With a revised evening lineup of Sucker Tucker, Insanity Hannity & Laura Ingrate, Fox fake-news has committed to three straight hours of hyper-partisan rubbish, conspiratorial filth and unrelenting lies enough to transform one’s brain to mush.  That gives Fox viewers a daily dose of brainwashing morning & night.  It’s toxic to a person’s political savvy and understanding.  To protect our mental health, liberals & conservatives alike should be forewarned of the far-right radicalized poisons which ceaselessly spew from the TV network that has bought into the worst of the talk radio shows and internet sites which for years have spread the evil-echo extremism.  Considering the new evening lineup along with the deranged milk-toast trash coming from their breakfast show, Fox & Friendless, it’s devolved to the point when in television history there’s never been any news/political network so consistently deceptive, dishonest & disingenuous….& wrong!  No other TV station has ever come close!  Those are not conservative shows, it’s nothing but sheer stupidity.


Of course, we’ve always seen such lying propaganda coming from state-run medias in countries like Russia, China and North Korea, but it’s never before happened here in America.  That’s why this false echo in conjunction with Trump are such a legitimate danger to our democracy.  It’s also why our traditional media needs protected.  They may well be left-leaning & out to get Trump, but as real journalists with real sourcing they represent one of the last lines of defense against our nation sliding into fascism.  As I keep saying, don’t think it couldn’t happen here!  Should real journalists be ridiculed, dismissed and/or not believed by nearly half the population, our democracy will be teetering on the edge.  If we let the right-wing propaganda echo overrun the real news, by the time most realize we’re falling into authoritarianism it may be too late.  Better we make a preemptive strike now by warning others about the perils of Fox fake-news, since that network has never been worse.  The cultish nature of echo-world is as illusionary as it is scary.  There still are some logical conservative commentators with the Fox network, but increasingly are being drowned out or slanted in their views from the echo tidal wave tainting what their audience is trained to believe.


And it really is a shame there’s so few pragmatic center-right voices out there, just when we need them the most.  But I guess the conservative audience has gotten hooked on & conditioned to swallow the bombastic hardcore fanaticism.  Apparently, wild conspiracies & contrived tribalism rhetoric, along with over-the-top demonization of all opposition, are far more entertaining than a rational discussion of policies.  It is indeed true when they say people believe lies once they’ve heard them over & over again, with millions in the echo-audience being taken in after hearing the likes of Dimbulb & Insanity for so many years.  Yes, even Dimbulb & Insanity have shifted way right over the years into delusion-land to keep their edge over numerous echo-competitors who’ve cropped up.  So whereas once upon a time years ago they were worthy counters to the mainstream media, but that was before they went off the deep end.  That race for ratings by such shock entertainers (not journalists) have manifested itself with a mindset inside the GOP base who’ve totally lost sight of what it takes to govern.  The resulting obstruction & gridlock have hurt all of us by hurting America when we incapacitate leadership.


As Fox and the echo lie through their teeth over all the suspicious evidence over Russia, even today lying beyond comprehension over the significance of Mueller being wiretapped, we’re also seeing the Fox internal culture of male sexual predators on the loose rear its ugly head again (as sexual predators, no wonder they’re in bed with the like-minded Trump).  Even going beyond sexual harassment, we’re now seeing rape allegations in the articles below.  It’s why I’ve tabbed them as the evil empire, whether it’s their enabling of sexual depravity or their twisted on-air messaging, the network has turned into a vile cesspool of debauchery.  If this renegade version of conservatism represented by the echo isn’t suppressed, the GOP will eventually die under the weight of a misinformed base.

So check out these articles which reveal Fox & the rest of the echo as truly the fake news and regular purveyors of deception.

Echo thought-shapers know “discord drives passion”….which is very bad for governance, America & the American people.  The first step towards fixing our nation is in rejecting the extreme voices of bombast from the echo which promote tribal divisions that are tearing our nation apart….


Lest I remind you….Puerto Rico & the U.S. Virgin Islands are U.S. territories with Americans living there.  Those desperate people are going to need help much like Florida & Texas residents, & they’ll need it fast.  Mexico has also been dealing with massive earthquakes.  Times like these with all the natural disasters bringing on such suffering, plus the dangerous nuclear threat, it almost seems as though the world is falling apart.  Perhaps we are living in the last days.  This new monster Cat 5 hurricane is about to hit & it doesn’t look good….

Economy section

​Even as a center-right conservative, the standard agenda & policy positions of most conservatives have shifted so dramatically to the far-right since the advent of the tea party & proliferation of the echo, us center-righter’s are aligned closer in recent years to the progressive left than what has typically become of conservatism.  That’s another way of saying for now we’re left without a party.  There’s a gaping hole in the center with our current polarized environment which no party currently fills.  But is it any wonder why center-right conservatives like myself can no longer support the party of which we’ve been lifelong backers?  Just look at this current list of GOP positions which illustrates how badly the party has lost its way.


  • Stagnant wages: GOP offers nothing viable to address this ongoing problem.
  • Skills mismatch: A primary cause of stagnant wages, again the GOP offers nothing in the way of upping our game on urgently-needed educational reforms & job training.
  • Unfair trade: Another villain in stagnant wages, for a long time the GOP has pushed unfettered free trade which our trade partners took advantage & jobs were outsourced, whereas the Trumpian wing now looks to overcompensate with protectionist policies which would ignite trade wars, so the party can’t seem to find that happy medium.
  • Too cozy with Wall Street over Main Street: Pushing for financial deregulations could return us to the same perils which brought on the financial collapse nearly a decade ago.  Wall Street has far more clout & control over the GOP than Main Street, contributing to the widening wage/wealth gaps.
  • Weakened antitrust laws: As purveyors of big corporate interests & big multinational conglomerates, the GOP has actually stymied competition through free markets by allowing the big players to smother small competitors, effectively establishing oligopolies throughout many industries within a crony capitalist system, where power is consolidated through political leadership being in cahoots with large corporate entities.  It leaves small businesses & the working class divvying up the few scraps that remain.
  • Unfettered free markets: The GOP with their libertarian/tea party streak running through them has always advocated for a hands-off approach.  Problem is, in our new global/high-tech economy, the middle/working class are being trampled & need political leadership to intervene in creating a feasible foundation for shared economic growth & upward mobility.  That would require bold new thinking, but the GOP’s general do-nothing attitude only allows our problems to fester & grow worse.
  • Wealthy donors: Both parties are guilty, but particularly with the GOP those big money players are given preferential treatment over the middle class (their constituents).
  • Tax reform: The GOP still can’t seem to let go of tax cuts at the top trickling down to everyone else, decades obsolete.  With our evolving uneven economy, tax reform must target more of a bottom-up approach rather than top-down.
  • Deficits: Supposedly the more fiscally responsible party, the GOP with those tax cut ideas seem willing to grow deficits which will far outpace economic growth.  They’ve also failed to rouse up the smarts & courage to articulate any meaningful entitlement reforms, since meaningful deficit reductions can’t be done without tweaking the retirement programs consuming the majority of our federal budgets.
  • Health care: While most of the rest of the free world offer some type of universal coverage, whereas whatever hodgepodge system America now has leads to medical costs double the % of GDP compared with other countries with no appreciable improvement in outcomes, the GOP still doubles down on their private insurance options.  Instead of fixing Obamacare or seeking bipartisan reform, they’re trying to sneak through their own bill which largely doesn’t address the real problems.
  • Immigration reform: Long overdue & needed, instead the GOP zeroes in on the narrow ideas of an immigration band & build that wall.  Permanent solutions for DACA to clarify the status of Dreamers must be enacted, but just rounding them up for deportation & ripping families apart is heartless.
  • Gun control: We do need to protect the 2nd Amendment, but the way the GOP is in the pocket of the NRA squashes even the discussion of background checks or automatic weapons.  It’s just way too easy for those with mental conditions or predisposed to radical ideologies to buy a gun.
  • Dirty Money: The GOP is generally supportive of Citizens United, which falsely equates money with free speech.  It gives Super PACs undue power to influence elections while weakening the people’s voice, plus also making political leadership even more beholden to big donors & special interests.
  • Gerrymandering: The convoluted drawn up districts are probably the biggest reason the House is overrun with extremists, pivotal in enabling polarization, obstruction, gridlock & not fixing our problems.  The GOP is the party most opposed to bipartisan commissions or other sensible remedies for making districts competitive again between Dems & GOP, rather than districts drawn to favor one extreme or the other so the hyper-partisans can win seats, bringing with them the crazy nihilistic, intransigent, uncompromising politics.
  • Voter suppression: A favorite trick of the GOP, with the current voter fraud panel nothing more than a ruse.  ​

Is that enough reasons not to support the GOP any longer?  Can anyone really believe they’re working on our behalf?  I could go on & on with my list.  It’s why there is a real need to fix the GOP & return them to sanity in encouraging responsible governing by the party leadership, which is what America needs.  As a center-right conservative I could cobble together an equally disgusting list for the Dems, but why waste my breath?  To me, our best hope for fixing DC & our nation is to fix the GOP.  To have a party representing the people, they should do whatever it takes!  It could mean pushing more progressive taxation instead of supply-side trickle down, advancing public-private partnerships for better education, job training & apprenticeships, aggressive policies which help finance small business & entrepreneurship, incrementally raising minimum wage without an immediate spike to $15, expansion of EITC, wire up the entire nation with high-speed broadband, needed infrastructure upgrades creating construction jobs, advanced R&D, & so forth.  But most of all we must seek transformative ideas truly targeting the obvious difficulties.  In today’s GOP, we see a party that the echo have dragged far to the right, while circumstances have dramatically changed in this new century where the pendulum has swung substantially against the working middle class, so the GOP should join the fight to swing it back.  Currently, they are not.


Until we finally see details that indicate otherwise, it appears issues like tax reform & Trumpcare that Trump & the GOP Congress are still trying to push through, are nothing more than keeping campaign promises & putting points on the scoreboard, not really doing something to help the economy & the American people.  In the meantime, Trump seems more committed to sabotaging Obamacare rather than fixing it, while a GOP Congress actually has an outside chance of pushing through their new plan since they’re embarrassed about not keeping their promise to repeal & replace.  So there’s a last-ditch attempt to sneak through something which on the surface looks like no improvement over Obamacare, when the only lasting solution must come instead from a bipartisan agreement, something DC seems hopelessly incapable of.  So this Hail Mary of a new healthcare proposal sounds like it’s September or bust, although the public doesn’t like it & no CBO score would be ready.  Trump is also making claims about tax reform that certainly won’t match the realities of what is about to be proposed.  It’s impossible to cut taxes by as much as he claims without spiking deficits or cutting programs which are politically untenable to cut.


In the links below in addition to the battles over tax cuts & health care, are the updates on our ongoing economic malaise which Americans keenly feel but many statistics like the unemployment rates & stock markets belie.  Men’s incomes are basically where they were 40 years ago.  Capitalism itself is now on trial as such a large % fall through the cracks.  Most now consider the American Dream elusive or unattainable.  This, in the richest nation in the history of the world, now find a majority of families existing paycheck-to-paycheck.  That is unacceptable!  We need big bold thinking, but the lack of innovative ideas coming out of DC is stunning!  The first several links here do an excellent job of articulating what the problems are, the same issues which Trump effectively spoke to & got him elected, but he had no real solutions.  And doing nothing is the wrong solution.  We need to start the discussions which can focus in & find those solutions!  But successfully doing so must be done by taking partisan politics out of it….

What a run!….Here’s hoping they play like that on a run through the World Series….



And if you think the Tribe’s streak was exciting….look at how dominant the Browns have become!  It’s also the first time in 5 years they’ve been favored in a road game (only due to Colts QB being injured)….


Doesn’t it just seem like things are going CRAZY!!!!….

​Hurricanes, earthquakes, threats of nuclear war, a disappearing middle class & White House under criminal investigation, it really is crazy….​