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The VORACS is a political blog dedicated to deciphering the latest political news on our Dear Leader. We strive to consistently provide information to readers founded on evidence, historical data, and most importantly…. common sense.

As our country moves through a trying time, lifting your voice and speaking the truth becomes more and more important, and harder and harder to find.

We don’t doubt you’ll disagree with some of the opinions offered up in our featured blogs, and we vehemently insist you offer a retort.

Political Updates

Part 1 – Manafort Lied!

Judge Rules Manafort Lied to Prosecutors...And a meeting at the Grand Havana cigar room goes to the heart of Russian collusion!  And the lying was not just to Special Counsel, but Manafort lied in his statements to the FBI & grand jury, so the judge's...

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Part 3 – Trump Economic Miracle is All Bluster!

The Real Trump Economic Miracle is that His Base mostly stays with him...Even though his policies are giving the shaft to working people.  The prez makes plenty of bold promises & uses smoke & mirrors to convince his merry band of Trumpeters he's created...

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