See Part 3 for our analysis on the Coronavirus crisis, but first we offer an abundance of commentary & articles on the 2020 national emergency known as President Trump… 
Part 1
Case Closed on Trump’s Crimes?…Not so fast!!!  More evidence will come out!  The echo & Trumpeters may think he’s been exonerated, but they won’t have the last word.  Yes, I know, despite all the abundant clues of illegalities we’ve seen, up til now he’s gotten away with them.  Despite criminal activities & obstruction during this presidency which were multiple times worse than Watergate, Trump’s protective cult has thus far allowed him to survive a whole series of major scandals.  So with rock-solid evidence of engaging in a conspiracy with Russia & a bribery/extortion scheme with Ukraine, plus an extensive 3-year cover-up by withholding key documents & witnesses, the Trump-team still managed to hide & twist the narrative in maintaining GOP support.  But don’t be surprised if new smoking guns ultimately get revealed that turn off even many loyal supporters. 
This week’s news shows the contemptible AG who not only seemed to hinder the Mueller probe, which could have included the stoppage of following the international money trail that may have exposed the Trump-Russian connection, but in the links we now see a federal judge implicating Barr in the cover-up of the Mueller findings.  Keep track of this one, since the judge wants to see the entire unredacted Mueller report.  Yes siree, the more facts that come out, the more we learn about the crime syndicate run by the mob boss.  Any objective evaluation of all the previous evidence can conclude the proof of illegal behavior is irrefutable, but every time we find out something new, it’s yet another piece of the puzzle added to the bigger picture.  Expect in time we’ll discover how big of a crook Trump really was:
Weapons of Mass Destruction Unlike Anything the World has Ever Seen
And how much longer can mankind keep the lid on these weapons not being unleashed?  I know many are alarmed at climate change, but these lethal instruments of mass carnage are a far more imminent threat.  The nuclear articles here along with the Coronavirus headlines further below in Part 3 are emblematic of how fragile our modern world has become.  When bad foreign actors & terrorist organizations seek to destroy our way of life & even destroy us, the emerging tools they’ll increasingly gain access to include nuclear & biological weapons. 
At a time when competent U.S. leadership is needed more than ever, Trump is not only failing to adequately address the threats, he’s interjecting himself as a part of the problem.  Seen here is more of his bungling on the world stage, featuring links related to the proliferation of nuclear weapons representing a threat to our very survival, plus the Taliban have their sights set on reclaiming Afghanistan rather than cooperating with Trump:
Part 2
An Entire Tribe Denying Truths is how Cults are Formed…With the evil echo having managed to successfully deceive/brainwash seemingly the entire conservative base, the nation’s bitter divide has grown & become entrenched when a large segment of society have been trained to dismiss verifiable facts.  Trump is a huge problem for our country, but he’s just a mutated outgrowth of the nonsensical echo rhetoric & tea party movement, being an extension of the deceptive lies which have permeated the recently formed conservative cult.  I’ve been a lifelong moderate conservative GOP backer, but as someone who follows politics closely, I’ve been able to clearly detect the monumental shift of my former party in recent years from a rational to radical ideology.  The GOP today is a far cry from what it used to be, but the changes over time have occurred stealthily & subtly, to where the GOP faithful influenced by the echo have failed to notice the significant twisted deviations. 
Hypothetically, it’d be as though the Pope & Billy Graham had transformed themselves into Jeffrey Epstein & Harvey Weinstein, yet their followers keep supporting the Pope or Billy Graham because that’s who they’ve always followed.  Support for the GOP these days is like an automatic/brainless default response.  The party that conservatives back was sane not that many years ago, so the faithful somehow think it’s basically the same party, which it is not.  Until the GOP base can start looking objectively at truths & what has become of their party, learning to think for themselves instead of deferring to destructive echo rhetoric, the wide divides between the two parties will remain & America will continue to be in trouble.  And if Trump-world gets their way, our democracy could become toast, since the mechanisms of power will be increasingly stocked by loyalists fully committed to giving their narcissistic/ruthless leader absolute power. 
We always post lots of article links & today’s new post adds to that total.  And granted, many are op-eds, but based on real facts.  There is always important info inside all those many links.  I say important because our nation’s precarious situation has become so dire, at the very least the list of link titles deserves a look.  And any articles you’d like to read, click on & have at it.  As Americans, we need to understand who our president is.  I implore anyone reading this & write my viewpoints with all the candor & concern I can muster, please, we’ve got to legally & constitutionally get rid of this jerk!  Another term as president, he’s likely to run our nation into the ground!    
The Assault on First Amendment Free Speech Ratchets Up
Trump has often called the media the enemy of the people.  Truth be known, those who aspire to or support the forces of tyranny that would destroy our constitutional republic, they are the true enemies of the people whether they realize it or not.  With everything we see going on, it should be plainly obvious to anyone that Trump in his heart of hearts is literally out to destroy our Constitution.  It’s all simply a power grab by a narcissistic egomaniacal madman.  And those who control a society’s messaging can control the people, with Trump now relentlessly seeking to usurp that control.  Wasn’t it just last week Trump embarked on lawsuits against a couple prominent newspapers, & now we see this:
Any Way We Look At It, Trump’s Odorous Personal Traits & Despicable Corruption are Revolting
See inside these links below how his dishonesty, bullying, unstable mental state & constant attacks on our constitutional principles are paving the way for autocracy.  The level of depravity contained within this one person is beyond the pale & beyond comprehension.  I don’t see how any normal moral human being in their right mind could possibly support this immorally sorry excuse for a leader anymore.  Maybe we can forgive those who mistakenly voted for him in 2016, being taken in by his bombasts & phony promises.  But now that for over 3 years we’ve seen the real Trump in action, gone are any logical or valid reasons for making that same disastrous voting blunder again.  There really are no more excuses. 
Some people are shocked by the opinions I write of Trump & his supporters.  But I’m backed up by the tens of thousands of links to articles posted to our blog during Trump’s presidency, written by real journalists instead of echo conspiracy theorists.  My thoughts are also confirmed by Trump himself.  One only needs to objectively pay attention to his words & deeds.  Personally, as someone who observes closely, I truly look at him as a psycho lunatic.  I really do, all this analysis is not hype.  Anyone else who sees Trump as I do, there is NOTHING that would allow you to vote for him in November.  We’d definitely opt for Biden, Bernie, Barney Fife, Barney the Dinosaur, Bozo the Clown or whoever Trump’s opponent becomes, since none of those choices would present the risk of electing a corrupt, demagogic, wanna-be dictator.  Ideologies don’t even matter that much, be it liberal, moderate or conservative, since our 2020 vote needs cast to save our democracy. 
Trump has been accelerating his power grab & formulating his own personalized gestapo to exact revenge on his opponents.  He’s also got his base snookered through a constant stream of false messaging.  As Americans, we now have a real emergency on our hands!  Please believe me & these articles, this is not something to be taken lightly!  Keeping him as our president could very well result in Americans losing our rights & the essence of who we are.  I have real doubts our constitutional freedoms could survive four more years of such madness:
The Stench Permeates Our Nation from Trump’s Sycophant World
Freedom Caucus & Tea Party lunatics are at the heart of the toxic muck poisoning America with their asinine, disingenuous & bombastic extremism.  They are also the ones helping to give the prez his corrupting power.  These guys are nuts!!!  We’d all be better off if gridlock-Teddy were to permanently self-quarantine, while jackass-Jordan should rightly be booted out of Congress:
From Hunter Biden to Jared Kushner, the Swampy Crony Capitalism is All the Same
It’s just how Trump’s campaign campaigns, demonizing opponents with crazy conspiracies about them.  Remember Hillary’s emails & Benghazi?  Uncle Joe will be a similar target of outrageous lies.  So whatever they think they can find on Hunter Biden, remember the grifting from Trump’s kids/son-in-law appears to be even worse:
Fox Fake News Heads Up the Echo’s Crazy Conspiracies Mongering
Regular Fox News viewers have been dumbed-down to a dangerous level of ignorance.  I suppose they don’t tune in to be deliberately lied to, so from that we can only surmise they’re very gullible & easily manipulated.  From our thousands of links posted in Part 2 over the years about Fox & the echo, we’ve proven beyond any shadow of doubt how deceitful & delusional the Fox narratives have become, especially those radicalized prime-time shows which have become unwatchable.  But that audience’s unconditional embrace of crazy lies & conspiracies has actually put America’s future at risk. 
In this continuing saga of Foxian-echo lies, we’ve posted here reports on the network’s doubling down of phony attacks directed at Trump’s likely opponent.  And if Coronavirus was really the product of news media hype to damage Trump as these nudniks claim, it wouldn’t have become such a worldwide phenomenon & in some countries outright panic, because it is a highly contagious new virus causing widespread death:
Conflating the faith experience with obedience to Trump is not only patently absurd & inaccurate, it’s incredibly dangerous:
Part 3
The Real Economy…No matter how wonderful the low unemployment rates & monthly job growth might be, it doesn’t seem to be making a dent in the larger structural issues.  It’s largely because most of the new jobs being created are on the whole lousy!  Whatever tweaking that can be done to our economic structure, able-bodied/able-minded adults should not be encouraged to fall into a dependency mindset being reliant on government handouts, but have the ability to be self-reliant through their own ambitions & efforts.  The domestic policy agenda should zero in on creating an environment where the available jobs can allow a person to earn a sustainable living. 
So no matter how glossy the monthly jobs reports do look, they don’t tell the tale of the real economy, where roughly half the working families in America are under financial duress when their paychecks hardly cover the bills.  The American Dream for many has collapsed:  This sorry situation has been ongoing, intractable & intolerable, requiring urgent & smart action.  We must figure out a new approach to modern-day capitalism before our inexcusable non-action allows socialism to take hold.  As always in Part 3, we start off with links to the economic challenges we face.  Plus the economy has just started taking a major hit as seen in the Coronavirus section further below:
Stealing Helpless Immigrant Kids
Health Care
Obviously, it’s the dire health concern dominating the headlines.  Sure, we should be more focused on fighting the virus as opposed to political chirping & finger-pointing.  But the level of buffoonery coming from the White House is hard to ignore.  This crisis could become the one thing to fully expose the president’s dishonesty & incompetence.  His leadership on the virus response so far has been non-leadership or even negative leadership.  He’s got us all perplexed instead of providing clarity.  The irresponsible/unacceptable delay of widespread testing kits going out may have brought on disastrous consequences as we’ve failed to contain the spread of the virus in those critical early stages, while Trump has actually said the spread of the virus has been stopped & anyone who wants to get tested can get a test.  WRONG!!!  It’s yet more lies.  Plus his flailing rhetoric is a direct contradiction to what Pence & the CDC have been saying.  He’s also been keeping a cruise ship offshore in the Bay area so those afflicted don’t add to the numbers, since political optics to him must be more important than people’s lives. 
How can his faithful Trumpeters actually still believe whatever he says?  In any crisis, Americans need a president we can trust, not a gaslighting blowhard constantly blowing his credibility.  Sure, we do need a president to calm the waves on any sense of panic, but it should be done through the lens of accurate information.  These numerous links below highlight the dangers of having a dishonest BS artist/con man as our president, spreading disinformation & confusion in the face of a crisis.  With his base, he’s able to get away with his lies because the preprogrammed echo & die-hard supporters believe every preposterous thing he says, or maybe they’re just willing to give him a pass from being their tribal leader.  Or perhaps they’re simply delusional.  But with Coronavirus, his lying can prove deadly, while he’s shown about as much crisis management skills as Homer Simpson.
Time & again whether it’s Coronavirus or numerous other issues, the president’s incompetence & cluelessness comes shining through.  We’ve seen the same pattern on a number of issues.  He’ll commit a blunder or judgement error, refuses to take personal responsibility, then tries to blame others.  That is not a leader!!!  Most certainly Trump gets zero blame on the virus itself, but deserves lots of criticism on the response.  There’s no telling at this stage how serious the outbreak will be, how long it will last, or the economic impact.  But the economy will take a hit, which the longer this crisis goes on the worse it will get.  Particularly any business involved with travel or caters to large crowds, they’ll be especially hit hard.  How hard is anyone’s guess. 
Here are a large number of articles on the virus from the past few days & the way Trump has been gaslighting us (& see our song at the bottom).  The prez seeks to hide any bad news rather than concentrating on how to contain the virus.  So we’ve heard weeks of mixed messages & the administration still can’t get their stories straight.  At a time our president should be showing off his leadership chops, his handling of this virus outbreak up til now has indeed been a dismal failure.  As masterful as he often tends to be at politics, the prez has never really learned the art of governing.  Please peruse the link titles below for a proper perspective as the newsfeeds are being dominated by this crisis, so yes there’s a lot here.  In one of the headlines, a disaster preparedness expert accurately describes the White House response as gross amateur-hour incompetence: 
Let’s Do the Math
If the virus has around a 3% fatality rate, then some schmuck on cable TV must be suggesting we could sacrifice the lives of over 10 million Americans in order to get the economy back on track.  Even if the results of doing a lot more testing winds up lowering the actual death rate closer to 1%, that could still be at least 3 million deaths.  I’d say being proactive in trying to aggressively contain the spread of this virus is a far better option:
This is a Critical Election Year!
For all honest, moral, patriotic, freedom-loving Americans, if we can unite around the Dem candidate most likely to beat Trump, there’s no way the forces of evil corruption can beat us so long as the turnout machine is in high gear.  If we want to keep our democracy, we absolutely must get out & vote in the general election!  As for the Dem primaries, the recent momentum for Uncle Joe has been stunning.  Black voters especially have been drawn to Biden in large part wanting to preserve the Obama legacy.  He’ll be the nominee if he doesn’t blow it. 
There’s no longer any doubt the overriding primary motive of Dem primary voters is to defeat Trump.  And if the nominee can be determined in March rather than waiting for the summer convention, it would greatly help to galvanize support around that person as we head towards November.  If Biden manages to win MI & WA, the nomination is essentially clinched from the wave of momentum crossing across all demographics & geography, while a female running mate is highly likely.  The K. Harris endorsement may have bigger implications.  Here are interesting articles on the state of the race:
E. Warren’s Run
Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the race on Thursday.  I did like her genuine passion & willingness to put on the table many detailed plans.  And the question remains how much did the gender glass-ceiling bias factor in?  In this grueling primary season as we’ve seen her presidential ambitions come to the end of the line, I had also previously mentioned 50 reasons she would have probably come up short against Trump, posted in The VORACS more than a year ago when she first announced her candidacy.  Pulled from the archives, those reasons are seen here:
Until Recently We Always had a Song at the Bottom of Part 3
But this seems like a good song to dedicate to our lying gaslighter-in-chief: