Evil-Echo Empire Features Fox News Lies…. After supporting the GOP for a lifetime, I simply cannot support a party given over to an evil mindset from being controlled by Trump & the echo.  The GOP is in trouble from their own making, originally embracing their far-right nihilistic media (the echo) for selfish purposes, which soon ran amok & out of control, promoting hardcore radical positions & helping elect incompetent extremists, first in Congress & then the White House.  The party is also aligned with outdated policies as they do the bidding for Wall St. & big corporate interests more than the people.  The only thing saving their hide is the Dems failing to come up with a cogent/coherent message.  We are witnessing America’s first alternate-galaxy presidency, where fact is separated from reality & they try to convince us of that false reality.  They’re mostly successful with their base since Fox & the echo play along.  Rather than report on real truths, they just feed their audiences the tribal narratives they want to hear.  GOP politicians are now afraid of their own shadows, terrified of Trump, the echo & their own base.

We could fix the GOP, but unfortunately with a base being led around by the nose through the echo, that base are enablers to the rancid policy agenda & alternative facts buffoonery.  The Fox News lies in conjunction with Trump perpetuating those lies have led millions astray.  It’s terribly problematic that echo-crowd doesn’t have the knowledge, discernment & political savvy to see through all the lies & conspiracies they’re being fed, as Fox & the echo play their customers like a fiddle.  Anybody of reasonable intelligence with a basic understanding of the world & politics should be able to see through the lies, but those who can’t need our help.  It’s incumbent upon us who’ve chosen the rational & not the radical side to try convincing others of the pragmatic facts, which the blog site The Voracs is one tool you can use to share with others.  We should make the concerted effort with the stakes being so high, needing to try helping conservatives wean themselves off the echo with more accurate & balanced information, or else America may experience a steady demise under the weight of their own disunity & extremism.

I keep saying Fox has 3 hours in the idiot zone in the early morning, with another 3 hours in the evening.  As to those who tune into that fool Hannity, I can only say it takes one to believe one.  The times I’ve heard Carlson, he comes across as a sexist, racist, bigoted pig.  And dingbat Laura Ingraham is losing sponsors over her mocking of David Hogg for being rejected by colleges: laura-ingraham-mocks-david-hogg-parkland-fox-news.  And unfortunately, Trump governs based on the morning show.  I’d say it’d be enormously beneficial if we all would boycott the advertising sponsors on all the shows in the idiot zone; that being Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham & Fox & Friends.  Think about that, Fox puts out 6 hours of crap on a daily basis, so consider how much better America could become if their sponsors stop advertising & their viewers stop watching.  That alone might help unify the nation & get the country back on track!  Shows like Shep, Baier, Wallace & even Cavuto are fine, but most of the others are garbage.  And as a bizarre obsession Fox just can’t give up, they keep bringing up Hillary even though she’s long past holding public office, since for more than 25 years she’s been a key enemy the echo has constantly trashed & taught their fans to hate: the-most-important-woman-in-the-news-recently-hillary-clinton-at-least-at-fox.

I invite you to peruse the links to the articles.  The first group in the Related Articles follow the basic theme of Trump corrupts all those he touches.  His GOP sycophants & echo puppets march to his orders, which we’ve seen it play out the way they attack the free press, intelligence agencies & the courts: republicans-declare-war-on-the-courts-after-rulings-that-threaten-their-majorities.  It’s the same basic recipe used by other fascist autocratic regimes around the world, but never did we think it might also afflict America.  As I keep saying, don’t think it couldn’t happen here, & with Trump & his compliant echo we could be facing the perfect storm.  A charismatic/mesmerizing leader propped up by Fox News lies, given power through a cultish base trusting them implicitly without a hint of doubt.  It’s actually scary.

In the group of links on Fox News lies we always post twice per week, it’s hard to read those regularly & not come to realize the network is deceitful & evil.  There are no depths they won’t stoop to spin their false narratives & fool their audiences into believing the autocratic leader they bow to can do no wrong.  Fox is actually complicit in Trump’s strong-arm tactics tearing away at the fabric of our democracy.  By bending over backwards to cover up what may be proven to be a criminal enterprise operating out of the White House, Fox & the rest of the echo are following Trump’s lead in attacking & smearing the reputations of loyal public servants, those with lead roles assigned to keep us safe in departments like the DOJ & FBI.  They’re caught in the crossfire since they stand in the way of the evil echo getting at Robert Mueller.  With Trump’s nod, lately the attacks have turned directly on Mueller, who is above reproach, but since he represents the #1 threat to Trump’s presidency, get ready for a barrage of lies & conspiracies designed to defame Mueller’s reputation & character: The-Anatomy-of-a-Fox-News-Story-Or-How-to-Lie-without-Lying.

See the following excerpt from robert-reich-trump-using-fox-news-prepare-battle:

What’s worrying isn’t that Trump is now getting policy advice from fanatics like and Lawrence Kudlow. Trump has never cared about public policy. The real worry is that—with Robert Mueller breathing down his neck, and several special elections suggesting a giant “blue wave” in November—Trump is getting ready to do whatever it takes to win, even if that requires fanatical policy. Trump’s presidency has been, first and foremost, about marketing Trump. It’s what Trump has done for his entire adult life. He doesn’t know how to do anything else, nor is he interested. Now that he’s being pushed into a corner, he’s reorganizing his team for an epic marketing battle. This requires purging naysayers from his Cabinet and White House staff because naysayers are terrible at marketing, and replacing them with tried-and-true salespeople, like Bolton and Kudlow.


Fox News—Trump’s propaganda arm—is being reorganized for the same battle. Fox News has been engaged in a parallel purge—removing Trump critics like George Will, Megyn Kelly, and Rich Lowry, and installing Trump marketers like Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, and Sebastian Gorka. Trump and Fox News are pushing exactly the same story line—both, to boost ratings. Some of the story is by now familiar: Liberals have opened America to hostile forces—unauthorized immigrants, Muslims, Chinese traders, criminal gangs, drug dealers, government bureaucrats, coastal elites (Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi), North Korea, Iran, and “political correctness” in all its forms. The new twist to the story—requiring the recent purges and a united front—is that these forces are conspiring with the FBI to oust Trump from the presidency. The membrane separating Trump’s brain from Fox News has always been thin, but in the battle to come it will disappear entirely. We all know Trump watches an inordinate amount of Fox News—beginning in the wee hours with “Fox and Friends,” which provides much of the fodder for his morning tweets.

In the link group on evangelicals, unlike a lot of Christians, I was consistent in that I supported the impeachment of President Clinton, & once the evidence comes out from Mueller I will almost certainly be supporting the impeachment of President Trump.  And I vote for a president based on leadership qualities, moral integrity & overall policies, not some single issue like abortion.  As an evangelical, I’m baffled & disheartened so many of my brethren voted for & still support such a moral degenerate.  The spirit of deception & obvious hypocrisy emanating from the white evangelical church are likely to do permanent damage to the faith.  When a deal is cut with the devil, they can’t very well be an emissary on behalf of a holy God.  The world is watching & appalled at what they’re seeing.  These excerpts come from christians-offer-trump-cheap-grace:


EvangelicalChristians, who have long been among the most vocal critics of public vice — Pat Robertson, James Dobson and Jerry Falwell all aired strident critiques of President Bill Clinton during his years in office — are in a particularly tense position. On the one hand, churchgoing white evangelicalsare among Trump’s most loyal supporters. On the other, there’s simply no way to square the way the president lives with the cultural vision these Christians seem to share. One could always say nothing when faced with a lose-lose proposition. But evangelicals have instead come to Trump’s defense. Trump was promised “a mulligan” by Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. “Evangelicals believe in the grace principle; they’re willing to allow him grace,” said David Brody, co-author of the unlikely book “The Faith of Donald Trump.” So much for a temporary, strategic bargain exchanging reluctant support for Supreme Court justices with the same evangelical zeal for morality in public life. Evangelicals are not simply offering Trump votes but embracing him fully. Many more anonymous evangelicals have intimated the same position in polls: According to one recent survey, while evangelical Christians briefly withdrew their approval from the president following the initial revelation of his affair with Daniels, their approval rates are already back up, in a strange showing of spiritual amnesia.


This has brought about all the usual accusations religious people encounter all the time: that faith is a font of hypocrisy, that all principles are negotiable for the right price, that rich-enough men can get away with anything, and shame on the women they get away with. Commentators have advised evangelicals to think about the sort of trade they’re making by letting Trump off easy: “Evangelicals could wind up losing the overall fight for moral authority over the country and the world,” Eugene Scott warned, presciently, in The Post this year. Michael Gerson likewise predicted that “close ties to Trump will eventually be disastrous to causes that evangelicals care about” and that such easy apologia poses a grave threat to the “reputation of faith itself.”

German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer might have identified this convenient display of clemency as “cheap grace” — “the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance,” the extension of “grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ.” 


In these excerpts from mellman-evangelicals-meet-partisanship we see in just 5 short years, the percentage of white evangelicals who believe a public official’s job performance is not negatively impacted by personal moral failings went from 30% to 72%.  Looks like their values shift based on political partisanship, not God’s moral guidance:

These and other evangelical leaders wanted Clinton impeached, convicted and removed from office. Their position, they asserted, was based on fundamental values. As one leader wrote, “Most evangelicals consider what Bill Clinton did … an undermining of … the moral and biblical principles on which [our Constitution] is based … evangelicals are values-based voters, values based on biblical morality … evangelicals believe in moral absolutes.” These “values” were reflected in poll data. As recently as 2011, only 30 percent of white evangelicals believed “an elected official who commits an immoral act in their personal life can still behave ethically and fulfill their duties in their public and professional life,” according to a Public Religion Research Institute poll.


Enter Donald Trump. We need not rehash his myriad moral failings in detail. Suffice it to say that he engaged in any number of extramarital affairs, not to mention the behavior described, and the vocabulary used, in the infamous “Entertainment Tonight” tape, as well as in scores of tweets and conversations. Trump lied to and misled his wives. He caused parents heartburn about what kids were hearing on TV. He engaged in adultery and sexual harassment. Neither honesty nor moral integrity are his calling cards. In short, whatever one thinks of Clinton, Trump’s transgressions are certainly as bad, and, in truth, worse. So, if evangelicals’ concerns are in fact based on moral absolutes, they should be at least as distraught with Trump as they were with Clinton, if not more so. They aren’t. And it’s not just the leadership who’ve become silent accomplices. The number of white evangelicals who believe personal moral failings are not disqualifying for a public official rose 42 points, to 72 percent, in 5 years. This revolutionary change in evangelical attitudes reveals, once again, the power of partisanship to structure our beliefs.

Views from the far-left….
I agree with some of this & the rest of the Kos goes too far, so please review the link menu inside the Related Articles.  It’s the rightwing echo-fans who are the ones needing to read these, not that they would, but it could help balance their extremist opinions they keep learning from their own side.  To make America a better nation, we just need to shift the standard conservative thinking from the radical right to the not-quite-as-radical right….