I honestly believe there was a time the echo-audience was comprised of law-abiding, God-fearing, sensibly-conservative, patriotic Americans, until they unwittingly fell in line with the delusional extremism dished out by the echo.  Once they got so thoroughly indoctrinated into that uncompromising far-right nihilism, parroting the echo which turned many of them into raving lunatics with totally impractical viewpoints, they adopted radicalized ideologies, hardcore policy agendas and self-destructive voting patterns which were practically treasonous (whether they realize it or not).  Allegiance to the echo and wanting to make America great again just doesn’t square, no matter what echo-fans think.  We can’t ban voting based on stupidity, so our best hope is in trying to better inform the electorate.  That’s one reason I respectfully request you please share these messages.

Besides extreme policies and an abhorrence to bipartisanship, another surefire coming example of echo-brainwashing is when that time arrives where Mueller hits pay dirt, any American who would excuse proof of a president colluding with a foreign adversary to taint an election must either hate our country, have sacrificed their morals, or have lost their minds.  Such Americans who would give our leader a pass on egregious criminal activity would be spitting on our rule of law and the Constitution through accepting a hideous attack on our democracy.  If that indeed becomes the reaction from hardcore Trumpeters, they would deserve our derision since their toxic mindset is what we’ll be required to defeat in preserving our constitutional system.  Even just based on the loads on circumstantial evidence the public currently knows of, the level of gullibility it takes to think the Russian scandal is a nothing-burger is totally off-the-charts, unless those Trumpeters aren’t paying attention or are being taken for suckers by the echo.

The echo continues their unrelenting push to ignore, distort, deflect or lie about the news.  Trump constantly lies right along with them, from which their bewildering rhetoric have bamboozled much of the GOP base enough to where Trump & his state-run media have basically hijacked the party.  Another example of the disingenuous echo-slant is how they spun healthcare.  They make it sound like this current bill must pass or else we’ll right away get single-payer.  They also blame McConnell when Trump is really at fault.  Trumpcare is in trouble not because of ineffectual top GOP leadership in Congress as the echo claims, but the truth is it’s a bad bill they’re trying to push through on a party-line basis.  Trumpcare looks deader than a doornail unless Trump can use his rumored great negotiating skills to twist the arms of a couple lady Senators & pass this current mess of a bill here in September, or in taking a long-range approach reaching out to Dem leadership as he did with DACA & start negotiating a bipartisan remedy.

Other rightwing fake-media indiscretions revealed inside the links below include the echo lying about the Trump wiretapping lie, proving they have no shame by following up one lie with another.  There’s news of the Fox fake-news network not only having their well-known internal culture of moral debauchery, but their morning & evening shows ignore the real news by offering up misinformation of mind-numbing ineptitude catering to an audience trained to believe most anything from far-right sources, since they apparently lack the wisdom & discernment to think for themselves & see through the inane messaging manipulations.  Other dangerous echo-sources include talk radio, Drudge, Breitbart, Sinclair, the alt-right & all manner of fake news designed to get those doting conservative audiences to believe alternative facts as the echo wants to define them, with our President actually endorsing these false messaging sources & governing our nation based on it.  Trump & echo-hosts are professional entertainers, having never displayed the ability to rise to the level of responsible governing & making cogent policies.  That’s why their supporters, the Trumpeters & echo-fans, need warned & have their beliefs challenged through the perspectives gained by these articles.

I have no idea whether this show will be as radicalized as the ones preceding it….but I sense it can’t possibly be that bad.  It’s bound to be an improvement over Sucker Tucker replays….


Especially informative for those locked inside the echo-bubble & aren’t being told the truth….Trump & the echo have falsely demonized media sources like CNN….


Kudos to Cubs fan

This week he included the link to an article in his email reply, which provided text from a recent Morning Joe show talking about the popularity among the public of DACA & how the echo wants to put an end to the dream of Dreamers.  Steve Schmidt was a guest commentator on the show & absolutely tore into the echo brilliantly.  As much as I peruse the newsfeeds, this was an article I would have missed without Cubs fan’s help, so we should all be grateful he found this.  With all the articles he’s ever sent out, these might be easily the most logical comments we’ve seen from him.  If he keeps sending such insightful commentary, I won’t feel compelled to call Cubs fan a “dotard.”

Schmidt accurately points out what a destructive force the echo truly is to the GOP, our nation and all Americans, in that their my way or the highway approach is the main reason we can’t get anything productive done.  By recognizing the toxic nature of the echo along with the realization they only cater to a small minority of the nation, in returning to regular order where bipartisan solutions are pursued & encouraged, as Steve comments we can break their backs & put them out of business.  To save America, there is no longer any other option but to dismiss the echo & drive conservative ideology back from the extreme right, so governing is once again possible & we can start fixing our myriad of problems.  The rest of this section (the next 3 paragraphs) is the text of what Schmidt said on the show which should be read by all, especially echo-fans.  We must wake them up & show them how they’ve been duped!!!….

And what we’re going to find is if these guys don’t bend is that this group of people who have so dominated our politics, injected this anger, this vitriol, they’re powerless. Put them out of business. That’s what the opportunity right now for this country is.”  You put them out of business by [not] pretending they have actual influence. That there is a majority of people in this country who subscribe to these absurd positions that are propagated on Breitbart, on the talk radio wing of the Republican party. […] They’re not looking to strike deals with him. They’re looking to dominate him. They’re looking to dominate, to dictate, to mandate that the Republicans embrace positions that the overwhelming majority of these people up there endowed with any level of common sense know are absurd, know are bad for the country. […] This is the moment to break their backs.

There are dozens of issues that fall under this category where 65, 70, 80% of the American people are on the common sense side of the solution and just want there to be an honest debate that’s mathematically-based when it comes to budget. I think Donald Trump watched the health care debacle play out, watched the threats of a government shutdown, the default on the full faith and credit of the United States. You know, a faction of the Republican Party has had a gun to the head of the country on defaulting on the country’s credit, its full faith, you know, for years now. And it was finally enough. Now, I think that the bar has fallen so low that keeping the government open and not defaulting on our debt for the first time in the history of the country is considered some type of achievement. I’m not ready to say that we’re at the dawn of a new golden age of American governance here, but that there might be some dialogue, there might be some opportunity to deal with some pressing national issues. I think is [sic] a good sign. But what we’re about to see here is a lot of screaming, a lot of yelling, a lot out of histrionics out of the, out of this right-wing media-entertainment-wing of the Republican Party.

You put them out of business by pretending they have actual influence. That there is a majority of people in this country who subscribe to these absurd positions that are propagated on Breitbart, on the talk radio wing of the Republican Party. What, what… Paul Ryan’s a good guy. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s weak. And he doesn’t understand how to wield political power. He has a powerful office, and he doesn’t understand, I think, the nature of the fight he’s in against the Bannon wing of the Republican Party. They’re not looking to compromise with him. They’re not looking to strike deals with him. They’re looking to dominate him. They’re looking to dominate, to dictate, to mandate that the Republicans embrace positions that the overwhelming majority of these people up there endowed with any level of common sense know are absurd, know are bad for the country. And so once the power is exposed as, is that it’s Potemkin, that it’s illusory, we get back to the business of governing the country again. This is the moment to break their backs. Paul Ryan better wake up to the reality that he’s in a existential fight for the future of the Republican Party. And if he doesn’t, not only is he not going to be speaker for very much longer, Republicans are likely to lose their majority in 2018 and then the Democrats will be able to bring legislation to the floor including possible impeachment.

Economy section

Trump got elected largely due to anti-establishment voters wanting him to clean house and run DC more like a business, but what we’re getting are his crony capitalists filling the swamp with Trump seemingly presiding over an insane asylum.  Maybe that’s why there is no coherent message and no major legislative wins, which instead we’re seeing a constant stream of chaos and controversy.  Trump was a master during the campaign of articulating the problems and making bold promises how he alone could fix things, but as we’ve seen he’s in way over his head and doesn’t have the first clue what to do now that he’s in the White House.  So he keeps campaigning since that’s what he knows, but it’s not leading and not governing.  All he’s trying to do is keep his base in line, but as it’s turned out he’s a much more divisive president than even I feared he might be.

I’d ordinarily say a bill like Trumpcare that’s so flawed and disliked would have no chance of passage, so why bother.  But they attempted to rush something through, as word has it a major factor is big GOP donors have become so disgusted with party politicians’ broken promises and failure to get things done, it’s affecting the amount of contributions coming into party coffers.  But GOP leaders are having a difficult time articulating & selling the people on why this bill is an improvement over Obamacare.  Among the difficulties in the details are the number who’d be thrown off the health insurance rolls, preexisting conditions and individual states taking a big hit on funding.  Sure, there are worthy objectives like reducing the number on Medicaid since many are abusing the system, if we could only craft together a bill which could solve more of the problems than it creates.  Some pragmatic GOP politicians really have been working on bipartisan bills with input from Dems which are far better than this current bill.  Or if we can’t agree on something better, why not fix what we have?

This all really amounts to our top political leadership putting their time and thoughts into something that’s mostly much ado about nothing.  It’s bickering about replacing one bad plan with another, without committing to hammer out the bipartisan solution really needed to fix this.  So in essence they’re still playing politics & not governing (Chuck Grassley basically admits this is more about politics than policy).  They’re simply trying to justify their long-running 8-year lie.  And assuredly, Trump has no idea what’s in the bill or its implications.  Plus “The Maverick” continues to prove he’s a true American hero, despite Trump once dismissing that hero status “because he was captured.”  Many of his Senate colleagues more than ever secretly regard him as a hero, since it looks like their names won’t be attached to whatever would have become of this monstrosity.  It’s time we realize none of the Trumpcare proposals so far really get at the core of the problem, which is the escalating costs of our medical care, including pharmaceuticals.  Chances are good their tax cut bill will turn out equally tone deaf & impossible to sell to the public.  And with all these distractions, might Trump be taking his eye off Puerto Rico, Florida & Texas recoveries & risk pulling a debacle like George W. did on Katrina/New Orleans?

We must create a new economy, something designed to help the forgotten working man, so they have the means to participate/benefit from a more inclusive work environment and growing economy.  The basic problem is most families’ living expenses keep rising faster than their wages.  Although I do believe in progressive taxation far more than trickle-down, I mostly don’t advocate for a liberal-type redistributionist agenda, but that’s where we’re headed if we don’t find a way to fix free-market capitalism for the working class.  Distressed, angry & budget-strapped voters are just about ready to opt for a leader with a Bernie-inspired socialist bent if they continue to sense the system is rigged against them.  The GOP has a narrow window of opportunity to do something bold & prove they’re putting us on the right economic path, which so far we’ve seen zero signs of it.  The links here start out with a few articles on the struggling working class, many articles on Trump’s tone-deaf tax & healthcare proposals, with a hodgepodge of links at the bottom with various interesting perspectives.  I recall “Black Monday” in this first article & our manufacturing base has never been the same.

He could be the host of his own echo-show

This short bit from the Naked Gun movie, when Leslie Nielsen shouts out “nothing to see here,” it resembles echo shows on Fox fake-news or talk radio that keep insisting nothing to see here with the Mueller probe, despite smoke, fire & explosions going on all around.  Can’t you just picture it?  It’s virtually identical to Insanity Hannity telling his viewers to ignore all the smoke & flames coming from the Russian scandal….