Part 1
This is a first.  We have zero links posted here in Part 1, but Parts 2 & 3 more than make up for it, especially with a national emergency on our hands.  We reserve our Part 1’s mainly for reports of Trump’s criminal actions, which with most all the news this week dedicated to a fast-spreading virus & no recent revelations on any more presidential illegalities, we can cut this section short & jump quickly down to Part 2. 
It’s anticipated that Part 1 will fill up again soon enough at any given time, since as we’ve seen in previous Part 1’s over the past 3 years, it just seems to be in Trump’s nature to break the law for personal gain.  Going back through commentaries & article links, our blog has posted very credible accounts of tax fraud, campaign finance fraud, tuition fraud, contractor fraud, sexual assaults, violations of the Emoluments Clause, conspiracy/bribery/extortion of foreign countries & obstruction of justice.  Gee, what a swell guy our president has turned out to be!  The Coronavirus pandemic now dominates the headlines, so a huge number of links on that ongoing story are seen further below in Part 3.
Part 2
Let’s understand the curse we’re now dealing with aside from the virus.  Trump is the worst president in American history & second place isn’t even close!  And that was certainly the case long before the bungled Coronavirus response.  Our current president is off-the-charts on his level of divisiveness, bullying, lying, immorality, selfishness, corruption & bringing on his own impeachment through colluding with foreign governments to interfere in our elections.  He’s also destroying the international mantle of American leadership. 
So never before have we ever seen a president so totally incompetent & unfit for the job.  The echo crowd doesn’t see it since they’ve been thoroughly lied to & brainwashed by their chosen media sources.  If they were only willing to check out credible news outlets like we see inside these links, written by real journalists & op-ed writers basing their reporting/viewpoints on actual facts, those echo-fanatics could finally balance the disinformation they’re glued to with the truth of reality:
A Very Dangerous Fox
It’s a national tragedy so many Americans are exposing themselves to this dangerous brainwashing from the echo.  America will never progress as long as an entire major political party has been trained to believe in such falsehoods, distortions, exaggerations & conspiracies.  I’ve stated many times before how Fox fake news is one of the single biggest problems we face in America, & every article we post in our Part 2’s helps verify my claim.  The conservative base has been severely dumbed-down especially over the past decade, but they have no sense of what has happened to their now damaged mindset.  As a former GOP-supporting Fox-watcher, I’ve clearly seen how the conservative narrative has transitioned from rational to radical in going totally off the rails, but those who’ve been bamboozled remain oblivious to the drastic change.
Not only does Fox & the echo advocate for conditions which could set the stage for turning America into a fascist autocracy through their Trump sycophancy, but their initial messaging on Coronavirus lulled their audiences into a false sense of security, likely resulting in an unknown number of deaths.  The overall numbers being diagnosed & dying are now escalating by the day.  But the echo-mentality will argue the flu will kill more Americans this year than this new virus, which we certainly hope that’s true, but only by taking actions now.  With Coronavirus being highly contagious & estimated at least 10 times deadlier than the flu, plus lacking a current treatment, vaccine or human immunity, downplaying it can only cause untold needless deaths, especially among parents & grandparents.  Or when echo-fans were told the virus was a hoax or some conspiracy to get Trump, way too many dismissed the dangers & are failing to take precautions in helping slow the spread throughout the population:
Since it’s a worldwide pandemic, how could anyone believe it’s just a hoax or plot against Trump?  Such thinking is sheer ignorance.  But that had become standard echo-fare, especially prior to all the diagnoses, fatalities & shutdowns which finally made the dangers real to them too.  It shows the power of brainwashing when people expose themselves to the same lies repeatedly from the same fake news sources, precipitating badly-flawed echo-logic.  Fox has become a virus probably as dangerous to our nation’s well-being as Corona.  Because of the onslaught of deceitful lies on numerous topics causing echo-heads to buy into misinformation, a democracy can hardly function when nearly half the population routinely reject verifiable facts.  Also keep in mind our president takes his cues from Fox, likely instrumental in the delayed federal response to this crisis.  So I implore people to keep their sanity by not tuning into Fox & the rest of the echo, but the more naive among us seem hopelessly hooked.  They could learn the truth if only they’d connect with real news sources as seen here:
Other Echo Morons Destroying the Truth
Dancing Girl Finally Finds Her Niche
Sort of reminds me of Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars.  Maybe this might help bring Sarah TV out of mothballs:
Evangelicals Dancing with the Devil
Part 3
We won’t know for sure until the quarterly GDP reports come out later this year, but it’s a virtually certainty we’ve already entered into recession, especially if the virus spread lasts for any length of time.  Even prior to Coronavirus entering the scene, the economy was limping along with the same structural problems that have been trending for decades.  Glowing unemployment rates or new jobs created stats only represent a portion of an economy’s overall health.  One only needs to see how so much of the American working middle class are under financial duress. 
Prior to this current crisis, Trump’s definition of a “great economy” featured roughly half our working population living paycheck to paycheck as many see expenses rising faster than wages, along with escalating income & wealth gaps.  Our prez uses the stock market as a gauge, but that’s more a measure of how the upper class is doing.  Whatever was seen as strength in the broader economy came about through massive deficit spending & spiking our national debt, prompted by his tax cuts for the wealthy which only widened the wage/wealth gaps.
If that’s really the new Trumpian definition of a strong economy, America may never be great again, since we’ll never agree to take the needed steps in creating a more inclusive economy where opportunity, shared growth & upward mobility are available to all.  We should strive to restore the renowned American Dream, not settling for too many families mired in perpetual stress trying to make ends meet in their personal version of an American Nightmare.  With our political leaders, especially on the GOP side, always ignoring/denying there’s a problem, it’s a main reason why nothing constructive ever seems to get done.
Coronavirus will make that nightmare so much worse for a huge portion of the population, with small businesses teetering on the edge along with massive job &/or wage losses among workers in the service/travel/hospitality industries.  Many who are losing their jobs or seeing their incomes shrink, they simply won’t be able to pay their bills.  That’s where a federal relief package needs to offer the means for temporary forgiveness, if it’s even possible for our current governing leadership to make smart decisions:  Let’s hope & pray this new nightmare doesn’t last long.  But see these articles here on where the economy currently stands, & below that see our extensive commentary & tons of article links in the section on the virus, featuring the president’s handling of it: 
Coronavirus & American Leadership
Wow, there’s a lot here in this section on the crisis.  At a time America is in a national emergency & virtual shutdown, leadership is desperately needed, but instead we’ve got this: & also see  The prez is in so far over his head, we can barely see the tip of his MAGA cap.  The initial bungled response from the White House failed to contain the virus in those critical early stages.  The president back in January said they had the situation totally under control when it was anything but.  Plus we need to know why the federal government was so perplexingly delayed in setting up the means to conduct Coronavirus testing.  So just why were the tests so slow to come?  And continue to be slow in coming?  We can only speculate:
It’s all about the numbers!  Our prez made it clear from the start he was determined to keep the numbers down on the total reported cases of Coronavirus.  So his focus here in 2020 seems to have been hiding the number diagnosed with the virus for keeping stock market numbers high, so could that have been the true motive for keeping the number getting tested low?  If Trump really did restrict the testing to keep the virus numbers down, that’s rightly another impeachable offense right there! 
This could also become worse than the botched response awhile back providing Puerto Rico hurricane relief aid, where the prez has blood on his hands with thousands of unnecessary deaths on the island through irresponsible federal inaction.  We may recall two weeks ago the White House claimed there’d be a million test kits going out within a week, so that should have been a week ago all those kits had been distrubuted, yet only a small fraction have actually gone out.  And remember Trump’s statement more than a week ago when he said anyone who wants a test can get tested, well that turned out to be just another one of his flat-out lies! 
With a clueless circus entertainer for a president, he’s botched the handling of this Coronavirus crisis from the beginning.  We the people can’t get a straight story out of the White House, leaving citizens confused & scared.  Failing to inspire confidence, Trump’s address from Wednesday night was full of inaccuracies & looked more like a nervous hostage video.  Compare that to Biden’s address (or even Bernie’s) on Coronavirus & the question jumps out at us, did Uncle Joe’s speech look 100 times more presidential than Trump’s or was it closer to 1000 times more? 
Trump tried doing a re-do in the Rose Garden Friday afternoon & the market responded positively compared to the Wednesday night debacle, but confusion still reigned.  He continued downplaying the need for massive widespread testing & the amounts/timelines for more tests remain foggy.  At least he did finally declare a national emergency after some arm twisting from those inside & outside his White House staff.  And not only the misstatements, but Trump has all along tried dismissing the dangers.  Let’s recall another statement from the prez in February when the verified number diagnosed with the virus in the U.S. was only 5, he said it was about to drop to zero.  That certainly ran contrary to the projections given by medical professionals.  Sometimes the prez seems to live in a fantasy world instead of the real world with the rest of us.
In that Friday presser while throwing shade at the Obamacare website, the prez claims we’re soon to have a website compliments of Google that would screen people prior to testing.  But maybe he forgot to ask Google about that.  The site won’t be ready anywhere near as soon as Trump promised, so be prepared for a significant delay before such a screening site rolls out nationwide.  Could it be this is all part of Trump’s plot to delay testing & make people jump through hoops to even qualify for a test, with the secret yet explicit purpose to hold down the total number of people reported infected?  Just asking:
At this stage, Google says their website is only a pilot program being tested in the Bay Area.  Not being on the same page with Google might be utter incompetence in the coordination, or more likely is just more White House spin.  And what would a Trump press conference be without him lying?  It’s just a guess on my part, but don’t be surprised when & if this website gets rushed into launch nationwide, it turns into more of a boondoggle than what happened in late 2013 with the Obamacare website rollout.
China & South Korea successfully stemmed the spread through aggressive testing & isolation tactics: & also see  Despite our still delayed mass testing rollout, America is taking a lesson from those countries by restricting large public events, hoping to turn the corner on this virus in the next month or two.  But if our experience becomes anything like what Italy is now going through, we’re in for a very rough ride:
It’s possible we might be overreacting to the threat as some claim, but whatever urgent steps our nation takes now, it’s better to overreact in reducing the spread:  Doing nothing would likely result in many thousands of additional deaths, with some high-end projections putting that number possibly into the millions.  So a virtual shutdown of big public gatherings is a wise move to try shortening the length/severity of this crisis & preventing any worst-case scenarios:  It’s projected the outbreak will peak in the next month or two, but that’s really just a hopeful guesstimate.  The unknown is a big part of the fear. 
Governors have taken the much-needed leadership reigns in managing the emergency actions, filling the void with our president dropping the ball.  But it’s resulted in a disjointed hodgepodge approach lacking the needed coordinated/unified national response.  Clueless & surrounded by a small circle of yes men inside the White House fearful of enraging their leader with the facts, Trump has proven he has no idea what to do.  And in case we didn’t know already, whatever shred of credibility he had is now blown to smithereens.  Only starry-eyed Trumpeters still trust him.   All this delusional happy talk coming from the president is not doing our nation any good.  Compared to the governors, Trump has displayed a total lack of leadership, not doing much except feeding us baloney & never taking responsibility.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                But life for all of us needs to be altered for awhile, having no way of knowing how long this emergency situation will last or how bad it will get.  We’re all hoping maybe as early as May, life can start returning to normal.  But this is sure to get worse before it gets better & nobody really knows quite what to expect.  My best suggestion is we should all stay calm & stay home for awhile, spending precious time sending out the link to an important political blog!!!???  Obviously the newsfeeds are overflowing with articles, many seen here with an abundance of links posted relying heavily on feeds from Yahoo & MSN, so please peruse the titles & take your pick.  This is the news from the past few days through Sunday night & believe me, there is life & death information inside these links along with America’s desperate need to soon vote in new competent leadership:
Election Speculation
The economy was really the only trump card Trump held going into the November election, so that Ace of Diamonds may actually turn out to be more a Four of Clubs.  While he can’t be blamed for the virus itself, he can be for the absurdly incompetent & delayed response with plenty of false rhetoric.  It’s kind of ironic that his criminal behavior didn’t bring down his presidency, but his deficient leadership during a crisis just might.  Regardless how this emergency crisis turns out, the November election could become our last chance to beat back tyranny from a wanna-be dictator.
The Dem base is increasingly galvanizing behind Biden, because the one overriding imperative is to replace Trump!  National polling shows Biden has widened his lead over Bernie by nearly 2 to 1.  So even if many or all the remaining primaries are delayed or cancelled, the die has for the most part been cast.  Biden & Bernie both performed admirably tonight in their one-on-one debate, with Uncle Joe vowing to put a woman on the ticket, so that Dem team absolutely must win in November for the sake of our country.  Catch some interesting tidbits from inside these links: