Part 1….Crime Section     
We kept our Part 1’s open all along for more news of Trump’s crimes.  The revelations have been rather sparse on this front the past few months as other monumental stories have dominated the headlines, specifically the virus, economic downturn & nationwide protests.  But reports on more of the president’s illegal actions are heating up again, especially with the numerous bombshells coming to light in the details coming out of John Bolton’s book.  We may also learn of more nefarious actions by Trump when we hear more of what Geoffrey Berman has to say (see Part 2).  And there’s also this one:, perhaps finally a smoking gun on Trump’s Russian collusion case.
Sure, Bolton is making lots of enemies.  The GOP doesn’t like that he’s attacking their leader, while Dems are livid he didn’t answer the call for his country when he could have testified in December during impeachment hearings.  So don’t buy the book if you dislike him that much, but listen to the media reports about the book’s contents & keep this in mind:  Stay focused on the bigger message from the book, with all the new revelations about more illegal behavior by our president:
For any other president in any previous time, their presidency would be over.  But Trump has his cult & echo protecting him, so it’s up to the voters to do their patriotic duty & save our country.  His removal should have come during the impeachment trial, but the GOP Senate were like the OJ jurors, ignoring the most relevant evidence.  So if the Trump cult was unwavering & the fix was in for the Senate trial, I suspect no matter how shocking & indisputably criminal the Bolton testimony would have painted Trump at that time, it’s unlikely the outcome would have changed:
Much like the poison ivy in my backwoods, the crimes are sprouting up all over.  Adding to the slate of crimes, obstruction of justice obviously occurred & let’s also look at the likelihood of perjury:  And we also found out Trump was in the loop on the collusion carried out through Stone, Wikileaks & Russia, otherwise known as criminal conspiracy:  Plus the Bolton book did confirm Trump’s extortion plot with Ukraine, withholding critical military aid until they helped him with the coming election by smearing his opponents:  After two years of Russian probe news concluding with the Mueller report, shouldn’t Trump know by now soliciting help from foreign states to help him win an election is a crime?  As we’ve seen repeatedly, he considers himself above the law.
Basically, much like the overwhelming evidence our president engaged in collusion with Russia & Ukraine to illegally taint our elections, a similar case of collusion is revealed in the book about China & Turkey.  Other recollections from Bolton expose how the prez gave his blessing to communist China’s concentration camps, & as we’ve seen, Trump never was one to care much about human rights.  Furthermore, he excused the Saudi crown prince’s murder against an American jounalist in a convoluted plot to distract away from his own daughter’s email scandal & corrupt conflict of interest.  The president even went so far as to suggest to his aides how they might murder journalists not friendly to him, since after all, his dictator buddies around the world can get away with it.
As a former White House insider & meticulous notetaker, Bolton has laid out a tale of gross incompetence & corruption in excruciating detail.  Naturally, Trump is livid about the release of the book & was quick to denounce his former national security advisor.  And there’s an overall pattern with the White House revolving door as Trump praises his staff when he hires them, while they are critical of each other upon those aides leaving or getting fired, with the same thing happening over & over & over again within this administration:  So it’s gotten apparent the real problem stems from the top.  We need to listen to the alarms being sounded by those former aides, since they paint a picture of an unstable president out of control:  See these reports on the Bolton book:
And stuff on the Mueller report:
Part 2….Tyrannical Dictator & Evil Echo Section
I warn repeatedly America is not immune from fascism, no matter how much many of you dismiss or ignore my warnings.  We currently have a president who’s an egomaniacal narcissist, pathological liar & corrupt power-hungry demagogue, along with having a rabid cult following.  So even though people may yawn as their eyes glaze over at the mere mention our leader might be an aspiring fascist, the fact remains his traits form the perfect ingredients for dragging us into autocratic tyranny if he’s not voted out this November.  This is no time for us as American citizens to be complacent, as we need to take this threat seriously & work together to stop him!  I’m heartened some of you do pay attention & understand what’s going on, such as Ms. KC who sent this reply from our post last week:
Finally!  An independent thinker who gets the fascist Trump regime for what it is, what it is doing to These United States, and what the outcome will be if allowed to continue on its present course unchecked.
Believe it or not, this presidency could conceivably be worse.  Trump has yet to launch a nuclear war &/or start WWIII.  That’s all the more reason to get him out of the White House soon before he does.  And he has yet to fulfill his tyrannical dreams, but if given a mandate from the people through reelection, WATCH OUT!!!  The prez has already made real inroads into his dictatorial intent, purging competent civil servants while replacing them with or co-opting loyal corrupt lackeys in key leadership positions of the legislative branch, judicial branch, justice/intelligence community, state-run echo-media & throughout his administration, laying waste to the checks & balances/balance of power as he does an end-run around the Constitution/rule of law.  Imagine another 4 years of this continued carnage, we may all find our democratic rights & freedoms keep eroding away til they’re ultimately obliterated.    
The whole purpose around Trump & his AG Barr to repress any political, legal & messaging opposition is to usurp unbridled power, freeing up this administration to engage in their pattern of deceit, division, corruption & criminality unchallenged.  I knew this president would be a disaster from the moment he was elected in 2016, but it’s turned out so much worse than even I could have imagined.  Trump lacks the competence, honesty, integrity, knowledge & leadership skills to perform as president.  And lately when confronted with a time of crisis, Trump demonstrably choked & froze, not knowing what to do.  He had no leadership on the virus crisis whatsoever, which directly contributed to crashing the economy, while he also continues to set a divisive tone over the ongoing protests/racial strife.  We’re now watching in real time a presidency coming totally unglued & undone, a very dangerous situation for every minute he remains in office.
There are a variety of articles in the links below pointing squarely at a menacing administration with authoritarian intent.  Before we get to that abomination on the firing of Berman in the next section below, the first list here includes stories on how the U.S. is sacrificing their leadership role on the world stage, with geopolitical foes like China & Russia filling the void.  Trump also is doing nothing to restrain the nuclear ambitions of enemies like Iran & North Korea, looking the other way as their programs expand unabated.  International friends & foes alike are simultaneously aghast, disgusted & amused by our flighty president, regularly mocking him while playing him like a fiddle.  These foreign threats shout out to us if we want to restore productive relations with our allies while effectively dealing with our external enemies, we first must rid ourselves of our enemy from within. 
Other links show us Trump has a penchant for suing book authors who write the truth about him, a top State Dept. official resigns over the prez’s racist attitudes, Barr keeps shattering the reputation & norms of the DOJ, the administration has forced out the real journalists at Voice of America while installing far-right partisans known to report conspiratorial poppycock, Trump tried to slip through a Nazi symbol in his Facebook ad, plus there are articles about the GOP giving their master unconditional fawning capitulation.  And as always the case with links in the first part of every Part 2, these articles overall feature scary accounts about Trump’s unfitness for office & the unique risks he presents to our democracy.  Here we see another blatant move by Trump to control the messaging, something any self-respecting dictator would want to do:
I heard a popular TV host say this week of Trump, ignorance & arrogance is a dangerous combination.  Yep, that describes him well.  We’d better end his term in office before he ends our democracy.  Please review these titles highlighting what a danger Trump truly is:
Berman Firing Fiasco

Look through these links at the circus-like progression, where first Barr said Berman was stepping down, from which Berman said he’s not stepping down, & then the next day he was fired.  Huh?  That happened as Barr said Trump fired him & Trump said Barr fired him, which complicated things since only Trump had the authority to do the firing.  This whole sorry episode has again turned this presidency into a silly season reality-TV show, as Trump continues to willy-nilly tell underlings YOU”RE FIRED!:   
The real bottom line to all this is the lawless Trump administration doesn’t want their federal attorneys snooping into the crimes by the prez & his cronies, but instead prefer to unleash them on attacking & framing his political opponents.  This gang has no guiding principles other than usurping power & their own greedy self-interests.  This devious scheme in firing Berman featured sneaking into that position a Trump-sycophant attorney, who seems to have previously helped Trump suppress evidence over what might have been a money laundering scheme related to Deutsche Bank, a case that may have potentially been at the heart of the Russian collusion investigation.  Replacing objective/law-abiding prosecutors with corrupt henchmen to do the prez’s bidding is exactly the plot Trump revealed to Turkey’s leaders as described in the Bolton book:
Berman stepped away Saturday after getting assurances that instead of Trump loyalist Jay Clayton taking that prosecutor’s job, Berman’s deputy will take over that spot (at least for now but for how long?):  And Clayton has no prosecutorial experience, so the intent to install him was a power-grabbing fascist move.  In fact, this entire Berman firing episode was classic fascist maneuvering right here in America:  Now that Berman is free from his post & able to spill the beans, it will be very interesting to hear what he has to say.  Here’s what we know about this sad saga from over the weekend:
Fox Fake News Carries On Their Deception
From the moment this blog began a few years ago & even before that, the middle of Part 2 has always featured links revealing a steady stream of lies, distortions, exaggerations, conspiracies & reports taken out of context from Fox fake news.  I was once a Fox watcher (really!) & they weren’t nearly this bad.  But talk radio and social media dragged conservatives into extremist views, plus they convinced the base Trump was their man.  So a few years ago Fox made the business decision (i.e. for ratings) to give their viewers what they wanted, glowing blathering coverage of Trump after the mind-numbing brainwashing that audience got from the rest of the far-right echo-chamber.  Now the Fox network, especially prime-time with their non-stop lying, is unwatchable!  But conservatives do watch it & GOP politicians govern by it, creating a deranged cult with nihilistic attitudes living in an alternate universe:  The rest of the garbage spewed by Fox recently is seen here:
Terrorists Who are Imminent Threats
I’ve always considered the greatest threat to our survival would someday be radical Islamic terrorists gaining access to nuclear or biological weapons.  But in the immediate future, there’s no question the far greater threat is white supremacist terrorism like the Boogaloo movement.  If Trump goes down to defeat as expected, or even prior to the election, anticipate him sounding his dog whistle to his gun-totin’ maniacs who are ready to launch a civil war in compliance to their master:  Trump on Saturday told the half-empty arena in Tulsa they were warriors, which could have an ominous underlying meaning.  Read here who these wackos are:

Isn’t it something how it seems when people worship their earthly king, they lose sight of their heavenly king?  In my communications with those of my evangelical faith, I’ve been dumbfounded.  It’s like I don’t even know these people anymore & whatever has happened to them?  When they come up with crazed excuses for defending the leader they swear allegiance to, who happens to be the most dishonest, immoral, self-serving, bullying and corrupt president in our history, it doesn’t wash.  That virtually destroys their Christian witness & certainly not the way to win souls.  It’s as though some supernatural power in conjunction with Fox News have won them over with an evil spirit of deception, where they’re falling for some sort of heretical group-think mindset inside their isolated bubble.  God help us all!  Check out these articles & hear the Bunker Don song at the very bottom:
Part 3….Economy, Virus & Election Section
Despite the White House spin we’ll see a V-shaped recovery, the reality is we’re not going to fully recover until people have confidence the virus is under control.  With no indication COVID is about to subside any time soon (, a quick recovery is the byproduct of wishful thinking & electioneering optics.  Our prez is lying through his teeth on his rosy economic projections going forward, knowing that bamboozling voters how 2021 will magically bring about a robust recovery is his only chance for being reelected.
Even before the pandemic hit, the economy was no great shakes:  In the 2016 campaign Trump assured us we’d be winning so much, we would get tired of winning:  So what have we won?  Have we won on health care?  Safer gun laws?  Better infrastructure?  Improving/fixing education?  Advanced job training?  Cleaner environment & addressing climate change?  Reduced deficits?  Immigration reform with a permanent DACA solution?  A more unified country with better race relations?  A more equitable trade deal with China?  A more shared growth economy which puts into better balance our enormous wage/wealth gaps?  We’re not winning on any of these points & many others, which the COVID economy has only greatly deteriorated previously existing conditions:  
I can certainly tell you where we lost, as our president rejected expert warnings this virus was going to hit us earlier this year, from which the spread got away from us resulting in a crashed economy & 120,000 American deaths (& counting).  We’re also losing on passing multiple policy bills that are urgently needed, but when Trump tries to fleece the other side instead of seeking a win-win solution on issues ranging from immigration reform to a China trade deal, nothing constructive ever seems to get done.  Overall if all this is what Trump calls “winning,” count me out since I want nothing to do with these sorts of victories.  I suppose you don’t either.  That’s why America can only move forward in a positive direction by getting a new president.
We always post links from established news sources about the economy in the first section of Part 3, which obviously for now the state of our economy is not good.  I’ll say it again, the collapse we’re suffering through is directly attributed to the White House’s failure in addressing the virus after being given ample warnings, whose missteps from the beginning allowed the pandemic in our country to rage out of control.  The articles below cover topics like these:
*The struggles of small business & their employees to keep their heads above water
*Absurdly long unemployment lines in Kentucky
*Racial oppression which along with high-profile police brutality caught on video sparked nationwide protests
*Escalating income inequality made worse by these COVID times
*The need to reform democracy & our disjointed economic structure
The Highest Court Upholds DACA
For 700,000 young people, the dream has been given back to Dreamers!  So let’s hope Trump doesn’t pull something cruel to mess it all up through executive order.  The public is overall supportive of DACA, so in an election year it could be very bad optics for the prez to try overriding this SCOTUS decision.  Dreamers still remain in limbo as a permanent solution continues being elusive.  During his first year in office, Trump expressed interest to Schumer & Pelosi about a comprehensive immigration bill that would finally resolve this DACA issue, but he quickly retreated.  We can still get an immigration/DACA deal done with a new president & Dem Congress.  But here’s the news from this week:
News on the Virus & Tulsa
It’s eye-poppingly stunning that as the American death counts soar into the hundreds of thousands, our president elected to protect & defend is doing his darndest to completely ignore the whole thing!  He’s in denial.  On those rare occasions he actually acknowledges the virus even exists, Trump is falsely claiming the virus is dying out:
That brings to mind back in February when he said the 15 total cases then in the U.S. would soon be down to zero, or shortly after that when he stated the heat would cause the virus to fade away in April.  Well, that was 2 million+ cases & 120,000 deaths ago, from which he still has no idea or plans how to stem the spread & mounting deaths.  So Trump has presided over the country most devastated by the virus since he bungled the response.  Here’s an update on the timeline:
Half the states are now seeing an increase in infections.  It’s not just more testing that’s spiking the numbers, but the rate of positivity from the tests is also going up in many places, plus many of those hot spots report an increase in hospitalizations.  And as many Americans model after Trump’s irresponsible example, as a culture we’re nowhere near a universal buy-in on social distancing & wearing masks, which along with testing/contact tracing are the best ways to stem the spread & save lives until effective treatments/vaccines come along.  Trump badly botched our response but he needs somebody else to blame, so he’s railing against China as if they deliberately sent the virus our way, which it needs to be pointed out the Trump-team offers us ZERO evidence about their China claims.
Let’s also talk about his Tulsa rally, a potential superspreader for the virus.  Maybe it won’t cause such a spike in infections since so few showed up.  The outdoor venue for the overflow crowd was a dud, as literally nobody showed up so Trump cancelled his pre-speech.  Even the indoor arena was less than half-filled:  So much for a million RSVP-ing as the campaign claimed:  The enthusiasm for Trump seems to be dropping like his poll numbers as his act is wearing thin!  He’s a master showman that doesn’t actually say much of substance, so it’s mostly just the small crowd inside the arena eating it up.
Trump was falsely blaming the poor Tulsa turnout on the protesters & media:  More accurately it was concern over COVID plus lack of enthusiasm for the Trump’s campaign this time around.  In 2016 his clown show was novel, now it’s stale.  I really do believe a large majority of the American people have grown tired of his charade.  If we wanted a circus clown for a president, we’d elect Bozo.  Or maybe we already have.  But he can’t be happy since the prez always obsesses over crowd size, while the pictures from the Tulsa arena showed the upper deck was mostly empty. 
And his ego always guides him rather than doing what’s best for the people, as his desperate attempt to save his reelection bid holds dramatically more sway with him than the health of his fans.  Further proof of his neglect for safety is when our death-knell commander-in-chief told the crowd he wanted to slow the testing down:, since for him holding the numbers down takes precedent over health concerns:
If America actually had a leader taking the initiative & setting the example for testing, mask-wearing & social distancing, we could finally get a handle on this virus!  And we did fear the spikes by reopening too soon & throwing caution to the wind:  Tragically, presidential incompetence has proven deadly.  Speaking of incompetence, we’ve posted a ton of links here on Trump’s embarrassing Tulsa event:

One big difference between the protests & Trump rally crowds is those psycho cult members are packed in indoors, plus they’re spewing bodily fluids shouting out their crazed cheers, so the risk of spread is greater with the rally-goers.  Another difference is the protesters are seizing the moment with the whole world’s attention on them after centuries of racial oppression, whereas the prez’s Tulsa rally was just a campaign event.  During his rambling speech the prez referred to the BLM protesters as thugs, again displaying his racist attitudes & tone-deafness:  Trump even went so far as to actually threaten protesters who were making their way to Tulsa.  One peaceful protester was arrested without cause by Trump’s thugs, as reported among this group:
It’s no accident when a country has by far the highest number of infections & deaths during a pandemic.  As we’ve seen with COVID-19, it happens when a nation’s leader denies, dismisses, downplays & ignores the threat of the virus from the very beginning, which he’s still doing today as the infections & deaths are still ravaging the population.  There’s no ther way to look at this, our fight against COVID-19 is an unmitigated disaster:  The stage was set early on, when the prez reportedly flew into a rage in those initial days at those who tried to warn him:
And still today he’s offering up zero leadership in fighting the virus.  As the spikes are getting worse, not better, Trump hardly mentions it anymore & he’s practically locked his health experts away in some back closet:  Yep, his irresponsible inactions no doubt caused many thousands of unnecessary deaths.  His buffoonery is also stalling our economic recovery, since we can’t truly recover until the virus is under control.  There is plenty of relevant news here about the virus & how our nation is handling it:
Election Projections Trending Well
In 2016, the national polls were accurate, but it was in the individual states’ polling where discrepancies occurred.  Here in the industrial Midwest, the votes for Trump were stronger than polls indicated for OH, MI, PA & WI which determined the election.  So naturally there’s trepidation over Biden’s national polling advantage that lately has even soared into double-digits, since it’s the handful of swing states that will decide the winner & polling isn’t as reliable at the state level.  But now we’ve seen how Trump operates as president, so there’s no good or sane reason to vote for him this year.
This is a very unique election in that it shouldn’t matter whatsoever if you’re wearing your GOP hat or Dem hat, or whether you’re conservative or liberal in your ideology.  Those allegiances should take a back seat when we consider this election offers us a far bigger choice going beyond politics itself, that is whether we vote for our rights & freedoms afforded by our constitutional democracy, or continue on our current path with our current president who is greasing the skids toward our slide into lawlessness, corruption, demagoguery & fascism.  And his incompetence is beyond measure.  Count me in as an ex-GOP’er sharing their viewpoints & values inside these links: 
We are seeing the attack ads against Trump resonating, while generally the attack ads against Biden aren’t.  With Trump, the Super PACs have so much fodder to use in attacking him., as every day brings a new calamity.  Just don’t buy into the nutty smears Trump & the GOP are throwing at Biden & the Dems.  Buzzwords like socialists are a gross exaggeration, which although I have many concerns over the Dems’ big spending & redistributist ways, the intent is good when they’re seeking to correct the exploitation of the working class featuring continued escalating income inequalities that are decades in the making.
This is the one election where the Dem must win to save our country!  I don’t see how anyone in their right mind could still support Trump.  America doesn’t need an unhinged president with blind enthusiasm from a cult following, we need a steady hand & stable presence who seeks to unite all the people.  But even beyond that, we should work to make it a landslide win in thoroughly discrediting & destroying the dark remnants of Trumpism, which might help save the GOP by allowing the party to start over with a clean slate:
So let’s go full-throttle on supporting Biden & warning our fellow Americans about Trump:  Please peruse the link titles on recent campaign/election updates, including polls that are decidedly swinging away from Trump, hard-hitting campaign ads that are powerful, plus signs of lots of discontent running throughout the country.  We can’t offer assurances Uncle Joe can make America great again, but we do know he’s going to try, whereas with Trump we already know he will only make things worse.  There were lots of good articles about the campaigns in recent days:

Bunker Don Should Be a Hit!
We tend to post classic old hits here at the bottom.  Well, this is a new song that will never be a hit, but perhaps it should be.  With the week he had, Trump would have been better off staying hunkered down inside his bunker.  This came from a reply we received: