Evil-Echo Empire Update

As I relentlessly continue to bash Trump & the GOP, consider it my version of tough love.  I’m a lifelong GOP supporter & long-time evangelical Christian now thoroughly disgusted at the deception, hypocrisy & immorality now running rampant through the mindset of millions who once shared my views.  Despite what so many conservatives might think, my conservative politics haven’t changed, their’s have.  So that has become my passionate endeavor, my mission, to expose the spirit of deception now enveloping much of the conservative world, in the hopes many can see the light & the error of their ways, returning back to pragmatic conservatism & God’s will.


With all the many links in the related articles below, if you read no other op-ed, please at least read the first one titled Why I Can No Longer Be An Evangelical Republican.  I share with Peter Wehner the sincere belief the conservative cause has gone astray, so it’s important we call them out in the hopes truth is revealed & we can finally get back to our core purpose.  I wish every political & religious conservative could read this.  It’s not just the extent conservatives are buying into all the lies, but the polling consistently show the GOP base & white evangelicals overwhelmingly support the likes of Trump & Moore.  It sort of indicates how far the faithful have fallen, conveniently glossing over sexual assault & child molestation.


As for the overflow of other articles from the newsfeeds, the major themes for today are Trump’s dangerous totalitarian attitudes/bombasts, plus the moral degradation of sexual harassment & abuse.  And as is always the case we expose the echo & alt-right, & in particularly Fox fake-news, with articles detailing all the distortions, delusions & falsehoods that have come to dominate their coverage.  Their leading mind-distorting manure-spreader remains Hannity, which to call him a knucklehead would be a huge insult to knuckleheads.  It’s hard to even comprehend the kind of toxic damage being done to the thinking of viewers who are tragically tuning in regularly to his sorry-excuse-for-a-show at night.


As for specific examples showing where Trump & his echo are a clear & present danger, let’s begin with this.  Trump gave a speech a few days ago near the Alabama border in his support of a child molester & pedophile for Senate, in which a clip of his speech can be heard from the link titled we have a rigged system.  Here’s a quote from the speech: “This is a rigged system.  This is a sick system from the inside.  We have a lot of sickness in some of our institutions.”  He then vowed to straighten this out.  Now while I agree the system is rigged & needs fixing, when Trump is the one determined to straighten it out, his true motives should alarm us all!  His interpretation of straightening things out is to suppress any opposition in our institutions, including the media, justice & intelligence communities.  The undermining of trust in our democratic institutions is the surest path to fascism.  It appears we’re now facing the greatest internal threat than at any time since the Civil War.


And the lock her up chants coming from a fevered crowd is reminiscent of the raucous Nazi crowds in the 1930’s.  I keep warning, don’t think it couldn’t happen here.  If enough of the American population buy into Trump’s constant lying, plus are persuaded by the deception of his congressional supporters & pundits in the echo, his vision of a strong-armed totalitarian rule like Putin enjoys could come to fruition, leaving the legacy of our once-great democracy in the dust.  Too many conservatives in tune with the echo are blind to the dangers, which is why it’s so important to warn them.  I request you please do your part on behalf of our nation by forwarding parts of this message, or refer others to The Voracs blog site.  We cannot take this threat lightly, for if we do nothing & wait till the threat becomes real to most Americans, by then it may be too late.  We can defeat the unconstitutional power-grab by a wanna-be dictator if we sanitize all the lies with the truth since an informed public can effectively stop a tyrant.


As for other articles shining light on the way Trump is spreading his form of “fake-news” tyranny to other parts of the world, the following reports are truly alarming.  So rather than holding up & advancing democracy to the rest of the world as all past presidents sought to do, Trump by his very example may successfully teach/justify to other fascist regimes a recipe for ruthlessly suppressing opposition.  American Presidents are always counted on for their leadership authority in holding two-bit despots in check, but we find our current prez is having the opposite effect from a Hill article titled Authoritarian world leaders are adopting Trump’s use of fake newswhich here is a short excerpt:


Authoritarian leaders have adopted President Trump’s “fake news” slogan to try and delegitimize the media in their own countries, Politico reported Friday.  Politico found that leaders in countries including Turkey, Syria, Venezuela and the Philippines have used the phrase to fire back at media reports.


The very next Politico article referred to in the previous article confirms those sentiments with these extremely disturbing accounts:


Authoritarian rulers across the globe are adopting President Donald Trump’s favorite phrase to limit free speech, with prominent leaders or state media in at least 15 countries using his “fake news” line to denounce their critics, according to a POLITICO review. By aligning themselves with Trump’s words, despots have been able to use the U.S. president as a shield for their attacks on press freedom and human rights, said Joel Simon, executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists.


“I’m seeing it more and more,” he said. Trump, he added, “is providing a context and framework for all sorts of authoritarian leaders — or democratic leaders and others who are dissatisfied or upset by critical media coverage — to undermine and discredit reporting.” In February, for example, Syrian President Bashar Assad brushed off an Amnesty International report that some 13,000 people had been killed at one of his military prisons by saying, “You can forge anything these days, we are living in a fake news era.”

These next four important paragraphs from the article The GOP’s all-out assault on justice, these are perspectives all clearheaded conservatives should read & share, providing an accurate portrayal of how Trump commands his minions & messaging-echo to perpetuate false narratives, which make them complicit in allowing the president to rise above the law with unchecked powers.  This goes beyond party or ideology.  It’s about a leader with an autocratic personality being enabled by a doting/compliant messaging machine & base, which if not reined in could produce permanently disastrous consequences.  What we’re witnessing going on now is threatening our American democracy beyond measure:

This year some of us marked Pearl Harbor Day by attacking America from within. For five hours on Thursday, President Trump’s partisans delivered a reckless and sustained attack on the FBI and the special counsel. They amplified Trump’s claim that the FBI’s “reputation is in Tatters — worst in History” and that Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia probe, which has already secured guilty pleas from two Trump campaign officials and the indictments of two more, is part of a system that is “rigged,” “phony,” “dishonest” and using a “double standard.”


Shamefully, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee launched an all-out assault on the special counsel and the FBI — choosing to protect Trump at the cost of Americans’ faith in the justice system and the rule of law. If we’re going to declare “biased” those who gave money to Democrats, then Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Steven Mnuchin, Gary Cohn and the president himself are biased against Trump. Also, if Mueller had inquired about political leanings before making hires, he would have violated Justice Department rules. And more broadly: pro-Clinton bias? It was precisely Comey’s public announcement of a reopened Clinton probe just days before the election that helped give the presidency to Trump.


What’s more outrageous is the purpose of the attacks on the FBI and Mueller: To help Trump with his legal problems, these officials are willing to undermine Americans’ faith in the justice system. This is part of a pattern. As House Republicans were attacking the FBI and Mueller, Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) was announcing his resignation on the Senate floor. He had been drummed out by fellow Democrats for sexual misbehavior, but Trump and the Republicans are rallying behind GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, faced with credible allegations of sexual misbehavior with teenagers — for the short-term benefit of keeping one Senate seat Republican.


Trump routinely attacks institutions: the courts, the media, the electoral process, the intelligence community, the IRS, the United Nations, foreign allies, international accords, federal workers, political parties, the Justice Department, Democratic and Republican lawmakers, previous presidents, the pope. That’s the strategy of the autocrat: Don’t believe the courts or the justice system or the electoral process or the legislature or the media or my accusers. Believe me. When lawmakers back up Trump, however, they give a cue to Republican voters that such out-of-bounds attacks on our system are legitimate. That’s how they normalized Trump. That’s how we’re getting Moore. That’s why Republicans are being convinced the FBI and federal prosecutors are corrupt. This tribalism is meant to help Trump, and Moore. It undermines America.

An excellent read is in a link Republicans’ Mueller freak-out.  Inside another link, there are two paragraphs coming up comprising the article Conservatives are scared to death of Robert Mueller, as well they should be since he’s likely compiling a solid case that threatens to bring this administration down.  But we shouldn’t fall for the false shenanigans from Trump pundits desperately trying to derail the Mueller investigation through questioning its objectivity.  And when the echo questions the Fusion GPS sources who helped put together the British spy’s dossier, keep in mind all that counts is to the extent that info in the dossier is accurate.  Has the echo at long last come to realize bashing Hillary is now irrelevant?  She was like a drug they got hooked on for decades.


But in losing their moral compass, conservative politics have become hyperpartisan, vindictive, delusional & irrational.  Their obvious ulterior motive in blasting Mueller is to give any criminal activity from the Trump campaign a pass.  The coordinated talking points impugning the integrity of the special prosecutor are among the most despicable lies ever unleashed by the echo, as if demonic spirits from the pits of hell are directing the echo deception now casting millions under their evil spell.  Americans better resist the Devil’s ploy.  We must learn the honest truth to the extent of collaboration that went on with Russia, so let the investigators keep compiling the evidence which in due time we’ll know the facts, plus be able to determine the just penalties.  Here are two paragraphs from the scared to death link:

Conservative calls to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller are really getting crazy. The Fox News gang has gone gaga over the idea that Mueller is actually a liberal mole who’s hellbent on getting rid of Donald Trump. Republicans in Congress are going down the same path. The news that Mueller fired an investigator who supported Hillary Clinton prompted Rep. Steve Chabot to claim that the “depths of this anti-Trump bias” on Mueller’s team was “absolutely shocking.” Trump’s lawyers, says Roger Stone, “are entirely unrealistic about the enmity toward the president from the political establishment.” The Wall Street Journal insists that Mueller is “too conflicted” to lead the investigation. Rush Limbaugh believes the whole thing “is all manufactured from leaks in the deep state.”


I don’t have any big point to make here except this: It’s pretty obvious that conservatives are petrified of what’s coming out. They have no idea what’s coming next, but it’s starting to look like practically everyone in the Trump campaign had relationships of some kind with Russians of some kind. Their only recourse is to invent wild stories about the deep state and conflict of interest and the long arm of Hillary supporters in the FBI. As Mueller continues to tighten the noose, we can expect these attacks to get ever louder and crazier.


One of the most disturbing aspects of Trump’s presidency is his chronic lying (which makes it so stunning his doting base still believe him).  As we see in many articles below where Trump chides the media for making a few mistakes (after all they are human), but the number is astoundingly lopsided comparing the media’s false statements to Trump’s, since the prez is closing in on nearly 2000 verifiable lies in his first year in office.  Inside the link about Trump appears delusional, the article begins with this:

Donald Trump’s tenuous relationship with the truth has always been somewhat of a mystery, and it has often been difficult to tell whether the president is truly delusional or simply the biggest con man on the planet. Since he announced his presidential candidacy more than two years ago, Trump has peddled conspiracy theories and falsehoods to the public like a false prophet selling hope, displaying an almost pathological disregard for the truth. As a result, many critics have assumed that he is a liar who deliberately and knowingly deceives the public. Others have contemplated whether he truly believes some of the nonsense that come out of his mouth, thus challenging the notion that he is consciously lying. Both of these scenarios are disturbing in their own way — and, of course, they are not mutually exclusive. Trump may be a true believer one day and a liar the next; a credulous crackpot in one tweet, and a con artist in another.


So as the likes of Trump & Hannity rave incessantly about a single case of misreporting from ABC or CNN, they both commit several verifiable lies every day.  They even feed off each other’s lies.  We must always keep in perspective while the real media does tend to lean left much of the time, Trump/Hannity & the rest of the echo aren’t even rational & constantly feed us extremist propaganda. Their constant attacks on the media are just a ploy to discredit the media.  We must rely on the media to hold Trump accountable.  In some other reports from the newsfeeds, we see White House top staff being frustrated with Trump not working the hours a president needs to.  He’s obsessed with watching TV during the week & golf on the weekends.  Studying the complex issues to use educated judgments in making the tough decisions don’t seem to be part of Trump’s repertoire.  Many critical decisions by him involving our nation seem to be impulsive reactions to all that inflammatory trash he sees on Fox.  That obviously is not good for America.

There’s even speculation with such habits limiting office hours Trump would get fired from a regular job, which hopefully that can soon be arranged.  I don’t think he cares that much about the country, his main concern seems to be how he’s portrayed on TV.  And his diet soda habit can also ruin one’s health, since it’s virtually like drinking poison.  In some other articles below, Carl Bernstein, who knows better than anyone about such things, calls out the GOP & Fox (especially Hannity) for abetting a criminal cover-up.  Inside the link MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt tear into Sean Hannity: ‘Wrong in the most profound way’, we find these profound words of wisdom:

Wallace then turned to political analyst Steve Schmidt to provide his take on the whole situation. And the former John McCain campaign strategist didn’t hold back. “What you’re seeing on Fox News is from the type of propaganda that you would be subjected to if you lived in Belarus or if you lived in Russia,” he stated. “It is dishonest. It is purposeful. It is misleading.” Schmidt added, “And what you saw Sean Hannity doing, it’s wrong in the most profound way. It’s very, very wrong.” “It was pointed out to me that it’s also dangerous,” Wallace responded.

At a Christmas party the other night someone mentioned to me they doubted all these Russian conspiracies against Trump.  I simply asked him if he watches Fox News, & when he answered yes, I was so bold to say “that’s your problem right there.”  I then suggested he instead check out The Voracs.  We just need to educate one person at a time if enough of us join in this worthy crusade. Love of country should be a strong motivator.  There are so many links below exposing the tomfoolery at Fox, with the huge number of stories being indicative Fox has never been worse than now.  See some articles revealing the out-of-control deranged bombasts from Judge Jeanine, which are starting to rival the insanity heard on Hannity.  Maybe she yearns to be America’s version of Axis Sally or Tokyo Rose.  Be fully aware the echo & alt-right are determined to destroy the GOP, but what they propose we replace it with is an evil-inspired force that would prove far worse, perhaps destructive enough to take down America or weaken us so much our enemies would do it.


In other relevant stories moving on down the huge list of links, there’s a link to comments from possibly DC’s most radical rep, as the buffoonish Steve King conveniently overlooks the fact we’re a nation of immigrants.  It’s our heritage!  The Alabama polling on the eve of the election are all over the place, so turning out the base will be the determining factor.  And let’s hope Republicans in Alabama find some semblance of digging up their personal moral codes as they vote.  When Moore states Jews are going to hell & America was better in the days of slavery, that should be reason enough not to vote for him.  But when we have credible evidence of pedophilia, that’s way over the top!  And they thought Moore just being interviewed by a 12-year-old girl was somehow appropriate?  So in the last group of links, we see the articles about Judge Moore, Trent Franks (Cubs fan’s now ex-congressman), & some of the women Trump abused in the past who were publicly interviewed this morning.


By calling all those women liars, it’s like Trump is abusing them all over again.  But ironically he’s already proven the women to be truthful based on his own previous statements, where on the Howard Stern show he admitted barging in on undressed girls in their beauty pageant dressing rooms (even teenage pageants), & on the Access Hollywood video he admitted often grabbing women without their consent by the p****.  Our U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said those women need to be heard. Rumors are going around a few dozen more congressmen could soon be exposed for sexual harassment, so many more could lose their public positions.  With the likes of Conyers, Franken & Franks having just resigned from Congress for their inappropriate sexual hijinks, sadly our president still has his job (although perhaps only temporarily).  I can no longer listen to the absurd arguments coming from so many GOP supporters & evangelicals excusing sexual depravity!  Americans better hope & pray that despicable demagogue now presiding over the White House soon gets booted out, since our nation is fast losing a sense of who we are.