmaker-in-chief said upon his return from the much-ballyhooed Singapore summit a couple years ago that North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat:  Here are many more updates voters need to know on our horribly dishonest, divisive, corrupt & lawless president, plus those obedient lapdogs who enable him in their quest to steal our democracy, along with several more reports on crazy Rudy’s conspiracy as an attempted Hail Mary October surprise:
Crazy Like a Lyin’ Fox
In Aesop’s Fables, the boy lied to the villagers only two times before they caught on & stopped believing him whenever he cried wolf.  In the modern-day version of the fable, the wolves are howling outside the doors of the White House.  But for regular Fox viewers, they’ve been lied to hundreds if not thousands of times, but they still keep tuning in to mindlessly absorb the constant string of lies in perpetuity.  Either they are gluttons for punishment or their minds have turned to mush from watching too much Fox primetime.  The same thing applies to hardcore Trumpeters, largely the very same befuddled folks as Fox viewers, who have been lied to by their king more than 20,000 times while in office, but inexplicably they still fall for everything he says!  In servitude to Trump, Fox has deliberately abandoned real news as they provide riveting entertainment to their captivated viewers, but hyping the drama requires repeatedly lying: & also see
Any of us who are close observers are able to dismiss the Fox/echo lies immediately, but for their conservative audiences who automatically believe what their preferred media sources are saying to them, they internalize the falsehoods unconditionally without questioning the authenticity.  Without fail those echo-conspiracies are eventually disproven by the facts, at which point the echo & their customers have already moved onto the next crazy conspiracy.  It’s why I can’t handle Fox watching anymore, their lies are so transparent to me & it drives me nuts!  I’ll confess for many years listening to Limbaugh & Hannity while largely agreeing with their viewpoints, but back then I could hardly foresee how dangerous their rhetoric would become as they steadily became more & more extreme, especially in the last 5 years when they’ve gone all-in on Trumpism.  We always put our songs at the bottom of Part 3, but Fox hosts have earned their own song:
We can vote out Trump which is an absolute prerequisite, but the Trumpian narrative will still be circulating out there all throughout the echo, so saving any semblance of a sane conservative party will require a thorough repudiation of that destructive conspiratorial disinformation.  Once we’ve successfully put down the nonsense, ideally whatever new conservative party ultimately emerges can be based around acceptance of facts, so constructive dialogue can someday resume with the Dems to negotiate, compromise & work out viable solutions to our common problems.  It’s a long road back to civility & bipartisan problem-solving, so we’ll take it one step at a time & the first step happens November 3rd.  So many Trumpeters seem confident the polls are wrong & their master will prevail, but maybe we should point out to them even this guy thinks Biden will win in a landslide:  The Fox fever swamp keeps their viewers engaged & inflamed with tales of all the boogeymen in the deep state out to get them, as for ratings that network & the rest of the echo are the only ones dishonest enough to hyperventilate over conspiracies like Hunter Biden’s emails, the same playbook used in 2016 with Hillary’s emails.  Other Fox transgressions are reported on here:
Evil Echo Mindset can Evolve into Deadly Violence
When at his cult rally in Michigan the other night, the crazed crowd chanted lock her up over their governor’s actions to fight the virus, which our prez went right along & urged on his fans.  They’re all sick & twisted, the king & his court!  This happens to come on the heels of a few Trump’s white supremacy followers being busted for planning to kidnap & possibly murder the governor.  So our prez is actually encouraging these rally chants which serve to increase the threat on her life!  This is the way dictatorships can form, when powers on high permit a movement of rabid loyalists who swear allegiance to their master & are willing to carry out his requests no matter how hideous, which tends to include harsh punishments imposed on any political opponents.  If empowered by a second term, the threats & attacks can only rise to far higher levels by a vengeful president who can’t tolerate even a hint of dissent.  We shouldn’t scoff at such a risk, since if I’m reading the vibes of Trump’s personality traits accurately, he’s mad with power & will stop at nothing to seize total control. 
With QAnon messaging & videos being (hopefully) banned from social media, it can help prevent people from getting indoctrinated into their wild conspiracy theories, & stop those tactics from being used as a recruiting tool into radicalization.  Sure, there’s an issue of free speech, but groups like QAnon have been designated a dangerous domestic terrorist group, so by comparison we’d never allow recruitment videos promoting ISIS to stay up.  QAnon & like-minded hate groups are so hideously insane, we might surmise they’re demonic-inspired movements originating from the pit of hell.  Those who’ve fallen into the Q-cult got initially attracted by messaging about legitimate concerns like sex trafficking or pedophilia, but once they get hooked can fall prey to the darker side of the deranged conspiracies.  It’s a mystery where those lunatic Q-messages originate from, but there’s no question who their inspirational leader is: & also see
It’s hard to imagine the mentality it takes to buy into these various lies & conspiracies, but suffice it to say these folks must be several trees short of a forest.  It’s incredible to think how the numbers infected are growing from being bamboozled with online messaging, but the stuff they believe in can be so outrageous as to register off the scales on the fact-checkers.  The concerns ratchet up whenever they threaten physical harm, either deliberately or inadvertently like when they demand the freedom to commit negligent homicide against others:  I know some of these articles are awfully hard to read, but we need to be aware of the outer fringes of our society among those purported to be part of the human race:
Evangelicals Will Get Their New Justice…
To my evangelical brethren, you’ve already achieved a lopsided court with another justice soon to be confirmed, since the Senate at least for the time being have the GOP numbers on their side.  I would hope the faithful would be willing to now cash in your chips & move on from Trump.  They can’t pin any disqualifying traits on the new justice that would cause GOP senators to vote against her, particularly since during the hearings she basically wasn’t answering any questions at all: & also see  But it’s obvious her views are precisely what the far-right seeks, as Trump picked her from a list of candidates collected by the extremist Federalist Society, whose agenda is well-established as they attempt to stage a coup over the judicial branch.  I found it interesting that Barrett’s GOP supporters are citing Justice Ginsberg in support of her confirmation, while the Dem Barrett opponents are using Justice Scalia for arguments against her.  Politics are often so disingenuous.  Here’s some highlights on those Senate hearings:
Now It’s Time To Move On!

I have long sensed the Trump base has turned into a cult.  Along with white non-college & white nationalists, white evangelicals comprise the bulk of his support.  Together, they form a voting bloc that could disintegrate everything that’s ever been great about America, perhaps even relegating our long cherished rights & freedoms to the dustbin of history.  It’s a byproduct of buying into the deceptive promises of a demagogue who knows how to push their buttons, since a tyrant needs the undying loyalty from groups he can use as stepping stones to usurp unbridled power.  If this world of Trumpeters were only to understand the consequences of getting their way in this election, I’m sure they’d be as horrified as the rest of us.  But for now they are unwitting dupes helping drive our nation’s car towards a dangerous cliff, which we can slam on the brakes if the rest of us can outnumber the indoctrinated cult members in key swing states.  Who’d have ever thought white evangelicals would form a strong coalition with white supremacists in support of a moral degenerate?  Make no mistake, it can be a thin line between true faith & a cult.

Coming from the evangelical world, I’m personally at the same time perplexed, disconcerted, appalled & petrified that so many of the faith would succumb to earthly leadership with abysmal character traits so diametrically opposed to God’s holy ways.  I fear their moral compromise has exposed the hypocrisy & done irreversible damage to the evangelical church, as a cult mentality has indeed seeped into the mindset of many congregants.  It almost seems some of the faithful I’ve encountered have placed Trump on the throne as practically the equal to our almighty savior, which even with Trump’s own ego he won’t go quite that far:  If enough of us vote by holding Trump to just one term, perhaps we can save evangelicals from themselves & give them a chance to restore their now tarnished reputations.  The world can clearly see Trump embodies everything the Bible warns us about & shouts out of moral duplicity within the church.
The big problem with evangelicals is as a group they’ll be most responsible if Trump gets reelected, so together they should be held accountable if in their naivety they unknowingly destroy their own church, their conservative party & our country.  All those unthinkable outcomes become a real possibility in play with another 4 years of an off-the-rails Trump presidency.  If a group lives in a bubble & can’t see the forest for the trees, when their anointed leader is cutting down the trees with his chainsaw, the followers may not notice until the terrain is bare.  I’ve tried to get through to these people but my lines haven’t been registering.  If Trump holds around 80% support of white evangelicals like he did in 2016, they would provide conclusive proof that most of the faithful are blind to who Trump is.  The scriptures say Satan is the father of lies, so he must be working overtime in writing material for Trump.  So to evangelicals, if you still vote for Trump after all you know about him, you know not what you do.
Being pro-life shouldn’t mean supporting an obnoxious & incompetent buffoon for president who doesn’t possess an ethical bone in his entire body.  A temporary win on the ongoing abortion battle can’t make up for permanently losing the higher moral ground as a church.  So advancing the cause on that one pet issue doesn’t excuse the hundreds of areas where your earthly leader failed us & it takes a lot of nerve to vote for someone with no moral character.  I’ve personally long been pro-life, but if Hitler came back & ran on a pro-life platform, it doesn’t mean I’d vote for him.  And pro-life should extend to human lives beyond the womb:  Without evangelicals, Trump’s approval rating & percent of voters in the polls would rightfully drop into the 20’s.  If Americans had their heads screwed on straight without the echo-brainwashing, based on who Trump is should really see his favorables down in single-digits!  So please pray with discernment & make the right choice:  Here are the links for evangelicals from the newsfeeds:


Part 3 – Starting Off this Section with the Terrible Trump Economy
Of course he always calls it terrific.  It’s true GDP for Q3 will be an impressive number, but that only reflects the huge hole we got stuck in with this COVID economy.  So no matter how high that number jumps when it comes out the end of this month, we’ll still be behind where we were entering this year.  But it will give a braggart like Trump something to brag about:  After the initial federal stimulus ran out, I suspect Trump timed a $300 unemployment extension in an executive order to run through mid-Sept for putting extra cash in people’s pockets & prop up consumer spending, ensuring that Q3 GDP stat isn’t restricted.  That strategic calculation materialized with Trump knowing the Q3 figure will come out a few days before election day.  He’s now pushing for another stimulus package simply because he’s down in the polls. 
But what’s really disturbing about this current virus economy is the way it’s greatly exacerbated the uneven lopsided divides (, with some sectors of the economy bouncing back fine while others have been devastated.  As is typically the case, it’s the low-wage earners & small business owners taking the biggest hits.  Make no mistake, Trump is full of hot air as it really is a K-shaped recovery, not V-shaped:  The billionaires are greatly expanding their wealth during this pandemic, while so many others are on the brink of eviction & bankruptcy.  Biden seeks a more bottoms-up approach, not the failed top-down trickle down:
Despite the Trump campaign’s relentless talking point, Biden is not controlled by the socialist Marxist radical left segment of his party.  If anything, Uncle Joe has pushed back against the progressive wing while attracting significant support from independents & moderate-conservatives, which would otherwise risk suppressing turnout on the far-left if not for the anti-Trump sentiment burning red-hot.  So as Biden runs to the middle & is not plotting some socialist takeover, my many prior warnings still ring true now more than ever….If we fail as a society to fix modern-day capitalism for the working class, by osmosis it won’t be long before out of frustration we fall into socialism.  Restructuring our flawed economic model will require much bigger thinking into bigger ideas at a higher level of discussion:  So we do need a revamped system that protects free markets in a way that America can reverse some of the highest wealth & income inequalities in the entire free world. 
Extending that thought to the next level, it’s really the GOP who could lead America into socialism, since they’ve been the party most adamant about not addressing the problems inherent in our current capitalist model.  Many in the working class have hit their boiling point & ready to revolt, as they’ve already tried Trump & he let them down, so they might soon flip the switch & go in the exact opposite direction:  But I can’t deny falling into socialism could remove the rugged individualism & personal initiative with a strong work ethic that gave rise to our growth & prosperity.  It would go against our entire history & who we really are as a nation.  But avoiding that outcome requires saving capitalism through finding ways to give workers a fair shake, swinging the pendulum back from this trending crony-capitalist caste system that allows the oligarch class to exploit the masses.  Granted, I’ve never been a fan of the far-left, but lately they are WAY more reasonable than what’s become of the far-right!
It’s a big part of the Trump campaign scare tactics to accuse the Dems of supporting socialism.  But is it actually the other way around?  Just look at the way conservative politicians in particular are protecting the current rigged system favored by their rich donors, since it’s the GOP that has advanced socialism for the oligarchs in that they’re always devising creative ways to provide handouts for the wealthy.  So it’s Republicans who’ve been adamant about keeping socialism in place for the top 1% as bureaucratic benefits & perks are directed towards them.  As a prime example, could this case be even worse than Trump’s tax fraud?:
Just listen to Trump talk.  He doesn’t know anything!  More an empty vessel, he can’t articulate any solution or plan!  Plus we can’t trust anything he says!  He only talks to his rabid base & ignores (or insults) the rest of us.  And the topics are always about himself, his ego demands he’s always bragging even when the facts don’t add up.  When he does talk about others, it’s usually to criticize.  He thinks he can elevate himself by putting down others.  The prez has strong support from a decent chunk of the working class since he talks a good game, but his policies leave them behind while enriching the wealthy who don’t need it.  So the widening wage/wealth gaps are accelerating at a rapid clip, made much worse by the K-shaped COVID pseudo-recovery.  But the economic reality stunk for many workers even prior to the virus hitting, as revealed inside & also see
When are blue collar workers finally going to realize this guy that so many of them support is returning the favor by stabbing them in the back.  Granted, the problem of stagnant wages & lack of upward mobility pre-dates the pandemic & pre-dates Trump, but our prez is only making the problem worse as he totally neglects the issue.  Those workers who buy into his bold promises seem to embrace that hard-edge rhetoric, but in reality are voting against their own self-interests by voting for Trump.  Sure, the rich do provide lots of jobs, but as a society we shouldn’t have to beg & grovel at the feet of the oligarch class for the table scraps.  Restoring the American Dream will require a new model where a stronger economy offers shared growth & upward mobility:  And most of all working hard at a full-time job should provide the means to pay the bills!
In the links below providing recent reports on the economy, we see so many Americans are facing dire financial circumstances.  With virus cases still spiking along with the stubbornly high new weekly jobless claims, it’s maddening in DC they can’t agree around a new stimulus deal despite months of negotiations.  Is tomorrow the day?:  Don’t hold your breath:  This time around if any consensus can soon be found, the stimulus package needs to be better targeted at the small businesses & workers currently so desperate to keep their heads above water.  State & local governments have also been starved of much-needed revenues.
A little further on down are links describing that health care was a substantially winning issue for the Dems in 2018, & will be again here in 2020.  We can’t be opposed to repealing the ACA if there was a better plan replacing it, but the fact is the GOP had 10 years to come up with an improved version of healthcare coverage & they’ve come up empty.  It’s something Trump keeps promising, but he repeatedly lied about it in the previous campaign & is still repeatedly lying about it in this campaign.  There is no plan & never was, only empty rhetoric.  Plus he constantly lies about protecting preexisting conditions.  Please check out these titles as this economic malaise is sure to be around for awhile:
Going In the Wrong Direction on the Virus
Here in the U.S. & around the world we’re mostly seeing large public gatherings being avoided altogether, or carefully done so social distancing & mask wearing can be adhered to.  But that’s not the case with the Trump cult rallies!:  He’s running the real risk of staging super-spreader events in cities all around the battleground states:  The prez is like a circus clown performing in his traveling roadshow so his adoring fans can feed his insatiable ego.  Those crazed rallies might not be that far removed from the 1978 Jonestown massacre, where cult followers mesmerized by their cult leader submitted to a mass murder-suicide killing nearly 1000 people.  One possible difference from Jonestown if this string of rallies the last 3 weeks of Trump’s campaign does turn into several super-spreader events, which that spread of infections continues on from there in various places, the Trump rally cult could wind up killing a lot more than 1000 people.  Yep, Trumpeters are displaying a death wish in some very disturbing ways:
So the prez is gunning for some distant vaccine & herd immunity (, eschewing the need for mask wearing & social distancing which potentially could save hundreds of thousands of lives in the coming months until the other options become viable.  That position sounds like code language for not managing the virus & letting people do what they want, thereby thinning the herd which practically approaches genocide territory.  And we don’t even know how much or how long immunity actually protects those who’ve already had it.  Health experts estimate if we fail to change our attitudes & behaviors as a society, before the end of winter we could hit the mark of 400,000 in death totals.  The way things are trending, this health emergency for 2021 could be even worse than 2020.  But following the lead of their leader, many Trumpeters want to be free from masks, so they can also be free to spread misery & death.  Even if they’re not mandated, Trump could save a whole lot of lives by encouraging people to wear them, since his cult followers always obey.  But he doesn’t want to talk about it & is still downplaying this highly contagious & very deadly pandemic, even calling CNN dumb b*stards at his rally today just because they’re covering this virus:
And the experts who write for prestigious scientific journals concur Trump’s handling of the pandemic was completely inadequate & dishonest, while through it all he denied & shunned science:  Furthermore, Trump has undercut the WHO, FDA & CDC: & also see  And here’s the incompetent buffoon Trump listens to for his virus advice, who’s even spreading ridiculous & deadly falsehoods on masks:  Plus attacking Fauci only hurts his campaign.  Trump & his parroting supporters refer to COVID as the China virus, but by allowing the infections & deaths to spin out of control more than any other country, it should more appropriately be known as the Trump virus:  Trump has tried to run from the virus for his reelection campaign, but a leader can’t run from a pandemic ravaging his country with 220,000 deaths so far & no end in sight.
Ironically, with our advanced healthcare system, expertise, technology & funding capabilities, America should have had the capability to lead the world in fighting this deadly scourge.  Instead with so many leadership missteps, we had the worst outcomes in the world to the point of becoming pitied & even a laughing stock!  Nope, it’s never been “Totally Under Control:” & also see  Trump has repeatedly said recently we’re rounding the corner on the virus as cases keep spiking.  Our prez is touting miracle cures without proof & trying to force-feed new vaccines before studies are complete.  If only he would place the same sense of urgency & much-needed funding towards developing easier & more accurate testing, along with encouraging mask wearing & social distancing, America would be in a far better place health-wise & economically.  Do not be deceived by Trump, it’s really our president who is the disaster & idiot!:  Here are more updates on our plight made worse by his bungling leadership:
Dueling Town Halls
There was such a dramatic difference between the two presidential candidates, as one of them actually knows what he’s talking about.  Also comparing the two, it really stands out that Trump appears to be the one possibly losing his mental faculties.  Overall, Biden is way way way more levelheaded, knowledgeable & presidential than Trump could ever dream about, plus Uncle Joe resides in a world of reality.  And Trump’s The Apprentice ratings magic has disappeared, as Biden tops him in the TV ratings game in their head-to-head competing town halls: & also see, even though Biden was just seen on one network & Trump was on three.  The phony Apprentice act while trying to play president is getting old & wearing thin.
While Biden’s town hall did have lots of substance, Trump’s was a cacophony of evasion & lies.  There was so much wrong with almost every answer, but parsing the topics our current prez botched badly with mangled word salad were about masks & details about other COVID misinformation, healthcare coverage & preexisting conditions, not knowing if he tested negative on the day of the first debate, immigration & DACA, QAnon, voter fraud & accepting the results of a legitimate election, conspiracies against Biden & Obama, hyping the state of the economy & the massive debt he personally owes.  His town hall wasn’t a total train wreck like his debate performance, but it didn’t win him new voters & may have driven more away.  See the specifics here: 
2 Weeks To Go
After an election season that seems 100 years long, we’re finally getting down to the wire!  With extremely long lines for early voting in states like Georgia & Texas (, it not only illustrates the GOP’s sinister plot to suppress voting, but also offers hope Biden could actually sweep up some red states.  This is a base election where turnout will be the key.  In the near future we’ll see changing demographics & in-migration turning red GA & TX blue, but for now I always considered Texas more a red herring, just too big & expensive to waste valuable time & resources there.  But Biden has raked in a ton of cash, plus the determination & energy to vote despite crazy long lines in Houston might indicate a pleasant surprise is coming this November.  And with the Senate up for grabs, when places like GA, TX, SC & KS are competitive, we know it could become a blue tsunami.  If you pin me down, I’d say the key states in the presidential race will be PA & FL, but for the sake of bringing America together (if that’s even possible in today’s political climate) we really need a Biden landslide win.
On the other hand, there are signs most of the battleground states are still too close for comfort, so any swings in these last two weeks could tip the scales:  Valuable lessons came from 4 years ago, overconfidence & complacency can be our enemies.  But I think the biggest problem with 2016 (Comey aside) is the Dem constituency had a low turnout in certain places.  That won’t happen this year.  But we’re up against a master con man.  The current prez has a terrible record & no good ideas to run on, so his strategy for reelection looks to be a hodgepodge recipe to cheat, featuring voter suppression, voter disqualification, voter intimidation, invalidate votes, foreign interference & Russian disinformation, amplify conspiracies on social media (especially targeting Biden), discredit mail-in ballots, claim voter fraud in order to challenge election results, & above all more & more lies (  A last resort might be calling upon his white supremacist Trumpeter army to unleash violence.  We should be ready for any dirty tricks, since with a scumbag like Trump anything is possible!
A lot of the GOP gains in registering voters this year came from going door-to-door since they don’t care about the virus, plus the college campus outreach the Dems count on has been hindered by COVID.  It could indeed be as reported that GOP voter registration in key battleground states is in their favor for this year, but Dems (hopefully) have the overall advantage in most states since 2016.  That advantage came largely from the 2018 blue wave.  Plus the demographics keep changing & it appears voter enthusiasm is way up, so the Dems that stayed home 4 years ago seem more galvanized to vote this year:  Also there are more independents which lean towards Biden, & voters who dislike both candidates are breaking towards Biden, which in 2016 they took a chance on Trump.  The current prez has a basic problem in that he can no longer run as the outsider & has a lousy record to run on.  Plus the gender gap is huge ( & Trump doesn’t have the same edge as 4 years ago with whites & seniors.  So I’m cautiously optimistic.  If Biden just wins FL, it’s over.  If he wins GA or OH, it’s really over.  If he wins TX, it’s a blowout!  Trump still has a chance, but it’s just as good a chance Biden collects 350+ electoral votes.
The past 4 years in many ways seem like 4 decades.  And this year alone seems like a full decade.  With all that’s happened here in 2020, it’s incredible to think the year started with an impeachment trial.  It seems voter preferences are baked in the cake & most are firmly behind their candidate:  But to the extent there are Americans out there who can still be swayed, please help us circulate this info to others since there is so much at stake.  And every eligible voter has to vote!  It’s been said democracy is on the ballot this year & that’s why this is the most important election in our lifetimes!  Even conservatives who disagree with Biden on all his positions, they should reason at least he’s not an aspiring authoritarian dictator!  A Trump reelection win would be a big loss for America & a huge win for Russia.  It also puts democracy in imminent jeopardy & elevates the prospect of totalitarianism (it’s true, which is clearly laid out in the zillions of links seen in Part 2 through the years!).
Some concluding thoughts, we need to send an unmistakable message to Trump’s cult party by voting out as many of those bootlickers as possible, since putting the GOP out of power can be a good first step towards fixing a party that’s gone astray.  That in turn can help repair our nation, but we must first excise the cancer that has gripped the GOP.  I wish Biden was more active on the campaign trail this week (or maybe just a TV cameo appearance on a show like Cooper or Rachel?) in refuting Trump’s old & frail barbs, but debate prep is being prioritized.  While I don’t like those optics, I guess Biden being cooped up sure beats Trump’s raucous super-spreader death-cult rallies that are bound to kill people.  With the peculiar quirks of our electoral system, our 3 largest cities of NY, LA & Chicago are being marginalized, so the weight of the world rests with those like the voters of metropolitan Philly, being counted on to save our cherished constitutional freedoms here in the U.S. & by extension around the world:  See the long list of links revealing polling that looks good including for the Senate, while the last part of this list devotes a lot of space to the numerous ways Trump wants to cheat & steal this election (, so we need to watch out for all his devilish shenanigans:
Lots of Music in Recognition of the Election to Save America!
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