These are the separate notes I sent out to my email list as the debate was going on:

A half-hour into this & we have to ask, who could possibly vote to reelect this know-nothing buffoon!!!
The moron won’t shut up!!!  Showing his desperation knowing he’s behind in the polls!
I’ve long speculated the current occupant of the White House is not only dishonest, vengeful, overly-temperamental & narcissistic, but he could be mentally ill.  I’m beginning to think we might now have the proof!  Trump is having a meltdown on stage!!!
Lie after lie after lie after lie!  If anyone still wants to vote for Trump after that sorry performance, they need their head examined.  Biden was the cool head in the room.  The current prez is completely in over his head & unfit for office based on what we just saw.  But we didn’t need that debate to already know he was unfit.  Just look at the last 3-1/2 years!!!  Tonight Trump proved he’s not just unfit, he’s a despicable human being!  Plus he has no idea & can’t articulate what his plans are for his second term to help America.  Another 4 years of this craziness & our country just may not survive.  VOTE HIM OUT!!!
He’s trying to steal this election by discrediting the voting process!  IT’S INSANE!!!   
Our current president is a complete disgrace & he’s taking the country down with him!  I think the election may have ended tonight.