We’ve Already Got Lots of Links Today…I had recently cut back to just one post per week at the tail end of the weekend.  But with the newsfeeds exploding early this week with continuing relevant reports of the protests & riots, we’re posting this message mid-week with mainly just the links while they’re still fresh in the news.  So all the links below are only from the past 3 days as we decided not to wait to post, since recent news stories are loaded with insightful info.  Check back at the conclusion to the weekend late Sunday night or Monday, when we’ll feature a lot more commentary along with the other important article links for the rest of the week.

I’ve warned for years America is not immune from fascism despite enjoying centuries of constitutional democracy.  In every one of our posts at the top of Part 2 we list numerous links to articles displaying Trump’s unhinged tyrannical nature.  Even though my warnings have mostly been met with skepticism, I just request you review these articles here, plus if you wish just go back into prior Part 2 sections where you can find thousands of other links containing flashing red lights signaling the threat of fascism.  Once you objectively read some of these articles from major news sources with an open mind, then I’d like to ask you, do you finally believe what I’ve been warning about all along? 
Any American who cares about their country, they need to understand what’s going on plus get proactively involved before it’s too late.  Be fully aware of the threat we’re facing & the seriousness we must confront it with, the dangers being laid out clearly before us inside these links.  Even look at what Mad Dog Mattis had to say today about Trump dividing us & making a mockery of the Constitution: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/06/mattis-rebukes-trump-george-floyd-protests-military-response.html!  So please share these important articles, since it’s only American democracy & our rights/freedoms currently teetering on the edge, which it’s not too much of a stretch to say we need your help to save our country with an election 5 months away:
Anatomy of a Profoundly Asinine Photo Op Stunt
There is no recognition or empathy by the prez of the legitimate anger that’s out there.  He doesn’t distinguish the night & day differences between the peaceful protesters & the looters.  There’s zero acknowledgement from Trump the ugly violence is being fueled by messaging on the extreme right as well as the radical left.  And his rhetoric keeps amplifying the tension & anger rather than trying to calm the waters.  He also pulled off this shameless stunt, tear gassing & roughing up peaceful protesters to clear the way so he could use the Bible & famous DC church as props for a photo op.  Just let the bigger picture sink in for a moment, where our president for political optics is even willing to use our own military on American citizens who are peacefully exercising their right of free speech. 
Trump’s militarized approach against protesters if carried out full force in cities throughout the country, would only escalate the violence & unfortunately add to the number of tragic injuries/deaths.  Our country with Trump at the helm is looking more & more like communist China with these sorry scenes playing out in our cities on international TV, as the thuggish attacks against well-meaning protesters aren’t too far removed from China’s recent tactics against Hong Kong protesters or the Tiananmen Square protests three decades ago.  Check out these links including https://www.thedailybeast.com/trumps-pro-police-brutality-press-conference-is-the-defining-tv-moment-of-his-presidency?ref=home, since all Americans need to realize what a shallow egomaniacal reality-TV phony our president is.  And it just seems like this might finally be the moment that could permanently change racial attitudes in our country, since as Obama just said this is a time when people are paying attention: 
And good riddance!  Racists don’t belong in Congress!:
Where Did My Church Go?
I’ve long warned we need to destroy the Trumpist GOP in order to save the GOP & our nation.  But as a long-time evangelical, in order to save our church we need to eliminate the evil spirit of deception emanating from many evangelical leaders & sweeping through our churches.  Even more so than racist white nationalists, the evangelical community is the demographic group most responsible for supporting & empowering this moral debasement of presidential leadership.  For the prez to dupe his evangelical base by tear gassing his way through a crowd to hold up a Bible in front of a church as a political stunt, he’s actually mocking the Bible & our faith!  And faith leaders like Graham, Jeffress, Reed & Falwell Jr. have sacrificed their moral authority to lead, those whose faith may have become as phony as the faith of the earthly leader they worship.  The president’s own faith is always centered on glorifying himself.  This abject hypocrisy & moral duplicity the world is clearly seeing are hurting the Christian witness far more than the faithful even realize at this point.  Here are some updates:
Recent Polls Trending Towards Democracy, Let’s Keep the Momentum Going!
Perhaps we can give Trump voters a pass for their huge mistake in 2016.  But there is no excuse coming up for this November.  Our nation’s void of leadership at the top during this time of multiple crises tells us all we need to know.  Trump’s floundering & even deadly mismanagement here in 2020 do see his approval ratings slumping, as much like his bungled handling of the pandemic has hurt him with older voters, these protests are helping mobilize/energize black voters against him.  We need to strive for a decisive defeat of the prez in this coming election for helping stamp out the curse of Trumpism from our land.  So please help us spread the word of a dangerous president thoroughly unfit for office, because a Trump victory would be catastrophic for the United States, while a narrow Biden win could have Trump claiming voter fraud which might incite his Trumpeters into violence far worse than what we’ve seen with these riots: 
She Doesn’t Mince Words
How ’bout a new & very brief song about the topic https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/06/donald-trump-denies-hiding-bunker-during-protests & also see https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-bunker-excuse-twitter-mock_n_5ed7c613c5b67887de3fa952.  A disclaimer on my part, we should live by the words inspired by God in the Bible.  But it’s reprehensible the way our prez used it as nothing more than a prop, after he ordered his military lapdogs to commit violent actions against innocent Americans in clearing the way for a politically-motivated photo op: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/06/the-black-christian-leaders-revolted-by-trumps-bible-stunt.html...