Fire & Fury severs Trump-Bannon alliance….

Well, well, look at these bombshell new reports from a new book, where White House staff paint the prez as an incompetent buffoon.  The book evolved from 200 interviews & dozens of visits to the White House by author Michael Wolff.  There is so much dirt in Fire and Fury which reveals Trump for the dirtball he truly is, as it provides worthy fodder for removal using the 25th Amendment, but the word in a quote getting the most attention is this: That meeting in June 2016 at Trump Tower featuring sonny-boy Donny Jr. with the Russians has been called “treasonous!” Does that report originate from the Washington Post or NY Times? Or maybe the cable networks unfriendly to Trump, either CNN or MSNBC? Perhaps one of the major networks used that term, either CBS, ABC or NBC? Or it could have come from the Dems in Congress, or anyone from the never-Trump or Resistance movement? Actually, the origin of the word treasonous came from none of those sources.  It was none other than Trump pal Steve Bannon who coined that term to describe the Donny Jr. meeting!  Sounds like mighty strong claims, which naturally led to Trump blowing his stack at Bannon.  We might win a doubleheader here in 2018, with the impeachment/resignation of Trump & Bannon’s influence reduced to rubble among all but the most delusional alt-righters.

This is interesting on so many levels.  It seems the tightly-controlled narrative among Trump allies that the investigations have revealed no evidence of a crime is starting to come unraveled.  The Trump mystique is also unraveling since the info in the book shows him fundamentally unfit for office.  Even the friendly GOP base can start realizing something really was going on with those Russians & our prez is actually incompetent at his job.  And when different political factions from inside Trump-world start battling each other, that’s the type of civil war that could take the scab off these Russian cases & eventually take them all down!  Keep in mind that Trump Tower meeting is only a portion of the bigger picture, but attending a meeting with a foreign adversary wanting dirt on your opponent to taint a presidential election, by definition that could certainly be perceived as treasonous!  Trump angrily fired back at Bannon that he has lost his mind, so it looks like the break between the two is now irreparable. Let me reassure you that’s a good thing, since having key players on the radical side of the party being at war with each other helps expose their delusions & fractures their base, offering hope the rational side of the GOP can soon find a path to seize control.  But it could take some time as this scandal may so badly damage the party’s credibility here in 2018 & derail so many Trump enablers, the recovery back to viability could take years.

I have a visceral reaction anytime I see or hear Trump, since I view him exclusively as a lying con man who is ruining the GOP brand, while also threatening democracy with his attacks on our hallowed institutions, abusing his power pretending he’s above the law.  And just as Bannon alluded to about sonny-boy Jr, we may even discover here in 2018 the prez did indeed engage in criminal offenses possibly rising to the level of treason against our country (the echo keeps spinning collusion is not a crime, but it can be the basis for proving a conspiracy or even treason).  I would never say that lightly against any president, but in following this scandal closely, I’m reasonably confident with this much smoke there will be a fire found.  Actually, make that multiple fires.  My prediction Trump would be out of office by now didn’t materialize, but I’d be surprised if America celebrates the next New Year’s with Trump still in the White House.  I do see him as corrupt to his core, which many more of our fellow-Americans can also plainly see that as the meat of the evidence from the Mueller team are likely presented for all to see here in 2018.  Those who stay glued to Fox fake-news are missing out on all the drama (which is why they really need to check out the related articles below I pulled from the newsfeeds).

Why I’m not at all surprised to think 2018 will be the year Trump’s presidency comes crashing down, is based on his despicable egocentric personality traits where he’d do most anything for personal gain, so it’s not so far-fetched to think his long-shot presidential candidacy would be willing to illegally collaborate with a foreign adversary to cheat his way to winning the election.  Despite echo claims to the contrary, there is already overwhelming circumstantial evidence the campaign colluded with the Russians.  His staff members had numerous contacts with the Russians, knew of & had interest in the dirt they had on Hillary, predicted the release of the email dumps, had direct contact with WikiLeaks who worked in cahoots with the Russians, & altered the party platform at their convention to ease sanctions on Russia.  Two prominent figures involved were close Trump relatives, including those two attending that infamous Trump Tower meeting.  After the election, Trump & his staff were caught hiding & lying repeatedly about their Russian communications.  Four members involved in the campaign were charged in 2017, with at least a couple of them now cooperating with the probe.  Trump himself was personally caught in the cover-up/obstruction in numerous ways, including helping to write the phony excuse for the purpose of the Trump Tower meeting with the Russians, & admitting the firing of Comey was due to that “Russier thing.”

Some say impeachment is highly improbable with a GOP Congress, figuring a potential Dem Congress in 2019 would make it more likely, but let’s see if Mueller’s findings turn out as damning as I expect they will.  So please avail yourself of the many relevant links to Russian scandal stories below, since as this plot increasingly unfolds, it’s becoming more & more intriguing & fascinating to any of us never-Trumpers.  These newsfeed articles are real news we just can’t get on Fox fake-news anymore.  The case for conspiracy & possibly treason within the Trump campaign, plus the subsequent obstruction, really does look more certain the more we learn. Tying daddy-Trump directly in with the crimes will take investigators more time, as the campaign no doubt took great pains in keeping their leader well insulated from direct contacts with the Russians, but there can be little doubt Trump would have been aware & directed everything that happened with all things Russia.  The top links get into details from the Fire and Fury book by Michael Wolff, who had extensive access to White House staff, where inside the book we learned of Bannon‘s use of the word treasonous.  There’s another quote in there from a long-time Trump associate who reportedly said the prez is both crazy & stupid, not the traits we want in our leader.  Another report inside a link yet again reveals the sexual-perversions side of Trump, where he said one of the things that made life worth living was getting your friends’ wives into bed,” the book claims.

We also learned this week the FBI probe into Russia was first prompted by statements coming from a Trump campaign staffer.  This blows out of the water the nonsense from Trump & his minions, plus all the garbage spewed by the echo, that the British spy dossier is what sparked the Russian probe.  Now we’ve come to find out the suspicions were first raised to federal law enforcement officials stemming from a drunken Papadopoulos spilling the beans to an Australian diplomat.  And about that dossier the Trump crowd keeps trying to discredit, much of the contents in there have been verified, while none of it so far has been proven inaccurate.  In fact, intelligence sources found the dossier actually confirmed many previous reports they had learned of, including helping to corroborate information that had come from someone inside the Trump campaign.

The British spy behind the dossier estimates overall it’s 80-90% accurate, & Fusion GPS who paid for that dossier is so confident in it, they just said it’s their hope the transcripts from their congressional testimony are released to the public.  They have evidence of money laundering being integral to the Russian cases that by itself is a serious crime, which could potentially trace a path back to the quid pro quo between the campaign & Russians.  Fusion GPS even suggests following the money can lead to the facts about the Russian deal, which GOP congressional investigators are ignoring that advice.  In bending over backward trying to damage the dossier’s validity, what are GOP reps hiding?  What are they afraid of?  Devin Nunes, in particular, has gone so far off the rails in attacking the dossier, FBI & Mueller investigation, he along with a few members of the Freedom Caucus could face legal jeopardy from their complicity in the obstruction. We even see a frivolous lawsuit by Manafort towards Mueller as a Hail Mary. There are links below where Dem reps who are part of the congressional investigations hint that Mueller has gathered evidence which is far beyond what has been revealed so far to the public, with more indictments coming soon as we can read between the lines on these tweets:

russian cases tweet with sen blumenthal

 And Blumenthal also had this to say about the GOP politicians trying to sabotage the Russian cases:  “Americans will rightly see through these insidious attacks as political pandering and preemptive ambush. Republican slandering squanders all pretense of high ground and respect for rule of law. Republicans will reap what they sow – and rue their demagogic broadside backstabbing of FBI and American law enforcement.”  Joaquin Castro also said he’s heard evidence Trump administration members committed crimes, with similar sentiments expressed by Ted Lieu saying this:

russian cases tweets from ted lieu

 And in another article below Lieu said this:

“We know that George Papadopoulos has now agreed to cooperate with special counsel Mueller, and keep in mind he was on no one’s radar screen until the guilty plea was unveiled,” Lieu said on MSNBC. “That tells me that special counsel Mueller knows a lot about facts and circumstances surrounding the Russia investigation, and he’s not letting people know what he knows until public documents come out with indictments and guilty pleas.” “I expect next year to see more indictments coming.”

In a NY Times interview last week, the prez claims he has the right to do whatever he wants with the Justice Dept.  It seems he wants to utilize the power of our intelligence/security agencies to use against his political enemies.  That separation between the executive branch & DOJ is one of the protections we have in place to preserve our democracy, which is yet another wall Trump wants to tear down in his quest for power-grabbing totalitarianism.  These are just more very dangerous statements from a dangerous president who aspires to dictatorial rule.  And remember, these norms that are now being torn down can also be exploited by future presidents, GOP or Dem.  One of the greatest mysteries, surprises & concerns in our nation’s history is how most in the GOP base (which until recently included myself), could have fallen for the deceit, dishonesty & dangerous demagoguery that besides threatening to destroy the GOP, is also putting America at risk.

In the article, The decline of U.S. influence is the great global story of our age. it paints an ominous picture where our current president’s retreat from the world is an open invitation for our adversaries to fill the leadership void, which a German Foreign Minister suggests is accelerating the transformation of the global order . . . and the risk of trade wars, arms races and armed conflicts is increasing.” In an age where the world is more dangerous than ever with the rise of terrorism & nuclear proliferation, why would we choose now to sacrifice our chief role of being the primary protector of peace, freedom & democracy?  America’s military strength could be compromised by loose nukes getting in the hands of fanatical Islamic radicals, who’ve from birth have been indoctrinated into a rabid cult who believe their whole life’s mission is to defeat the infidels (that’s us).  This being perhaps the greatest threat the world will ever face, repelling the threat can only be effectively done through changing hearts & minds, winning the messaging wars & taking the hard-edge off their radical ideologies.  An inward-looking foreign policy stance retreating from the rest of the world only plays into our enemies’ hands. Our self-destructive relinquishing of power, influence & leadership on the international stage is further revealed from excerpts in these two paragraphs:

What is today’s global story? I would argue that the largest trend today is the decline of American influence. Not the decline of American power — the country remains economically and militarily in a league of its own — but a decline of its desire and capacity to use that power to shape the world. The current administration seems intent on dismantling the United States’ great achievements — as it is doing with the World Trade Organization — or to simply be uninterested in setting the global agenda.

A decade ago, I described a “post-American world,” brought on not by the decline of the United States, but by the “rise of the rest.” That world is indeed coming to fruition because other countries are prospering, but the changes are being dramatically accelerated by the Trump administration’s foolish and self-defeating decision to abdicate the United States’ global influence — something that has taken more than 70 years to build. As the president might tweet, “Sad!”

There’s no shortage of imminent dangers in the world, which the heading International Dangers seen below has numerous links detailing some recent disturbing events/threats.  Might such a mentally unstable president actually bring on nuclear war to divert attention away from headlines about a scandal about to bring him down?  Don’t put anything past Trump.  Other countries seem to be far more alarmed than Americans about this reckless kook in the White House.  Some of these articles take us to revelations about Trump’s clueless foreign policies, including various foreign diplomats after meeting with Trump have used words to describe him such as “insane,” “laughingstock,” “catastrophic,” “terrifying,” “incompetent” and “dangerous.”  Along those same lines in the article Trump’s America first economics, how empires crumble, we see this chilling excerpt:

So the new locus of power in this century resides in treasuries, not arsenals. Nations rule the waves not through the might of their warships but by the profitability of their cargo ships. By this measure, the United States is a declining power. And Trump’s approach to the world, articulated in his new National Security Strategy (NSS), just hastens the fall. The NSS, flawed on many levels, is egregiously off-base in the area of global economics. To begin with, Trump’s “America First” approach is isolationist and protectionist. It scoffs at his predecessors’ efforts at economic engagement. While paying lip service to free trade, the NSS promotes Trump’s promise to withdraw from the world and “build the wall,” both physically and metaphorically. 

Moving on down the links taking us to Trump’s abhorrent personal traits, we see where Trump’s ghostwriter for the book Art of the Deal regrets creating this myth of Trump as a brilliant/charming business tycoon.  I’m also reminded of previous statements years ago from his old college professor at Wharton, where apparently Trump was admitted as a special favor, as Dr. William Kelley had commented often Trump was the dumbest student he ever had. Carl Bernstein emphasizes in an article below how “his presidency is characterized above all else by the lying of the president of the United States.”  In the Hill article on NYT conservative columnist I’m still never Trump after first year, Bret Stephens points out how unfortunately many GOP sycophants are accepting of Trump despite “the lying, narcissism, bullying, bigotry, crassness, name calling, ignorance, paranoia, incompetence and pettiness.”  What’s even more ominous, this mindset which has come to predominate within the GOP of extremism, nihilism, misinformation & immorality which soon threatens to destroy the party itself, Stephens warns “this won’t end with Trump.  It may have only begun with him.” 

Incredibly, taxpayer dollars have spent six times more on Trump’s golf trips as they have on the Mueller investigation.  I’d say we’re getting a lot more bang for the buck with Mueller.  So the links at the bottom conclude with Trump’s failed personal traits, sinking popularity giving rise to Dems, & his constant lying. It does look like Trump is right on pace for hitting 2000 verifiable lies by his one-year anniversary in office. No other single fact jumps out at us quite as much as his dishonesty for proof our liar-in-chief is truly a despicable human being.  As Americans, we’ve seen lots of presidents & many, many, many incredible political stories through the years, but we’ve not ever seen anything quite like this.  And everything keeps pointing in the direction a crime was committed with the Russians.  Here in 2018, we’ll likely find out for sure.

Views from the far-left….

Some of these Kos opinions have too much hyperbole to be objective or accurate.  But they’re worth reviewing simply because much of what they claim is indeed true.  I do encourage Cubs fan & all echo-fans to at least peruse the link titles, since they reveal news reports the likes of which are unheard of inside their echo-bubble.  So although the Kos exaggerates their leftist views, one thing I can say with complete confidence is these op-eds are far more factual than the rubbish spewing their odorous stink from the echo.  But the echo-crowd won’t want to admit it since they don’t wish to be proven wrong, which would require they finally confess their irrational/nihilistic brand of psycho-conservatism was a big mistake all along.  After all, it’s easier to be in denial than admit ignorance….