Evil-Echo Empire Update

In the eternal struggle of good vs. evil, the echo has decidedly taken the wrong side.  I hate to call that echo-chamber conservative news, since it’s spouting a psycho-version of conservatism.  The Fox fake-news & the rest of the echo are lying beyond reason since they’re sensing the hero they worship is about to be taken down when exposed as a criminal.  This Brian Stelter commentary from today is a must-see, since Fox is running a disinformation campaign worthy of the old Russian Pravda or current-day North Korean TV in support of despot dictators.  The Fox concocted conspiracies are so outrageous they can be easily dismissed as deceptive hyperbole & subterfuge, except the scary part is millions of our fellow Americans (much of the conservative base) are believing those deranged outbursts.  This insidious fake-news campaign is something we’d normally expect to see only in totalitarian 3rd world regimes, but since we’re now seeing it attempted right here in America, PLEASE SHARE THIS CRITICALLY-IMPORTANT 3-MINUTE CLIP WITH EVERYONE YOU CAN!!!

Wake up America!  The leader who is now trying to take over & control the pillars of our democracy, like the media, courts & intelligence agencies, is also seemingly trying to hide his own criminal conduct of collaborating with Russia to taint our election.  In doing so, he is showing possible signs of orchestrating a dictatorial takeover!  He must be stopped from usurping unwarranted & uncontrolled power, or America could be irreparably & irreversibly damaged.  And we need to keep close tabs on the relentless assault on facts coming from Fox & the rest of the echo, since their elaborate evil-empire network of delusion are willing to tell & constantly repeat any lie to further their extremist agenda.  Please keep sending people this info or direct them to The Voracs, since those echo audiences are being lied to without them even being aware of it, so they’re largely buying into the lies.  Saving the GOP & getting America back on track absolutely requires an informed party base, which the echo is a primary reason why our nation is losing its greatness.  Dumbing down the populace is bad for any nation.  And Trump’s idea of MAGA seems infested with maggots.  We can & must do better, but the conservative mindset must become sane again.

The articles below on Fox fake-news, whether it’s in the group of links presenting their delusional on-air rhetoric, or the next group detailing their internal culture of sexual depravity, Fox has become the network of pure evil through & through.  I believe it’s a primary reason so many evangelicals have abandoned their moral compasses (as I discuss below), since way too many of them watch Fox & keep falling for the deception.  Nobody is capable of feeding their brains that much garbage & not come out unscathed.  Their Foxian evil spills right through TV screens to permeate the thoughts of viewers.  See the links below providing affirmation that evening lineup of Carlson-Hannity-Ingraham is nothing more than 3 straight hours of brain rot.  The level of inane banter, feigned outrage, disingenuous viewpoints, absurdly dense reasoning & invented conspiracies are very hard to watch, let alone put much stock in.  Even beyond the main network’s primetime shows, I’ve heard recent comments from hosts like Watters, Dobbs & Judge Jeanine that were so demented beyond belief, I almost perceived it to be them possibly possessed by evil spirits spewing demonic messages.  Maybe Fox studios need an in-house exorcist.  Either that or these people have gone mad.  No you Fox nitwits, the FBI is not a criminal organization & Mueller isn’t staging a coup.

So the world of conservative news has mostly devolved into far-right psycho-news.  The Fox afternoon shows have merit, but the early morning & evening shows are pure numbskullian nonsense appealing to the lowest common denominator.  But enough people are falling for it that it’s ruining the GOP’s ability to govern & even threatens to destroy democracy.  In a precious rant where Steve Schmidt goes on a tear against Fox News as he tells the absolute truth, here’s a vitally important quote of what he said all cable TV news watchers should fully understand:

That Fox News panel––the breathtaking dishonesty of it is beyond my ability to articulate. That is no longer a news organization. That is what American state media looks like. That is what White House-controlled in-the-service-of-the-president misinformation looks like. That is indistinct from propaganda in authoritarian countries. It is aimed directly at weakening essential institutions and misinforming the American people. It is appalling.



And the next group of links indicate the women of Fox are none too happy about Rupert Murdoch downplaying the immoral sexual hijinks which have been allowed to fester inside their studios for many years.  I heard an emotional interview today with Tamara Holder (see the link here), a former Fox contributor, who said that network ruined the careers & lives of her & many other women.  The women inside the network could either put up with the abuse, or if they fought back against the network were ostracized & couldn’t find work anywhere in the industry.  So in light of that, Murdoch comes out with his flowery denials.  No wonder that attitude from Fox’s top brass is so infuriating to the women.
Allow me to speculate the spirit running through Fox may indeed be nothing short of demonic, negatively impacting not just those who are employed there but also the viewers who watch.  As the rest of my commentary below expresses, our faith is even being diminished as way too many of my fellow evangelicals are taking in a steady diet of Fox, which is the antithesis of the Christian message.  It’s more lies than truths.  They may not want to hear that, but I fervently believe they need to hear it.  What America likely needs more than anything else is a spiritual cleansing, starting with draining the swamp of this presidential administration & Fox along with the rest of the echo, since their target market are conservatives & they’re leading them astray.  In deceiving millions of those conservatives making up much of the religious & GOP base, those who once held steadfast to high moral values, they are now falling for the echo lying, hypocrisy & immorality.  As that happens, they grow increasingly apart from God & his will.



There are some links to strong evidence that white evangelicals as a whole have generally sacrificed their principles for the sake of earthly political power.  My favorite op-ed writer Jennifer Rubin chimes in on the topic.  In another article titled Trump and Moore aren’t the only ones to blame for how some perceive evangelicals, we see comments from Russell Moore (no relation to Roy Moore) who is a shining example of an evangelical leader holding true to his higher convictions & purpose, from which the church faithful should follow leaders like him.  I have a genuine concern that many faith leaders have turned heretics from being consumed by a spirit of deception, a list I sense could include recognizable names like Falwell Jr, Perkins, Reed, Robertson, Dobson, Jeffress & Franklin Graham.  The many televangelist prosperity gospel preachers are also off-message with their self-serving sermons & splashy productions which stray from a biblical foundation.

Many of my Christian brethren are shocked by such statements, but I only ask them to prayerfully consider the evidence with an open mind.  As the flock keep following the lead of leaders aligning with moral depravity in a quest for worldly power, the witness of the faithful is being tarnished beyond recognition & such leadership could run our church into the ground.  There are many forces out there which seem to run contrary to biblical & church teachings, with recent examples being the rise of gay marriage & LGBT rights, which are unquestionably hurting the witness & reputation of the evangelical church.  But the greater damage is coming from internal threats committing potentially fatal self-inflicted wounds for the church, as was played out in the political sphere with an unconditional preference for supporting Trump & Roy Moore.  The evangelical brand is becoming toxic as the world is dismissing a faith they see wallowing in immorality & hypocrisy.  Our faith community badly needs to recognize new leadership who adheres to a higher calling such as Russell Moore.  And Jesus should certainly get credence over Trump, as I’ve heard some mixed-up conservatives getting it all backwards.

I’ve typically avoided over the years interjecting religion into my political commentaries, but reports of the candidates that evangelicals overwhelmingly support have been so prominent in the news & really so incredibly alarming, it’s worth speaking out about.  Ultimately, it may turn out more damaging when misguided conservatives destroy our church than it’d be if they destroy our party.  See another link which says rightwing-evangelicals-politics-roymoore, where I pulled out this paragraph which should sound as a wakeup call for political & religious conservatives, that we need to abandon radical extremism & return to core principles:


Once deemed the Moral Majority, white evangelicals are increasingly looking like they will be an immoral minority in the landscape of American politics. Backing alleged sexual predators and discriminatory policies, they are losing elections having already forfeited their souls. They are cracking as a firewall for Donald Trump and the extreme sectors of an extremist political party.


In reviewing the related articles below, we see where Trump’s approvals are dropping even among Fox viewers.  From there we see the typical abundance of links to numerous stories about the buffoonery heard regularly in the Fox rhetoric.  Isn’t it ironic how Trump always praises the lies on Fox but bashes the truth-telling from other media outlets, actually calling the real news fake.  Trump again called members of the media some of the most dishonest people on Earth (since they do occasionally make mistakes), but it’s also ironic when the media is getting called out by a man who makes several demonstrable lies every day.  Scrolling below the many links of Fox lying & sexual abuse, we see how the profession of journalism has gotten more dangerous than ever around the world.  Trump’s verbal lashings have made it so.  Moving on down beneath the religion group, we see articles where lunatic Steve Bannon has been diminished from the Alabama loss, since he really does anoint extremist candidates who are best poised to lose.


As a lifelong GOP supporter, since the party has become so unhinged & no longer serves a much useful purpose, at this point I’d just as soon see the party die a quick death if they’re beyond fixing.  That way we could try to start over, perhaps with a brand new center-right party.  I’m fully in the camp of a John Kasich Republican, who just told Chuck Todd today “if the party can’t be fixed, I (Kasich) can’t support the party.”  So my relentless bashing of the GOP week after week after week, it’s not done because I delight in ripping the GOP, but rather for the sake of America it’s imperative we fix the GOP!  That can only be done by dragging the conservative mindset back from the abyss in some distant galaxy after their titanic shift to the radical right, so it’s mandatory the ideology returns to somewhere within the same zip code as the center-right.  Good governing requires supporters making that vital shift from radical to rational!  And it boggles the mind the GOP voting base would have chosen Trump over Kasich & other qualified candidates in the primaries, which goes to show how the evil influence of the echo can bamboozle their audiences, causing disastrous consequences for our country.