More Proof of a Wanna-Be Dictator…Unleashed from impeachment, an unhinged Trump has become more corrupt & criminalized than ever!  His gestapo-head AG Barr is fully engaged in protecting our president’s lawless behavior, along with intervening to protect their evil criminal henchmen.  Those who’ve always pooh-poohed my warnings our country may be headed for dictatorial fascism, the Trump gang keeps proving to us with every move the risks are very real! 
Below in the links we see reports on Trump & his gestapo going after law-abiding patriots like Vindman, while lawbreakers like Stone they look to give a pass.  In our new world the rule of law no longer exists, since our leadership has established new rules whereby legalities or criminalities are strictly determined by the degree of complete loyalty to the American fuhrer:
Part 2
We’re Facing an Imminent Threat!…Trump couldn’t possibly achieve this full-frontal assault on our constitutional democracy all by himself.  All his Trump-loving, tyranny-wanting sycophants are fully behind whatever lawless acts their mob boss desires, including key aides, GOP politicians, echo-pundits & Trumpeter base enabling the iron-fisted demagogic leadership carried out every day by our fuhrer.  Going after their enemies means propagating lies & conspiracies against them, which members of the corrupted & brainwashed Trumpian party uniformly believe the false information that’s constantly dished out.  Believing the lies is the surest path to fascism facing America, which our nation may be well on that path!  Shining the light of truth on those lies is the only defense against it, but pro-Trump forces have no interest in the truth. 
Meanwhile, long-time civil servants who have sworn an oath & assigned with the daunting task of protecting democratic freedoms, they’re under risk of being purged for having the courage to do their jobs.  We post these links like seen below in providing a clear understanding of the real dangers we’re now facing, the likes of which have never been seen before in America.  Please no false equivalencies with any other politician relative to Trump, since there are no comparisons!  And if we let our Bill of Rights & precious freedoms evaporate, don’t be too sure we’ll ever get them back.  Our president’s authoritarian personality traits along with his entire political party falling in line behind him is something we’ve seen throughout history when other tyrannical dictatorships formed:  
The Crazies in the Echo & Base Backing Trump
Part 3
The Economy…Looking big picture beyond the headline stats, this purported great economy is hardly even mediocre when we dig deeper.  Hiding behind glowing stats showing plenty of jobs are available, simply disguises the reality most of those jobs pay crap!