Part 1 – Crime Section
The deciding moment on this journey to save our constitutional democracy is drawing near.  For our blog here in October we’ve gone exclusively to MSN & Yahoo news outlets for our live links, streamlining our research while making sure all the most important political topics from the past week are still covered.  Even by narrowing our search, as you can see there are still plenty of links to articles posted, roughly grouped by topic with Part 3 once again being the largest section.  In recent months our new posts have been hitting on Mondays & if all goes well, this should be the final month we’ll be posting new messages to this blog.  A decisive Biden victory can help save our democracy & begin the process of repairing the extensive damage done by Trump.  Explaining all the bungling failures of our current prez could take up thousands of pages, but this next paragraph which is a very long sentence helps sum up just a few of the highlights.
Under the current president’s leadership, he has exasperated our angry bitter divides, lied & misled us while in office more than 20,000 times, botched a pandemic response leading to more than 200,000 deaths, presided over a collapsed economy, widened our country’s unconscionable wage/wealth divides, let corruption run amok throughout his administration, mocked & demonized soldiers, women, the disabled & immigrants/foreigners, authorized human rights abuses & crimes against humanity at the border, plans to wipe out health care along with coverage for preexising conditions to millions, has sought to run roughshod over the First Amendment, obliterated trust in facts as crazy conspiracy theories take hold, inspired domestic terrorism through white supremacist groups, plus has alienated our allies while coddling up to dictators as Trump longs to become a dictator too.
But if all that weren’t enough, the overwhelming amount of evidence indicates the prez has committed numerous crimes, as our Part 1’s for years have presented the expanding case in meticulous detail (just check the archives).  There are several investigations of various crimes that still need to come to a head sometime after the election.  On the federal level there remains Trump being in legal jeopardy over obstruction of justice stemming from the Russia probe (especially once corrupt AG Barr is replaced with a legitimate law enforcement official), plus the attorney generals of both the state of NY & Manhattan district are hot on his tail regarding financial/tax crimes.  See the latest pieces to the puzzle being steadily put together in showing us a clearer picture of the various criminal activities inside this first group of links.  This site has always posted the most important recent political news stories all here in one place, that we’ll carry forth this service right through November 3rd at which point these updates shouldn’t be needed anymore:  
Part 2 – Totalitarian & Echo Section
Yes, President Trump has proven time & again he’s abusing his power & seeks to become a rogue dictator, where here we see he’s calling on his top gestapo henchman to round up political opponents:  He throws out those crazy conspiracy theories as seen in these articles which are as scary as they are wrong!:  Only the Civil War & Great Depression/WWII have created such a dangerous environment for America as we see today.  Can you imagine the kind of terror this prez could unleash on our country if given another 4 years?  It would be our worst nightmare!  But even if Trump is voted out as expected, he has kept shattering democratic norms which could pave the way for a future president adopting his underhanded tactics & ushering in fascism at some point down the road.  I don’t personally hate Trump as some anti-Trump folks seem to, but I do hate his quirky personal traits, I hate that he’s our country’s leader, & I really hate what he’s doing to our nation.  The unmistakable signals are everywhere if people would just pay attention, as right under our noses we’re watching a wanna-be dictator engage in an autocratic power-grab that could potentially find tyranny replacing democracy.
So just think about that, we see in those articles where Trump chastises the likes of Barr, Wray & Pompeo, he’s calling on the heads of our justice, intelligence & diplomatic communities to indict his political opponents on false charges!  Is our own president trying to exchange American exceptionalism for something akin to Nazi Germany?  It should hit us like a ton of bricks how his unhinged lunacy is now on display more than ever!  It’s preposterous beyond comprehension the way he keeps railing against Hillary’s emails ( while calling Obama & Biden spying on his previous campaign the greatest political crime in the history of the cosmos, none of which is proven & none of which is true:  It should be clear by now to any thinking American that Trump is unfit for office, possibly even extending to being mentally unfit since he appears to be nuts!  With his authoritarian dictatorial personality traits & as he’s become increasingly psychotic of late, it sends us a huge red-alert warning siren that our constitutional democracy may not survive a second term:
I often see people rolling their eyes while completely downplaying the rising dangers when I explain it to them, but we shouldn’t take so lightly the power a crazed/unhinged/lunatic leader has to literally destroy his own country!  Wake up America!!!  Trump really is the perfect combination of despicable personal attributes permitting him to be the quintessential demagogue in relentless pursuit of becoming a rogue tyrant.  This has absolutely nothing to do with liberal/conservative ideologies or party affiliation, since the threat we’re facing is unlike anything we as Americans have ever faced before:  If people would just think through what they see on real news sources like the many links we post every single week where the dots are being connected, it might finally dawn on Americans that we have a grave concern which must be confronted & put down.  At this point we’re not required to take up arms as our forefathers did in the Revolutionary War who fought for our freedoms, we only need to vote Biden & help him win in a landslide victory.  Anything less than that, we might have real violence from the Trumpeter army to contend with:  Don’t just take my word for it, dive into these compelling reports from real journalists who provide us important updates based on facts, so as citizens & voters we can stop underestimating the risk before us:
Fox Ain’t What It Used To Be
That network has become crazy like a fox, which we can take the word crazy literally.  As long as the conservative mindset keeps rejecting objective truths by being snookered & manipulated by the evil echo, our nation will remain in precipitous decline.  I’m not sure how much longer we can live with all the lies & conspiracies propagated by the far-right before the floor collapses from underneath us, but when a democratic free society can’t agree around basic certifiable facts, a functioning country cannot be sustained.  Failure to discredit the deceptive echo can ultimately lead to the disintegration of our once great nation, which us & our children would have to live with the tragic consequences.  Conservatives living within that tribal bubble not only absorb the disinformation coming from their preferred biased media sources, but from each other as they converse among themselves spreading & parroting those same delusional myths.  I don’t believe most of those people are really that dumb in predictably buying into all the lies, but it appears to me they’re just hopelessly deceived.  Especially those who get all their news from Fox & the echo are hopelessly lost in their own naivety, as they’ve become hardened in their stupidity since they never hear about the true dangers of their prez. 
I was a faithful Fox News watcher for a couple decades back when they were a worthy conservative counterbalance to the rest of the more left-leaning opinion media, so I can attest to how much they’ve changed.  It’s unfortunate the viewers who still watch haven’t detected the subtle changes on that overall shift from rational to radical, so I can only surmise they’re watching out of long-term established patterns from believing their chosen network remains a constructive conservative voice.  The switch was especially pronounced around 5-6 years ago, when Fox management decided a pro-Trump narrative was good for ratings & profits, prompting them to adopt Trumpian rhetoric over actual facts & real news.  Together that entire echo-chamber became a powerful force, with Trump, Fox & the rest of the far-right messaging apparatus on radio & the internet regurgitating the same basic talking-point themes, which thoroughly indoctrinated & convinced practically the entire GOP base as to the validity of their propaganda.  Likewise, most all GOP politicians have towed the party line in appealing to their conservative constituents since their political futures rode on that.
Most Fox & echo adherents will adamantly deny the truths that lie within these articles if they were even willing to read them, but those wavering & not hopelessly brainwashed by tribal messaging might well listen to & be persuaded by the voice of reason & common sense.  Please offer up this info since it just might enlighten some Fox viewers to the realities of what they’re watching.  Consider that none other than a family member of Fox ownership admits his network is made up of liars:  Yep, Fox & the rest of the echo are primarily responsible for our entrenched polarization which is preventing America from becoming great again.  And Fox is the best pro-Russian news source since Pravda.  Since we’ve gone exclusively to MSN & Yahoo newsfeeds, there aren’t as many Fox fake news links as we normally have, but you can always go to sources like Mediaite, Media Matters & NewsHounds to read more about insanity Hannity & the rest of the imbecile brigade on Fox:
These Nutwings are Really Getting Dangerous!
Domestic terrorism is on the rise & ready to unleash, much of it fueled by racism & anti-semitism.  There’s only one person in America most responsible for inspiring these threats of deadly violence by white supremacy terrorists, that being our own president!  In the plan to kidnap & perhaps murder the governor of Michigan, that plot was first hatched after Trump called out his cult followers to Liberate Michigan a few months ago.  These militia groups have become more dangerous than ISIS was, since it’s an organized movement living here in America among us.  We’ve never had an American president serving as a figurehead for a terrorist movement that threatens law-abiding Americans, but it sure looks like that’s what is going on now:
And when we hear the horrific details of that kidnapping caper, we never hear our prez denounce such terrorists with any sincerity, since at heart those are his people:  Hopefully the public will finally perceive what a deadly threat these terrorist groups really are from the recent headlines, which should help squash the ridiculously asinine notion that Antifa is as much a risk as white supremacism.  We’ve seen the risk not only with the intent to kidnap & put the Michigan governor on trial, but on Trump’s watch we’ve seen murderous incidents play out in places like an El Paso Walmart, Pittsburgh synagogue, Charlottesville & other places where the perpetrator(s) seemed incited by Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric.  The scary part is we don’t know how many more within these groups out there are hatching more deadly plots.   
Americans need to wake up & see what has really become of the Republican Party!!!:  I hope you take the time to read that article rather than just the link title.  With so many on the right kowtowing to the cult of Trump, never since the Civil War has America faced such a threat from within.  While we have some in the GOP who refuse to denounce white supremacist terrorism, we’re even starting to see them denouncing democracy:  If we fail as a society to denounce & discredit these demented voices of tyranny, our nation is in real trouble with our irreversible decline becoming inevitable.  Be aware of the evil psychology that’s spreading out there as seen in these articles.  Yes, these folks are deranged crackpots not operating with a full deck, but many are prone to violence which makes them extremely dangerous!  We need to vote like it’s a matter of life & death, which is basically what it’s become:
There are signs at least some evangelicals are getting in touch with their moral compasses & fleeing the cult.  We’d better hope so, as their perceived hypocrisy & moral duplicity in servitude to the evil king is ruining the reputation of their church.  They stubbornly base their votes on the single issue of abortion no matter the lack of moral integrity from the leader they choose for president.  They really aren’t voting so much for president as Supreme Court justices.  Let’s hope more evangelicals join us, letting John McCain & his mother who just joined him in heaven, to look down upon us in early November to watch as that demagogue bully goes down to defeat:  Keep in mind those POW’s who were captured aren’t losers, but presidents who failed at their jobs are.  Perhaps it would help if the faithful knew while Trump & his campaign minions are misrepresenting Biden’s position on abortion, there is also a dirty little secret behind Trump’s treatment for COVID they don’t want us to know about.  Such details are seen among these links:
Part 3 – Economy, Virus & Election Section
This is Trump’s economy, a failed experiment that only looks to get worse until he’s removed from office:  The GOP has degenerated into not having a message or a vision:  Trump’s leadership has left them devoid of ideas.  But there might actually be two good things effecting the economy that stem from the Trump presidency.  He brought to light in a direct way how much China for far too long has been stealing our industries, manufacturing jobs & intellectual property (although his trade war that didn’t culminate in a deal has been destructive):  Plus with the public learning about Trump’s tax returns where he always paid zero or very little in federal income taxes, it’s brought into focus how inequitable the tax code is in greatly favoring the wealthy oligarchs, identifying an obvious problem that requires fixing: & also see
Latest figures show 59 American families now control half the nation’s income.  That is simply inexcusable & unsustainable!!!  It doesn’t matter what the intransigent hardcore right-wing say, this is a fundamental problem that must be fixed!:  As more Americans become aware of what’s really going on, this issue should become the #1 economic challenge of our time.  Finding creative ideas & plans for restructuring our economic model is the ticket to restoring the American Dream for the working middle class.  The wealthy oligarchs have been steadily rigging the system in their favor for decades & will fight hard to preserve it, ensuring that workers keep getting shafted while Trump policies only make their plight that much worse.  Hard work should be duly rewarded & not just the domain of those being born into privilege.  Without the consensus societal determination to seriously address this, we’ve entered a second Gilded Age featuring a divided class structure lacking the shared growth & upward mobility we once enjoyed.  We must do better!  And to the extent so many white blue-collar workers still support this guy against their own self-interests, it demonstrates they’re still paying attention to what he says & not what he does.
As the Senate hearings begin, Dems are fighting against this potential Supreme Court justice being confirmed, although they really don’t have the votes to stop it until the calendar turns into 2021.  And on the eve of an election the Dems don’t want to be perceived as overplaying their hand.  But they’re using these hearings to make cogent political points against Trump & lapdogs like Lindsey Graham.  For the optics, Dem senators are more honed in on the prospect of a lopsided court taking healthcare coverage away more than the abortion issue: & also see & also see  It’s truly stunning to think a week after the election, the Supreme Court just might strike down the ACA (Obamacare) in the middle of a pandemic! 
Trump & his party have raised the court packing issue against the Dems (the prospect of adding more justices on the bench) since their own campaign has nothing of substance to run on.  If that’s really a legitimate complaint, GOP politicians should look in the mirror.  Voters should not be distracted while being aware it’s Republicans who are packing the court, refusing for 9 months to even give Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland so much as a hearing, while wanting to rush through Trump’s nominee in just a month:  Plus most want the next president to choose the justice & those pro-life folks on the right haven’t exactly changed hearts & minds over to their cause:  But it sure would be handy if Trump wants to steal the election through the court, he could use another justice selected by him to help slant the playing field.
The links below feature a wide diversity of economic misery that has befallen many Americans in these COVID times, while also check out a few of the articles describing crimes against humanity & human rights abuses by kidnapping children at the border.  This week also saw a wildly erratic Trump flip-flopping on a stimulus deal ( & McConnell not able to get the votes from recalcitrant GOP senators, resulting in those businesses & workers suffering the most from this economic virus malaise will remain in desperate straits.  That desperation is reflected in many of these articles as the economy has fallen apart for many sectors of the economy, while the top priority is to finally get a handle on the virus before we can ever hope to begin on the path towards some semblance of normalcy.  Somebody should have convinced Trump months ago not to put the cart before the horse, since if we want to keep our economy & schools open, we must all follow safety protocol like social distancing & mask wearing until a proven treatment/vaccine can come along:
Virus Pandemic Rages On
We feel compelled to begin this section with a stunning rebuke of the president’s handling of this virus pandemic along with its deadly consequences, delivered by the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine who has never before offered up a political opinion ahead of an election.  But these drastic times require drastic measures:  Yes, the magnitude of our leadership failure is epic, which is easily seen in the precautionary steps we did not take & the much higher number of fatalities compared to other countries.  The Dem VP candidate during her debate went even a step beyond with this statement:  Among his many failures, the prez consistently dismissed & mocked mask wearing.  Taking his cue, too many Trumpeters refused to wear masks as a political statement, becoming complicit in spreading infections & deaths.  Their rights to freedom from wearing masks for them became the right to kill others.
Cases have recently run through the White House with the Supreme Court justice nomination in the Rose Garden becoming a super-spreader event.  When the White House can’t even keep their own house safe, that’s emblematic of why they did such a horrible job keeping the rest of the country safe.  Now that he’s doing his rallies again, he’s running the risk of committing even more negligent homicides against his crazed unsuspecting rally attendees:  And let’s not dismiss the very real possibility that our prez has become so maniacally narcissistic, just from our observations based on empirical evidence suggest he may in fact be mentally ill with egomania:  From the start of 2020 when our president was given the most important assignment of any president since perhaps WWII, while Trump was well aware of the contagion & deadly dangers presented by this virus, yet all along his leadership has been defined by deception, recklessness, denial, inaction, excuses & ignorance.  
With Trump having taken a powerful steroid, that could have masked his symptoms & made him feel better.  But it might also help explain his erratic comments of late even for him, along with the desperation of falling poll numbers.  He does now claim to have gotten off the drugs in recent days & is immune thanks to his protective glow, so maybe he thinks he has a halo?  The cocktail the prez had been on includes Remdesivir which he’s touting as a cure, really hoping it’s an actual cure for his reeling campaign:  His praises sound a lot like the claims he used to make for hydroxychloroquine which turned out to be a dud.  This new drug requires a lot more study/testing before its safety & efficacy can be determined, since it’s been tested on so few people up til now.  Since the prez was hoping a proven vaccine would be ready by now but probably won’t be til 2021, he’s gone to Remdesivir as his go-to miracle alternative, which admittedly provides a lot more hope than another previous suggestion from him of injecting bleach.  We have lots of articles pulled from just MSN & Yahoo that provide recent updates on America’s COVID fight gone tragically wrong:
What a Bizarre Campaign!
Such a wild campaign so far with just 3 weeks left!  Is the choice abundantly clear yet?  If people want in a president someone who’ll ignore a pandemic that kills hundreds of thousands of Americans, crash our economy, inspire white supremacist terrorists, collude with foreign powers to cheat in our elections, pay off mistress porn stars, cheat on his taxes, consider killed & wounded soldiers suckers & losers, lack empathy or any ability to see beyond himself, smirk at the rule of law, plus trample all over our checks & balances, democratic institutions & Constitution, then Trump is their man.  Extending our list of leadership qualifications, if voters prefer a president who’s a pathological liar, temperamental bully, divisive demagogue, egomaniacal narcissist, chaotic/erratic/undisciplined loose cannon, corrupt con man, greedy selfish fraud, crony-capitalist oligarch, abuser of women & possibly a rapist, likely a racist, bigot & xenophobe, plus solid evidence suggests he’s a serial criminal, then again I say Trump is the man.
It’s becoming clear from the polling that most Americans are ready to reject that type of irresponsible & immoral leadership.  Yet most in the GOP base prefer reelecting him as our president?  Why?  There’s no logical or sane reason to still support this guy, unless people just haven’t been paying attention, are hopelessly brainwashed or no longer care about our democracy & constitutional freedoms.  Or maybe they’re too stubborn to admit their own mistake.  The same conservative nutbags who rail against socialism, many of them seem OK with fascism over democracy which says a lot about their mental state.  As a lifelong Republican until the Trump cult possessed my party, I’ve come to firmly believe the only way to save the GOP (or some facsimile of a replacement party more in line with what the GOP once was) is to first destroy this current wretched version, so we can start anew with a sane party free from Trump’s muddled, deceptive, nihilistic & overly-combative political convulsions.
This past week saw the lone VP debate.  I thought Harris mopped the debate floor with Pence, but beauty is in the eye of the partisan beholder.  No minds were changed as both sides are now dug in, while our current VP doubled-down on Trumpian talking points.  Coming across like the phony he truly is, VP Pence during the debate joined his boss’ chorus by refusing to say whether they would honor the election results.  So he may be on the Trump train along with AG Barr & others in trying to steal this election.  For comic relief, a fly became famous & gained international acclaim, clearly visible against the background of Pence’s gray mop.  Apparently this fly was attracted to Pence because of all the hairspray or smelly garbage spewing from his head as he parroted many of Trump’s favorite lies:  Yep, being a faithful Trump sycophant is automatically discrediting. 
Had this fly landed on the head of Biden or Harris during a debate, the far-right conspiracists would be having a field day in claiming it was a flying bug-clone with a tiny microchip feeding them the answers.  And SNL had fun with it: while song writers also chimed in:  As a dutiful servant towing the Trump party line, Pence’s role was required to lie his head off since there was no other way around it.  As for Harris, a solid performance showed she could be trusted with the top job if called upon.  Of course, our current insulter-in-chief had to chime in with his vitriol, calling the Dem VP candidate a “monster:”  Trump is a master of demonizing opponents with childish name-calling, one of the few skills he’s actually good at, even though a president is supposed to govern all of the people & try to serve as a uniter.  I think he spends a lot more time dreaming up insults & conspiracy theories than he does fighting the virus.
Biden is leading in every swing state poll except Georgia & Texas, which aren’t even supposed to be swing states: & also see  Examining the data more closely, by all indicators Trump’s support is plummeting particularly among women, seniors, suburbanites & independents, putting even red Sun Belt states into play:  With Trump’s popularity falling precipitously, we’re seeing signs within the party of cracks in his cult:  Trump is more than just an awful president, as we’ve seen to anyone paying attention he’s also an awful human being.  And we may well need Biden to blow out Trump convincingly in avoiding the prospect of civil war.  Be sure to catch the songs at the very bottom, since the people need to win this election & not the dictators!
Since Trump can no longer win legitimately, he takes no pause in wanting to steal the election, a scenario that becomes all too real when he’s partnered up with a loyal & corrupt AG henchman:  These next couple links are must-see TV from the best show on cable television, where we actually must be cognizant of the possibility Trump may declare himself the winner on election night before the mail-in ballots can be counted!!!: & also see  Most Americans are stunningly oblivious to the rising tide of dictatorial fascism that we’re currently seeing with Trump & his party, so those of us who see what’s happening can only try to warn as many Americans as we can.  I can only surmise most citizens of Germany nearly 90 years ago were likewise out of tune with the autocratic power grab going on with their political leadership & Nazi Party, which by the time they woke up it was already too late.  Our prez terrifies me, as he should likewise terrify you:   
There are many other ways our cheater-in-chief is trying to cheat.  Of course, he’s once again relying on the Russian disinformation machine.  But his nefarious attack on our free elections has many tentacles.  The prez has staged a relentless campaign of voter suppression through sabotaging voter registration & voting itself, declaring with zero evidence there’s no legitimacy with mail-in voting as he convinces his base Biden can’t win without cheating.  He’s also perpetuating the manic idea that Biden, Obama & Hillary should be arrested, is leaning on the gestapo-boss AG Barr to deligitimize the election results so the court &/or state legislatures can determine the outcome (, has enlisted the help of thugs to patrol voting booths, while as a last resort could blow his dog whistle instructing white supremacist militia groups to engage in violence & domestic terrorist attacks.  These threats are not to be taken lightly, so let’s be aware of this sinister scheme to undermine & sabotage our democratic voting process:
People need to know the truth as seen in this video, since this is the only election in our nation’s history when political ideology shouldn’t even matter in our vote.  So please watch as this video is haunting:  By any objective measure, this presidency has been a train wreck & a second term promises to be a whole lot worse.  So we all need to vote & encourage others to do so:  The shock from 4 years ago is still fresh on our minds, so let’s not take anything for granted:  That stunning 2016 result should energize our resolve to help get out the vote.  And our fears are real, especially now that Trump may be mounting a sterling comeback after having been endorsed by the Taliban:  Plus don’t forget other terrorists right here in America like white supremacist groups also give their full backing to Trump, even if it’s not a formal endorsement:
Even if Trump somehow found a way to revive his sagging poll numbers by early November, a lot of people are voting now.  But no matter how good the polls look as lately they’ve eased into a double-digit gap, let’s get proactive as if the race is tied since more than ever America’s future is on the line, which demonstrably it really is.  The most important thing we should all be doing from now til Nov. 3rd to save our nation is to inform our fellow citizens of the honest facts.  That’s why we request you help the cause by reviewing & sharing this important information with others.  The links below feature topics on Trump backing out of this week’s debate (, national & battleground state polling that is looking better than ever, prominent GOP figures endorsing Biden, demographic groups that are running from Trump, the VP debate, the GOP panicking, Dems looking to flip the Senate, plus Trump’s Hail Mary of orchestrating a comprehensive plot to cheat & steal the election.  This is the single most important election ever for all of us to vote in, so let’s help drive up turnout numbers in defense of democracy & against tyranny:
Who’s Gonna Win, the People or the Dictators?
The rocker Van Halen passed away this past week, but the first song we chose was from another singer we just lost.  The message from this old classic can be applied to our current world should Biden win the election as expected, with cause for celebration with American citizens & all people of the world:
If it catastrophically goes the other way, the dictators will be the ones celebrating: