Part 1 – Very Compelling Proof there’s a Criminal in the White House
The Mueller probe offered up solid evidence the Trump campaign took part in illegal collusion with Russia during the last presidential campaign, followed up by a relentless pattern of cover-ups.  What we learned this past week in a long report from a Senate select committee confirms what we always suspected, our president actually did engage in a criminal conspiracy with a foreign power followed by years of obstruction of justice.  Among the findings include the Trump campaign in 2016 being in constant contact with shady Russians including intel officer Konstantin Kilimnik, those connections being at the heart of our election interference.  And the prez lied about his discussions with Roger Stone, the go-between with WikiLeaks for coordinating the DNC email dumps, so Trump was in the loop.  By all rights it should have ended his presidency, but the GOP Senate of Trump cult supporters keep dismissing the overwhelming evidence of Russian collusion (, much like they overlooked during the impeachment trial all the bribery/extortion escapades Trump engaged in with Ukraine:
There are so many details in that substantive report, so rather than me describing them, the highlights are all laid out inside the first group of links below.  These articles are full of concrete evidence of perjury from multiple Trump aides & even Trump himself, which is the least of the numerous criminal actions exposed.  They are the kind of details that would have been dominant headline news for weeks had it come out a couple years ago.  And any other president in another previous time would never be on the ballot for reelection, since the bipartisan outrage over such crimes would have run him out of office in a few short weeks.  But in these unique times with the perfect storm of sycophant GOP politicians, compliant echo-media & naive Trumpeter base working in unison to protect their cult leader, as a nation we’re now walking a dangerous tightrope over toxic ground.  This tragic chapter in our history sets a precedent with brand new established norms that any power-hungry current & future presidents can run roughshod over the Constitution, balance of power & rule of law to steal elections.  We also have a new report from the NY attorney general who’s conducting a civil investigation into the Trump Organization for financial & tax irregularities:
Making Watergate by comparison look like little more than catching a hand in the cookie jar, what should have been regarded as the biggest political scandal in American history has gotten shoved off the front page by a myriad of other bombshell stories, so we know this period of time has become the busiest & most combustible news cycle any of us have ever seen.  That reality is reflected by the hundreds of articles in today’s entire post.  Today might be a record number!  So yes, there is a huge smorgasbord of live links to feast on below in all 3 Parts.  We post so many because there is valuable info in each one of them, & taken all together they collectively scream out many things are seriously wrong in our nation, so it’s imperative we change direction before the mounting concerns come crashing down on us when we as a society go down the tubes.  The warnings are there!  We can’t consume everything from an expansive buffet table, but it’s best to review the link titles & click on samples of any offerings which look like the most tasty morsels.  Just perusing the titles will catch you up on newsworthy items you might have missed.  All of us should take the time to peruse these links & share important reports with others, since our future is now on the line like never before!  Because the stakes are so high, there is nothing more important we should focus on the next couple months.  We start with Trump’s crimes:
Biden Speech a Home Run!
It was a powerful inspiring speech to conclude a successful virtual convention!  As Steve Schmidt explained right after Biden’s speech, this might be the most important political speech in America from the last half-century:  It was critical Biden come across as a credible leader giving American voters reassurance we can turn the reins over to him, saving us from the demagogic disaster that defines our current president.  This is an unprecedented election year in that the binary choice before us is not so much Dem or GOP, or liberal vs. conservatism, but it just might be a stark choice going forward between democracy or fascism for our nation.  That’s a lot of weight to put on an old man’s shoulders in asking him to save our constitutional rights & freedoms, but that seems to be Uncle Joe’s destiny:
Other Highlights from the Dem Convention
Bravo to a job well done:
Part 2 – We Begin with the Complaints of a Sister
This next group of links reveal the words of Trump’s older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry.  Trump’s niece taped a legally-recorded conversation, as Mary Trump was part of a family of backstabbers, so she wisely recorded chats with other family members to protect herself.  On the recording just released, Trump’s sister Maryanne among other things called him a liar, phony, cruel, untrustworthy, self-absorbed & without principles.  We already knew that of Trump, but here’s hoping it gives doting Trumpeters some pause when such critiques are given by someone who probably knows her brother as much as anyone.  Kudos to WaPo for breaking the story: & CNN for jumping on it right away when it broke Saturday night:  The details are inside these links & very damning:
Democracy Really Is on the Line
President Obama in his DNC speech indeed did warn us democracy is on the line in this election.  I agree wholeheartedly!  I’ve been saying that same thing about the Trump presidency for years, with the thousands of articles we’ve posted at the top of all our Part 2’s backing me up.  And the warnings just keep on coming!:  As Obama reiterated, we cannot allow them to take our democracy away from us:  Saving American democracy depends on all freedom-loving Americans rising in unison to beat back the forces of tyranny.  Our prez has classic authoritarian traits.  His base can deny that all they want, but it’s true.  With all his many faults, the non-stop lying from Trump stands out:  That alone is good reason to go in a new direction this November:
I’ve known from the beginning the Trump presidency would be a disaster, but it’s been so much worse than even I could have ever expected: & also see  Among the stories below, we see questions about the president’s mental fitness & taxes, plus reports on his corrupt party & cabinet members like Pompeo & Barr.  There are also these bizarre capitulations to rogue tyrants like Putin.  The Kremlin presides over an evil empire headed by that murderous thug dictator, the best buddy that Trump fawns over & is probably compromised by, since our prez privately wants to become like Putin & his reelection in November could lead America down the road to becoming like Russia.  In today’s pre-convention/nomination, Trump floated the idea of being president for 12 more years, the same autocratic power-grabs Putin has pulled off.  Other links take us to a former DHS official & GOP supporter, Miles Taylor, who claims our prez didn’t listen to our professional intelligence officials, preferring to base his critical decisions on behalf of our country on the insane rants coming from Lou Dobbs.  We also had over 70 former GOP national security officials who say they’ve seen enough of Trump, so they’ve endorsed Biden.  There’s a lot here & we cannot afford to disregard the threat:
Bannon Busted


Like so many criminals on Trump’s previous campaign team including Manafort, Stone & Flynn ( & also see, Steve Bannon has been indicted on fraud charges for personally pocketing funds that had been donated through an online crowdfund scheme promoting the building of the wall on the Mexican border.  It further shows what we’ve always seen from Trump officials on his campaign staff & in his administration, the prez corrupts everyone he touches or these lowlife characters are attracted to Trump in the first place:
Fox Fake News Further Exposed in a Book
My favorite show is Reliable Sources on CNN at 11 AM ET Sunday morning.  The host of that show has a new book titled Hoax describing interesting tidbits on the inner workings at Fox.  Yes, the disinformation from the network & their nefarious association with the prez is wreaking havoc on our nation:
Further Fox Foibles
Other articles below about Fox fake news channel what we’ve been saying for years, they’re really bad news.  The far-right media has been overrun with pathological liars & deceptive con men.  Those liars have gained a foothold inside the echo-bubble since the conservative base have been trained to believe their lies, so telling the truth has become an occupational hazard from which echo-hosts would be drummed out of the industry.  So these grifters are placing their own selfish interests above country by advancing a coordinated fake narrative that could ultimately destroy our nation, since democracy can’t survive for long under a deluge of falsehoods.  Talk radio & social media started the nonsense, but Fox has certainly latched on during this Trump era:
Q & Other Brainless Wonders
Certain deranged groups like QAnon are showing every sign of being a demonic cult & domestic terrorist organization.  But our prez says he loves those people because they love him:  He is legitimizing & inspiring this crackpot fringe group spreading their preposterous lies & causing many in the conservative base to exit reality, perhaps to their demise:  These wild beliefs include claiming the deep state is involved in a child pedophilia ring along with cannibalism:  Yep, they are nutso!:, with Russian trolls helping to amplify this garbage.  These sorry space cadets are several floors short of a skyscraper, so checking out the links here is like an elevator ride to surreal outer space in a distant fact-free galaxy:
Evangelicals Gone Wild
They’ve gone wild over Trump & the hypocrisy is stunning!  And they’re following evangelical leaders serving the wrong God:
Part 3 – Economy, Coronavirus & Election
It just doesn’t make any sense that voters would still give Trump higher marks on the economy than Biden, considering it was Trump’s bumbling leadership in fighting the virus that led to this year’s economic crash!  Those folks actually believing that Trump line about his great economy must be buying into his hype instead of looking at reality.  A former president set the record straight by presenting the facts:  We’ll hear lots of lies at the RNC this week:, as the master con man who’s full of hot air will be blowing smoke full of BS.  But the economy prior to 2020 was on the same basic trajectory as the Obama economy, with Trump’s negligence over a pandemic being instrumental in the economic malaise we have now.
There’s one thing (& probably only one) we can give Trump (& Bernie) credit for:, but a second dose of Trumpism could overall prove even more disastrous & deadly!  So we can’t risk a second term even if some voters think he has good intentions over China.  I really hope the Dems aren’t making the same mistake as their presidential campaign from 4 years ago:, as the China regime has for a long time been stealing our jobs & robbing us blind, which might indeed be the one & only valid argument we’ll hear this week coming from the GOP convention.  Outsourcing for decades have closed American factories & undercut our once well-paying blue collar jobs, but in all that time what we’ve failed to hear from either party are viable solutions.
Wall St. & Main St. are on completely separate paths, as massive multinational corporations have gained a foothold & drained the American middle class of their prosperity:  And a good line Biden exclaimed in his speech counters the GOP approach, we don’t need a tax code that rewards wealth more than it rewards work.  The natives out there in the heartland comprising the American working class are still angry & restless, since for far too long they’ve gotten a raw deal as top income earners reward themselves.  That’s got to change if we want to save capitalism!  Granted, those who’ve worked hard & found life endeavors more productive & valuable than most, they should be richly rewarded.  But the disparities have grown so disproportionate, it’s become unsustainable & unconscionable.  As a society we have a long ways to go in crafting real solutions, but for now the Biden approach is far superior to anything Trump is proposing:
The rest of the links on the economy with a variety of topics & concerns are here.  We are in some very rough waters & it will take quite awhile to get through this (, which makes it imperative we hire a competent, experienced leader to guide us through these challenging times.  Give the Dems a shot since the GOP default approach of doing nothing constructive is exactly the wrong prescription for these dire times: & also see  And for goodness sakes, let’s replace the mad captain who’s capsizing our ship:


Captain of the Death Ship
Our prez by failing to deal with a deadly emergency pandemic can be considered complicit in the negligent homicide of thousands of American citizens!  As this grieving lady says from the DNC, her dad’s only preexisting condition was trusting Donald Trump: & also hear her inside  All along the prez has tried downplaying the threat as his supporters trusted him when he inferred the virus would disappear & is nothing to worry about, prompting behaviors that allowed the virus to spiral out of control, ultimately leading to the deaths of who knows how many hundreds of thousands of Americans before effective treatments are found:
And they have yet to be found, as this newly announced emergency use for a plasma treatment was most likely just a Trump political ploy.  After slamming & pressuring the FDA to proceed with endorsing this treatment before it could be proven effective, the FDA capitulated with their approval so Trump could have a Sunday campaign press conference on the eve of his convention.  So it really is politics, not science: & also see  Maybe another hydroxychloroquine?
So yes, hundreds of thousands of Americans will lose their lives because of pathetic leadership from the White House (, & also because too many Americans have stubbornly, selfishly & ignorantly refused to adhere to sensible protocol like social distancing & mask wearing.  Had our nation done so from the beginning of this pandemic, like other countries we could have averted the mass casualties that have devastated way too many American families:  When I’m out & about in public, I’m astounded in many indoor places the lack of social distancing & wearing masks, & even the lack of awareness how such behavior is the reason for our dire circumstances.  It’s stupidity & denialism that’s spreading the virus:
The type of heartless twisted thinking in this article is nuts!:  How could anyone in their right mind find these death counts acceptable?:  Saving American lives has evolved into a tug-of-war between truth & lies:  More updates are seen in this list:


It looks like Trump is basing his campaign strategy on denying residents of large cities from voting.  If his loyal minions can orchestrate 5 hour lines to vote on election day, plus cause their mailed-in ballots to not arrive on time, he can deny the vote in heavily Democratic areas.  Trump world has zero evidence of voter fraud by mail, but they’re throwing it out there anyway.  Our prez has also colluded with foreign states to interfere in our free elections, but if that comes up short he may just do whatever he can to outright steal this election.  Trump is convincing his rabid base the election is rigged if he doesn’t win, planting the seeds for violence in November that could potentially erupt into declaring martial law to retain power &/or spark animus which could lead to civil war (don’t put anything past this guy)!  Such comments from a president are rather bold not only because they’re so dangerous, but he’s in essence admitting to wanting to rig the election.  This whole devious charade is why America badly needs a landslide victory for Biden, helping remove all doubt & taking the edge off all that sick Trumpeter anger bubbling over out there:
No Other Choice
I often get asked what is it about Biden that I support?  The short answer is he’s not Trump.  So he is not a lying, divisive, bullying, corrupt, wanna-be dictator.  That should be enough for any of us to vote for Uncle Joe.  But beyond that, he has the experience & will surround himself with quality staff members to keep our country from going off the rails:  And he will try his best to be a president for all the people while bringing a much-needed level of stability & civility back to our nation.  We only have two real choices remaining for November, so it’s a no-brainer to go with the candidate who stands far above his opponent:  Even Republicans should ask themselves an important question:
The GOP has recently resorted to fearmongering since they have nothing of substance to offer voters.  Four years ago it was murderers & rapists coming in from Mexico, which morphed into caravans of violent immigrants as the narrative for the 2018 midterms, & in this year’s campaign they are overly hyping the civil unrest in our cities:  In certain cities where we have seen an uptick in violence, some of that is being brought on by white supremacist agitators who feel threatened by our nation’s recent racial awakenings.  There is also the not-so-small matter of the desperation stemming from an economy shaken to its core, largely because our presidential leadership neglected the virus, leading to this out-of-control outbreak of infections & fatalities which crashed the economy.  So we are a nation on edge.  I would suggest making our cities safer requires a president who isn’t so hyper-divisive & is willing to deal with our urgent problems head on, not ignore & run from them.
The GOP convention coming up will surely be a replay of the retread arguments we’ve been hearing, scaring their voters with trumped-up tales of the boogeyman is out to get them, featuring a measured amount of racist & bigoted tropes:  Let me again reiterate why the GOP talking points on violence are badly misleading, since we’ll hear those same tired talking points ad nauseam the next 4 nights.  The fault lies far more with Trump than the Dems.  So all those horror tales about the rise of violence in (selected) cities, the likely reasons for the increase can be readily explained but the GOP won’t own up to the truth.  Yes, there’s a racial reawakening in our country which white supremacists are pushing back on, with our president stoking the flames of that misguided racist anger.  And we have a catastrophic pandemic which Trump’s failed leadership let get out of hand, putting Americans on edge & sparking mental health issues which is largely instigating the violence.  Keep that in mind as convention speakers keep trying to scare us. 
Since the party of Trump is behind in the polls & no longer has anything constructive to offer us, expect the attacks against the Dems to be blistering, but rest assured they will all be lies, distortions, distractions, exaggerations, conspiracies or arguments taken out of context.  The news in the links below continue to show polling with Biden solidly in front, plus shenanigans with the postal service as there are no plans to bring back the mail sorting machines that slowed up the mail when they were removed:  There are also previews of the RNC, Trump’s tunnel vision towards his base, Republicans voting for Biden (, & an assortment of other campaign updates.
Trump has demonstrably shown to be one of the most unethical, immoral, dishonest & vengeful persons to ever walk the face of the Earth.  It’s the last person on Earth we need to continue on as our president.  This sober reality should highly motivate all freedom-loving Americans to vote:  Any intelligent person who’s paying attention should be able to clearly see the current president is completely unfit for office, while on the Trumpeter side all those millions of deceived &/or low-information voters continue to put our democracy in peril.  Trump’s reelection would ensure 4 even more dangerous years of divisiveness, chaos, disasters, misery & alternate realities that could become a permanent condition for the American citizenry.  2020 has been a bad enough year, but the times can only get worse if Trump stays at the helm:


It Is What It Is
A song for this convention season during the pandemic…