Mueller is now going directly at Trump himself as we reach a new stage in the investigations.  A request has been made for Trump to provide documents specifically relating to 13 different areas over activities this year while he was in office.  They revolve around events like his handling of Flynn, Comey, his meeting with Russians in the Oval Office the day after firing Comey, & his involvement writing a letter on Air Force One creating a false narrative over the purpose of that infamous meeting in Trump Tower his staff had with the Russians last year.  Mueller is also requesting whatever info Trump has on Manafort, who is really in hot water over this whole Russian ordeal & reportedly faces indictment.

New news revealed this week was Manafort sought a private briefing with a Russian billionaire during the campaign, offering access to the Trump campaign in exchange for financial considerations.  So basically it looks like Manafort wanted a quid pro quo where he’d get paid large sums for letting the Russians be involved in the campaign. And Manafort had been under surveillance, so it’s possible conversations with Trump could be on those tapes. And as we’ve discovered, the Russians were indeed definitely involved in the presidential campaign, which the probe needs to find out if any Americans helped to coordinate.  I also firmly believe if any of Trump’s campaign staff were in on it, the boss surely would have known.

The revelations recently where Russian bots placed ads on Facebook & Twitter opened up a whole new Pandora’s box where the Russian interference in our election went way beyond what we originally suspected, with surely more discoveries to come.   There are even questions now being raised whether our election voting systems may have been breached in pivotal states, as we’re just finding out 21 states were targeted during the election by Russian hackers.  The irrefutable evidence Russians placed Facebook ads even compelled Mark Zuckerberg to announce a crackdown in trying to prevent such fake ads from happening in the future.  Those ads with anti-Hillary propaganda & organizing Trump rallies leave no doubt the Russians did interfere, which the investigations are exploring to what extent they got help, but it seems likely Trump’s suspicious reactions to this whole Russian thing speaks to his guilt.   So the 13 events Trump is supposed to provide documents about to Mueller shows that part of the investigation is looking into possible obstruction by Trump.  But that’s just one of the three main categories which the investigations might link to Trump if they have/find the evidence.  The others are potential collusion during the campaign & financial misdealings with Russia.  The flurry of activity we’ve seen recently from Mueller’s investigation indicates they’re hitting on lots of relevant evidence & the pace is moving along quickly.  The dots are not only being connected, but also branching out into new areas.  It’s really quite interesting that with the steady stream of new discoveries & overwhelming circumstantial evidence that’s been revealed over the past few months, we haven’t seen a shred of evidence to clarify or refute all that incriminating evidence.  It’s also highly suspicious that Trump hasn’t shown the least bit of concern & has even questioned Russian involvement, even though we have conclusive proof.  And since it’s apparent our electoral process was invaded & corrupted by a foreign adversary, any responsible American leader would act swiftly to put in safeguards in preventing similar shenanigans for the 2018 & 2020 elections.

Our President is in denial, obviously hiding something.   ​

With the congressional interviews mostly being done in private, while Mueller’s team are professionals & very tight-lipped about leaking any details, the public is mainly in the dark over the evidence being collected.  We can only pick up on the drips & drabs from reporters who dig up various clues.  We’re likely to continue speculating based on media reports until at Mueller’s choosing he gives us something concrete to go by, such as announcing criminal charges have been brought against somebody (perhaps Manafort).  So on the outside we don’t know most of the details, but from what we do know there’s already plenty of obvious signs Trump & his minions did have something going on with the Russians.  We have proof Russia did interfere in our election campaign, along with Trump officials being in repeated contact with the Russians & showing a willingness to play ball.

For those who still deny or fail to see the preponderance of evidence, the first few links below have articles which can help enlighten them.  Also in the next section below is the site detailing the evidence, which there has indeed been a lot of it.   As a con man, Trump’s historically-established go-to’s in his real estate world was always able to weasel or bully or insult or lie or cheat or sue his way out of tight situations, but he’s now out of his element with the stakes & repercussions way higher than anything he’s ever faced.  His campaign rally in Alabama last night, rambling on about various topics, was more of the same drivel intended to keep his base on his side as more damaging evidence keeps coming out about his connections to the Russians.  The revved-up, mesmerized audience bought whatever he said, sort of resembling a cross between a rabid cult & his army getting stirred up by a wanna-be dictator.  It was kind of weird & scary.  By now we would think even Trumpeters would start seeing through the mirage.  It was a performance worthy of a carnival barker, not a president.

When Mueller’s final verdict comes out, if the evidence implicating Trump is concrete, Congress will have no other choice than to commence impeachment proceedings.  If however there is some wiggle room in the findings, the question becomes will a GOP Congress take the high moral ground to protect our constitutional democracy, or will they bow to echo-lies & loyal Trumpeters in turning a blind eye to criminal activity.  The future of our democracy may well depend on making the right choice.

Reports in this week’s links below indicate the Russians not only used Facebook to propagate fake-news friendly to Trump, but also to help organize pro-Trump rallies.  There’s also word of Russia using Twitter under the moniker of a tea party group to boost Trump, with Trump’s creepy advisor Gorka admitting he followed those fake-tweets & knew it originated from the Russians.  Facebook this week has agreed to release to congressional investigators thousands of ads the Russians placed, which will likely cause quite a stir assuming they’re also released to the public.  And of course, the links provide numerous insights into Mueller requesting documents about those 13 areas from Trump while also putting the squeeze on Manafort, along with articles about Manafort’s ties to that Russian billionaire.

Other news this week includes Trump’s approvals ratings have temporarily/slightly risen this week, but only because he’s shown a receptiveness towards bipartisanship.  Him being an avid watcher of poll numbers, perhaps this uptick above the 40% mark could entice him to pursue more bipartisanship, raising hopes of breaking the polarizing gridlock which has gripped DC for years.  I can envision many wonderful turn of events occurring from reaching across the aisle, like passing constructive legislation to help the American people, dividing/discrediting the conflicted echo-messaging, & rendering irrelevant the obstructionist far-right radicals in Congress like gridlock-Teddy Cruz, Rand Paul, Steve King & the Freedom-lost Caucus.  We can only hope.

If you peruse these links, you’ll see they are again dominated by all things Russia.  Towards the bottom are more reveals about Trump’s indiscretions, questionable ethics & mental instabilities.  At the very bottom we see articles about Tom Price abusing taxpayer’s $’s.  Cubs fan constantly complains the articles I use tend to be liberal-leaning media sources, but with so many conservatives being walled off by staying glued to their extreme-right messaging sources, they need exposed to alternative views in trying to drag them back to a political mindset more in line with reality.  A bigger problem is for now there just aren’t enough rational conservative messaging sources, so if Trump gets impeached & we can somehow blow up the echo, it could pave the way for a sane conservative narrative to return.  These are selected articles from the news feeds so those who wish to stay informed have the most relevant recent news stories conveniently arranged right here all in one place.

A very good idea to keep us up-to-date….With Mueller’s investigation proceeding at a rapid clip & the news of the scandal coming out fast & furious, this site in the first link from a bipartisan group is a good way for us to keep track of it all….

Among the participants putting together investigaterussia…. Sykes also wrote an outstanding book….

If this scenario should happen to play out….it would be reminiscent of the Saturday Night Massacre from 1973.  Trump’s presidency would immediately be delegitimized, from which political leadership & the American people should cease to recognize him as our serving President.  At that point, preserving our democracy should require by rights starting up impeachment proceedings based on obstruction of justice.  Such a drastic action firing Mueller would practically be Trump admitting to having engaged in illegal activities, which he’d be trying to cover it up.  If Trump wants to commit political suicide, this is the stunt he might try to pull through a series of moves, but let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that.  And Mueller or no Mueller, nothing can stop these investigations from reaching their conclusions so we can learn the truth.  America needs to find out once & for all what actually happened with the Russians during the campaign.  Trump trying to derail the investigations would only add to the mountains of evidence that’s been gathered against him pointing towards obstruction….

Views from the far-left….

Such far-left views can help balance the thinking of so many lost inside the far-right echo-bubble.  Make no mistake, these Daily Kos op-eds aren’t nearly as extreme or far-left as the echo is extreme & far-right.  If we really want to see a worthy counterpart to the echo on the extreme left, where propaganda, hyper-partisanship, distortions, exaggerations, conspiracies & general wishful thinking instead of credible journalism rule the day, a site like would be about as far left as the echo is on the far right.

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