Part 1
Crimes Unmasked…It’s been a week since our last post & there’s lots of important news to cover.  Since our Part 1’s always post links related to Trump’s criminal activities, we do have a few articles featuring some juicy details taken from the newsfeeds this past week.  Among the reports are new updates on the Mueller probe & the GOP pushing outlandish conspiracy theories about a Biden-Ukraine connection.  Plus Trump is trying to dredge up that Obama-gate conspiracy again, which is nothing but pure debunked bullsh**!  He claimed at his presser today (which went off the rails) that Obama’s crimes are obvious to everyone, but nobody knew what the heck he was talking about except those who speak in conspiratorial echo-code language.  But with Russia’s help, such crazy far-right conspiracies will only get worse as we get closer to the election. 
So there are more Part 1 articles below than we’ve had lately, but still pales in comparison to all those thousands of links previously posted the past few years highlighting news about Russia, Ukraine & impeachment (it’s all there if you want to go back into the archives), plus we anticipate many more reports coming out in the near future upon the discovery of more potential crimes.  From studying the actions of this con man over several decades, I’m convinced being a shyster mob boss is in his nature.  The prez has yet to be nailed for his crimes since he’s had mob protection from his cult.  But even bigger than his multiple crimes, we’re beginning to see firsthand how a thoroughly clueless/incompetent leader can potentially bring down a great nation during a crisis.
So for the time being, all the news all the time continues to revolve around the virus pandemic & resulting economic collapse, which is the domain of our Part 3’s below, so that section has been getting & continues to get the major preponderance of the newslinks.  I never meant to include such a huge number of links every time a new message is placed on our blog, but the headlines lately with Coronavirus have been nothing short of overwhelming (actually, this entire presidency has been an overloaded stream of chaotic headlines), while our free democracy might be hanging by a thread in these uniquely dangerous times. 
With sinister forces at play attempting to undermine our rule of law & Constitution, never has there been a more important time for Americans to follow the news closely, & every one of the links we post in all 3 Parts contain insightful & valuable information.  So at the very minimum, we suggest you peruse the titles.  Although the news is very stressful (, we can’t hide from it with our heads in the sand at this critical juncture in American history.  All the viewpoints contained within these links from the past week, rest assured as a whole they provide about a thousand times more verifiable facts than an entire year on Fox fake news:
Part 2
Tyranny Unmasked…Our Part 2’s always sound the sirens on our president’s dictatorial ways & intent.  And then the bottom half of every Part 2 exposes the travails of the evil echo-media & Trumpeter base.  The lies & conspiracies are running amok in conservative circles, as the far-right fringe TV & radio shows coordinate their narratives with extremist social media messaging, which from there the word-of-mouth spreads to the rest of the conservative base not so directly attuned to the radicalized propaganda sources.  That is why the base of a major political party seems to have universally bought into the disinformation & conspiracies that have now consumed right-wing media (the echo).  A democracy/free society simply cannot operate or survive when roughly 40% of the population are dismissive of basic facts & truths. 
And their anointed leader is the ideal vessel for undermining democratic institutions & marching us towards fascism.  Our prez did not create the echo-media, it was actually the other way around, but he’s a master of manipulating his friendly media (echo) to bamboozle his base, an essential component to his mad & relentless power grab.  Other calculated components are the way Trump has been steadily planting loyal stooges in key leadership positions to obliterate our balance of power, intended to give him more control over the legislature, judicial, intelligence, military & state-run media (that echo again), so these implanted corrupt figures can do his bidding & serve as an Americanized gestapo for attacking, smearing & discrediting any hint of political opposition.  Our prez takes the lead on his vengeful brand of politics, as on Mother’s Day he unleashed a series of deranged tweets aimed at opponents like Obama & the real media:  King Trump commands complete loyalty from all his subjects, a necessary trait for any dictator.   
The prez also seeks outside help, just like the much ballyhooed collusion with Russia from 2016, it looks like he wants to use that same playbook after getting away with it the first time.  Trump even admitted this week after a talk with his buddy Putin, they have some big things up their sleeves:  It could be another collaboration to taint an election which was pivotal in defeating Hillary, as Russian bots may already be working in coordination with Trump’s digital ad guru Brad Parscale, ready to unleash a massive social media propaganda & conspiracy laden attack-ad campaign called death star.  Rest assured it will be full of lies:, but let’s be on alert & aware of what that messaging really is when we spot it. 
As a master of blaming others for the exact same sins he’s committed himself, Trump in cahoots with the Kremlin have likely masterminded a strategy accusing Obama & Biden of illegally working with the Russians.  They have no shame!  All this might sound just too bizarre to believe, but let’s just watch what happens soon on social media with the echo amplifying the disinformation.  Of course, no crazy smear campaign would ever be complete without also lumping Uncle Joe into some crazy scheme with the Chinese, plus another goofy conspiracy has Biden engaged in some underhanded plot with Ukraine (as seen in Part 1 links above).  As Americans we need to be on guard & not buy into any of that garbage, & like I said they’re all lies!
There are so many scandals & signs of an unhinged presidency contained within these links, it’s hard to know where to begin.  At any normal time in American history, many of these stories would be in the headlines for weeks.  But these are not normal times.  The over-the-top deception & corruption coming from the top are unprecedented in our nation’s history, even to the point we’ve become numb to it all.  All of us who cherish our rights & freedoms should be terrified at what we’re seeing!  All I can do is ask you please peruse these link titles & the ones you find most alarming, do a deep dive by clicking on those articles.  A big reason America has been a great country for so long, is because we’ve never had to deal with this type of demagogic authoritarian threat before:
He Does Have a Way with Women
With the prez’s sexist attitude, no wonder he’s underwater by 20 points with women as his insulting comments are seen in these links.  Plus see in Part 3 with the Coronavirus news how rudely he treated two female reporters in his press conference today:
Look at What Happened to Dr. Rick Bright
Call me a Monday morning quarterback if you will, but something tells me if the Trump administration had listened to this doctor in the first place, untold thousands of lives could have been saved & our economy might have avoided a lockdown.  Our country has paid an enormous price for our president’s dismissals, denials & abdication of leadership (see Coronavirus news below in Part 3).  But who else paid a price for telling the truth?  The good doctor of course, as explained here:
Trump’s AG Decides Corruption Trump’s the Rule of Law
Flynn did lie to the FBI & VP Pence, from which he did originally plead guilty.  But in Trump-world, full of corrupt henchmen in high positions being empowered by echo-media, the only crimes are not paying allegiance to the king.  So the world has been turned upside-down inside their kingdom, where criminals are hailed as heroes while conscientious civil servants upholding the law are smeared as lawbreakers.  It’s a nefarious world most of us want no part of, but if we don’t speak out now, it’s what our nation could become on a permanent basis.  To say that AG Barr ruffled some feathers is a gross understatement: & also see  It’s horrifying the kind of damage a wanna-be dictator with his puppet leading the Justice Dept. are capable of doing:   
Fox Fake News & Other Echo-Heads
In Part 2 we always post several links to articles that catch Fox & the echo in their blatant lies.  Yet they maintain a large audience.  It’s a real testament to how gullible some in the human race can be when they repeatedly believe all these distortions & falsehoods.  But it’s almost impossible for people who expose themselves to this rubbish practically every day to not be negatively impacted.  As we’re getting closer to the critical upcoming election, we ask for helpers who have the discernment to separate truths from lies, willing to spread these messages to their personal contacts.  It does take courage to put ourselves out there, but if collectively we can convert even a small percentage from darkness to light, it might just be enough to sway the outcome in November.  Let’s call it our civic duty, since for the sake of America this is an election that truth, justice, humanity & sanity must win!!!  Check out what these chronic echo-liars have been up to recently:
The Madness From Those Who Follow Trump & His Echo
Listen to Dr. Fauci’s testimony on Tuesday when he’ll blow holes in those buffoonish protesters’ demands the economy should open up now (while Trump will probably blow a gasket).  The facts are, infections & deaths are still on an upswing & it’s not yet safe to reopen.  But these nutball remnants of the tea party have never been known to give into logic.  I’d swear some of these lunatics are trying to start a civil war!  I do like to label these clowns with derisive names since the shoe fits them.  Yes, these kooks are indeed mad (figuratively, literally, collectively & psychologically).  Here’s proof:
Videos from the Best Show on Television
In their tunnel-vision pursuit of pro-life rulings, my faithful brethren by voting in this prez have unleashed a scourge on our nation defined by selfishness, divisiveness, deceit, ignorance & moral debauchery.  That’s a terrible trade-off!  Better we should have waited for a conservative leader of integrity to come along, rather than elect a demagogue who could destroy the GOP (& our country) for perhaps a generation or longer (or maybe permanently).  Personally, as one of the biggest Never-Trumpers you’ll ever meet, I’ve been a long-time evangelical, moderate-conservative, GOP-supporting Fox watcher, but that was back during a time when it actually made sense.  Now I seek to rescue those demographic groups out of the cult they’ve been possessed by in recent years, since nothing coming from the current conservative mindset makes sense anymore from an ethical, rational or political standpoint.  It’s a daunting challenge to challenge their stubborn misguided thinking, but well worth the effort with so much riding on the line: 
Part 3  (The Economy & Pandemic)
A Sad Reality…Large companies typically give preference to their shareholders over employees ( & also see, while DC politicians tend to give preference to large donors over middle class workers.  So who is there to speak on behalf of the workers?  The powers-that-be have their own agendas which leave the working class largely behind without much of a voice or leverage.  I was extremely anti-union back in the 70’s & 80’s, but the pendulum has swung & times have dramatically changed.  This emergency pandemic further erodes the standing of way too many in the workforce, where they’ve either lost their jobs or are required to work in dangerous environments.  Many of those unemployed still haven’t gotten unemployment checks as state systems are overwhelmed &/or have crashed.  And many of those back on the job get paid at a level nowhere near commensurate with the risks. 
While the federal stimulus packages may have been well intentioned, when politicos steer the funding to major players with the larger companies pilfering the proceeds, it is failing many small businesses & workers who the money was intended for.  In the government’s haste, the PPP meant to save small business was badly designed & administered.  So those bigger/healthier businesses made off with too much of the loot, while restrictive stipulations became a disqualifier for too many of the smaller independents.  The terms of the loans really don’t fit the situation for business sectors like restaurants.  Main Street needs enough funding with programs specifically designed for them without Wall Street interference divvying up the money, especially with the divide between Wall Street & Main Street now wider than ever as to only be loosely connected.  In fact, Wall Street may actually react positively to the demise of small independent mom-&-pop shops, since it wipes out the competition for their large multinationals/conglomerates/chains/franchises/venture capital firms.  And the decimation of Main Street with all their employees would definitely not be a positive for those tossed asunder or for America itself.  We’d lose the heartbeat of who we are as a country.  These links take us to valuable insights on the increasing divides in our haves-vs-have-nots society, emphasizing that government policies must start prioritizing the saving of American small business:
As surprising as this might be to some noisy protesters with their self-centered grievances, around two-thirds of the public see reopening the economy as being too risky & not yet worth taking that risk:  And even by opening up the economy, that doesn’t mean we’ll open up a healthy economy.  With the virus still ravaging us, many will still be rightly spooked about venturing out:  Plus with this economic collapse seeing tens of millions being put out of work, a huge percentage of the public are more financially insecure than ever & will surely limit spending going forward, as we should all be aware a primary driver of economic growth is consumer spending.  Normal economic activities can only resume once people have some degree of confidence the virus is under control.
There’s no telling what kind of economy we’ll have coming out of this pandemic, so if we do return to some semblance of normalcy, it may be a long time before that ever happens.  But it’d be wise not to let an economic collapse go to waste.  With the entire system having been turned on its head at an international level, this could offer a unique opportunity to restart an economic engine based on shared growth through greater rewards for labor.  Workers have been getting the shaft far too long & if they do get higher pay, it boosts consumer spending.  That’s a win-win!  Such a restructured model may even require reviewing/revamping how we think about careers, including the need for broader & more productive responsibilities, advanced training, flexible scheduling & remote work along with fairer compensation structures. 
Even prior to this virus that strangled our economy, we had reached the point when the status quo could not stand up much longer (& always keep in mind, the leaders of the oligarchy seek to maintain the status quo).  So please see numerous brilliant points inside this link describing a broken system:, which concludes with this:

“We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few,” Louis Brandeis is famously supposed to have said, “but we can’t have both.” To some, that may sound radical. Not so. It is, in the best sense, profoundly conservative—and deeply American. Only reform can preserve our political and economic system against oligarchy, authoritarianism and corrosive strife. Our history’s ultimate lesson is this: No democracy can thrive when its people do not.

And as seen below in this excerpt from, we should aspire to recapture the American Dream in a way that Warren Buffett states, “anybody that worked 40 hours a week can have a decent life:”

The 89-year-old investor, who is the fourth richest person in the world, acknowledged that there’s “unimaginable suffering” by the poor and disadvantaged, many of whom are working at the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. “They’re working 24-hour days, and we don’t even know their names. So if we go overboard on something, we ought to do things that are going to help those people,” he said. “They’re contributing a whole lot more than some of the people that came out of the right womb, or got lucky and things, or know how to arbitrage bonds or whatever it may be. In a large part, I’m one of those guys.” Buffett, who’s been a cheerleader for America, added that the wealthiest country in the world should “try to create a society that under normal conditions with more than $60,000 of GDP per capita, that anybody that worked 40 hours a week can have a decent life without a second job and with a couple of kids.” “Nobody should be left behind,” Buffett said.
With the biggest monthly job loss in history, this unprecedented crash has been sudden & dramatic.  The bumpy road ahead will be very uncertain & we have no way of accurately gauging what’s ahead of us or what the new normal might look like.  While the White House is spinning this like reopening is necessary to prevent permanent economic damage (, in reality their reckless/dangerous actions by encouraging this restart too soon are risking permanent economic damage should this virus ratchet up to far higher levels of infections & deaths:  As citizens all we can do for now is take sensible precautions & follow this story as it happens, hoping for the best outcomes.  Here’s pertinent economic news from this past week & what a dreadful week it really was:
America Has Become a Rudderless Ship Without Leadership
If we had national leadership encouraging strict social distancing in conjunction with a widespread testing program, we could get a handle on this virus crisis reasonably soon.  Lacking that, we let the virus spread unchecked that culminates in the nation with the highest number of infections & deaths, which is where we find ourselves now.  I suspect Trump’s antipathy to testing stems from his intense desire to hold the numbers down:  While the prez is buried in optics & strategies focused on reelection, it’s his management over an emergency crisis that’s missing.  Since President Trump has miserably failed to come up with any sort of viable actions or plan ( & also see, President Obama is spot on when he calls our current leadership’s response an absolute chaotic disaster:
What was that I just saw?  His presser today was another disaster & classic example of a catastrophic leadership void during a crisis, dishing out a full plateful of spin & lies under a wave of confusion.  Trump came out saying our nation has prevailed as we’re heading for greatness (while we actually head for a death count in the 6-figures), but in getting there he offers no proof, no evidence, no plan & no clue.  He must actually think he can BS his way through a pandemic.  The prez again laid on us the ridiculous notion that anybody who wants a test can get tested:
His leadership is inescapably & immeasurably asinine, so in having no answers he’s passing the buck onto China.  Perhaps even worse, Trump lacks the moral authority to be our leader.  If you saw today’s performance, you witnessed the work of a deranged lunatic!  For those of you who still support Trump, after this meltdown, just stop!  Simply DO NOT vote for him!  It’s our duty as Americans if we want to save our country!  If people can’t bring themselves to vote for Biden, they should just stay home.  Trump is way too clueless, incompetent & dangerous to remain on as our president.  He’s not only unfit for office, he’s mentally unfit.  Consider that having a temperamental jackass in charge of our nuclear codes is scary beyond measure, as during one of his fits of rage/temper tantrums he could not only put our country at risk, he’s a danger to the whole world!  Here are some more of the presser details:
Do we really lead the world in testing?  Trump irresponsibly still refuses to mobilize the powers of his office to organize a far more aggressive testing program, along with pushing technologies for improving the testing methods & lab results:  We’re still waiting on him to enforce the Defense Production Act in compelling manufacturers into mass producing much larger quantities of critical testing supplies.  Frankly, he should have done that months ago.  But obsessed with numbers, as I said before, he’s still trying to keep the count down:–keeping-the-numbers-down-is-all-hes-ever-cared-about/.  Until an effective treatment or vaccine comes along, a widespread rapid-fire testing initiative with contact tracing would be the only viable option now available to us for reopening the economy safely.  Sure, massive & repeated testing/tracing may seem onerous, but if that holds the key to reversing the tens of millions who’ve been thrown into unemployment while helping us to prevent a depression, then the answer is as a society we should bite the bullet & go do it!:
Today on Monday Trump did vow to ramp up testing, but we’ve all heard that before:  Still trailing other countries on a per capita basis, we need lots more testing, especially being the country with the most infections & deaths by a wide margin:  Testing has increased somewhat lately, but having fallen far short of a mass-testing program we really need:, the next best immediate step would be a universal mask policy:  Trump & his administration have done a horrible job of setting that example on masks strictly out of personal vanity.  And despite most states incrementally reopening their economies, we should remain conscious of keeping our distance.  We have seen strong evidence throughout the world that social distancing does work to stem the spread, while not doing so makes for deadly results:
Sadly, the White House has politicized this crisis rather than prioritizing the health emergency.  All throughout, they’ve downplayed the warnings from health professionals, from going against CDC reopening guidelines, steering the task force more towards the economy over health concerns, dismissing the warnings from Dr. Bright (see Part 2 above), along with ignoring numerous intelligence report warnings earlier in the year.  In fact, Trump has basically pushed the CDC aside when they should be taking the lead:  Be assured economic health can only return when we first bring about our physical health, but Trump has put the cart before the horse with his bass-ackwards strategy.  And we are seeing a swampy double standard, as the prez is getting tested every day while always downplaying the need to test us citizens:  Perhaps with the angst of this virus beginning to spread through the White House, hopefully it can start convincing top leadership to take this virus with the seriousness it deserves, as they need to finally get more aggressive in fighting this virus & protecting the American people:
The numbers are gut-wrenching as so many families are grieving.  We’ve hit 80,000+ deaths in America from the virus, which is actually an undercount with many respiratory failures & heart attack victims having never been tested for COVID-19:  Yet Trump today portrayed all that as a great achievement.  His BS can sure dish out the crap!  The letter of the law would not bring about a legal indictment, yet in effect, the bumbling delayed response could probably be considered negligent homicide:  There’s so much we still don’t know about this novel virus, like might the second wave be even worse (look up the Spanish Flu a century ago), will it mutate to a more virulent form, & does once having the virus guarantee immunity.  Plus we’ve always assumed the elderly & those with preexisting conditions were really the ones to worry about, but now we see little kids even dying with terrifyingly weird symptoms.  Trump keeps saying the virus should have been stopped at the source, but it was Trump’s emasculated leadership that first allowed the virus to spread unchecked in this country, as our death toll is far beyond any other country. 
Obviously, it is correct to say President Trump was in no way responsible for the virus itself.  But he is in large part responsible for the devastation the virus has wrought on our country.  Despite ample warnings since the start of the year from health & intelligence professionals, our president continually downplayed, dismissed & ignored the dire/credible reports the virus was about to hit us hard.  The prez brags about his travel ban from China (which was far from a hard ban & didn’t help much), while he’s trying hard to blame China for this pandemic.  He keeps trying to blame anybody else he can think of for the tragic outcome, but the buck stops inside the Oval Office.  It was demonstrably a lack of leadership & dereliction of duty at the core of the problem here in America, from which that historic level of incompetence still continues today.  His decisions are now based exclusively on the economy & not the virus, & surely that will bring on even more deadly consequences.  So yes, if we want to identify the person most to blame for the circumstances which brought on the recession/depression, look no further than Trump.  And if we want to identify the person most responsible for the large number of deaths soon to number into the hundreds of thousands, our president is the guy based on his inexplicably tepid response.  There’s plenty here to cover in these links:
Election Speculation
Less than 6 months til election time & the choice is quite clear.  Uncle Joe does have decades of experience including 8 years in a White House administration, so he would know what to do in a crisis or any situation that requires responsible governing.  He’s a nice guy who’s been through personal tragedies, so he wouldn’t get rattled during emergencies.  For a politician he doesn’t seem to lie more than most (I guess that’s somewhat of a compliment), certainly nowhere near the category of being a pathological liar.  He’s also not an insufferable bully & is a person better positioned to try uniting the country.  He also doesn’t aspire to be a fascist autocrat.  All these factors put him miles ahead of Trump!  For those apprehensive about Biden, I would anticipate him being a one-term president, so let him govern as a caretaker helping lead us out of this mess with the hope a more dynamic leader emerges by 2024.
The pathetic virus response really should seal Trump’s fate.  If voters examine objectively the way this pandemic was handled, Trump’s approval ratings should really dive down into the single digits.  But they won’t, since we are fighting his cult which collectively are incapable of thinking rationally.  On a side note, I do find the Tara Reid accusation against Biden disturbing, as I was also disturbed by the accusations of women against Presidents Clinton & Trump.  Any sexual assault is deplorable, & any woman who’s been the victim of such a crime has the right to be heard & given their due.  But if the binary choice comes down to Biden or Trump with one of those two being elected our next president for January 2021, I for one would never vote to reelect the man credibly accused of sexual abuse/assault by upwards of 20 women.  The latest campaign updates are here, with current polling being both encouraging & far too early:
4 Songs for These Times
Song #1….The Heroes on the Front Lines in this Coronavirus Age
Song #2….Frank Unleashed in Tribute to NY, NY & Their Healthcare Workers:
Song #3….REM Song Made Funny:
Song #4….The Policy Position of the Administration, Echo-Media & Trumpeter Protesters (even played inside an AZ factory when Trump visited):