Part 1 – Evidence of Crimes is Piling Up while Our President is a National Security Risk
Trump has had some terrible weeks throughout 2020, but this past week takes the cake!  In the space of 7 days we’ve gotten solid indications that Trump’s a serial tax cheat, he came across as an obnoxious bully during the debate, then he & many close to him were diagnosed with the virus.  Those important stories are all presented in loads of links in Part 3 & also see the song at the very bottom, but first inspect these articles here:
With the election now less than a month away with polls showing the current prez behind, plus he’s been taken off the campaign trail even if just temporarily, that doesn’t bode well for his reelection chances.  But that does bode very well for America, in that this nation absolutely cannot afford a continuation of this disastrous & failed presidency.  So it’s important voters have a reliably accurate source of information in making their decision.  This is the blog that conveniently collects all the most informative political news of this past week all in one place.  Please do share by sending out our blog address since we’ve reached a pivotal moment in our nation’s history.
Our Part 1’s have always exposed news on the president’s criminal activities.  With recent bombshell revelations on Trump’s finances, it raises alarming questions on likely tax fraud & exactly who does Trump owe money to.  If the prez is on the hook to international adversaries & might be compromised by those foreign powers, with $400 million in personal loans coming due in the next 4 years, what concessions might he be willing to offer if he can’t come up with the cash & owes a lot of favors?  Just imagine if out of desperation Trump gives away secrets to our launch codes or other critical info related to our nuclear arsenal, or spill the beans on highly classified secret materials that would put our intelligence sources at risk, or offer whatever means to pay off foreign entities he’s indebted to which could seriously compromise our national security.  And just the suspicions of Trump’s entangled dealings have hampered our diplomatic efforts & intelligence gathering that are so vital to our safety. 
The prez’s debt obligations are staggering even for a billionaire, with most of his assets being non-liquid & not easily transferable.  The American people have a right to know all the potential conflicts of interest their president might be involved with, especially ahead of an election.  We’ve long seen how many of the administration’s close contacts of whom they give preferential treatment to on the world stage are known bad actors.  Just look at the White House’s consistent capitulations to countries such as Russia, Turkey, UAE & Saudi Arabia, while I’ve long stated in this blog that our president looks like he’s a Putin/Kremlin kompromat, along with Deutsche Bank seemingly at the center of a lot of shady loans.  So yes, it appears our American president really might be vulnerable to foreign influence & blackmail.  That is why investigators need his tax returns & to follow the international money trail, since our national security & defense are interwoven with Trump’s financial dealings around the world.  And this serious issue alone is reason enough to deny Trump a second term.  Doesn’t it seem to you that Trump is the type of person who’d always put personal interests over the nation’s?  Those very real concerns are explained inside these links, as there is plenty about these complicated loan arrangements that definitely don’t pass the smell test:
Crimes Embedded in Those Tax Returns
We saw from a NY Times article a couple years ago in excruciating detail how Trump regularly committed tax fraud a few decades ago, but now we’ve seen from the numbers that his tax shenanigans had continued on during the most recent couple decades.  These articles give us reports on how his tax dodging should be putting him into legal hot water: 
Other Signs of Crimes
We keep seeing more reports trickling out about the myriad of illegalities stemming from the Russian collusion case.  For two years we waited with bated breath over all the crimes Mueller was to find concerning the sinister connections between the Trump campaign & various shady Russians.  While his final report was dripping with a repeated pattern of obstruction of justice, the conspiracy part with Russia was less clear.  It was only recently we found out Mueller didn’t adequately follow the money trail or the counterintelligence probe, so it basically let Trump off the hook on his colluding with a foreign power to taint the 2016 election.  But the pieces are gradually being put in place for giving us a more complete picture of that giant jigsaw puzzle, so there’s sure to come a day when we’ll have proof of all those criminalized behaviors with foreign adversaries.  It’s really a shame the facts didn’t come to light a couple years ago.  Here are the latest updates on Trump’s crime syndicate:     
Narrowing Our Search from the Newsfeeds
As my schedule has been filling up lately with various professional & personal obligations, from now through the election I’ve gone strictly into MSN & Yahoo mode for the live links pulled from the newsfeeds.  Hopefully this blog can go into mothballs a month from now, anticipating a (decisive) Biden victory & smooth transition without the nation erupting into civil war.  It does take time for us to peruse through roughly 50 different news sources in pulling off the links to the most relevant articles, time we no longer have, so admittedly we’re starting to take shortcuts.  MSN & Yahoo provide us with important articles taken from some of those same news outlets we’ve always used, plus we’ll make sure all the pertinent topics from the week are covered.  As you can clearly see from today’s post in this unprecedented news-overload era of Trump with another crazy week of headlines, MSN & Yahoo provide us with more than enough live newslinks from the past week.  If you’d like to do a deeper dive & explore for yourself the sources we’ve always used, here are many of them.
The basic staples:
Some of my favs:
Having a decidedly hard-edge progressive bent to them:
Media watchdogs who really keep a close eye on the ongoing deception coming out of the studios at Fox fake news & other far-right echo-media:
Other reliably insightful news outlets who’ve always been our go-to sources include Vox, Slate, Mother Jones, The Atlantic, Vanity Fair, Axios, Time, Newsweek, Reuters, AP, The Week, US News & World Report, Roll Call & BuzzFeed.  So if you want to do a deeper dive, check out these many legitimate sources with real journalists drawing from legitimate facts.  And yes, the MSN & Yahoo feeds we’re now using exclusively do draw from some of those same news outlets.  We tend to favor MSN links since their longer titles are more descriptive.  We suggest you peruse the lists of link titles in all our blog posts which are informative in & of themselves, while clicking on those that most strike your interests.  In the aggregate there is a ton of enlightening political information inside these links in all 3 Parts, mainly grouped by topic.  Today finds Part 3 especially populated with links, since it’s in that section we put the news about Trump’s virus diagnosis & his debate performance. 
Part 2 – Yes, Fascism is a Distinct Possibility
In any other election in our lifetime, there were always valid reasons to vote GOP.  Those reasons this year no longer exist!  They’ve been obliterated!!!  The cult leader of that now-destructive party appears to be a compromised president bent on fascism!  Removing Trump won’t fix the GOP, but it would be a good first step.  His compliant political allies, media pundits & Trumpeter base would almost certainly follow him into autocracy if their glorious leader were able to get away with it.  NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman said in recent weeks if you’re not terrified about what’s going on, you’re not paying attention.  And more recently he said our system is now in more danger than during the Civil War, WWII or Cuban Missile Crisis as found inside  Just to emphasize the point, here are a few other articles describing how much trouble our democracy is in with this administration:
What has been clearly proven these past 3-1/2 years is the fact Trump is not an effective leader, he’s more a carnival-barking con man whose primary gift is lying persuasively enough so his followers actually believe him:  Maybe his supporters are still envisioning their master as that contrived character from reality TV, a brash businessman with exquisite judgement sorting through job candidates while barking out the mantra You’re Fired, giving him the aura of a strong leader that indeed made the show a ratings success.  But that Trump was a mirage, the entire production was contrived.  He never was that wise boss & never will be.  Being president is far removed from The Apprentice, as consequential decisions are made every day affecting the lives of real people & can sometimes be a matter of life or death.  From any objective viewpoint far removed from the echo-bubble, Trump is a president not up to the job as his misinformed decisions are often proven disastrous & even deadly. 
The links below join a group of thousands of links sitting here in all the Part 2’s from our blog’s archives, giving us ample warnings with specific details how this presidency in so many different ways is directly assaulting the pillars of our constitutional democracy.  That’s not hyperbole, the overwhelming evidence from many respected news sources collectively lay out a case from which there can be no other conclusion.  Not to mention the prez is acting nuts, which if that is true it puts the whole world in danger!!!: & also see  Our president fashions himself as a dictator, from which everything he says or does are directed toward those ends.  So there is no mystery what’s going on here.  By defeating Trump in November, we should be able to put this threat of authoritarian tyranny behind us in a matter of weeks.  But a reelection that frees Trump up to continue his reign of terror for another 4 years, the danger could be ratcheted up to unseemly levels as an unleashed & emboldened Trump will be full-go in pursuing his unconstitutional power grab.  As seen inside more articles here, that would be a dire threat to our nation & the whole world:

The True Enemy of the People is the Propaganda Network
We can remove Trump in a matter of weeks, but the lying machine who’s enabled him will still be stirring up trouble, concocting their nihilistic & conspiratorial fairy tales that continue to undermine the functional legitimacy of our constitutional democracy.  They’ve become just like the state-run TV every fascist dictator depends on.  Fox always gives wall-to-wall coverage to Trump’s pet issues in providing glowing cover for their master, but in doing so regularly ignores the real news, as conspiracy theories usually take priority over the important headlines.  For two decades I was a loyal Fox watcher until their agenda became twisted in servitude to their demagogue king, so I stopped watching & could never go back there if they keep spewing their destructive poisons.  It’s bad enough the network’s sexually perverse frat-boy culture has been known for years, but it’s clear the evil that permeates through those studios has spilled over into their on-air rhetoric. 
Our nation does need a constructive conservative voice on the public airwaves, but Fox fake news or the rest of the far-right echo-chamber are no longer providing it.  The radio & internet echo trained their audiences to swallow the garbage that was pure far-right trash, so for ratings Fox decided to feed their viewers that same toxic stew rather than telling the truth.  Voters who don’t follow politics at all are still in a better position to have better judgement when casting their ballots than those who get all their news from Fox prime-time, since it’s wiser to be uninformed than misinformed.  A way needs to be found for purging the echo of the most extremist, dishonest & conspiratorial hosts & pundits, much like the White House needs to be purged of a corrupt administration & the GOP purged of the most radicalized hardcore politicians.  We have fewer links here on the buffoonery from Fox than normal, but there are plenty more you can always find from sources like Media Matters, Mediaite & NewsHounds:   
Ride on the Crazy Train
It was the most talked about line from the debate.  Trump told his white nationalist warrior groups to stand back & stand by, which a wacko group like the Proud Boys have already made those words into a logo & using as a rallying cry/recruiting tool.  Our current prez is sending out dog whistles that run the risk of inciting civil war, so we’d better take him seriously!  The most deranged among his Trumpeters are like zombies who’ll do anything their master asks of them.  Amplifying Trump’s messaging, this white supremacy domestic terrorism is being radicalized online with angry violent clarion calls much like we’ve seen internationally with jihadist terrorist groups.  They’ve been drawn into a delusional group-think promoting a cause bigger than themselves, but they’re fools advocating a dead-end philosophy producing sometimes deadly results.  But they’ve really gotten amped up in recent years with Trump & his echo-media acknowledging & inciting their movement.  Those who do join these groups, don’t hold your breath waiting for the lights to go on inside these dimwits’ heads, since their dark mindsets/motives are several watts short of a functional light bulb.  And as off-the-charts ignorant these nutbags truly are, they are even that much more scary:
Evangelicals have been Complicit in the Evil
And if Trump gets reelected, this demographic group will have provided by far the most votes for their earthly master.  There will come a day their allegiance to the immoral king will backfire, when all these temporary gains they’ve won will all be for naught:
Part 3 – The Economy Wasn’t So Great Prior to 2020, But the Virus Made It Much Worse
I’m beginning to see the light on the Trump campaign’s economic talking points about a Marxist socialist welfare state.  The rich & privileged are far more the welfare cheats than the lower class!  So the real problem is the vast proportion of government benefits are going disproportionately to the very top, while lower & middle class families are figuratively being screwed!  The concept of trickle down in this modern era of capitalism has become a cruel joke for much of the working class.  What kind of free-market capitalist monstrosity have we created when millions & millions of full-time workers regularly stress out over paying the bills as their wages have stagnated for decades, especially when we now see how most of them pay more federal income taxes in actual dollar amounts than certain billionaires!  America in the 21st Century has become an oligarchical, crony-capitalist, societal caste system, Gilded Age run amok!  These live links expose an unfair tax code in urgent need of fixing:
Yep, as enormous wealth continues to be created in America, our system directs most all those additional riches to the top.  Granted, America must never lose that incentive to accomplish great things, where those who took the risk to build successful businesses or took on highly-trained difficult careers must assuredly be richly rewarded.  But it’s unconscionable how uneven our wealth distribution has become.  So let’s take a close look at the real economy as Trump always pats himself on the back by claiming how terrific his economy used to be.  Indeed, this COVID economy stinks with the income disparities far greater than ever before as billionaires have amassed much higher wealth here in 2020.  But even prior to this very trying year for most of us, wage/wealth inequality had become worse in the U.S. than virtually any other developed free nation, fast becoming the single-biggest issue defining the struggles of the American middle class. 
So what has Trump done to address this utmost concern?  NOTHING!!!  Coming from the upper-end privileged class, I don’t think he has a clue or relates in any way to the struggles workers face, although his game is to con them into supporting him.  Despite the numerous bold promises he’s sold to his blue collar base, the prez has avoided & punted on this key challenge for helping workers every step of the way, with his tax cuts for the rich only widening the income divide!  We should hold all politicians accountable to address this monstrous challenge that has been smashing the hopes & dreams of millions of working class families: & also see
Enter the virus pandemic where this recession has hit lower income earners by far harder than any recession in decades, which is expected to take the U.S. into a whole new level of income inequality!  Presiding over this economy, President Trump not only ignored that pressing problem, but he destroyed whatever was going good with our economy.  Trump took the longest-running economic recovery in American history & smashed it to smithereens!  We’re heading into an election with the highest unemployment an incumbent president has ever faced (, while the U.S. is also seeing the highest number of long-term unemployed in recorded history.  Perplexingly, many citizens out there still give their prez a pass on everything, whether it’s hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens losing their lives or millions of our fellow citizens losing their livelihoods, all of which Trump is directly responsible for by bungling the virus response.
The jobs recovery looks to be slowing down as seen in Friday’s monthly jobs report.  We’re still down more than 10 million jobs since the virus struck earlier this year.  With the virus spread still not contained, the number of jobs added missed expectations while mass layoffs are ramping up again, with the slight decline in the unemployment rate spurred on by workers (especially women) dropping out of the workforce altogether:  So things remain ugly out there with Congress continuing to not agree around a new relief package for those in over their heads & becoming increasingly/hopelessly desperate:  Reports on the real economy are provided here, while the White House & GOP senate are primarily responsible for holding back our recovery: 
Trump Tests Positive for the Virus, Negative on His Virus Response
I’m a bit numb over the president’s diagnosis.  We all should wish him well with a speedy recovery, which I sincerely do hope he can beat this virus.  Dems who gloat over this diagnosis is simply not acceptable.  But we can’t help but think this sad episode might well be poetic justice, as from the beginning when the virus first hit America, the prez has continually dismissed, downplayed & ignored the virus while even taunting those who took protective measures.  Ironically it was Trump’s botched leadership in fighting the virus that set the stage for the prez contracting the virus, much like his leadership failures are linked to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans:  So our president now joins the list of over 7 million other Americans who’ve been diagnosed which is largely a malady of his own making.  He didn’t create the virus but he did allow it to spread unabated.  Yes, we do have concern for Trump as he is our president & everyone knows him.  But for perspective, consider this virus that Trump failed to fight from which he is now personally fighting, that same virus is still killing a thousand Americans per day. 
Ever the showman keenly aware of the optics & wanting to project strength, Trump pulled off a publicity stunt on Sunday by being driven around the block in a limo outside the hospital: & also see  Then the prez was just discharged today, probably because he insisted & not necessarily because his health condition improved, so he’s far from out of the woods.  Plus there is a hospital unit within the White House if need be.  In another corny photo op that just happened here on a Monday evening, a maskless Trump made a triumphant return to the top step of the White House while putting all around him at risk: & also see  It’s an outrage since he’s taunting the same virus that has killed 210,000 citizens he was sworn to protect!  He’s still the reality-TV star, but he never could transition over to the role of president.
Only time & more testing the next week or two will determine how much the virus has spread throughout the White House & among those who came in close proximity with administration staff, but all the reckless behavior recently looks to have turned presidential festivities into super-spreader events.  With the cavalier attitude Trump & his staff have always had toward the virus, we shouldn’t be surprised this outbreak is happening.  We’ll also see if Trump’s symptoms improve or worsen in the next week or more, especially since his age & weight place him into a high-risk category.  The LA Times has some interesting takes on our reckless president: & also see  And here’s a reply I received from a VORACS reader…
So i guess the hydroxychloroquine didn’t work. He should try the bleach thing-that’ll do it…let the injections begin!! (just being sarcastic, lol)

Maybe I’m a bad person, but I just don’t feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for all the people who believed and trusted him and will continue to consider the experts ‘elitists’ while ignoring the rich boy, con man true elitist in office.  I cannot forget the story of the conservative bar owner in NYC who took a cruise to Spain in the spring. His kids begged him and their mother not to go and his reply was ‘if it was serious, the president would tell us’. He contracted covid and died and his long time bartender did too. Can you imagine listening to trump over your own kids? Mind boggling.
Trump’s doctors have been evasive about discussing Trump’s condition, especially to the question whether he’s ever been given supplemental oxygen, indicating they’re being muted by their patient.  Trump was given oxygen before going to Walter Reed Hospital which Trump’s primary doctor finally admitted on Sunday:, when he also admitted to first lying about it (no doubt from being coached by Trump): & also see
As we know, transparency & trust has never been a strong suit of this administration:  Trump has a pattern of always ordering his staff to lie on his behalf, which we now see extends to his medical staff.  They’re obviously hiding details particularly about the condition of the president’s lung functioning, hiding behind HIPAA privacy regulations.  And might he have had pneumonia?  Trump’s experimental cocktail protocol seems extreme, almost signaling desperation.  The timeline of when the prez first tested positive is also a big mystery.  Plus whoops, it looks like yet another chief of staff is in trouble with his boss:  Meadows hasn’t caught on yet to the fact this is the cover-up administration, from Russia to Ukraine & also when the pandemic first began, this White House has been instructed from the boss to always lie, distract & cover up any bad news.  Here’s yet another cover up:
The reckless behavior of Trump, his aides & his fans towards the virus as they exposed others around them to the risk have been deplorable.  Why in the world would Trump attend that NJ fundraiser on Thursday AFTER he personally experienced symptoms plus was informed Hope Hicks was positively diagnosed with the virus?:  Then there was the Tuesday night debate on the campus of Cleveland Clinic when all the safety precautions were meticulously followed, but as the Trump entourage entered the ballroom & were requested to put on their masks, they refused: & also see
Some good may come out of this in that hopefully Trumpeters will finally start taking this virus seriously (, since we can’t get a handle on the spread unless EVERYBODY abides by sensible protocol including social distancing & wearing masks.  Plus our DC leaders need to pass a funding bill to ramp up testing, not just more tests but developing better, easier & more accurate tests.  As our leaders, it’s the president & his people who need to set an example for all of us, yet when chief-of-staff Meadows & press secretary McEnany came out to address the media Friday, as we almost always see from this administration they were missing a mask.  This gang always puts optics for reelection over the health of the public.  As unlikely as this might be, for the good of the country I wish the prez would consider this move:
Another potential positive assuming the prez is partially or mostly sidelined for awhile from campaigning, he won’t be as effective spewing out his silly agenda of diversions & conspiracies.  This may help Biden redirect the narrative back to the key issues the American people are most concerned about, namely controlling the virus & restoring economic vitality which can save businesses about to go belly up, while bringing back the tens of millions of jobs lost this year.  We’re also hearing from the next president how tens of millions won’t be thrown off their healthcare coverage & also won’t be denied for preexisting conditions.  He also has plans to tackle the escalating student loan debt strangling young people coming out of college, plus have an initiative for affordable child care so parents can feasibly be in the workforce without going broke.  And last night on 60 Minutes was a segment on climate change, real scary stuff which Trump always denies.  So unlike Trump, Biden will address our problems, not avoid them or even make things worse.
So I really do hope Trump recovers & there’s real concerns with him being in a higher risk category:  Though our nation desperately needs to oust him from the Oval Office, it’s far better to do it through a resounding Biden victory.  To help cool the jets of Trump’s rabid base, they need to see their man decisively go down fair & square through an election.  The current prez’s cause won’t be helped when his favorite topics will likely take a back seat, as he had tried to distract from the most important issues by stoking racial divisions that ratcheted up tensions/violence in some cities, but his ability to twist the narrative will now be limited as the president falling ill may keep him off the campaign trail for the duration.  As for the political optics a month before election day, Trump can receive a sympathy vote for awhile, which should be more than offset by the Covid pandemic being placed front & center as the top issue on the minds of voters…& on that note our current prez does not rate well!: 
Getting personally infected by this virus could give the prez a whole new perspective.  But even if Trump does an about face by finally taking this virus seriously & starts doing his job in leading the charge to battle this scourge, it’s still 7 months too late for more than 200,000 Americans:  And maybe Trump hasn’t yet learned his lesson when he tweeted out today don’t be afraid of Covid.  He still doesn’t get it!:  Here is a collection of even more pertinent articles that have broken since news came of the prez being tested positive for the virus, with various reports coming in the past few days on the effects/ramifications of his diagnosis & illness:
More Virus Pandemic Updates
Our denier-in-chief not only failed to fight the virus, but all along he was the one lying to us about what was really going on: & also see & also see  Those repeated lies & failures have led to hundreds of thousands of deaths along with a collapsed economy that is continuing to haunt us with no end in sight!  All that misery & suffering his failed leadership have caused us over COVID-19 is perhaps the single biggest catastrophic blunder by any president in American history!  This headline might sound rather strong, but it’s hard to argue:
Our infection rates & deaths remain way higher than most other countries, mainly because our society as a whole hasn’t taken the necessary precautions as other countries have.  We know from the Woodward tapes that Trump knew just how dangerous Coronavirus would be from the start, but he deliberately chose to mislead the American people & told us not to worry about it.  The problem comes in when he needed to rally the public into taking the virus seriously with specific behaviors for preventing the spread, he dropped the ball as a confused & misinformed public didn’t engage in a total buy-in that allowed the virus to flare out of control.  And the virus seems to now be spiraling out of control more than ever.  Such irresponsible leadership has resulted in an ongoing series of tragic news reports as again seen this past week inside these links:


Sanity is in the Majority, We Just Need to All Go Out & Vote!
Biden’s lead has been holding steady in the polls & even increasing since the debate: & also see  While even Trump-loving polls are showing a drop in his support:  Plus Trumpian-type states are starting to reject him:  Trump still holds a slight lead among white voters, but the drop in their support is around 10% compared to four years ago (, while Biden has also attracted a lot of older voters compared to what Hillary had, & the gender gap has grown off the charts with women in particular generally repulsed by the current prez. 
Let’s face it, Americans in general have grown tired of the crap!: & also see  Everyone should know who Trump is by now, so there’s really no justification for voting for him.  With our nation’s democracy and future at stake, I have ZERO tolerance for Trump fans anymore!  They’re as clueless as their president.  Being a Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, that shouldn’t even factor into our voting decisions whatsoever when this unique election may well be a choice between democracy or tyranny.  Very few have taken my warnings seriously the past several years about the threat of fascism we face in Trump & his cult empire, but events lately from this out-of-control president have clearly demonstrated the risks are real.  The nation took a big chance on him 4 years ago & it backfired, so now we know better that we can’t take that chance again. 
Aside from stopping his dictatorial intent by voting him out, we are suffering through a collapsed economy along with hundreds of thousands of Americans dying, but as unhinged as this president has been we may be fortunate his reckless management of our nation didn’t bring on even worse catastrophes.  But even when he loses in November, our current prez could still remain dangerous, having his army of white supremacist militias standing at the ready.  There are plenty of those deranged Trumpeters convinced the election would be stolen if their master loses, so they’re locked & loaded preparing for war at their leader’s command.  And even prior to that potential post-election mayhem, Trump has instructed his gun-toting thugs to become poll watchers on election day & intimidate voters.  So we still may have some scary moments to navigate through before the January 2021 inauguration, but I believe Biden would make for a fine president in these trying times, being an experienced elder statesman who would be a calming influence for a nation in crisis.  But this election is almost entirely a referendum on Trump, which for me because we know who Trump really is, quite frankly I’d vote for anyone on the Dem ticket no matter who they are & age is no factor:
If the Dems win both the White House & Senate, that’s actually a win for all Americans!  While the Republican Party doesn’t realize this yet, getting thumped in this election would be a very good first step in breaking free from the Trump GOP that was destined to destroy them anyway.  Even removing Trump from the equation, the utter madness from the echo-media & Trumpeter fan base will still retain a prominent presence within the party, so it could be years or even decades before we have a sane conservative party again.  But in continuing the same trend from the 2018 blue-wave midterms, we can keep voting out complicit Republican politicians & put that party out of power in DC, sending an unmistakable signal to the GOP they’re way out of step with most of the American people.  We still need a rational, pragmatic & constructive conservative party more in line with the party I always supported, but the cult mentality now in possession of the party will be an extremely difficult thing to break.  But we just need to keep spreading truths to ultimately overcome their lies.  I’m now listening to Biden’s town hall in Miami & he sounds coherent, unlike his opponent.  So let’s scrap Trump’s phony MAGA & strive as a nation for true greatness:  Here are recent relevant election articles:   


What in the Heck was That???
For last Tuesday night’s debate, we got Twitter Trump live & in person on stage.  He was rude, obnoxious, mean, uninformed, dishonest & looking desperate knowing he’s running from behind.  He also showed as if most of us didn’t already know, he’s unfit for office.  Aside from being a jerk for the entire debate, Trump expressed no plans or vision how he intends to make the lives of Americans better if he were to be reelected.  He was only there to interrupt & throw out petty insults, a deliberate strategy since he had nothing else to say.  It was symbolic of his entire presidency, full of chaos, division & lies, a big reason why Americans have become exhausted with his whirlwind leadership.  Trump must be exhausted too even prior to him contracting the virus, so it’s much better for all involved that American voters send him into retirement. 
There were a few debate moments when Trump’s words did have consequences, such as when he essentially encouraged his white supremacist army to be ready & he mocked Biden for always wearing a big mask.  All along for months Trump has not been setting a personal example for wearing a mask, not encouraged those around him to wear masks, not encouraged all Americans to wear masks, & even made fun of people who do.  But wearing masks has been proven effective for stemming the spread.  That one posture alone where our prez talked down wearing masks has turned the issue into a political/cultural cause for his supporters, which in the end that singular non-action with too many of our citizens not taking that simple precaution, could likely have otherwise saved the lives of tens of thousands, or possibly hundreds of thousands of Americans.  If during this year our country had a responsible president, our infection & death rates would likely have been more in line with other nations.  Maybe Trump getting infected can shake his fans out of their slumber, since wearing masks from now on could save thousands of lives going forward:
That debate was a complete disaster which many Trump fans will even acknowledge.  But a telltale sign of being a Trumpeter is they blamed both candidates, while objective Americans know Trump was at fault since he was obviously the instigator.  So there was only one candidate to blame for that fiasco we saw last Tuesday night in Cleveland.  But as much as we might think that 90 minutes turned into a total waste of time, it was actually quite productive since 73+ million Americans got to see in action the real Trump!  Polling shows that seniors in particular jumped off the Trump train after his debate debacle.  The next two debates are very much in question pending Trump’s health/recovery, but it’s apparent most voters’ minds have been made up & most will not be voting for Trump.  We have plenty of links covering that debate, since what we saw was so stunning that most Americans who saw it were thoroughly repulsed at our president’s performance:
I’m So Sorry
The ballad of Trump’s terrible week with his scary diagnosis & pathetic debate, as he has nobody else to blame but himself.  The song also tells us to wear a mask & get out to vote, since it’s time to put an end to all the chaos:  Here’s a timely tune just released over the weekend featuring a sorry Trump along with Uncle Joe, not Uncle Albert…