Evil-Echo Empire Update


I devote a complete section in all my commentaries just for the evils of the echo, since a spirit of deception has taken over most of the rightwing media.  Their total commitment to alternative facts has delivered them & their audiences into a never-never world of alternate reality.  It’s infiltrated the conservative base from a political standpoint while has even spilled over into their religion.  We must embark on a campaign of truth & integrity, since that’s what it is going to take to refute the echo.  It’s the only way to save the GOP by returning the conservative mindset back to a pragmatic/authentic realism.  It may actually be a requirement to save America & even the evangelical church.

The echo keeps hammering away at all those they perceive as enemies, which has grown into quite a list.  Let’s see, there are liberal Dems, RINO’s, elite establishment, deep state, swamp, media, courts, immigrants & anyone who would call out their hardcore far-right politics.  In some cases they do have a legit beef, but if they want to blow up the established order of things & remove the underpinnings on our democratic institutions, they’d better have something a lot better to replace it with.  Their scorched-earth version of intransigent/nihilistic extremism full of their destructive ideas, policies, politicians & rhetoric offers something way worse (& more dangerous) than what’s already in place.  I’d say let’s go ahead & blow up the existing power structure, but replace it with a rational bipartisanship which pursues the common good. The echo ain’t it!

As anyone who has read my messages over the years can attest, I’ve persistently attacked numerous knuckleheaded echo-hosts who’ve been endlessly spewing their nonsensical rubbish on an unsuspecting public.  That much brainwashing has resulted in many conservatives falling in line with the lies.  In particular the insanity on Hannity is idiotic & disingenuous beyond human comprehension.  We should have zero respect for all the insanity or his audiences, since if they ever got their way it would usher in an opportunity for a despot regime to take control of America, particularly risky with a deceptively-mesmerizing personality like Trump now in power & possessing unmistakable dictatorial-totalitarianism instincts.  Trump consistently aligns himself with forces accepting of authoritarian fascism while also attacking the entities providing the safeguards protecting democracy.

And there’s evidence of collusion going on inside the echo-bubble.  It’s a fact they strategize with Trump.  Last week Hannity caved to Bannon’s insistence he back off on Judge Moore, much the same way he convinced Trump over the weekend.  Maybe radicalized lunatic deranged far-right nutjobs have their own pecking order, with loose-cannon Bannon now king of the hill over insanity Hannity.  It also illustrates the coordination of messaging going on inside echo-bubble-land, since their rhetoric & conspiracies are typically so preposterous, it takes all the echo-shows parroting the very same talking points in getting the flock to buy in.  Individually, the damage from loose-cannon Bannon, insanity Hannity or Rush Dimbulb could be contained, but collectively as a group operating through a far-reaching & hypnotizing rightwing media apparatus, it so badly messes with the thinking of their audiences that it might bring down America if not stopped.

From the first link below I’ve pasted an excerpt here which sums up the monster that’s been created with the rightwing media (the echo).  It’s an Atlantic article titled, Conservatives reap the whirlwind of their war on the press, & Charlie really nails it in these 3 paragraphs:


Charlie Sykes, a former conservative talk radio host, said Republican voters have been conditioned over years of right-wing media consumption to reflexively reject any news that challenges their worldview. “These alternative-reality silos—not only do they reinforce an ideological message, but they can be impenetrable,” he said.

Sykes admits that he was once part of the problem. When he hosted his popular Milwaukee-based radio show, he routinely devoted airtime to bashing the press—calling out perceived partisanship, and telling listeners that they couldn’t get the full story by reading the papers. While Sykes stands by many of his critiques, he eventually grew alarmed by the hyper-skepticism his audience began to exhibit. By the middle of last year’s election, he said, he couldn’t even cite stories from The New York Times or The Washington Post on the air without listeners dismissing them as untrustworthy.

In Alabama, Sykes said, a “nightmare scenario” is unfolding. “You have credible journalism being attacked and ignored amid a flood of misinformation and bizarre propaganda,” he said, adding that his compatriots in the conservative media who are horrified by Moore need to grapple with their own culpability. “I think we should be horrified by the monster we helped create.”

 there we see links titled We’re with stupid & also Trump Administration has become the Sean Hannity presidency.  INSANITY!!!  Then we see articles right below that one where Bannon overrides Hannity.  MORE INSANITY!!!  We also see a link where Hillary announces she is resigning as Fox News President of the United States.  Every negative headline about Trump is ignored in favor of digging something else up on Hillary, which the uranium story inside the echo is this month’s scandal of the century.  It’s mindboggling to think that audience eats this stuff up!  There’s another article saying Hannity’s show should be renamed the Clinton scandal hour.  As is always the case among the many links, the insanity of Hannity provides a whole smorgasbord of articles to choose from revealing him to be a raving lunatic.  We also see a Fox Business host denying Trump had accusers of sexual abuse.  Huh?  Then we see articles even scarier, with speculation Fox has sway over the Justice Department plus the spreading of extremist propaganda through media mergers & deals.  We also see the news report Trump is trying to shut down his shady charitable foundation, which is being investigated for enriching Trump & not the intended charities.


Just to take a deeper dive into some of those news articles, there are new reports creating doubts about the authenticity of the primary source pushing the uranium story.  Although there are legitimate questions why 9 different federal agencies would approve that deal with Russia several years ago, as an actual scandal it’s really more a hoax.  Plus they can’t pin it only on Hillary & she’s not the president anyway, so impeachment becomes problematic.  But the echo cannot be deterred, they’ll keep pushing the story & conflating Hillary’s involvement in the deal, somehow portraying her as committing the worst offense against our country since Benedict Arnold.  If it were in any way feasible, I’d love to see research exposing the average IQ of anyone in the Fox News audience who really believes that uranium deal is another Hillary scandal on par with the Trump campaign’s Russian scandal.  That’s like trying to compare an elephant shaking the ground as it runs across the prairie with an 8.5 earthquake.

I also award Bartiromo a dingbat award for refusing to acknowledge Trump’s sexual debauchery & dismissing his many accusers.  That’s an incredible honor considering the stiff competition on Fox, including Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, almost anyone who disgraces our TV screens on Fox & Friends, & even the melodramatic & irrepressibly-ignorant Judge Jeanine (didn’t she just get a ticket for driving 119 mph?….she should be on a NASCAR track, not TV).  But on a consistent basis, nobody offers up more asinine tomfoolery than Hannity each & every weeknight, which is doing incalculable damage to America by dumbing-down millions in the conservative base with abject nonsense.  The stupidity is magnified even more since the insanity is also being dished out on his daily radio show, making him perhaps the most destructive force today in waging war against the GOP & American democracy.  It’s no accident Hannity is always given more links than anyone beneath the Evil-Echo section.

But the egregious-echo also extends to Bannon, Limbaugh, Trump & countless others also joining in on the action with their attacks on America, exposed regularly on media empires like Fox, Breitbart, Sinclair & the shameless EIB network, which should really stand for Egghead Inside Bubble.  Then we have the alt-right & other nonsensical rightwing media empires spewing their falsehoods as corporate deals are allowing them to spread their wings to an even bigger audience.  It looks like Trump overstepped his bounds by pulling the strings with the DOJ to block the AT&T-Time Warner deal only to spite CNN, as he continues to be incredibly dangerous attacking a free press.  So the echo as a whole with our President’s backing have become quite a powerful force, which all center-right conservatives like myself need to battle back against this growing cancer that has spread through conservatism & our party.  Whether the public knows it or not, we must win, since America desperately needs a rational/sane conservative party.  And just as a basic refresher course so people are not mistaken, the real media leans left while the echo is way out on the radical right & makes stuff up.

In one of Rubin’s Morning Bits, we see these alarming truths from a GOP strategist:

Fox News’s alternative news universe fits perfectly with Trump’s compulsive lying. “Rick Wilson, a top Republican strategist, blames Fox News for the dissolution of the principled conservatism that was his party’s core. ‘As the country has devolved into increasingly hermetic ideological silos, Fox has constantly reassured the GOP base that their support of Trump still makes them conservatives, even though he’s an authoritarian statist with poor impulse control and lacks a conservative bone in his body,’ he says. ‘It’s made them billions and cost the GOP its soul.'”


The next article by Rubin right above the evangelicals section, she includes this line: ” At some point, some segment of Trump’s voters became so intellectually or morally corrupt as to become cultist.”  And about all those articles under Evangelicals & Roy Moore, I have more thoughts for my Christian brethren.  Yet again there are some more articles hitting the newsfeeds on the destructive mindset now invading the Evangelical church.  It reveals how Judge Moore’s previous sexual indiscretions have further exposed the growing rift within the evangelical faith, where genuine believers have the burden of being seen associated with a strain of extremist hardcore politicization running rampant throughout the church.  I saw the woman being interviewed today who alleges Moore abused her as a 14-year-old, which when she was told Moore said he doesn’t know her, she responded, “I wonder how many me’s he doesn’t know.”  It looks as though many in the church have been given over to a spirit of deception where tribal worldly alliances threaten to overrun spiritual morality, & political power through earthly leaders is being given precedence over the heavenly power in the Almighty.  I’m just trying to call out those who have aligned themselves with leadership exhibiting questionable moral character before they completely ruin the reputation & mission of the church.

If America is ever to thrive again as a godly nation, it starts by turning back to God, in turning away from political & religious leadership who embodies the antithesis of God.  And legacy family names like Falwell & Graham seem to have become as stale as Clinton & Bush have become in the political world, while old-timers like Robertson & Dobson are now way beyond their usefulness.  So there are times it’s best to move on with fresh leadership who are dynamic & unfailingly focused on the greater purpose.  There are some rising leaders out there entirely focused on Jesus & God’s kingdom, not wallowing in serving immoral political leaders with an eye towards prioritizing earthly kingdoms.  I temporarily agreed with my brother when a few months ago he challenged me when I speculated even Franklin Graham had been given over to a demonic spirit of deception, but Graham’s latest comments on Roy Moore as seen in some articles below only goes to show I may have been right about Franklin all along.  Let Graham be a political pundit or run for office if he so desires, but he’s lost the moral authority to be a faith leader.  Some of these examples go beyond once-respected evangelical leaders selling out to extremist politics, they’re even selling out to pure evil.  To continue following the likes of Graham, Perkins, Reed, Jeffress, Robertson, Dobson & Falwell Jr. will only run the church into the ground based on moral duplicity & hypocrisy.

I believe in the redemptive power of Christ since all have sinned & fallen short of the glory of God.  So ultimately it’s not for us to judge, but while we’re still on this Earth we can certainly offer our opinions.  Of the well-publicized accusations made against certain political figures lately, in my mind the one woman (now 2) who was the victim of unwanted kissing & playful bad-optics/terrible-humor groping by Franken was bad, the nine women accusers including molestation of a 14-year-old girl by Moore was far worse, while of these 3 men’s indiscretions the most despicable by far are the more than dozen women accusers including the alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl by Trump.  To the extent so many evangelicals have hitched their wagons to Trump is perplexing to the point of alarming.  Right under the Franklin Graham links below, there’s a link to a video where a Trumpeter says he would trust Trump over Jesus Christ.  That illustrates the dangerous level of deception going on out there which is swallowing up the mindset of conservatives in both the political & religious arenas, leading our nation into a very dark place.  We can no longer deny there’s a demonic spirit grabbing hold of so many.  We can blame it on the overreaching influence of the extremist media echo, but Christians who could turn to the infinite wisdom from on high should know better.

Based on demographic polling going from the days of President Clinton up to the current President Trump, white Evangelicals look to have gone from the most morally principled group in America to the least.  I firmly believe by falling for the dishonest deception, blatant hypocrisy & moral bankruptcy offered up by Trump & his compliant echo, it’s akin to signing a pact with the Devil.  And as I fear, some of the most recognizable names in evangelical leadership turned charlatans have gotten caught up in the heresy & are now misleading their flocks.  I can’t tell you how personally disappointing it is for me to see international faith leaders & so many in the church body to trust in political power running so contrary to righteousness & the standards set forth in the Bible.  It’s nothing short of tragic they’ve chosen that road.  So I resent they’re turning my faith into a laughing stock for the world to see with their moral vacuity.  Many evangelicals have taken an indefensible position & it’s embarrassing.  And politically, does passing a tax bill or adding another conservative to the court excuse pedophilia?

We need leaders such as the likes of Dr. Russell Moore to take the reigns of evangelical leadership before that unmistakable moral duplicity threatens to drive the church into oblivion.  Political conservatives & Christians should all take this message to heart, but sadly, many would simply dismiss it. In the article titled The unbearable hypocrisy of Roy Moore’s Christian rhetoricRev. Barber offers many poignant points including this blurb:
This is not Christianity. Rather, it is an extreme Republican religionism that stands by party and regressive policy no matter what. It’s not the gospel of Christ, but a gospel of greed. It is the religion of racism and lies, not the religion of redemption and love.