Part 1 – Trump Crimes & a Long List of His Great Achievements
Welcome to our Monday weekly post, giving you all the most important political news all in one place to start your week.  As has been the pattern, our Part 1’s highlight Trump’s crimes, Part 2 expose his fascist threat & how he’s enabled by his echo, with Part 3 in recent months not just on the economy along with our selected song at the very bottom, but also on the virus pandemic & election campaign.  Even just perusing the groups of various link titles will provide an encapsulation of the most pertinent/relevant highlights from major news sources on numerous updates Americans need to know.  The stakes are way too high to not pay attention.   
So starting here in Part 1 we have a few links below related to Trump’s criminal activities, but not nearly the overwhelming number of links seen in our blog from previous years when the newsfeeds were packed with articles, like last year when we saw lots of concrete evidence about Trump’s extortion/bribery scheme with Ukraine to taint the 2020 election, or before that the solid evidence of collusion with Russia that tainted the 2016 election.  The Ukraine crime was proven just from the call summary our prez conducted with the Ukrainian president, while the Roger Stone case showed Trump was in the loop on the Russian interference during the last presidential campaign.  And that’s not to mention a whole string of other crimes like tax fraud, campaign finance violations, witness tampering & obstruction of justice, all of which are likely open & shut cases should all the evidence be uncovered & the wheels of justice ever be allowed to play out.
As for whatever good President Trump has done, I’m truly at a loss to think of anything significantly constructive during his entire tenure in office.  Could you help me out & reply back with any of his accomplishments you can think of?  We’ve compiled a list here of items during his presidency that Trump boasts about or had promised us, but in reading this list can we really consider any of these actions as great achievements?  Please read & decide for yourself:
*Trump’s tax cuts for the wealthy which failed to trickle down, only exacerbating rising income inequality & deficits
*Boasting of the “greatest economy ever,” it was basically a continuation of the Obama economy until Trump’s neglect over a virus pandemic led to a crashed economy
*By largely dismissing, denying & ignoring that virus, America is suffering with the worst pandemic in over a century & worst economy in over 80 years
*By being so slow on the trigger with mass testing or encouraging social distancing & mask wearing, plus locking down the economy too late & reopening too soon, our nation now has many millions of infections & 150,000 deaths with no end in sight
*Vowing to “drain the swamp,” Trump instead stocked the swamp with alligators & snakes by enlisting shady figures who formed the most corrupt administration in American history
*In running roughshod over our Constitution, democratic institutions & checks & balances, Trump has installed loyal henchmen in key positions of power, which if given more time he could be successful in usurping unbridled power towards his ultimate desire of establishing a tyrannical dictatorship
*Helped push back terrorist organizations like ISIS without eliminating them, but the prez also helped inflame white supremacist/Nazi domestic terrorists
*Continues to stoke division by appealing to his base, which that base has shrunk down to mainly white blue-collar workers, white evangelicals & white supemacists, groups whose fervent unfettered/unconditional adoration continues to have all the earmarks of a cult
*Continues to insult & alienate large swaths of the American citizenry, including women, minorities, immigrants & most anyone not born into privilege like himself
*Has a penchant for physically attacking & tear-gassing peaceful protesters using his gestapo-like police state
*As he once bragged about North Korea no longer being a nuclear threat after a much-ballyhooed summit, our prez is watching that rogue nation build up their nuclear arsenal
*In pulling out of what Trump described as a terrible Iran deal, he is sitting back watching as Iran builds their nuclear weapons program
*He inexplicably alienates allies such as nations in the NATO alliance, while coddling up to murderous repressive dictators like in Russia & Saudi Arabia
*In trying to negotiate a trade deal with China, Trump started a damaging trade war which never did secure a deal
*Built just a few miles of new sections of wall that Mexico never did & never will pay for
*Had verbally agreed to immigration deals featuring a path for Dreamers, only to immediately backtrack after hearing shouts of amnesty coming from his echo-media
*Has expressed interest in new gun-safety laws following some prominent mass shootings, but only wound up groveling to the beck & call of the NRA
*He promised to build big beautiful infrastructure, but maybe he just forgot or spent too much time on the golf course to worry about
*Vowed to replace Obamacare with a big new beautiful plan, but in this past decade while the GOP keeps squawking about it, we have yet to see from them a workable healthcare plan
*Trump’s deregulation push may have helped the economy temporarily, but at the long-term costs of health, safety & environmental concerns
*As for climate change, that’s not even on the Trumpian radar
*He doesn’t seem too keen on family values, particularly with immigrants when the prez orders kidnapping of children & locking them away in cages
*He also doesn’t seem too big on women’s rights, since when Trump’s not being accused of sexual abuse or rape, he’s out there insulting women about their faces, weight or menstrual cycles
*At this moment in time when the nation is finally recognizing our country’s systemic racism, Trump pushes back on BLM while even sending out federal troops to assault protesters exercising their First Amendment rights
*Too many evangelicals are single-issue voters, which Trump has not only failed to overturn Roe v. Wade, but he’s so badly tarnished the GOP’s reputation that the Dems may rule for a generation & shape the courts however they see fit
*Snookered blue-collar workers into thinking he’s on their side, but the president’s policies have failed them as he greatly favors wealthy corporate interests
*In order for Trump & his party to cheat again in the coming election, they’ve supported underhanded tactics like voter suppression, gerrymandering, Citizens United allowing big money in politics, plus lax cybersecurity standards practically inviting bad foreign actors to interfere in our election again
In addition to our list above, Palmer found a handful of praiseworthy stuff:, & this next list was put out by The Lincoln Project…

During the time Trump has been in office, he has:

*Ignored a pandemic while 140,000 Americans died from COVID-19. Then he said “we’ve done a great job”

*Fawned over Putin as Russia paid the Taliban cash for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan

*Utilized a mercenary secret police to go into U.S. cities and attack peaceful protestors

*Lied over 20,000 times — over 15 a day — and has played golf at least 280 times 

*Begged at least three different countries to cheat in our elections

*Cozied up to ruthless dictators — saying Kim Jong Un is a friend — while isolating our friends

*Watched helplessly as our economy has gone into a depression that has left 40 million Americans out of work

As for articles providing new reports related to Trump’s illegal activities, they’re seen here:
Part 2 – Trump Fascist Intent Now on Full Display
I don’t discount the possibility of someday aligning with the Republican Party again, but it’s likely to be quite a ways off.  We need to take this one step at a time.  The first step comes in November by voting Trump out of office, hopefully in a landslide that also sweeps the majority GOP out of the Senate.  The next step would be in discrediting the far-right media echo-chamber for the grifting liars they truly are, which could help reshape the wrongheaded thinking the GOP base has fallen for.  Only then might the GOP at least have a chance of returning to a viable party marked by rationality, pragmatism, unity & sanity, putting us in a position when the two parties can actually engage in constructive dialogue & go about the business of solving our nation’s monumental challenges.  So just to clarify our current predicament, much like what Reagan once said in reverse, we didn’t leave the party so much as the party left us:
I’ve warned for years America runs the risk of totalitarianism from Trump & his echo, & those who still don’t believe me are either not paying attention or have been blinded with hyperpartisanship from the echo-media’s brainwashing.  If the prez’s echo & Trumpeter base got their way, then along with most GOP politicians really could be complicit in turning America into a fascist state.  Do not dismiss such possibilities.  For anyone who for any length of time have been in tune with our regular Part 2 messages, the avalanche of reports offer up undeniable signals this threat of tyranny is very real!  These current gestapo-like tactics from the administration are just the latest salvo:  First of all, to the extent we might be seeing an uptick in violence on our streets, we can largely blame Trump for his stoking racial divisions during a legitimate Black Lives Matter movement, plus failing to battle the virus pandemic which has all Americans stressed out & many desperate over our dire health/economic conditions. 
We need to step back & clearly see Trump’s motives are more a Wag the Dog scenario that serves as a diversion which is brilliantly articulated inside:  The prez has no shame or empathy, seeing the world only in how he can personally benefit instead of the people, manipulating these staged events as a way to distract away from his Coronavirus failures even if it means gassing moms & peaceful protesters in Portland.  Whatever violence results from this mayhem, we often don’t even know where it’s coming from:  And as he plans to take this horror show to select cities around the country, realize it’s more an election campaign ploy:  Plus it’s possible our American fuhrer ordering such gestapo assaults could even be a trial run for November 3rd, seeking to intimidate voters in Dem districts by targeting inner-city polling places inside select battleground states.
So yes, Trump is actually instigating these violent invasions on American cities in order to concoct a faux narrative he can build a campaign strategy around:  This law-&-order mantra basically features racist tropes & fearmongering in which Trump is responsible for creating a problem that the Trump campaign can then claim he’s fixing that problem:  It’s all a stunt:–and-will-flop-just-as-badly/.  The prez is deliberately ramping up violence & mayhem in our streets to try achieving his own devious ends:
If the prez’s antics were to actually fix the problem of violence in our cities, that would be one thing, but he’s creating increased friction & confrontation which only adds to the problem.  What we’re seeing play out on the streets of Portland is just plain wrong:  I guess Trump has to have something to run on, so he’s chosen this law & order platform even if he’s the one stoking the lawlessness, since any other plausible arguments he can try making to voters are extremely limited.  So the people who want a president promising more division, racism, gaslighting & violence, Trump is definitely your man.  Those of us who wish to preserve freedom, an ongoing democracy is a participation sport & we must be proactive in saving our rights, especially during times like these where demagogic forces imperil the Constitution. 
Based on what we’re seeing, I’m more convinced than ever if Trump is given another 4 years, he may well destroy our constitutional democracy.  Please forward this next link onto others, accurately depicting what America may be on the precipice of becoming:  Trump’s ruthless moves have fascism written all over them:  Citizens of another country keenly aware of how fascism can take hold, they’re looking to what’s now happening in America with grave concern:  Yes, he must be stopped!:
On another topic, the prez’s recent kind comments toward a despicable lady predator, Ghislaine Maxwell, a few things could be at play here with his comment I wish her well:  It could just be he was wishing well a person he had personally known.  But Trump had been hanging around Epstein at the same time his sex ring antics were abusing & raping young girls, so could Epstein’s partner-in-crime Maxwell know stuff damaging to the prez?  It might be similar to Roger Stone knowing of Trump’s awareness of the WikiLeaks email dump in the Russian collusion case, where Trump dangled a pardon in return for Stone’s silence (& ultimately did pardon Stone just prior to the start of his prison sentence).  So maybe Trump’s well-wishes to Maxwell had a hidden message:
The most sinister speculation would involve pedophile rape committed by Trump.  Maxwell had been instrumental in recruiting young girls into Epstein’s sordid world of sexual trafficking, prostitution & rape.  So it’s quite possible Trump is hoping Maxwell doesn’t blow the whistle about anything she might know about him raping a 13-year-old child, now a lady who dropped her lawsuit just prior to the 2016 election, reportedly out of fear after being intimidated with death threats.  If you weren’t aware of her accusations, here is some compelling evidence: & also listen to this video  With Trump being credibly accused by around 20 women of sexual abuse or assault, actions he himself admitted to on the Access Hollywood tape, plus he’s been accused by another woman of rape, it makes the possibility of child rape seem more plausible.  But even if that horrific crime was proven true, I’d bet Trump’s loyal echo pundits & Trumpeter base would still offer up excuses for him.  Here’s a new ad on this Maxwell-Trump topic:
Overall in the midst of a pandemic emergency, our prez is cooking up plenty of mischief.  Whether it was attacking peaceful protesters ( or trying to intimidate Cohen from writing his book (, it follows Trump’s regular pattern of trampling on the First Amendment of free speech.  In other articles below, we see more of Trump’s lies, more details from his niece’s book, more corrupt meanderings from his AG, his twisting arms to try landing the British Open in a blatant conflict of interest, this stable genius passing a test for dementia, & various other immoral, deplorable, autocratic & con man actions by this president.  The only reason we have so many links in any of our blog postings is because America has never seen a more lawless & corrupt administration, which the American people need to be aware of all those surly details.  But don’t just take my word for it, the sirens are blaring at peak volume levels inside these many articles:
The Evil Network
In the tradition of Donald Trump & Roger Ailes, the lying conspiracy network really has been shown to be immoral & rotten to its core.  This is the type of sexual assault story we’ve seen all too often from the sinister Trumpian mouthpiece over the years.  It must be something within their evil culture that has accepted, nutured, enabled & fostered such abhorrent behavior:  It’s possible such deplorable attitudes might even spill over into the mindset of their viewers, since it’s Fox fans who overwhelmingly support the moral basket case & sexual predator known as Donald Trump:
Fox Fake News & Their Hideous Rhetoric that has Turned Deadly
Just because Fox & the rest of the echo have lied to their audiences repeatedly in denying the seriousness of the virus threat, doesn’t make the ravages of the virus any less severe.  In fact, much like Trump with their constant conspiracy mongering & downplaying the pandemic, Fox has undoubtedly been complicit in so many needless deaths.  Their viewers for whatever reason are not perceptive or discerning enough to detect the barrage of lies they’re feeding their brains from watching all the garbage on that network, so they’re being deceived on a whole range of various topics including being trained the virus threat was mostly a lot of hype.  People grounded in reality know enough to avoid Fox, especially those disgraceful prime-time shows which have become practically unwatchable, since it’s become apparent how extreme & off-kilter their messaging propaganda has become.  Here’s more evidence of the network’s deranged disinformation as we implore people to stop watching & dumbing themselves down:  
Other Far-Right Extremists Who’ve Attacked Our Nation with Their Constant Assault on Truths
We’ll begin with these despicable dingbats:  And here’s what the dumbest member of Congress, Louie Gohmert Pyle, is up to: & also see  Plus another nutball of a congressman was brilliantly called out:  Here’s a real Ditka-head:  See many other anti-American buffoons in the articles below, exposing those misguided fools who are advancing this dystopian version of a divided, lawless & selfish society.  So perusing these link titles can take you on a ride inside the crackpot car:
We always try to provide worthy instruction to our faith brethren here at the bottom of Part 2.  Lavish praise to an unprincipled leader is not the way to advance the faith or important social causes.  If they really want to push their pro-life position, they’d better eventually find a GOP president who won’t singlehandedly destroy his own party.  We pray evangelicals can tap into the wisdom of the Lord to rediscover their lost moral compasses:
Part 3 – Hard Times with the Virus Pandemic Crashing Our Economy
The virus must first be contained in order to restore the economy.  Trump has failed dismally on both fronts!  As Biden has said, Trump has quit on the country:  We’ve seen that in the way our prez never came close to rising to the challenge of fighting this virus.  We can also see that based on all those bold promises he originally ran on but were not fulfilled & are no longer even pursued.  When he vowed to replace Obamacare with something beautiful, we have yet to see a viable GOP healthcare plan:  And the prez has given up on other issues like immigration reform, infrastruture, China trade deal, & restoring the economic vitality of the working class.
I’ve always had my concerns about Dem economic policies giving out handouts for nothing, but with this COVID crash bringing about so much financial distress & despair, the stimulus & boosted unemployment benefits became essential.  But once we get past this COVID calamity whenever that might be & the job market trends back towards something approximating normalcy, that’s when we as a people need to wean off this dependency on government payments.  Our economic model will need structural changes minus the handouts.  Those of us advocating changing the economy for the better, we do not seek socialism, but we insist modern-day capitalism be fixed before an angry working class defaults to socialism out of frustration over the current rigged system:
The GOP is also very much at fault since they’re the do-nothing party.  And whatever they do seems designed to further enrich the wealthy.  Granted, the rich oligarchs do provide a lot of the jobs.  But leaving the private sector up to their own devices with large corporate interests increasingly dominating in their rabid/tunnel-vision pursuit of greater profits, it has evolved to the point when such blatant greed no longer serves the greater public good.  Maybe it’s high time the Dems & GOP both scrap their old playbooks, recognizing that more government handouts or doing nothing for helping workers are not the way to tackle the core of our economic challenges, & that we must work together in crafting smart strategies for restructuring a failed system that has largely left the working middle class behind.  So let’s stop looking through our narrow pigeon-holes & start thinking bigger!
The American Dream was largely built on entrepreneurship & the dream of starting your own business.  If we lose small businesses like we see happening now, we’ll really lose the essence of who we are as a nation.  Millions of Americans are losing the freedoms offered in the economic security & lifestyles provided by owning or working for a small business, which can culminate in being enslaved by nameless/faceless large corporate entities when that option becomes the only game in town.  As seen inside these links, we must reverse such dire trends & save the small businesses that are so instrumental in the livelihoods of so many:

Following the Great Recession, corporate profits largely bounced back with the stock market, allowing them to consolidate market share as smaller competitors continued to struggle or went out of business altogether. In 2006, just before the recession, 558,000 businesses were formed, creating 3.4 million jobs, according to Census Bureau data. In 2015, those numbers had fallen to 414,000 and 2.5 million, respectively. Meanwhile, bailed-out banks deemed “too big to fail” absorbed banks not large enough to make the cut. As a result, many community banks dedicated to serving smaller clients disappeared, particularly in underserved communities. “You saw a lot of small businesses die, and it [became] much harder to start a new business,” Fischer says. Between 2007 and 2019, applications to form businesses that would likely hire workers declined by 16 percent, according to a report by the Associated Press.


Inequality has been growing in this country for decades, boosting the net worth of the nation’s wealthiest — the top 1 percent of American households now hold nearly as much wealth as middle- and upper-middle-class households combined — and hollowing out the middle class. Middle-income families account for a mere 17 percent of US wealth, a figure that’s about half of what it was in the early 1980s. The same trend was true for corporations and continues to be true during the pandemic. “All the available evidence [suggests] there will be a lot of small businesses wiped out as a result of this crisis, while big business, for the most part, is going to emerge in pretty good shape,” Ramamurti says. The inequality appears to be bad for business formation, too. As the former has soared, the latter has declined. “They feed off one another,” Fischer says. “It’s a chicken-and-egg situation.”


More broadly, small business ownership plays an outsized role in the national identity. Celebrated for the hard work involved, mythologized as a means of wealth creation, and beloved by politicians and marketers alike, a thriving small business is the stereotypical American success story. Owners who have pursued this dream, pouring years, sometimes decades, into their ventures, are reckoning with what life would look like if they have to call it quits. The promise and peril of running a small business are that the boundaries between work and life disintegrate. “It’s your name,” Knapp says. “It’s your reputation.” The pandemic may be a uniquely cataclysmic event, but it’s added fuel to an existing fire: Independent business formation in the US had been in decline for decades, says Fischer, who spent more than a decade in roles related to economic policymaking on Capitol Hill. Today, new establishments are increasingly outposts of existing, often very large, businesses rather than new ventures, like a Starbucks opening up on your block instead of a local coffee shop.


There are 31 million small businesses in the US. Last year, they employed nearly half of the private workforce and created 1.6 million jobs. From tax codes that benefit multinational corporations to the erosion of antitrust laws to a health care system that puts the onus of providing insurance on employers, myriad policies favor large corporations over the interests of small business owners, Ramamurti says. “A lot of people in Congress say they are pro-business, but what they really mean is pro-big business,” Ramamurti says. “In order to translate a lot of the rhetoric about being pro-small business into actual pro-small business policies, policymakers have to be willing to take on the structural issues that benefit big business in the current economy.”


At its core, it means rethinking what the economy is and who it serves. “We shouldn’t think of it as, ‘We have to do what the market wants.’ We are constructing the economy, and we should do so in a way that helps us,” Zewde says. Small businesses are a way for Americans, particularly minorities, to generate wealth; they create jobs and bring a sense of vibrancy and community to neighborhoods; they allow individuals to take ownership of their professional lives. In a more fair, equal society, not only would small ventures have a higher success rate, but a larger, more diverse group of people would have the opportunity to try their hand at entrepreneurship in the first place.


How realistic is it to hope for vastly more small-business-friendly policies, though? “It’s always the smart thing to bet against congressional action because that’s the way our system is set up,” Ramamurti says. But there’s been a recent groundswell of public support for progressive policies such as universal health care and a wealth tax on the very rich. “There’s widespread recognition that there are basic structural problems with our economy — that things are better for the wealthy than they are for everybody else, better for big corporations than for smaller companies — and the way to fix that is to make significant structural changes to the way the economy operates,” he says.

We’ve had over a million new weekly unemployment claims for months now, with the most recent week seeing an uptick in claims from the previous week:  The longer we fail to contain this virus, the more the carnage to the economy will grow exponentially!:  So funding must continue for awhile longer to prop up the economy & keep it from falling off a cliff, which governmental efforts would be far more effective & cost-efficient if the GOP weren’t so adamant in protecting their one key constituency:  Our system needs revamped to create true value instead of the top 1% capturing it all:

The separation between Wall St. & Main St. continues to play out in empirical data:  This economic virus malaise only escalates problems that have long beset our modern-day capitalist model, where crony capitalism sees political leadership in cahoots with corporate oligarchs to rig the system in their favor & against the working class, relegating tens of millions of Americans to a lifetime of financial duress.  Answers are not coming from liberals pushing ever-expanding government payouts or conservatives basically deferring to unfettered free markets, but we need smart ideas to transform the system so the American Dream is achievable through an economy defined by opportunity, shared growth & upward mobility.  Economic updates from the week are reported on here:

COVID Ravages On with No Plans from the Top to Stop It
The prez claims this is the “China virus” & they should have stopped it early on.  But if it was so easy to stop, why didn’t Trump stop it when it first arrived here?  The provable fact is clearly established that China did a much better job of stemming the spread than Trump did:  Arguably, our prez did the worst job of stopping this virus spread of any leader in the whole world.  Maybe our prez could have mitigated the damage had he only made this pandemic emergency a priority.  It only became a partial priority when it really began hitting his voters: & also see  He’s always been just the president of Trumpeters, not the United States: 
He always seems more interested in golfing & other trivial matters while Americans die at a dizzying pace:  His attention has also been distracted with activities like bragging about passing a dementia test & unleashing his gestapo agents to attack American citizens in our cities:, from which those federal enforcement officers assaulting peaceful protesters are reminescent of the KKK police thugs who once clubbed John Lewis on that bridge:
It’s obvious beyond refute that his entire focus is on calculations for getting reelected rather than what’s really best for our nation.  If there was ever any doubt the president did not take up the leadership mantle by being fully engaged in battling this virus the way we needed a leader to be, here’s a very enlightening timeline of Trump’s comments throughout this emergency crisis:  The prez dropped the ball on instances like not taking the initiative & properly funding mass testing programs, plus his tepid guidance on encouraging on social distancing & mask wearing, put our nation behind the 8-ball with our society as a whole not adhering to critical precautions & not getting a handle on this deadly virus when we had the chance. 
Health experts, major news sources & here in the pages of TheVORACS, we warned repeatedly 2-3 months ago that reopening the economy too soon offered a big risk of spiking the infection spread.  Sure enough, letting our guard down allowed the virus to spread out of hand, which is why the economy may be years away from returning to normal, while hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans are dying.  If America had a competent president to responsibly lead us through this emergency as most other developed countries effectively did, the destruction would have never gotten this bad:  Deaths could have been greatly reduced & our economy would be recovering by now.  Check out these link titles, as in this COVID era the newsfeeds are overflowing:
Polls Look Great, But We Must Work Together Towards a Landslide!
Without being overly optimistic, the signs are definitely encouraging:  To any Republicans & ex-Republicans, I say jump on in, the water’s fine:  My views align closely with these never-Trump former Republicans:  I was a faithful GOP supporter back in the day when there really was some validity to my support, but that’s a far cry from the current tribal GOP:  A few GOP members maintain their principles & pragmatism:, but the number of GOP politicians returning to sanity should mushroom once Trump is out of the way.
As I said back in Part 2, I don’t dismiss the possibility of rejoining the GOP someday.  But it will take a lot more than defeating Trump, even if he goes down in a landslide bloodbath:  The core of the party’s mindset is still controlled by the extremist far-right echo & crazed Trumpeters:  It will take discrediting & banishing to the garbage heap of history their twisted thinking in order to ultimately save the GOP, paving the way for reconstructing the party with policies, ideologies & values more in line with the majority of the American people.  But that ain’t happening in the near-term, so for this year it’s Dems all the way since a Trump reelection literally puts our democracy at risk.  Please help us in our just cause to spread the word, which in making the case you can use whatever info from this blog you wish.
The prez’s plunging poll numbers are mostly attributed to his terrible virus response: & also see  Even in swing states Trump carried in 2016, we see him now down by as much as double-digits to Biden.  Florida is absolutely a must-win state for Trump & he knows it, while a recent respected poll has him down 13 points to Biden in that state: & also see & also see  Suburban women, minorities & the college educated will lead the way, but every rational American should jump on the Uncle Joe bandwagon.  America badly needs a blowout win for Biden, or otherwise Trump’s false claims of voter fraud could unleash a range of unpleasant consequences, from the results being contested in court to the Trumpeter army launching a civil war:
The prez has less than 100 days to turn around his sagging fortunes, but he has even less than that with early voting in some states starting in September.  Much like Trump blamed it on safety concerns & bad timing in backing out of the Jacksonville convention, if he doesn’t turn around his campaign & nosediving poll numbers, the prez may think up a whole new set of excuses to back out of the race altogether:  He’s always considered being a loser the worst sin of all, so he might figure it’d be better if he was a quitter.  The best thing that could happen for the Dems & our nation, & even for the GOP in the long run, would be if Trump either steps aside or takes a thorough thumping in November.  We could then start over with a clean slate in our sincere endeavor to make America great again, which Trump had made it impossible to achieve that aspiration.  There are a ton of updates here about this critical election:
Hilarious Songs
There’s a lot of clever/creative musical productions that have arisen out of this campaign season.  Here are 2 that are fantastic!: