We Must Act…Our lunatic-in-chief is losing it!  His tweets today are beyond the pale!  Until we remove this monster from the White House, our democracy is in grave danger!  His unhinged rants are calling for violence & his dictatorial personality is nothing short of a deranged demagogue seeking to bring fascism to America.  This is no time to sit on our hands, as all patriotic Americans who can see what’s going on must insist on his impeachment & conviction pronto (unless the 25th Amendment comes into play first due to his unwell mental state), before our constitutional freedoms are irrevocably & permanently damaged!  This guy now in the White House is the one person who is the single greatest internal threat America has ever faced.  As the American people, we now have proof our prez has betrayed us & sold out our nation, betraying his oath of office, so he cannot be allowed to stay in office.  So like I said, we must act!
Far better that we voice our opinions now than wait till the lives of all Americans are changed for the worse.  When the house is on fire, you scream at the top of your lungs to wake everybody up & get to safety!  Let’s all participate until the danger has passed, not be like too many citizens of 1930’s Germany who sat back & watched a fascist party with an insane leader steal their country away from them.  And yes, our American prez does have serious mental issues, as just look at that psycho-lunatic’s vengeful tweetstorm this morning in the links below, which those threats in & of themselves are crimes.  There’s no telling what kind of carnage he might unleash with reckless actions before exiting power (& he does have the nuclear codes), so unknown violence will likely be unleashed from Trump’s call to action to his hardcore supporters before leaving office.  But freedom comes at a cost & removing a corrupt criminalized president is the risk we must take.  Please check these articles & pass the message along: