Evil-Echo Empire Update

Trump is always bashing the media because he constantly provides them with fodder to criticize him about.  The media does call out his incompetence, cluelessness, recklessness, self-aggrandizing, repeated lying & will be more than obliged/happy to report in great detail all the illegal activities the prez will likely be revealed as having done. CNN, the network being the primary target of Trump’s barbs, actually bends over backwards trying to present the views of both major parties.  They have an array of conservative media Trump sycophants they invite on their shows & discussion panels, who regularly make fools out of themselves with their absurdly disingenuous arguments as paid apologists for the prez.  Trump pundits don’t even try to base their arguments on facts anymore, as it’s all about the spin to push their implausible positions.

MSNBC is consistently more left of center than CNN, yet MSNBC is also far, far, far, far closer to the center than the far-right extremism that defines what Fox fake-news has become.  I can even make a strong argument MSNBC represents more rational conservatism than what is heard these days on Fox. Not to disrespect the rest of the alphabet which MSNBC does employ solid conservatives whose last names don’t begin with the letter S, but I would proclaim the 5-S’s on MSNBC whom I’ve mentioned in the past to be far better conservative media commentators than any 5 voices on Fox. Those 5 MSNBC conservative analysts are Scarborough, Steele, Schmidt, Stephens & Sykes, who are all outstanding!  Fox viewers should check them out sometime.  Maybe they’ll finally get to see a conservatism that’s far more rational than the radical opinions on Fox during their evening prime-time.  Trump has it backwards, calling the real news fake while praising the conservative fake news.

I still have to wonder to what extent typical Fox viewers really know what they’re actually watching.  For far too many, they probably think they’re watching regular news updates, totally absorbing that political information they’re being fed completely out of context.  I think a large proportion of viewers readily accept the Fox spin at face value, being unaware they’re actually being indoctrinated into a mind-searing contaminated ideology that’s nothing short of an extremist rightwing cult.  That’s not necessarily true of all Fox shows, but it is true of the AM show Fox & Friendless, plus the evening lineup of Carlson, Hannity & Ingraham.  They’re all nuts!!!  That same misinformation & misguidance are also being spread on many far-right radio talk shows & internet sites/social media groups.  I firmly believe most of the echo-crowd isn’t so much ignorant as misinformed, so we can set some of them straight by exposing them to accurate info like what’s in this commentary & the related articles below.  And we do need more real conservative media messaging sources, not the radicalized junk coming most of the time from Fox & the echo.

 fake news with Jennifer Rubin

In Rubin’s Guidelines for news watching & staying sane in 2018she offers up 5 political survival rules.  Below is an excerpt from advice #3 which doesn’t provide much hope for Fox viewers.  I would agree the majority of those viewers are so brainwashed they’re hopeless, but we should still reach out to them anyway with this information, since some of them can still be coaxed over to the sane side.  It’s certainly worth a try, as the very survival of the GOP may depend on it.  Since on one side we have the mainstream media that tends to lean left, compared to Fox & the rest of the extremist far-right echo which regularly reports blatant falsehoods, I believe many levelheaded conservatives when presented with the obvious differences will opt for the more reasonable narratives.  Many are so glued to Fox they never avail themselves of objective news sources.  I can usually tell within 30 seconds of a political discussion with someone whether they are close-mindedly brainwashed or open-mindedly objective.  It’s gone even beyond the ideology of conservative vs. liberal since it’s more a case of who’s in tune with facts vs. lies. Lately, a lot more conservatives have opted for the wrong side.  So while most Fox viewers will remain hopelessly lost, we should still reach out to them with the truth because I’m confident some of them can still be rescued.  Please forward others this message or the blog site The Voracs, which your efforts may be more valuable than you’ll ever realize.  But here is the Rubin soundbite:

You can spare yourself the frustration of watching the same 25 percent of the electorate, seeped in Fox News drivel, refuse to acknowledge reality. They’re not going to confess that they were conned or they were wrong. They will continue to revel in their own ignorance. So be it.

In the Guardian article on Donald Trump-White America-Republican Party, we see how the extremist nutwing side of the party that evolved out of the tea party is still with us, & still causing problems as their hardcore fanaticism could ultimately bury the GOP.  And even should Trump get the boot here in 2018, the problem (spurred on by the echo) doesn’t magically go away:

What the increasingly forgotten rise of the Tea Party indicated several years before was simply confirmed by the rise of Trump: the Republican establishment had radicalised its base to such an extent that it was no longer representative of its views. Trump didn’t hijack the Republican party, he provided the base with a real representative again. But just as the Koch brothers didn’t control the Tea Party, Trump doesn’t control “Trumpism”. He is merely the current voice of the radicalised base.

In the article media-watchdog-threats-against-independent-journalists-at-epidemic-levels, it reveals how the dangers to journalists around the world have reached epidemic levels, which our own American President is helping inspire the ruthless repression that his constant media bashing encourages, bringing on these results:

The International Federation of Journalists’ (IFJ) end-of-year report, which was obtained by The Associated Press, found that unprecedented numbers of journalists were jailed, forced to flee, that self-censorship was widespread and that impunity for the killings, harassment, attacks, and threats against independent journalism was running at epidemic levels.” The report also found that a minimum of 81 journalists were killed while working in 2017, and over 250 journalists were jailed over the year. 

Trump knows any authoritarian leader has to control the media, courts & intelligence agencies, so he can get away with ruling with an iron fist without opposition to push back against him.  Whether they know it or not, the GOP base have become enablers in trying to destroy our democracy.  That’s the end result of undying support for their hero who’s more a pathological control-freak demagogue. Attacks on the DOJ/FBI mean Trump doesn’t want the rule of law enforced, because he desires to be above the law.  In a group of links where Trump shows off his fascist instincts by referring to the DOJ as the Deep State, plus calling for jailing his political opponents, one of the links takes us to this ominous Sally Yates warning:

Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates on Tuesday ripped President Trump for calling on the Justice Department to take action against a Hillary Clinton adviser and former FBI Director James Comey. Yates linked Trump’s comments to The New York Times last week that he believes he has “the absolute right to do what I want with the Justice Department” with a tweet earlier Tuesday calling for the department to act against Comey, Clinton aide Huma Abedin and others. “Today he slanders career DOJ professionals as ‘deep state,’ calls for prison for a political opponent, and tries to sic DOJ on a potential witness against him. Beyond abnormal; dangerous,” Yates tweeted.

Rounding out the links below, there are groups of articles about the echo fighting against Mueller, the craziness on Fox, other tribal media & the deception befalling evangelicals. Inside the link Evangelical Christians Glorify Godless Trumpamong the many points include this one: take the opportunity to reflect on the Faustian bargain which allowed conservative evangelical Christians to “Keep Christ in Christmas” while seemingly divorcing Christianity from Christ.

fake news for evanglicals

We’re facing a very serious threat to our democracy, with Trump’s orbit including the echo lying to their fans & spinning an alternative facts counter-reality.  With such a large percentage of the conservative base buying in, which includes political & religious conservatives, should they continue believing the echo-narratives attacking & discrediting the institutional foundations of our constitutional democracy, the risk of fascism with an autocratic personality like Trump at the helm is very real.  Hence the importance of sharing this information, since there are millions of conservatives out there swallowing up all the echo-nonsense, which for the sake of our nation we need to expose them to the truth in the hopes of retrieving some of them back to reality & sanity.  So many need warned of the conservative fake media.  Often times they just don’t know any better.  Echo-fans through such articles should see what all the deceptions & distortions have done to their thinking.