Part 1
Over the years we’ve reserved Part 1 mainly to reveal news on the steady stream of Trump crimes exposed since he became president.  This week, the main story on that front are these articles on a federal appeals court ruling the entire Mueller report featuring secret grand jury testimony can be turned over to the House.  But here in our post on Wednesday night, most of the big headline stories can be found in Part 3 below on the Coronavirus pandemic, plus at the very bottom is the news on Joe-mentum.  So there’s a ton of important news to cover here:
Threats from Foreign Enemies
Part 2
Trump’s lies & assault on our democracy are always presented in Part 2, along with his echo-media & Trumpeter supporters enabling/empowering his destructive/dangerous attacks on our country.  The wheels of fascism are being greased in so many different ways.  We cannot be complacent about this unique time in our nation’s history, since once our civil rights & freedoms are taken away through tyranny, don’t be too sure they’re ever coming back.  These links start off with reports on the president’s unfitness for the job:
Coronavirus Spin
But Part 3 has hordes of articles on the virus:
Please Make It a Permanent Quarantine
Congress would be far better off without these buffoons:
Whether It’s Questioning Uncle Joe’s Sanity or Investigating Hunter Biden
The GOP conspiracy machine is ramping up to smear & demonize Trump’s likely 2020 opponent, much like they did with Hillary in 2016 through her emails & Benghazi hype:
The Liars at Fox Fake News Literally a Threat to Our Nation
They help amplify Trump’s lies on Coronavirus & everything else, so their disinformation spreads & infects more people faster than the virus itself.  It’s very rare for any news organization to infer a virus is more of a hoax when the World Health Organization has declared it a pandemic:
Other Echo Knuckleheads Who Routinely Spread Lies
Part 3
A Sinking Economy…Buoyed by their big donors, the GOP has become the party protecting the wealth of the top 1% & big corporate interests.  Steps must be taken to reverse the disturbing & unmistakable trends which see our wealth increasingly going disproportionately to the very top, yet the GOP has no viable ideas for correcting this imbalance.  So even if our current prez wasn’t a lying lawless demagogue relentlessly assaulting our Constitution & balance of powers, we might still be better off going next to a Dem president based on policy issues alone.  Coronavirus caused the plunging stock market to slide into a bear market today, probably signaling in a recession, while the economy was already showing worrisome signs even prior to the virus hitting:
Links to the Real Economy
Please look at these link titles.  Sure the virus is largely to blame, but this was never the great economy Trump boasts of:
Delayed Testing Squandered Efforts to try Containing the Virus, Allowing it to Spread Nationwide & Causing Deaths
We can’t help but wonder if the president’s leadership & overall attitude about the matter, always wanting positive (to the point of delusional) optics & keeping the numbers down, might have had a direct impact on the initial slow response.  For weeks he was talking over his medical experts.  With a very somber address tonight (see next section below), it was a desperate & belated attempt to mend fences with a very worried/confused nation.  I wonder how many doting Trumpeters are finally going to realize how grossly incompetent & clueless their president is just based on his handling of this crisis.
Now that the World Health Organization has declared Coronavirus a pandemic as it’s spreading all over, the best we can do is to avoid crowds & isolate those who’ve been infected.  Testing & social distancing is the only way to try stopping the spread.  A big part of the fear is we don’t know what to expect from this new virus, as it could fade out soon or keep spreading to mammoth proportions, perhaps bringing about many more fatalities & worldwide recession.  And it’s possible like the common cold or flu, Coronavirus may be around permanently & practically all of us could get it someday:  Unfortunately, it’s 10 times deadlier than the flu, especially among the elderly.  We’re not really going to know the full damage until whatever happens happens.  As you can see from the huge number of links, this story has blown up the newsfeeds:
Trump’s Address Tonight
At least he set the right tone about the dangers of this virus without being dismissive of it.  In a stiff & nervous teleprompter speech, his customary spin was included while leaving out plenty of pertinent details.  Among the omissions, nothing was said about ramping up the needed testing or hospital preparedness.  And any type of larger coordinated plan was mostly missing.  The speech was also littered with misstatements while stopping short of declaring a national emergency due to bad optics:  Plus his travel ban sort of skirts around the edges.  The virus is already living among us & escalating. 
Contrasting what we saw tonight with recent addresses on the virus from the likes of the governors from NY, MA, WA & CA, it’s glaringly obvious Trump doesn’t have anywhere near the leadership chops.  This was the kind of speech the prez hates to give, but at least he finally presented the crisis in a light with the seriousness it deserved.  It seems the prez & his party are finally starting to take heed in the dire warnings from their health professionals.  And for the echo-Trumpeter crowd, tonight maybe for the first time this Coronavirus crisis just got real to them too:


The Trump Effect Last Night
Barring something unforeseen, Biden will win the nomination because he’s perceived as the most electable.  Whatever bitter divides & hard feelings are coming out of the Dem primary process between moderates & progressives, that should be more than offset by the intense burning desire among the Dem base to replace Trump.  And by rallying around the presumptive nominee now rather than later, it helps build momentum (Joe-mentum) to take the fight to Trump & build a constructive policy platform.
It’s implied from Bernie’s comments today, he plans to use this Sunday’s debate in Phoenix not so much to win the nomination, but to push the policy agenda further to the left.  As a self-avowed democratic socialist, his positions are a long ways off from traditional definitions of pure socialism.  Bernie is correct that many of his wish-list issues are popular with the majority of the American people, featuring these main points from his brief speech today: 
*Address absurd levels of income & wealth inequality
*Raise minimum wage
*Fix health care
*Address climate change
*Correct broken criminal justice & immigration systems
So these are important issues that do need addressed & Uncle Joe should run as more than just a caretaker seeking to imitate the Obama presidency.  But whatever full-fledged progressive-socialist revolution that Bernie & his young voters envision, they may have to wait awhile longer:  For the current 2020 campaign, we just need to concentrate on defeating a corrupt demagogic wanna-be dictator in saving our democracy.  Below are articles related to Biden’s Joe-mentum & prospects for November…
Kamala or Stacey Abrams would be an expected choice.  A real surprise could be Michelle or Oprah:
And the rest of the election links: