Part 1 – Crimes From On High
These are crazy, uncertain, dangerous times!  We request you review & share this important information, since we’re going through the most pivotal times any of us have ever experienced & an informed citizenry is the best hope we have.  There are misguided opposing forces all over out there who would steal our precious rights & freedoms away from us if given their druthers, so I reason the most important single endeavor we can undertake from now til Nov. 3rd is to provide the real facts to other voters.  That’s why we do this blog!  Please join us on this noble quest, since as a nation if we make the same monumental blunder as what happened in Nov. 2016, there’s a high likelihood our constitutional democracy will disintegrate into some tyrannical form that none of us would want.
As we’ve been posting here in Part 1 for years, there is overwhelming rock-solid evidence from the thousands of articles seen in this blog detailing how Trump has committed multiple felonies.  It’s seen right here in our archives.  These links below from this past week only add to the suspicions, as the reports in the recent news reveal potential bank fraud, wire fraud, business fraud, insurance fraud, tax fraud & mortgage fraud.  That’s a whole lot of possible fraud!  Despite what Trump might think in his delusional grandiose mind, he certainly doesn’t belong on Rushmore.  We keep finding these links for you from major news sources to help erase any doubt about his criminal nature & unfitness for office:
Part 2 – Rampant Assault on Democracy
We see it happening practically on a daily basis, all the corruption, underhanded tactics, illegalities & assaults on our Constitution that are the common threads running rampant throughout Trump world.  Whether he destroys our free society through fascism or destroys us in other ways: & also see, the bottom line is he must be stopped!  We keep putting articles like these at the top of Part 2 because the gigundous indiscretions just keep piling up from the Trump administration, which Americans need to comprehend the extent such devious leadership has our democracy teetering on the edge. 
For those citizens content to waste their lives away by spending any precious free time watching their favorite sitcoms or reality TV shows, they’re failing to grasp the seriousness of the moment.  We have less than 3 months to encourage people to vote & make them aware of the lurking threats represented by this current presidency.  He’s completely unfit for office & detached from reality:  There are always tons of links in any of our blog posts, but such is the case with Trump being an unprecedented chaos agent & newsmaker, from which we should all be paying attention & taking this danger very seriously.  America must make the correct choice from now til November, or otherwise by Nov. 4th it will be too late to go back:
Fox Fake News Keeps Dumbing Down Their Low-Information Viewers
Fox & the rest of the echo are now dedicated to extending the cult of Trump another 4 years by smearing his opponent Biden under an avalanche of lies, much like they did for years with his previous presidential opponent Hillary:  It’s character assination backed by no credible evidence:
Here at TheVORACS, we’re dedicated to exposing the lies floating around out there by the conservative media (evil echo).  These talk-show hosts are damn liars & deplorable conspiracy theorists, so they need to be called out, exposed & discredited.  Most of the conservative base have fallen for the lies, so the only way to start uniting our country & fixing our severe problems would be to thoroughly disgrace the asinine propaganda coming from the far-right echo.  So read these accounts of an unhinged TV network who chose to ride the wave of the crazy talk emanating from talk radio & social media for many years, steadily dragging the conservative mindset further & further out on the irrational extreme right:
Another Trip Through the Madhouse!!!
We always have articles toward the bottom of Part 2 exposing a variety of far-right/alt-right extremists, as these delusional nudniks are elevating insanity to a whole new level.  We have to be aware of what these cracked nutheads are up to, even though it can be very aggravating taking a trip through their wacky fact-free world:
Evangelicals Seeking Guidance from their False Gods
The faithful seem to be snookered by whatever their prez says, even somehow believing the preposterous claim when Trump states his opponent Joe Biden will “hurt God.”  If evangelicals were honest with themselves, they could admit if someone were actually capable of hurting God, it would be a person who’s a pathological liar channeling himself after the Father of Lies (John 8:44).  God might also be hurt by an egomaniacal narcissistic bully with no empathy for his fellow human beings, scheming his way through life by cheating anyone he can that lacks the power & means to fight back.  And speaking of cheating, God doesn’t look too kindly at a man who’s a serial cheater against his wives, while also being credibly accused numerous times of abusing & assaulting women.  The hypocrisy in Trump’s statement about Biden is stunning:
The core reason for Trump’s evangelical support is a false promise to the point this writer describes as “willful ignorance:”  As long as evangelical Christians continue to bow in compliance to the president of our country & faith leaders like a president to a prominent evangelical university, those with ZERO integrity & moral character, the faithful are abandoning their core values which is destroying their Christian witness & reputation of the evangelical church.  Yep, please believe me when I say allegiance to a deceptive cult is not the best way for winning souls & attracting people to the faith.  Saving the evangelical church literally could depend on defeating Trump, so we can save evangelicals from themselves in spite of themselves.  Otherwise, this blind worship of a dishonest, corrupt & morally reprehensible earthly leader will continue to drive others away from the church in droves!  We have plenty of articles for evangelicals here:      
Part 3 – There Can Be No Economic Recovery Without First Corralling the Virus
We’re living through the Trump recession or depression.  Yes, Trump is largely to blame for this steep recession that may become a depression, since his mismanagement of the pandemic was integral to why our economy crashed.  Reopening the economy on the path to sustainable recovery could only come about by first getting a handle on Coronavirus, which as a nation we’ve utterly failed to do.  The path to any kind of recovery & normalcy will remain elusive until serious steps are taken to arrest the virus, so we’re nowhere near climbing out of the hole we’re in: & also see
As we’re now in a circumstance where we have to pile on government debt on top of debt without the normal amount of tax revenues coming in, obviously that necessary propping up of the economy is not sustainable for long.  Every possible avenue should be pursued in defeating this virus spread, since that’s the very first step & only near-term option toward any sort of economic rebound.  If the virus keeps strangling our economy, at some point we could reach a tipping point where the whole thing comes crashing down permanently under that mountain of debt.  It’s astounding that our prez rather than fighting this virus with all hands & resources on deck, is practically ignoring this emergency as he’s only trying to wish it away.
Here I describe the anatomy of a set-up, as that mockery of the president swooping in to save the day over the weekend was a circus charade.  I have a theory the GOP members of Congress & White House negotiators have deliberately played hardball on these stimulus negotiations, setting the stage for Trump to ride in on his white horse to make a big splash with his contrived reality TV show.  It’s a strategy the prez probably commanded & orchestrated all along, especially with the fate of his presidency & political fortunes of his minions being inextricably tied to Trump.  No matter how many Americans die, his focus seems entirely on reelection & the optics are everything to him.
If the prez showed any type of leadership, he could have been directly involved in the congressional negotiations & a deal might have been struck before August.  The Dems likely would have come down to $400 per week on unemployment benefits had other demands been met, like fixing entities that remain badly underfunded in helping fight this virus, like state governments, schools & ramped up testing.  Plus his payroll tax cuts are a recipe for fiscal calamity as it could really be an end run to slashing retirement entitlements: & also see  As for spending initiatives, Trump’s executive actions are likely unconstitutional since it’s up to Congress to appropriate the funds, so Trump lacks the legal authority to enforce those orders he just signed.
Taking the longer-term view, the dynamics in play whenever the virus scourge subsides will be no different than our pre-pandemic economy.  Politicians can’t just defer to low unemployment rates or GDP/stock market gains, since that only tells part of the story.  The overriding challenge is the decades-long problem of wage stagnation which relegates workers to a lifetime under financial duress when they aren’t being paid a livable wage.  Such an inexcusable & unconscionable situation is unimaginable for a country that creates such massive wealth as ours, so we must strive for swinging that now out-of-control & imbalanced pendulum back to a place of equilibrium, restoring the American Dream through creating shared growth, upward mobility & opportunity for all.  The Dems’ big spending programs nor the GOP’s do-nothing approach in relying on free markets are not the answer & won’t tackle the core of our dilemma.  The solution is to proactively come up with plans creating better jobs en masse with higher incomes, along with initiatives for restraining the high cost of living in our country.    
Believe me when I say being slaves to some massive multinational conglomerate is not that far removed from being slaves to the state living under a communist regime.  I’ve repeatedly said if we as Americans fail to fix modern-day capitalism for the working class, out of frustration our society will fall into socialism as a last resort.  Likewise, in this age of increasingly unrestrained inequality, if the GOP doesn’t fix itself by abandoning their unabashed capitulation to plutocrats, they may soon cease to be a viable national party:  Tragically, it’s a party that has demonstrably lost their way:  The oligarchs have hijacked & rigged the system in their favor, which as middle class Americans it’s very difficult to take our system back when this crony-capitalist model is fully backed by a major political party.  And every economic policy position Trump has pushed is really designed to benefit the wealthy:
Trump’s judgement & ability to lead have proven to be appalling:  It’s no wonder as a society we’re stuck in the mud.  Our nation desperately needs a fresh start with new leadership before we spiral into oblivion:  The status of the virus is a large unknown for the rest of this year & heading into 2021.  But aside from that, if Biden’s build back better plan can focus on a more inclusive economy along with pledging to preserve & fix health care, that should suffice for victory in November as Trump’s messaging continues to flail away.  And yes, our current prez is largely to blame for our current misery:  The recent economic news is in these links:
Virus Response was Negligent Homicide?
With no federal mandate for a coordinated national testing program & no overall plan whatsoever for fighting this deadly pandemic, in essence Trump has surrendered to the virus.  What’s maddening is not just the needless tragic deaths, but our prez continues to be oblivious & in denial about the facts on the ground, as our nation continues to lead the world in infections & deaths by a wide margin.  We now have 160,000+ dead Americans after six months with that total still rising unabated, so the carnage from this virus is far far far worse than a nasty version of the flu as some have claimed.  Our president who is in charge of channeling the full power & resources of the federal government, after being given ample warnings early on this deadly virus could spiral out of control, basically dismissed, denied & covered up the threat to the point his actions might be considered negligent homicide:
We’ve also just passed the 5 million mark on infections inside our country & those are only the ones we know about.  We need to battle this virus with everything we’ve got, including massive federal funding for more tests & locations, more testing supplies & developing more accurate/convenient tests with much quicker testing results:  We also need leadership from the top levels of the White House forcefully urging precautionary measures like social distancing & mask wearing for everyone.  Those are our only choices until an effective treatment &/or vaccine comes along.  What we don’t need is leadership creating diversions to distract us from this deadly emergency for the sake of political optics.
People are screaming out for leadership to beat this virus, but all we’re getting from this president are lollipops & double-talk.  Our current buffoonish leader keeps making crazy claims, like bragging about what a great job he’s done bringing the virus under control:  He keeps sloughing off the urgency by saying perplexing things like the virus will go away like things go away:  He justifies reopening schools by stating children are practically immune from the virus, another ridiculously blatant lie.  Trump’s leadership performance has been so abysmal, it’s almost on the level as if FDR had surrendered to the Japanese & Germans after Pearl Harbor, or George W. surrendering to Islamic terrorists after 9-11.  The magnitude of this disaster keeps unfolding, greatly worsened by a president who choked & froze when we needed him the most:
Trump’s twisted perceptions were further exposed in the recent Axios interview with Jonathan Swan, where he offered up more head-scratching, mind-boggling, alternate-facts tomfoolery that never made any sense.  And every time he claims we have the virus under control, the reality is COVID is still controlling us.  As Swan questioned the prez about our death counts that are the worst in the world, the response was it is what it is: & also see  And what it is hasn’t been at all good:  This snippet from the interview was truly pathetic:  There’s no denying, our prez does take the title for the most bungled response to the worldwide virus crisis:

It’s clear whatever the prez is saying, it’s usually the exact opposite that’s true.  His delusional fairy tales are so preposterous, it seems as though he’s mentally out to lunch.  And the Trump campaign wants to question Biden’s mental acuity?  In having the most serious & important responsibility of any American president in nearly a century, we’ve seen this prez shrivel up into nothingness as he has totally dropped the ball in doing his job.  So despite those repeated warnings he received early this year when the virus was first spreading here, plus the data in recent months showing the infections, hospitalizations & deaths had spun out of control, Trump continues to do practically nothing!  As a consequence with the huge number of unnecessary lost lives & an economy that’s fallen off a cliff, all Americans are paying a very steep price for Trump’s blunders.  Here’s the latest updates from this past week:
Campaign Updates
In my mind, it’s amazing Trump’s approval ratings aren’t down in single-digits.  That illustrates the enormous level of brainwashing coming from the far-right echo-media which has the conservative base believing abject nonsense.  People who still support Trump actually scare me, especially after we all witnessed what an unmitigated disaster his presidency has been, so I don’t see any justification whatsoever for even an ounce of support for him.  It may be true the real media tends to lean left, but Trump has been proven to be such an awful president, I believe even the mainstream media has gone out of their way to protect him in the name of so-called balance:  Sure, he is constantly criticized in the news, but the reality of this presidency is far worse than what’s being reported: & also see
As a wavering Republican 4 years ago, I suggested we should punt on voting for Trump while regrouping with a real leader in 2020.  As the GOP base instead made a huge mistake in 2016, I’ll again suggest punting on Trump, this time as a way to not only ultimately save the GOP, but also our nation:  America is badly in need of a landslide victory for Biden, helping ease concerns about election integrity while tamping down the anger & violence Trump will surely stoke from the more deranged in his base.  We should know by now Trump will stop at nothing to cheat, as we’re already seeing interference coming from both inside & outside the country.  Trump & his minions continue all manner of voter suppression from reducing voter registration to undermining post office deliveries, while Russia & other bad actors continue flooding us with targeted disinformation.
The polls are looking great for now, but after that stunning surprise in 2016, we have a right to be slightly paranoid.  We just need to make sure all of us on the sane side turn out to vote!  The 6 main battleground states recognized as the keys to winning the election (PA, MI, WI, FL, NC & AZ) are all favoring Biden in recent polling:  Let’s all get active in spreading factual info which helps inform other voters, so we can work together towards a resounding victory!  See & share these reports on campaign/election related news, such as the state of the race, recent polling, campaign strategies & new political ads:
Talkin’ to Myself
This tune just seems appropriate on a Monday with the world in chaos: