Part 1….Crime Update

We don’t post as often as during the days we were in the midst of the Russia & Ukraine probes, so TheVORACS has become more of a weekly online magazine, providing all in one place the most pertinent news articles from major news sources in the past week.  As always, Part 1 is about Trump’s criminal behavior.  In the links below, the echo is going ballistic over this judge & his appointed retired judge.  These legal professionals in upholding the law, are pushing back on one of the obstruction shenanigans that had permitted Trump & his minions to get away with all their Russian collusion crimes.  This Flynn case is exposing corruption at the highest levels, as the head of the Justice Dept. sought to use his authority to protect the king & one of his court members.  The swampland ruled by Trump & Barr yet again abused their power with this convoluted legal mumbo-jumbo in seeking to dismiss the case against Flynn, trying to whitewash crimes Flynn had already pleaded guilty to.  A federal appeals court is also reluctant to dismiss the case, sensing something smells to high heaven.

And the same jurors who refused to convict a guilty president in the Ukraine caper, the Senate GOP’ers are compounding their cover-up role while off on the wild goose chase of an investigation trying to discredit the reason for the Russian probe, which they’ll never be able to do since the facts aren’t on their side:  But they just want to use this charade to bamboozle & invigorate their base ahead of the election: & also see, while their nonsense also serves as a diversion.

We haven’t had many links to articles in Part 1 the past few months, with COVID-19 & then the racial unrest completely taking over the headlines.  So overall we’ve had a tremendous quantity of very important news lately in Parts 2 & 3, reflected by the huge number of articles again here in today’s Monday post.  Yes, we do have lots & lots of live links below since news reporting is on overdrive as the world has gone haywire!  And we do have these links in Part 1 related to Trumpian crime reports, with that relevant news on the Flynn case & Bolton’s book scheduled to be released soon.  These Flynn articles feature what is described as the administration’s gross abuse of power:


Better Late Than Never

Bolton has managed to alienate much of the audience who could buy his book.  By bashing Trump, he’s certain to turn off his Fox/echo crowd, while his revelations have angered Dems in that they didn’t come out 6 months ago as witness testimony during the heat of the impeachment battle:  Oh well, I guess the coming disclosures are better late than never as our headline says, which voters can add into their calculus the extreme level of corruption & criminality that has come from this White House.  We should regard it as unimaginable making the same blunder in November as was made in 2016, most likely resulting in far-reaching consequences even more destructive than the resolute chaos & calamities we suffered through these first 4 years. 

So even if Bolton has angered people on both sides of the aisle, it’s the information from the book we should pay attention to, as he was uniquely in-the-know from his national security position & meticulous note-taking.  The contents must be juicy since the White House is still trying to block the book, as even more presidential crimes are sure to be exposed.  And in another coming book revealing a family spat, we can previously thank Trump’s niece for blowing the whistle on her uncle’s tax fraud practices as chronicled last year in the NY Times, but she has more to share:


Part 2….Warnings of Evil Tyranny & Echo Lies, Plus Lots of Stuff on BLM Protests

The GOP base must be supporting their party out of old habits, seemingly unaware how Trump & his echo have turned this party into a debacle of reckless nihilism marked by tribal grievances igniting culture wars, far removed from the compassionate conservatism that once pursued the common good.  Supporting Trump & what has become of his destructive party which is bad for our country makes absolutely no sense, which leads me to believe most in the GOP base have no idea what they’re actually aligned with.  That the party has become so irrational & off-putting but yet remains so solidly united behind Trump, I’ve long expressed an explanation that might be the only one that makes any sense, the base has been caught up into a cult. 

That GOP base has become very impressionable & naive, being easily manipulated by Trump & his echo due to party legacy allegiances & trust in tribal narratives which have steadily turned nonsensical.  They’re being constantly lied to without even knowing it!  Living in echo-world, they’ve unapologetically joined into those false realities & have become lost in their own delusions.  When minds become possessed by a cult, there’s just no reasoning with those people.  But if these gullible pawns being readily deceived manage to get their way, they become a legitimate risk of destroying everything that’s good about America.  So those of us living in the real world on the side of democracy must mobilize to defeat them come November before it’s too late, since the GOP base has unknowingly come to enable sinister forces that would ultimately rob us of our rights & freedoms.         

Just like I keep warning & not enough people take it seriously, Trump thinks nothing of running roughshod over the Constitution for his own personal gains.  Realize how close we are to turning into a rogue autocracy from reading between the lines in that Flynn story above from Part 1.  We’re seeing Trump pulling all the levers to make us a lawless society.  Our president has placed corrupt minions at the top of the DOJ, he has cult loyalists doing his bidding in Congress, he has echo-messaging sources spewing propagandized disinformation, & increasingly the prez is appointing sycophant judges to rule over the courts.  If given another 4 years, his coup takeover could become complete as more swampy lapdogs are placed in key positions of power, usurping unchallenged control in giving the presidency impunity from any corrupt or criminal wrongdoing.  They would also be given license to ruthlessly attack any & all political opposition. 

Once Trump has placed his demagogic accomplices in all the key positions that matter, we suddenly become a repressed people as if rogue autocracy swept in on us in the dark of night.  We must not allow that to happen!!!  We the people still have a say in the matter if we get proactive during these next 4+ months!  As I’ve been saying for a long time & keep repeating, don’t think fascism could never come to America.  I hope as we continue to see the unprecedented abuses from this American presidency play out, my warnings are coming into clearer focus & not perceived as just hyperbolic rants.  In this link is something else I’ve been saying out loud for a long time:  Plus our prez is making enemies of those tasked to protect & preserve our constitutional democracy, as revealed in words posted here taken from

Indeed, Trump himself has made the Orwellian claim that, among the many entities he insists lie constantly—the media, the FBI, the intelligence community, the entire House of Representatives now that it’s Democrat-led, the nameless and faceless “deep state” conspirators—the lyingest liars out there are our own eyes and ears. In July 2018, Trump, while addressing a Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention in Kansas City, told those assembled that they shouldn’t trust their eyes and ears at all and should instead get their facts from Trump alone. “Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what’s happening,” Trump said. “Just stick with us, don’t believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news.” In some ways it’s an old play, presaged by George Orwell in 1984 when he warned that “the Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” It’s a double whammy that demonizes and delegitimizes the media as a whole while also—as Tyler Cowen has argued—wringing loyalty from all those who must then repeat the lie and cover for it. Every repetition of a lie deepens their loyalty. But casual lies alone are for amateurs; the real authoritarian move is to construct an entire false reality—an unreality—around those lies. That’s what we’re now seeing from Trump and his loyalists.    

Trump has already spent years telling Americans to distrust their media, their intelligence community, their law enforcement, their judges, their health professionals, and at least some of their legislators, mayors, and governors. And he’s long told Americans to distrust their own eyes—going right back to his first day as president and his outlandish claims about inaugural crowd size. But now he’s building whole new unrealities, ones in which seeing isn’t believing—ever. We don’t even need to await the era of easily created deepfakes, in which altered images foster fakes that look as real as reality. Donald Trump builds deepfakes in the mind; and, for some audiences, they prove just as durable. When authoritarians construct their own unreality, they try to stop actual reality from intruding. Trump’s now trying that, too. Recall that the Trump campaign has been suing news organizations for publishing op-eds the campaign finds too critical of Trump—despite the statements targeted in those op-eds actually being true—for a while now. On Wednesday afternoon, the Trump campaign went further. It sent a cease-and-desist letter to CNN demanding that the network retract and apologize for a poll that CNN aired, showing Trump trailing Joe Biden badly in the polls. Never mind that CNN’s poll was quite similar to polling from other leading media platforms and universities. Never mind that the Trump campaign failed to identify what made CNN’s purportedly defective. Never mind any of that. As Trump increasingly concocts his own unreality, he seeks to banish the unwanted intrusion of actual reality. He also sends the message that none of us can trust ourselves to make judgments; his word is reality, instead.


The thousands of links posted at the beginning of our Part 2’s through the years make it abundantly clear our nation is under attack from a wanna-be dictator.  This goes well beyond being merely the opinion of The VORACS, since the evidence from major news sources with real journalists are all laid out in our archives & are indisputable!  We just need to wake up the American people into paying attention because the dangers are real.  And let me be clear, this is a threat unlike anything ever before seen in modern-day America & it’s not even close!  Nixon’s abuse of power & cover-ups were by comparison more a kindergarten spat over who got the biggest cookie.  Yep, what we’re seeing now has much more in common with the rise of authoritarianism in other countries throughout history, with even 1930’s Germany coming to mind.  Here are more links providing yet more fair warnings, so check out these titles which align with the same realities revealed in those thousands of articles which came before:–his-attack-on-reality-meaning-and-democracy/


Trump Misappropriates the Military

The Joint Chiefs Gen. Milley apologized for his involvement in that political stunt from early June where peaceful protesters were dispersed by tear gas & rubber bullets outside the White House, just to clear the path for a blasphemous photo op in front of a church with Trump holding up a Bible.  This brazen abuse of civil rights which evolved into an excessive use of force against American citizens exercising their rights to free speech, we should hold the president & his thuggish AG to the same standards as the cops we’ve seen arrested recently for unnecessarily roughing up protesters or suspects:  I suppose it’s only appropriate Trump would call his Secret Service force the S.S.:  See inside these links as Milley correctly spoke out, much like several prominent ex-generals have also recently done over this incident:


BLM Protests & Those Crazy Conspiracies Trump Keeps Pulling from the Alt-Right 

The media attention around police brutality which launched a steady stream of nationwide protests, it offers America a chance to resolve racial injustices as much or more than the progress made from the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Unfortunately, we have a president failing to lead & is totally missing the moment, hiding behind racist diatribes, white supremacist attitudes & unfounded conspiracies that square with his echo & base.  Another example came this week when ridiculous extremist postering came from One America News, a TV network even further far gone than Fox, being the closest thing America has to North Korean TV who’s in business to always lavish praise on their omnipotent dictator Jong Un.  One America advanced a report which originated from a known Russian conspirator how that 75-year-old protester from Buffalo somehow staged being assaulted & injured by police, so Trump tweeted out that absurd conspiracy.  Maybe our prez also thinks this peace-activist protester is also faking his own brain injury:

Here’s another bat-crap crazy statement from Trump this past week.  This stable genius prez with a very great brain inferred in an interview that Abraham Lincoln’s contributions for black people were “questionable.”  He was trying to imply that maybe Honest Abe hadn’t done as much for African Americans as the terrific contributions made by him, the current racist president.  But after all, Lincoln did free the slaves, an inconvenient truth our current president may have overlooked.  A few questions come to mind about Trump’s reasoning.  Was he questioning whether Abe actually signed the law to free the slaves?  Or is our demonstrably racist prez questioning whether freeing the slaves was actually a good thing?  Perhaps in his grandiose delusions the prez wants his doting base to think only he is the greatest president ever, so could he be trying to knock Abe down a peg or two?  Another possibility is inside his twisted mind, Trump doesn’t consider Abe a hero because he got assassinated, much like John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he got captured.

Hopefully the protests from the last few weeks will have a lasting impact & permanently improve race relations.  We can also hope it weeds out or forces an attitude adjustment on the bad cops who abuse their authority, those rotten apples using their badge to irresponsibly engage in overt violence particularly against minorities.  But calls to defund the police is the wrong mantra with horrible optics that only gives the GOP a talking point to fearmonger during this election campaign:  The movement does have a good cause, but selling it won’t come about with a dumb slogan & this is no time to give the prez any sort of edge.  So let’s have needed police reforms while framing it in a more correct way:  The Congress & White House are now working on police reforms & it should happen soon.

The goal is not so much defunding as it is shifting certain responsibilities away from police departments:  If we need to divert funding towards public service organizations built to handle non-criminal threats such as safety initiatives, mental health & domestic disputes, so be it, but please call it something else besides defund the police so Trump isn’t given a theme to rail against & rile his base:  And our tone deaf prez has long since showed his hand as he’s obviously taken sides, favoring the cops over the protesters, reasoning those peacefully protesting aren’t his voters anyway.  That’s always been his big problem, he governs as president for only a portion of the people.

With the long-term bitter suspicion & anger between the police & black community, it needs to be a two-way street in repairing the broken trust that has led to untold violent incidents:  It’s a shame so many blacks have suffered a lifetime of repression & abuse, while the vast majority who are conscientious cops are having their reputations unjustifiably tarnished.  And during confrontations, both sides naturally fear for their lives.  It seems the streets in America are far more dangerous than they should be for cops & blacks alike.  At this snapshot in history with the attention of the nation & the world focused on a dysfunctional system which does too often escalate into intimidation & violence, this new movement provides a unique chance to fix those badly broken dynamics urgently in need of repair & undermined by common misunderstandings.  But such revolutionary changes always bring pushbacks from the ugly side, as white racists inspired by this president will fight back.  But even as white Americans not inspired by hate, we are in no position to judge the extent of persecution against Black Americans or their pent-up frustrations unless we’ve walked in their shoes.  There are lots of links here on this pivotal story which dominates the headlines:


Fox Was Late to the Grifter’s Party, But Fell In Line with Those Wicked Ways

Fox has capitulated on being a legitimate news organization, making the switch a few years ago into lies, distortions, exaggerations & conspiracies.  The rest of the echo for many years had mentally conditioned their right-wing audiences into far-right extremism, so Fox made the business decision for ratings to follow along with the raving-lunatic rants their viewers really wanted to hear.  When my NFL football team, the Cleveland Browns, recently went 1-31 over two seasons, it would have been nice as a fan to watch a sports network spinning the truth by making us think we were Super Bowl contenders.  But no matter how much we cheer for our team to win, such a distorted presentation would simply have no connection to reality.  So as is the case with Fox fake news, dishing out shameless propaganda/cockeyed-crazy conspiracies since their long-time brainwashed customers believe & demand such tabloid trash.  No matter how wrong or ridiculous or delusional or destructive that echo-narrative proves to be, there’s a sort of collective shared group-think insanity that takes over, allowing people en masse to believe alternative facts that are demonstrably false back in the sane world.

A big problem with Trumpeters who immerse themselves in the echo, they never want to admit they were wrong, so their mentality has become much like fans rooting for their hometown team as they cheer on their demagogue king.  And the echo-messaging that steered their audiences into radical-land was primarily responsible for the rise of Trump & not the other way around.  It’s much like the way that talk-radio & social-media echo-machine dragged Fox into their psycho-version of falsehoods, but once Fox got there, they became the kingpin for the whole echo machine.  It’s that echo-rhetoric that is badly hurting & dividing our country.  Some Fox hosts & guests are loonier than others, especially on their early AM & prime-time shows.  I would surmise the most deranged maniac of all is insanity Hannity, from which recent reports bring to mind an old saying that goes something like this, two birdbrains of a feather lie together:

Fox-heads would never agree with my assessment of their favorite network, since they adamantly deny facts.  But below we have more links to articles exposing their verbal diarrhea, just like thousands of other links we’ve posted in the middle of Part 2 through the years which collectively prove how wackadoodle wayward their rhetoric has become.  I was once a loyal Fox watcher, but broke that habit once becoming offended when they started constantly lying to me.  If only other Fox viewers could come to adopt such sound perspectives & similarly abandon their destructive TV viewing, it’d be great for America since as a people we could finally unite again around verifiable facts.  If those Fox watchers were to actually read the articles we post, they should be able to plainly see it’s time to stop watching that dishonest network.  Today’s menu includes the toxic stew dished up by Carlson with such a rancid smell & taste, it’s driving away sponsors, since in this new era of racial sensitivity his standard shtick is soooooo wrong:

Stupid Echo-Messaging Has Become Epidemic

Unfortunately, the problem of brainless rhetoric extends far beyond Fox fake news.  There are a huge number of deceptive echo sources out on the airwaves & cyberspace spouting similar nonsense, including other far-right extremist TV networks like OANN & Sinclair, radio crackpots like Limbaugh & Alex Jones, social media groups like the alt-right psychos on QAnon & 4chan, plus Russian bots dishing out their targeted divisive propaganda on platforms like Facebook.  These links offer up quite a collection of neurotic buffoons fully engaged in their world of rhetorical madness, pushing an agenda that is dragging down our country when conservatives are led into their delusional echo-madness:


The rest of the world is disgusted at the faith for being the group most responsible for enabling a lying/bullying/corrupt president:  That’s not exactly the best way to try winning souls.  Christians have been befallen by a spirit of deception when their faith is swallowed up by a Fox News/echo-type of conservatism.  And can they really approve of the President gassing his own people for a photo op holding a Bible?  Was that a Christian thing to do?  But there are encouraging signs some evangelicals may be starting to see the light as some articles show here:


Part 3….News on the Economy, Pandemic & Election

It’s interesting to note the recession officially began in February even before the shutdown lockdowns began:, at a time Trump was still bloviating about this being the greatest economy ever.  Of course, that claim was never close to being true.  And I’d really like to know just one thing Trump has actually done to help the economy during his entire tenure as president.  It certainly wasn’t his tax cuts for the wealthy that failed to trickle down.  An argument could be made for deregulation helping, but in the long run that might wind up doing more harm than good. 

I was hoping Trump’s tough stance with China would ultimately give him the upper hand to level the playing field on trade & cut down on the intellectual theft, but the prez’s approach has bombed out:  And don’t get me started on the abject failures & diplomatic blunders in our relationships/handling of international players like Russia, Iran, North Korea & NATO.  But domestically what we’ve been left with in Trump’s first 3 years were essentially a continuation of the Obama economy, while here in 2020 his complete mismanagement of the virus crisis set the stage for our economy to crater.

Trump has also taken the wrong tone on this current racial strife, only greatly adding to the tensions & anger in the streets.  The protests are not only in reaction to police brutality, but also economic disadvantages brought about by systemic poverty & racism, weighing down the black community in our nation for centuries:  So yes, African Americans still mostly lag way behind on incomes & personal net worth, often growing up in a culture of poverty & crime, lacking the educational & employment opportunities while generally in families far behind on legacy wealth:

I’ve been warning for years we need to fix capitalism before we lose it, when full-time workers can expect to earn a livable wage in a restructured shared-growth economy, but we’re running out of time:  There must be a way to find some middle ground where working Americans can earn a decent living, without creating a larger government-funded safety net that fosters a dependency mentality, undermining the great American work ethic & initiative that was the backbone of our thriving vibrant economy.  Our country has encountered lots of major obstacles throughout history that we managed to overcome, so there’s no reason why we can’t ressurect the American Dream by restoring the great working middle class, so long as we find a way to unite around the cause & really put our minds to it:  Here are interesting economic updates from the past week, which there is no sugarcoating these are very tough times until we get through this pandemic:


COVID-19 Still Not Dissipating

Cases are still spiking in several states as many Americans are going back to business as usual as if the pandemic is behind us.  America remains by far the hardest-hit country overall, with cases totalling over 2 million as death counts soared past the 100,000 mark.  And we’re still plugging along with roughly 20,000 new cases & nearly 1000 deaths per day.  So much of this was avoidable had our nation only handled the situation appropriately from the start.  Leadership does set the mood & the example for the rest of us.  It’s hard to imagine a worse response to the virus after it got here, especially with the prez ignoring warnings from experts as him & his echo regularly dismissed/downplayed the threat.  Their lackluster approach let the spread get out of hand:


But as in the beginning, the prez is still bungling the virus plot through his inattentiveness & neglect:  So much like when the virus first hit our shores, Trump is again totally ignoring COVID-19 as if it doesn’t exist or will just fade away.  The CDC was finally heard from this week after a long absence, while the renowned doctors in the administration’s task force have mostly been shunned aside.  It’s deliberately designed by a desperate president entirely focused on the economy as his only chance to win reelection.  But his strategy is recklessly playing fire with a virus still far from contained, so such an irresponsible attitude could potentially lay the groundwork for hundreds of thousands of more American fatalities.  Can this possibly be the president who the people should trust?  Does he place the interests of his citizens over his own self-interests?  Hardly! 

Projections & estimates are merely fancy guesses, & with so many not taking life-saving precautions, there’s really no telling how many more millions will become infected or how many more thousands will die.  These are real people we’re losing, not just morbid statistics, Americans who were moms & dads, sisters & brothers, daughters & sons.  If there were common-sense steps all of us could take to save even one person, or more accurately thousands of people, wouldn’t it be wise to adhere to such basic protocol?  Lots of our fellow Americans are shunning or even mocking sensible actions like social distancing or wearing masks, & let’s face it, much of the hardcore stubbornness is coming disproportionately from Trumpeters who’ve been molded by an echo-mentality.  They selfishly only think of themselves while falsely flaunting their dangerous actions under the guise of freedom.  I guess they feel we should all be free to die, even if senselessly brought on prematurely.   

There’s still a whole lot we don’t know about this new virus, but we know quite a bit more than we did earlier this year.  We do know it’s highly contagious from which we’ve learned social distancing & mask wearing do indeed help to stem the spread.  With the country reopening & a lot of people letting their guard down, largely lacking a universal societal buy-in for those proven precautions, we’re at a very high risk of spiking the virus numbers.  We don’t know what the future holds or how much worse this pandemic might get, but in the middle of an emergency it only seems reasonable to error on the side of caution.  Even prior to what’s happening now, such as reopening the economy, the onset of the nationwide protests & the coming crazed Trump rallies, we had flattened the curve but have yet to bend the curve.  With such crowding taking place in public spaces, now is the time more than ever for committing to safety measures like wearing masks, since the spread would be greatly curtailed if we all bought in:

But as our death counts keep mounting, we’re simply not taking this pandemic seriously enough, failing as a culture in sticking to those important safeguards for bending the curve & saving lives.  Plus we still don’t encourage widespread testing the way we should, as a better coordinated & promoted program could give us a clearer picture where the hot spots are while isolating those infected.  From what we can detect, generally the states that waited to shutdown & reopened sooner are now seeing the bigger spikes.  Trump once claimed the heat would kill the virus as it’d probably fade away in April, which obviously proved wrong as the biggest spikes are now being reported in several hot southern states: & also see  To me, this isn’t so much a second wave as an extension to the first wave, since trying to battle the virus has been so poorly handled all along & we haven’t seen a significant dip other than the former epicenter of NYC:

Throwing out another dig at the naive conservative base as I tend to do, we already know how smart Trumpeters are from their undying allegiance to Trump:  It’s truly stunning how they are unconditionally willing to swallow anything their prez says.  Overall, think about the huge cost of leadership incompetence.  Although not meeting the threshold from a legal standpoint of deserving an indictment, but when mangled leadership was found complicit in the deaths of many thousands of Americans, in effect it’s nothing short of negligent homicide.  Don’t be mad at me if you don’t appreciate my accusations.  When the person elected to protect the people initially rejects the imminent danger, which through his inaction we now have over 100,000 dead Americans & counting, shouldn’t our focused disgust be directed squarely at the leader with a river of blood on his hands? 

Elections do have consequences.  And voting for a clueless, dangerous, dishonest, selfish, sorry excuse for a president also has severe consequences.  It’s time to jump onboard our anti-Trump train, since none of us can afford the same mistake this November as was made in 2016.  Those of us who have the discernment to see the real facts, we’re crying uncle, we’ve had enough!  Turnout should be sky-high after seeing the horrors of this presidency, which voting out the GOP provides a chance to save the GOP after being freed from the anchor of Trumpism around its neck, which in turn can save our country.  Here is the recent news about the virus, featuring the mismanagement of it all as the pandemic lives on & COVID-19 continues to spread, leaving devastation, misery & heartbreak in its wake.  It never had to be this bad!!!:–heres-why/


Election Speculation & Projections

The dramatic shift in recent polls running against Trump shows we have Big Mo on our side, but it’s no time to let up or be complacent!  We already know he’s willing to cheat in elections & will no doubt try doing it again.  The shenanigans behind the Russian & Ukrainian collusion we still don’t know the whole story due to unprecedented cover-ups, plus the Indivisible Team listed these other concerns:

Here’s just a short list of his record so far and exactly why we need to be ready… 

*In 2016, Trump threatened to reject the results of the election. Though he narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton, he claimed the election was “rigged” and “millions of people” were voting unlawfully. 

*He deployed troops and tear gas just last week on peaceful protestors to get the “perfect image” for his propaganda video and commentators have speculated that it was a dry run to see how the nation might react to a vast overreach by his administration.

*He’s already previewing that he will dispute the 2020 election as unfairly “rigged” against him. He has spread lies about mail-in voting to preemptively cast doubt on the election, claiming “mailboxes will be robbed” and “ballots will be forged.” 

*And he’s made disturbing comments that he could stay in office past 2024. That’s not something that we should take lightly.


Check out these articles about our cheater-in-chief:


Part of that cheating includes voter suppression, as the Georgia primary voting disaster makes yet another very strong case on the need for mail-in ballots & early voting.  But GOP leaders in Georgia & many other states are deliberately making it more difficult for minorities to vote, denying citizens of their voting rights as the GOP reasons rigged elections are the only chance they have to win.  We must strive to deny these anti-democracy forces the chance to steal elections through voter suppression:


To start with, Oklahoma isn’t even a swing state.  But our tone-deaf racist president had planned to hold his first campaign rally in months on the same date Juneteenth is celebrated, marking the end of slavery after the 1862 Emancipation Proclamation was signed by Abraham Lincoln.  It’s also being held in the same city where 99 years ago the worst American race massacre occurred:  I don’t know if the president’s failure to recognize the symbolism of his previously chosen time & place was done out of sheer ignorance, or was he just rubbing it into the noses of BLM leaders.  But the prez got enough pushback that he delayed his cult rally by a day:


This is a unique election where ideology or policy positions don’t even matter that much when we view the bigger picture, since the current wanna-be dictator-in-chief is an existential threat to our Constitution.  Those of us who understand the dangers of Trump, we’re all in this together as we battle to defeat this corrupt demagogue, since making America great again is only possible by defeating Trump in November.  In fact, Biden simply winning may not be enough.  We need a resounding victory in November to ignite a mandate for repelling the scourge of Trumpism, before the forces of extremist nihilism & deceitful gaslighting championed by the evil echo run roughshod over our free democracy.  Let’s hope Carville is right about this:  I just wish there were more of us ex-Republicans who are confirmed never-trumpers, & that more GOP politicians like Romney would speak out about this menace who’s a clear & present danger:

With such a low percentage of swing voters left, the key to this base election comes down to voter registration & turnout.  It’s Trump himself who’s helping to energize the Dem base.  The more Trump clearly displays his racism, bigotry & bullying in the wake of these ongoing protests, the more his base shrinks.  So as we’re especially seeing lately, Trump is his own worst enemy:

The choice really isn’t all that difficult, no matter if Uncle Joe or Uncle Fester are running against Trump.  The voters who want from their president more lying, divisiveness, bullying, incompetence, chaos, corruption & the real risk of fascist tyranny, they can vote for Trump.  Those who prefer saving our precious rights & freedoms provided by our constitutional democracy, they cannot & should not vote for Trump.  The option is as clear as night & day, darkness or truth.  As seen in these links which includes some recent polling, we’re seeing the majority of Americans have caught onto the reality on the true dangers of a Trump presidency.  But take nothing for granted.  Please spread the word, since those still wavering need informed of the facts so they can come to see the light.  As heard in our selected song at the bottom, the sound of silence should not be our quest, not when our nation is at a crossroads & we need to warn our fellow Americans who remain in darkness.  Many of these links do show great polling trends:


The Sound of Silence

Hello darkness, the vision that was planted in my brain was seeing hordes of people falling for echo-deceptions.  Our silence cannot rescue those wallowing in their delusions, we should endeavor to enlighten them.  As we speak out, there will hopefully be a few open to the truth who’ll see the light, while we can’t get disheartened knowing most inside the echo-world bubble will choose to remain in darkness.  Those who’ve been duped can continue to bow & pray to the neon god they made, despite how our sign flashed out its warning.  We should take heart that although the echo remains blinded by darkness, the forces of wisdom & virtue can win later this year so long as we outnumber them…

And in the naked light I saw                                                                                                                                                                                Ten thousand people, maybe more                                                                                                                                                                      People talking without speaking                                                                                                                                                                          People hearing without listening                                                                                                                                                                        People writing songs that voices never share                                                                                                                                                  And no one dared                                                                                                                                                                                                    Disturb the sound of silence

Fools, said I, you do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming
And the sign said, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls
And whispered in the sounds of silence