Evil-Echo Empire Update
Trump continues to relentlessly go after the same mainstream media which originally gave rise to his political ambitions.  As a ratings bonanza, the media covered his campaign incessantly from the very beginning, while a Harvard study in the last couple links below also reveals during the campaign they covered his policies far more than his scandals, whereas with Hillary they covered her scandals far more than her policies.  Since becoming President with his incompetence, cluelessness & lack of focus being so obvious the media is forced to report on it, Trump has made the media his top enemy, knowing that for him to successfully establish a dictatorship over his United States of Trumpeters, he must so discredit the media that his base only believes the false echo.  That strategy seems to be working for his most dedicated fans, with their devotion to worship at the alter of their new leader so unyielding, they’re willing to swallow all the echo lies over the truth since it spins a concocted narrative painting their hero in the best possible light.  Since the mainstream media is their competition, the echo has managed to convince their trance-like audiences the MSM is the enemy.
The extremist far-right thinking that has come to dominate the conservative mindset stems from such radicalized echo-figures as Rush Dimbulb, Insanity Hannity, Sucker Tucker, Fox & Friendless, Breitbart, Drudge, Levin & so many others who have virtually destroyed the GOP’s ability to govern, or even to think clearly.  That in turn has put America at peril & in decline.  The echo is chiefly responsible for why our problems aren’t getting fixed & the buffoon we somehow put in the White House.  These extremists calling the shots for the echo are given license to do harm by their large following, even if doing so unknowingly, which if not held in check they’re advancing a narrative capable of destroying our nation, with their power to attack our functioning democracy made possible by a sizable fan base.  Echo hosts & their audiences in their shared delusions accepting of false narratives & debasement of conservative ideology, indeed share in the blame for America’s entrenched troubles while neutering DC leadership from taking corrective actions.  We might liken this toxic relationship with demented leaders & their brainwashed followers to an evil cult, spreading their diseased mindset to an unsuspecting public which leaves disaster, carnage & ruin in their wake.  Left to their own devices, the echo may succeed in destroying the GOP which in turn could permanently damage our country.  That’s why I keep sounding the alarms their deranged rhetoric, only based on alternative facts, sensationalism & controversy to generate ratings, must be discredited.  It needs replaced by sane conservative dialogue.
We should no longer so easily excuse fans of Dimbulb or Insanity, since as a whole that audience is complicit in being a detriment to America.  Hit them square between the eyes by forwarding them this message.  Maybe their allegiance is from being overly gullible or badly misinformed or incessantly hyper-partisan or perhaps even not too smart, but whatever the reason we must warn them how their fandom is no longer a laughing matter, since it is having serious repercussions on our nation’s ability to even function.  The echo is the primary reason for our heated dialogue, suffocating polarization & inability to govern/disastrous gridlock from cultivating a divisive attitude of refusing to negotiate & compromise.  I implore anyone in the echo-crowd to consider this reality by mustering up every brain cell they can possibly activate, that their my way or the highway approach virtually guarantees nothing constructive can ever happen to fix things, so our problems continue to fester.  Conservative ideology must find a way to shift back from the radical right so the center can locate them on radar, offering hope we can somehow/someway/someday engage in productive conversations for seeking bipartisan solutions, sincerely pursuing common ground for advancing the common good.  That’s never going to happen for as long as the echo has the ear of so many in the GOP base, which ensures nothing keeps getting done.  You’ve probably heard that famous saying; United we stand, divided we fall for the echo.
America is in deep trouble if we can’t find some way to understand each other enough for uniting behind some semblance of a logical shared purpose, a real challenge now that Dems have gone more to the left & the GOP has shifted way, way, way to the right.  It’s gotten awfully difficult to believe in the GOP.  In coming at you not because I’m a liberal, but a center-right conservative who has seen my party dragged so far right I can no longer relate, so I’ve said repeatedly the biggest challenge America faces from a political standpoint is the rightwing echo.  Every other concern dwarfs in comparison!  From my center-right perspective, we just want our party back with a GOP that’s sane & productive again.  As some articles below reveal, even Russia has figured out the easiest way to bring down America is to help empower the echo.  And these links also help expose many psychotic bozos from the echo, from Insanity to Watters to Kilmeade to Bannon to Jones & even pseudo-celebrity Scott Baio & his dingbat wife.  These rightwing media figures are simply despicable people as clearly seen by clicking on the links, who have a maniacal aversion to facts & habitually deny the truth.  There is some hope of chaos & a fractured narrative in echo-world should Breitbart decide to turn their ire not just on liberals & establishment Republicans, but on Trump himself.  As for the mainstream media, I think it’s clear they do lean left & are definitely out to get Trump, but their reporting on Trump’s travails are generally accurate.
Please forward on to everyone & in particular any echo-friends you may have.  Trumpeters need to be educated their blind faith in the deceitful echo provides tacit support for unconstitutional anti-democracy forces which are a legitimate threat to America.  These echo-fans really don’t intend to hurt America, which is why it’s so critical they be adequately informed how much damage their allegiances really are doing.  But let’s also fully realize the Trumpeters’ delusional thought processes are a danger going well beyond Trump, having been repeatedly duped by relentless exposure to extremist lies coming from a mega-messaging machine.  Inside the first link below, Smerconish in his Saturday commentary points out Trump is only a symptom of the overall problem featuring our enormous divide.  This quote hits the nail on the head of what our biggest political problem really is, from which echo-fans should seriously ponder:
The greatest challenge we face is in reengaging his (Trump’s) core supporters in a national conversation based on evidence not emotion….It will require the driving of a wedge between them & the provocateurs on whom they are overly reliant for their news and information.  Fix that and we’ll be better suited for the long term.  In the meantime, Donald Trump is a manifestation of what ails us.
Economy section
We basically have two opposition parties in America whose chief conduct revolves around bashing the other side or even separate factions within their own party, showing zero capabilities of knowing how to actually govern & get things done.  As long as the DC culture & public-at-large stay trapped within the current divisiveness & polarization, we will continue having this dysfunctional political climate where rabid tribalism overwhelms any attempts at seeking the common good for fixing America’s most troublesome issues.  Now that circumstances have shifted so much that our formerly-prosperous middle class is now struggling, the Dems seek to expand government in throwing more money at the problems, whereas the GOP remains in do-nothing mode which is failing to adapt whatsoever to the new realities.  Adding or reducing government’s money should not be our primary debate, we should embolden leadership in becoming smarter how we deal with our pressing issues, in seeking to establish a foundation where many more Americans can have access to opportunity & more productive/better-paying careers.
Thirty or forty years ago I was very anti-union, knowing how greedy, corrupt & antagonist they were.  But with the pendulum having shifted dramatically against labor the past few decades, we need dramatic new ideas for helping give workers a fair shake.  The most mind-boggling stat which was in articles from my message a few days ago taken from a CareerBuilder survey, is that in this wealthiest nation in the history of the world, 78% of Americans report they’re living paycheck-to-paycheck!  I don’t know of any other poll revealing such a broken economic system.  Trump got elected based largely on this financial distress from which he managed to convince voters he alone was capable of fixing their hardships, even though among his bombastic promises there wasn’t much in the way of real solutions.  Well, despite Trump not having a clue, it’s still time for us as a nation to finally seek real solutions!  (Of more immediate concern with the urgent Houston relief effort so desperately needed, it will be interesting to see how that affects all the other budgetary items coming up in the next month including the debt ceiling.)
Yes, income inequality is a major concern steadily growing worse, but I’m not advocating for a redistributionist approach that liberals seek, since we need to think bigger than that.  We need a fundamental transformation of the entire capitalistic economic system capable of meeting the challenges of this new high-tech/globalism structure, redefining education, work & careers which can promote economic growth & productivity in a way that results in shared prosperity/upward mobility.  Such a vision requires big ideas, thinking outside-the-box & the determination/courage to shakeup the current system, which we’re nowhere near in our current political discourse with all sides bogged down in their petty grievances.  The links from the economy section always display a variety of problems which both parties have failed miserably in offering real solutions….

Suspicion….We’re never going to learn to work together so long as distrust, hatred & extremism keep both sides apart….