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The VORACS is a political blog dedicated to deciphering the latest political news on our Dear Leader. We strive to consistently provide information to readers founded on evidence, historical data, and most importantly…. common sense.

As our country moves through a trying time, lifting your voice and speaking the truth becomes more and more important, and harder and harder to find.

We don’t doubt you’ll disagree with some of the opinions offered up in our featured blogs, and we encourage you to offer a retort.

Political Updates

Democracy is on the Ballot this November…

  Part 1 - Very Compelling Proof there's a Criminal in the White House   The Mueller probe offered up solid evidence the Trump campaign took part in illegal collusion with Russia during the last presidential campaign, followed up by a relentless pattern of cover-ups. ...

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Time to Help in Saving Our Nation!

  Part 1 - Criminals Should Not Be President   We always have a huge number of political article links in each one of our posts, accumulating into tens of thousands of links overall in our archives, & it's not because we like searching out & posting links. ...

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Grave Danger Lurks in the Virus & the Prez…

  Part 1 - Crimes From On High   These are crazy, uncertain, dangerous times!  We request you review & share this important information, since we're going through the most pivotal times any of us have ever experienced & an informed citizenry is the best hope...

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Recent Articles

Our Destiny Determined in 2 Months!

Our Destiny Determined in 2 Months!

 Part 1 - Trump Crimes & Convention News Think of the irony of a president largely running for reelection on a law-&-order platform, yet the overwhelming amount of evidence we've seen in excruciating detail during his presidency indicates he is in...