Part 1 – Will Tax Bombshell Finally Be the Story that Takes Him Down?
It looks like the October surprise just came in September which we’ll soon be getting to!  But first an intro as here’s the latest weekly installment of our Monday newsletter, from which we are dealing with & calling out an aspiring totalitarian regime.  It’s a regime which has already been shown to be corrupt & criminalized.  Even worse, our nation so far is letting Trump world get away with it!  Understand the way the DOJ was found to be hamstringing the Russian probe with Rosenstein among those restraining the investigation, plus AG Barr had misrepresented the conclusions from the Mueller report, despite overwhelming evidence from what we do know how the prez colluded with Russia to taint the 2016 election.  Following that abuse of power, a compliant GOP Senate then failed to convict Trump during the impeachment trial over his bribery & extortion scheme with Ukraine, despite rock-solid evidence the prez did withhold military aid until Ukraine threw conspiratorial dirt at Biden.  At this point, Trump must believe he can get away with anything, so for his next illegal act he’s signaling how he intends to steal this coming election (see all the alarming details on Trump admitting he could stage a coup along with rallying his Trumpeter army as seen in Part 2). 
If the prez is successful, America may have seen its last free election as we watch our representative democracy go up in smoke.  We only have a little more than a month left to persuade our fellow voters of the dangers, since if our side were to lose on Nov. 3rd & the autocratic Trump is empowered to make this ongoing dystopian nightmare even worse, tyranny could soon reign supreme over our constitutional rights & freedoms.  Let’s collectively work together on this vital & noble crusade while we still can, doing our part to prevent us from waking up some dark November morning to realize our wretched fate is sealed with no going back.  This blog address can be an important part of your arsenal in informing others for whom you can contact by whatever means available.  Even your Trump fan acquaintances, they may be offended at first but should they someday see the light, at some point in the future they might even thank you for trying to enlighten them.  It’s worth a shot to show them the facts prior to the election, but don’t wait since some are voting already.  And Trumpeters are surely sloughing off & denying this new info about Trump’s taxes, by they really should consider the following details.
Here is a major addition to our extensive library on potential Trump crimes.  The straw that broke the camel’s back just might be contained within the NY Times bombshell from yesterday, where Trump paid no federal income tax in 10 out of 15 recent years that were obtained from two decades of returns, while in 2016 & 2017 he only paid $750 in taxes.  And what was that $73 million refund from the IRS all about?  Plus he’s taken tax deductions that total into the billions.  Reports also indicate $300-400 million in personal loans are coming due in the next 4 years.  How much of that debt is controlled by foreign interests?  Like Russia?  Saudi Arabia?  Perhaps Turkey?  Just look with suspicion at the countries he always favors in foreign policy.  I smell something rotten not just in Denmark, as money laundering & conflicts of interest look to be running all through this tax shoe dropping:  Following this money trail may help us discover why Putin seems to have him compromised: & also see  I said all throughout the Russian probe that following the money would crack the case, but Mueller was prevented from going down that path (more on this in the Weissmann book this coming week).
With all due respect, perhaps Trump couldn’t afford paying taxes with so many other expenses like perfecting his hair souffle: (not to mention all the porn star mistresses he paid off).  We’ve always suspected it, but now we see with actual figures in recent years the chronic tax avoidance from a regular pattern of cheating on his taxes, with the Times saying there’s more later to come related to the story.  This is an extremely detailed, well-sourced & airtight report that was poured over by editors & many lawyers for several months prior to being published:  Americans need answers to all the various questions raised by this article prior to the election. Also keep in mind his tax returns are at the center of two or more separate NY investigations by state & district prosecutors:   
One of the questions this headline story raises is explained here:  So yes, Trump might be both a tax fraud & lousy businessman:  He might even be almost as bad of a businessman as he is a president, while all along our prez was trying to hide what he didn’t want the public to know about him, that he secretly was an inept loser:–trumps-taxes-show-he-was-really-the-biggest-loser/ & also see  Mitt Romney has been proven right when a few years ago he rattled off a long list of Trump’s failed businesses while calling him a fraud and a phony.  It’s been said if Trump had just invested his inheritance passed down by daddy & realized normal market returns, his wealth would have far exceeded the path he took going down all the business rabbit holes he pursued. 
The whole reason he ran for prez was to enhance his brand & revive his sagging fortunes:  So his run 4 years ago looks to have been mostly a gimmick, with the fault for him getting elected in the first place mainly rests with the media using him as a ratings magnet & gullible Trumpeters buying into his slick shtick.  The reason Trump only appeals to his base could be he needs them as customers in a post-presidency, perhaps setting up his own media enterprise to bail him out from under a mountain of debt.  And he might actually be telling the truth his tax returns are under audit, since they might be central to a criminal investigation.  If these tax reports are the product of fake news as the prez claims, he could simply release his returns to show us otherwise.  But he won’t do that & it’s likely because the NY Times article is true:  He has no answers beside standard denials to that horribly revealing NYT story which provided extensive details featuring credible numbers & connections:, as he has no sleeves when the emperor has no clothes & it’s not a pretty sight.
Americans should be livid at Trump’s maneuvering & the flawed tax code that let him fly under the radar in getting away with it.  So it’s emblematic of the biggest problem we have in America with our rigged economy, in that the rich oligarchs have crafted a system benefiting only them & leaves out middle class workers.  And if these reports are true that Trump suffered major business losses & is currently in serious financial duress, that kind of blows his whole facade of him being this brilliant businessman.  We have to wonder whether this huge story actually prompts some GOP politicians to FINALLY break with him?  Hopefully this story becomes so suffocating that Trump just decides to quit, but his exit from the White House may well earn him a trip to the big house.  He might possibly do something rash like declaring Marshall Law as a last ditch attempt to ditch federal prison.  So watch out, things could really get dicey if more details come out & the money trail leads to exposing an entire criminal enterprise headed by Trump, which a desperate, narcissistic, temperamental & possibly mentally unstable prez may try any wild stunt!  Plus once all the facts come out, from a total dollar standpoint Donald Trump might go down as the biggest tax fraud in American history.  At the very least, I would think this new revelation would seal his fate that this deceptive con man definitely SHOULD NOT win reelection.
Other Shady Goings On
Wisconsin Sen. Johnson, ditzy PR lawyer Rudy, corrupt AG Barr & other Trump sycophants have for quite some time been colluding with foreign bad actors in concocting some crazy conspiracy theories to smear Biden.  It’s a similar playbook to how Trump aides smeared Hillary four years ago through an illegal conspiracy scheme with shady foreign agents directed by the Kremlin.  A preliminary report was released this past week, yet despite dredging up & promoting ridiculous spin in an attempt to implicate Biden & his son, their findings were as much a dud as this was a joke:  Whatever Hunter might have done in Ukraine, it’s been shown the international profiteering from Donnie Jr, Eric, Ivanka & Jared was dozens of times worse!  And the far-right conspiracists still can’t give up on Hillary, it’s like a lifelong habit & obsession:  When the Durham report comes out as a premeditated October surprise (if they’ll even bother to continue on with this ridiculous charade), Trump’s gullible base will surely believe whatever smears are contained within, but rest assured there will not be any real evidence damaging to Uncle Joe.
With the election a little more than a month away & my personal schedule filling up, I’m going to rely more on the MSN newsfeeds & to a lesser extent the Yahoo feeds.  Over the years in this blog we’ve regularly pulled articles from around 50 different major news sources, so by not relying so heavily on those, I know plenty of great articles providing valuable insights will be omitted.  But in this Trump era & election season with an unprecedented overabundance of significant headlines, each of our blog posts were being overrun by hundreds & hundreds of links.  So by sticking mostly with MSN & Yahoo stories, they provide a good representation on many of those same major news sources, plus we’ll make sure all the important topics from each week’s news continue to be posted.  With the recent news cycles being the craziest time we’ve ever seen for political news, even with mostly just MSN & Yahoo articles there’ll still be plenty of links posted, plus you won’t run into monthly limits or be asked to subscribe like with some publications.  And these are all reports Americans need to know as we head into this most critical election, including the links here which reveal more of the latest updates on Trump’s crime ring.  This blog always gives you lots of ammo so please do share, & this past week might have been the busiest number of headline-makers yet:
Part 2 – Trump Admits He Might Want to Steal this Election!!!
I’ve been warning in this blog for years Trump wants to be a dictator.  I know most of you out there never took me seriously whenever I said that, so do you believe me now?  There are genuine fears Trump will spark a constitutional crisis both before & after the election, which our prez has now actually confessed to this intent to cheat & how he plans to carry it out.  Yep, this past week President Trump publicly laid out a comprehensive plan to discard ballots & steal the election through the courts &/or state legislatures, where his twisted plot is explained inside this next group of links while practically daring us to stop him, knowing his mesmerized party & cult base have his back.  Click on some of the links to see firsthand this underhanded scheming where the options on the table include various means of voter suppression, ineligibility, intimidation & falsely discrediting mail-in voting, while convincing his Trumpeters the whole process is rigged against him if he loses, as he’s indeed floating the idea GOP legislatures & the court could decide the election instead of the people!  This threat is all an infringement on our free elections that have always been the bedrock upon which our democracy was built:
It’s a Coordinated Plot with Many Poisoned Tentacles
Trump’s recipe for disaster could tarnish & perhaps permanently destroy our constitutional democracy.  How many times have I warned America is not immune from falling into fascism?  The answer, probably close to 100 times as I’ve repeatedly sounded that alarm for years in this blog.  And now we’re on the precipice of that nightmare possibly becoming written in stone.  The best way we have left to stop Trump & his devoted henchmen from staging a successful coup is a decisive Biden victory, winning by such a large margin it removes all doubt.  Anything less than a landslide & we might be headed for real trouble.  I issue these dire warnings so we can be aware & prepared, since I’m not saying he’ll be successful at usurping undue power, but I am saying he’s going to try.  From news reports last week & even the past few months, here’s a list of the many ways we know of where Trump has been plotting & setting the stage to deny the peaceful transfer of power, resulting in what he called “the continuation” of him remaining in office.  Remember, these schemes aren’t mere conjecture since he’s said so himself &/or actual events verify…
*Convince his base the only way he could lose is if the election is rigged
*Claim mail-in ballots is a way for Dems to cheat
*Complicate the mail-in process in many places so votes can be invalidated with tricks like double envelopes, witness signatures & signature verification
*Here in Ohio we’ve had the option to vote by mail for years with no problems although drop boxes have been restricted to one per county
*Slow down the postal service deliveries with sorting machines being removed so many ballots arrive beyond the deadline
*Using a variety of creative ways to suppress the vote & purge voter rolls
*Create strict guidelines for voter eligibility so as to deny many the right to vote
*Limit polling locations in strategically-located inner cities to create long hours standing in line on election day
*Discredit & create doubt over legitimate polls
*Discredit & create doubt about the election reports from the real media
*Create unified false narratives with the echo-media in feeding their base an alternate reality
*Control the messaging on social media to favor their far-right points of view including all manner of propaganda & conspiracy theories
*Allow Russia to flood social media with like-minded disinformation in amplifying those same lies
*Has issued a veiled threat to declare himself the winner on election night long before all the mail-in ballots can be counted
*Another threat could see him using GOP state legislatures in swing states to override the vote of the people
*Put their thumb on the scales by getting another far-right justice on the Supreme Court so Trump can hope to successfully challenge election results in court
*For years without evidence he’s falsely implanted in his supporters’ minds there were millions of fraudulent votes in 2016
*Encourage his hardcore Second Amendment white supremacists to patrol voting places & intimidate voters
*Encourage his hardcore Second Amendment white supremacists as a last resort & at his command to engage in violence that might incite civil war
*Has never encouraged the American people to take this virus seriously as we see at his crowded rallies or long lines at the voting booth
*His narcissistic personality won’t allow him to concede defeat since to him the worst thing in life is to be tagged a loser
*Has never shown a respect for the constitutional electoral process or democracy itself while he seems blinded by power
Also consider how Trump has often referred to serving multiple terms plus he has a grovelling infatuation towards other dictators around the world, since he no doubt longs for the president for life status they hold.  So the prez is broadcasting loud & clear what he hopes to do & we’d better take him seriously!  We should know Trump well enough by now to think we can’t put anything past this guy.  Yes, these are chaotic scary times, from which November could prove pivotal in restoring or destroying our great nation:  Make no mistake about it, if we want to preserve American democracy, it’s imperative to remove Trump from power:
I’m a lifelong Republican who changed course a few years ago, since I could see how off the rails the GOP had gone.  It’s time for other Republicans to see the truth about what has become of their party:  In other reports seen in the links below, FBI Director Wray always lays out the facts including the reality there is no sign of widespread voter fraud from mail-in ballots, which is why Trump & his cronies criticize & really don’t want him around.  Team Trump always opts for lies over truth in pursuit of corrupt political ends.  Other updates reveal the ongoing shenanigans from enemies of American democracy like Putin & AG Barr.  Overall as a nation, we’re in a lot of trouble with no easy way out:  Review the many link titles & we see any number of various ways how Trump & his compliant lapdogs keep engaging in this full-out assault on American democracy:
Fox Fake News Instrumental in Drive Towards Autocracy
Right off the bat, let’s implicate Fox in some portion of the deaths where over 200,000 of our fellow Americans have lost their lives during this current pandemic.  There’s really no telling exactly how many deaths were caused by their reckless rhetoric that’s always in coordination with the entire far-right echo-chamber, since they convinced their viewers not to take the virus seriously:  I’m amazed Fox still has such a large audience, with many of those Fox hosts being nothing more than despicable liars, making a profitable career for themselves by spewing destructive nonsense that threatens to enable authoritarianism & take down our country.  It’s actually scary so many gullible Americans can be so readily deceived into supporting that grifter profit-machine that feeds off their naivety.  It’s all in servitude to their master Trump who’s lost in his repeated lies & conspiracy theories, but he knows Fox will double down on the disinformation & his loyal doting base of blind followers will always believe him.  Together, they truly have become a devious cult in deceiving & enabling each other in their delusional mindset.  Here’s the latest edition of their treachery:
The Nut Train to an Alternate Universe
Even beyond Fox we find a loony world of even more nutty wackos who’ve really gone off the deep end!  From other echo blabbers on TV, radio & the internet, to QAnon adherents who are completely out of their minds, along with their many cult followers, some of these Trumpeters are hardcore white supremacists armed to the teeth & bent on launching a race war/civil war.  When & if Trump loses, we don’t want to be anywhere near these deranged nutballs.  I can sometimes get very insulting towards people like this, but if the shoe fits….!  Just check these articles & it’s readily apparent to rational individuals how consumed these far-right buffoons are with the most outrageous conspiracy theories.  We can only conclude we’re dealing with dangerous people who if they really do have normally-functioning human brain cells, it’s not readily apparent:
Evangelicals & the Court
I still maintain we’ve seen how a conservative court has caused more trouble than it’s worth in so many different ways, but it is what it is.  Evangelicals have their blinders on as only one issue motivates them.  But what good does it do to base votes on conservative justices when it comes attached with the potential to destroy democracy?  Since many evangelicals don’t even consider any other issue but abortion, let me emphasize having a conservative court won’t amount to a hill of beans if our constitutional freedoms are lost to tyranny with the reelection of Trump.  My advice to evangelicals (which up til now they never take my advice), it looks like you’re gonna get your 3 justices in Trump’s first term, so it’s time to cash in your chips.  The prez delivered for you on the courts, from which it’s time to vote him out before in every other way he brings on irreparably catastrophic consequences to America.  So let’s not compound the problems by bringing upon our nation the curse of another 4 years (or more) of being led by the most immoral, dishonest, divisive & corrupt president we’ve ever had.  As a matter of fact, whenever a large voting bloc becomes single-issue voters, it can become quite dangerous. 
Despite the excitement evangelicals have over rushing the justice confirmation through before the election, I truly think overall it will hurt the GOP at the ballot box.  But to my fellow evangelicals, having basically gotten what you wanted from Trump in a decidedly-leaning conservative court, would you at least entertain the thought of changing directions by supporting a decent human being?  Are you open to voting for a new president who’s levelheaded, honest, moral & sane?  I would hope so, since whether you realize it or not, a second Trump term featuring his unmatched destructive recklessness could potentially bring down your church, your party & our nation!  Please carefully contemplate how the price of your support for a demagogue is no longer worth the cost.  In my continuing pleas to evangelicals, I know you would never accept my argument that when the Bible says in the last days a spirit of deception would come upon the world, so to me it appears the Devil has cleverly started by targeting many people of faith to maximize the damage.  Nope, my fellow evangelicals don’t want to hear that one, but could you at least admit Trump doesn’t demonstrate the fruits of the spirit (the ones being from the Holy Spirit) & perhaps it’s time for him to go?  Here are the articles for those who comprise Trump’s most important base:
Part 3 – The Fake Businessman Gives Us Fake News on His Fake Economic Stewardship
The pandemic has made our economic situation so much worse in so many ways, but this monumental shakeup that has rattled the system to its core, from the ashes as we rebuild might present a unique opportunity to finally tackle structural imbalances that have bedeviled us for decades (but only if we elect a new president):  For those who are still in the dark & don’t understand the larger realities of what most defines our American economy, we’ve evolved into having a rigged system that for way too long has been steadily eroding the financial standing & lifestyles of working class families.  Over the years the percentage of wealth has steadily shifted to the top & away from the middle class, so if you really want to see that disturbing/substantial extent workers have been literally getting robbed, this article gives it out in real numbers:  This can be fixed but only if we muster up the determination to do it: & also see
Unbeknownst to prevailing opinions, the Trump economy was mostly a flop even prior to COVID-19.  The data on job creation, GDP growth & lowering unemployment rates generally followed the same trajectory as Obama’s tenure once we got a couple years removed from the Great Recession.  Whatever positives came from Trump’s guidance were mostly a temporary juicing derived from deficit spending, particularly his tax cuts which went disproportionately to the wealthy, along with corporate tax breaks which went way more toward stock buybacks instead of trickling down:  So along with trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, plus greatly exacerbating possibly the greatest levels of income inequality in the entire developed free world (, Trump has little else to show for an economy even pre-virus that was falsely perceived as being so great:
Now that our economy has collapsed with tens of millions unemployed & hundreds of thousands of businesses going bankrupt, Trump is mostly to blame for all that since he botched the virus response so badly.  It’s time our nation changes direction.  Not only would a President Biden give us a leader with a thousand times more integrity & even somehow try to unite us as a people for the common good, but he would be a far better steward over the economy.  We need to turn around the public’s misguided view that Trump would be better in handling this economy:  That can come across not only because Biden’s party platform takes policy positions generally more in line with the wishes of the American people, plus we do need a more aggressive posture in recovering from this severe downturn, but these articles also pronounce the Dems would do a better job based on an analysis from Moody’s Analytics:

This is sort of the same way Trump runs government & his previous bankrupt businesses, with too many hands out & too many mouths feeding at the trough as seen inside:  And from the new reporting on his rampant tax avoidance/cheating as we saw in Part 1, it appears Trump lives for the rigged system that lines the pockets of oligarchs like him, while exploiting everyone else including employees & contractors:  Also think of the irony that Trump’s businesses have taken a huge hit from the virus he failed to control, while overall he’s gone out of control:  

I heard tax expert David Cay Johnston say tonight that not paying any taxes has become routine for many wealthy Americans.  And people are fretting over a socialist Marxist welfare system?  The real welfare goes to the very top!  While it’s true those at the bottom of the income ladder don’t pay federal income taxes, what about those on the top rungs who can easily afford it?  In blowing the lid off these shocking tax revelations, it might hopefully become the impetus for blowing up our current inequitable crony capitalist system, crafting a whole new model that’s fair to workers without unduly rewarding the privileged.  As these distorted tax schemes get more media coverage & betrays our sense of fairness, the resulting outrage can usher in change.

Another plan where our prez intends to stick the knives in the backs of the little people, seen from court challenges & his new pick for Supreme Court Justice, he’s ready to shelve the ACA (Obamacare) while taking overall health coverage & coverage for preexisting conditions away from tens of millions.  Health care was a big winning issue for Dems in the blue wave of 2018, & it’s still a big winning issue now!  Trump also has shown zero leadership in working with Congress on a new relief package for desperate small business owners or struggling/unemployed workers, or even working with legislators in avoiding another government shutdown.  He’s way too busy creating chaos/diversions, entertaining cult ralliers, watching cable TV & golfing to have time to do any governing.  When will blue collar workers finally see Trump for the fraud that he is?:  See all the sorry economic details presented here: 

Trump’s Leadership Fighting the Virus Still a Confusing Bungled Mess of Denials
This first article is without question a byproduct of failed American leadership, plus a large segment of our society failing to take proper precautions by not taking this virus seriously:  As I listed a number of comparisons with other countries in last week’s Part 3, now that America has 205,000 COVID deaths, had we stuck with essential protocol in fighting the virus which delivered similar mortality rates in countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore & New Zealand, we’d currently have around 204,000 FEWER deaths!  It’s sad but true:  Trump’s leadership was AWOL throughout 2020 from the moment the virus hit our shores, making him complicit in the tragic deaths.

Based on recent comments it looks like us old people don’t matter to Trump, he seems fine if we shrivel up & die!  And he seems to think no young people have died from the virus which also isn’t true:  Well, we have a message for him to be delivered in early November!  Plus his advice from inside the administration is now coming mostly from political hacks & spinmeisters, as his best health advisers are pressured &/or shunned aside:  Trump is now listening to his new health adviser, Scott Atlas, who has no background in epidemiology & been wrong on everything: & also see & also see
Most Americans are caring enough to take measures in saving lives (, but it’s mainly Trumpeters who are so callous they can’t be inconvenienced to take precautions for preventing many more deaths.  It takes all of us abiding by safety protocol to stem the spread.  Because their master Trump still tries ignoring the virus & won’t lead in taking the necessary steps to fight it, the infections & deaths just keep happening with no end in sight:  Back in 1942 Americans adjusted their lives for 4 years toward the war effort & became known as the greatest generation.  We have not adopted a similar war footing against this virus that by comparison would not require nearly the sacrifices, which history might view us as the selfish generation.  The details from this past week revealing the facts on just how badly our country has performed during this pandemic, it’s all here inside these links:

Campaign News on the Eve of Debate Night
With polling showing 90% or more of voters have already decided who they’re voting for, there’s not much room for moving the needle.  We’ll soon see if that needle moves lower for Trump from his tax mess.  The fact that this race is somehow still competitive leads us to wonder, are some of those supporting Trump even paying attention?  Do they ever hear him speak as he constantly lies through his teeth?  Does it even register with them how our prez refused to fight this virus & is still downplaying/ignoring it, directly contributing to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans?  Maybe they still think we’re getting that phony reality-TV star President Apprentice, when it’s become clear we actually have a bungling fool inside the White House, President Homer Simpson.  We’ve seen his act for far too long & it’s grown very stale for most of us:
In trying to understand Trumpeters, it might just be Republican voters have some automatic knee-jerk response to always vote GOP without thinking it through.  I get it that rich oligarchs love his tax cuts, evangelicals have a tunnel vision on the Supreme Court, & white supremacists want to start a race war.  But for any other voter who’s not yet fully behind Biden, they must not know the real Trump, since if they understood what I know about the guy, they’d be as terrified as I am!  I did hear NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman say on CNN a few days ago, if you’re not frightened by this, you’re not paying attention.  In 2016 many bought into that bright shiny object, an outsider businessman who’d come in & clean up Washington.  Now that we’ve seen his presidential act for what it really is as that shiny object blew up in our faces as a stink bomb, so here’s hoping a good number of Trumpeters will admit their original mistake & want to give Uncle Joe a shot.  Even if Biden serves as a mediocre Jimmy Carter or George W. Bush type president, that would still be light years better than what Trump would bring.  It’s true Trump voters are more enthusiastic toward their candidate than Biden voters, but Trumpeter enthusiasm pales in comparison to the number of voters enthusiastic to vote AGAINST Trump.
From recent newsfeed articles, if we thought gerrymandering & the electoral college badly skew our representation out of proportion, consider the anomaly of states like Wyoming & South Dakota getting the same number of senators as New York & California:  Trump once bragged that he only hires the best people, so it’s truly remarkable how his hires for his campaigns or his administration, they always seem to get themselves in trouble & this one is bizarre:  In other campaign topics seen in the list of links below, when 500 former national security officials endorse Biden because Trump is unfit, we’d better pay attention.  Trump is like a loose cannon, we never know when or where he might go off, or what target he might destroy.
Other articles show encouraging polls with Biden remaining on top.  The big shift away from Trump compared to 2016 has mainly been among white voters.  The initial impression I get from the most recent polls over the weekend with public responses since the Supreme Court controversy sprang up, if anything it seems to be helping Biden.  A week from now it will be interesting to see if the polls move from the debate or the news of Trump’s tax shenanigans.  With Trump behind, he’s repeating ad nauseam a favorite conspiracy of his, despite there being zero evidence of any widespread voter fraud by mail.  Our propagandist prez has misrepresented & blown a minor incident all out of proportion, then claims there are thousands of examples like this around the country:  But Trump does have so many of his loyal Trumpeter fanatics so convinced the election is rigged if he doesn’t win, I fear our country is about to go through some very ugly times.
A lot of us are nervous about Biden getting through that first debate without committing that dreaded oops moment.  He’s been doing great out on the campaign trail, but when a man is in his late 70’s & we’re putting the weight of the world on his shoulders in asking him (along with the suburbs of Philly) to save the free world, I feel a sense of guilt asking so much of him.  Plus we’re asking him to win in a landslide to erase all doubt:  Timing, circumstances & destiny have brought us to this point where Uncle Joe needs to convince most Americans he should become their president, as anything less puts our constitutional rights & freedoms in jeopardy.  Based on Trump’s first term, I’m more terrified than ever our nation won’t survive a second.  So we can all take a collective deep breath on behalf of our candidate, hoping he delivers a solid performance & is not as stressed out as some of us are.  Perhaps those Trump tax revelations can help take some of the attention away & the pressure off.  
Tomorrow night presents the opportunity or peril for a defining moment, with the people needing to hear Biden’s own vision for his presidency, plus it’s the optimal moment to directly confront the current prez over the disaster that has been the Trump presidency.  Uncle Joe has been given lots of fodder to work with in the statistics.  From Trump’s first term we’ve seen 200,000+ deaths, 20,000+ lies, thousands of bankrupt businesses & millions unemployed.  Plus our current president is bent on taking away health insurance for millions while eliminating coverage for preexisting conditions, & his destructive divisive nature finds him only serving as president for his voters in red & purple states.  On top of all that, Uncle Joe can score points just by being a normal human being:  The current prez has never tried to broaden his base & it looks like that will cost him:
Expect during the debate that Trump’s insults become next to vulgar: while Uncle Joe just needs to keep his cool.  And yes, the truth is on Biden’s side, so a huge advantage Biden does have for the debate is by telling the truth he can catch Trump in his lies:  But herein lies the challenge for Biden, how does he handle Trump’s barrage of insults & lies?: & also see  I do recall the 2012 VP debate where Biden won points by really taking it to Paul Ryan, plus his final couple primary debate performances early this year were strong.  Check out these latest updates from the past week, as we try to group our lists based on the source & then by topic, while we’ll soon be watching the debate coming live from the city near me in Cleveland:

The Tax Man
Trump better watch out when the tax man cometh…