Part 1
As has been the case the past few weeks as Coronavirus has taken over the news, our Part 1’s don’t have much to say.  We’ve used Part 1 the past few years to detail the astounding number & degree of Trump’s criminal actions, which the thousands of articles seen in our Part 1 archives leave no doubt we’re dealing with a mob boss presiding over a crime ring.  We’re keeping Part 1 in our blog open to draw attention to the fact that although Trump crimes haven’t been in the news lately, it’s just a matter of time before more of his illegal behavior is discovered & reported on.  So stay tuned, but for now here late on a Sunday night we’ll skip over to Part 2, & yet again most of the info posted below is seen in the Part 3 economy section with loads of articles on the virus.
Part 2
Those who can escape the clutches of the echo & follow the real news, the choice is abundantly clear.  Do we choose competent governing or corrupt demagoguery?  That’s why for years we’ve posted thousands of links in, a source where Americans can be informed & alerted to the unique dangers we’re facing.  Most echo-fans seem hopelessly devoted to their delusional propaganda & conspiracies, but we only seek to sway a small % of them to see the light, since nothing short of American democracy could be on the line in November.  Trump is more an offshoot to a more serious condition, when we once had a conservative media that was a worthy counter to the mainstream media, but has recently run amok with the most deranged echo-voices gaining control & dragging the GOP mindset from rational to radical. 
Everything we’ve seen of Trump screams out we run the serious risk of being overrun by a tyrannical authoritarian if voters make the same mistake this November as 2016.  Giving the prez a second term & unleashing him to his own devices, the end result could become horrifying:  So let’s work together in preserving the Constitution & not be complacent about it, since there will be no going back if we fail to remove this menace from our land in the election.  This first group of links revolves around Trump’s authoritarian instincts, followed by sections here in Part 2 about the echo & Trumpeters riding on the crazy train:
Goofy Gimmick
Some libertarian goofball tried to single-handedly throw a wrench into the House’s approval of the stimulus relief bill as explained in these links.  Some districts seem to follow a pattern of electing total bozos to office.  It’s as though there is an organized effort with places represented in Congress by the likes of Nunes, Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Steve King, Louie Gohmert Pyle & others, where they hold a contest to find the biggest idiot in their district, then elect them to Congress:
Deep State Conspiracy is Maniacal Lunacy Beyond Measure
With half the world now on lockdown & most countries being ravaged by the pandemic, why worry?  Sure, nobody likes getting sick, but why work ourselves into a tizzy over what was known from the start as some deep state hoax, or slightly untamed version of the flu being hyped by the deep state, or some deep state plot to get Trump?  Nope, the conservative thought processes never took this virus seriously to begin with, because Trump & his echo convinced them there was nothing to worry about, & that the infallible prez in charge had everything under control.  As a valid comparison, if these horrible civil servants working in government comprise the deep state, then in the medical field, the doctors & nurses must be their own version of the deep state.  Or in the military, soldiers must be considered the deep state.  In reality, had Trump only relied on his career government officials (the deep state) instead of Fox fake news, we may have even gotten a handle on the virus emergency by now.
Seriously, in case you haven’t noticed, this anti-government deep state paranoia is absurd!  We do need the expertise of these trained professionals, especially during a crisis:  And government workers are just as politically divided as the rest of the population, so if there were really some deep-state cabal plotting to undermine the prez, his pro-Trump supporters would have surely sniffed it out & reported it by now.  So this whole notion of a nefarious deep state calling the shots detrimental to our country is wildly preposterous!  Plus if this virus some called a hoax were really some deep-state creation, it must have been done with an amazing degree of coordination, since the pandemic has become a worldwide phenomenon which will be infecting people into the millions while killing many of them.  Yeah, some hoax.  I don’t know which is worse, those like Trump & his echo who propagate this nutty idea of a deep state, or all the fools who’ve been preprogrammed to believe them.
With Trump chipping away at the deep state, eliminating career professionals from their positions & failing to fill many federal vacancies, while not bothering to listen to all the rest still doing their jobs, it really has left us woefully unprepared to deal with this emergency crisis:  And not just the deep state, but incredibly Trump & his compliant echo-voices are trying to pin the blame on everyone else but where it belongs…on themselves!  So they’re using preposterous rhetoric & outlandish excuses in blaming the Dems, media, Chinese, Obama, Biden, Hillary, AOC, LBJ, JFK, FDR or the man on the moon for unleashing this virus against us.  But back in the real world, it was the echo channeling Trump’s denials & lackadaisical attitude toward the threat which gave the prez cover to lollygag for two months as the virus raged on, while also convincing their loyal followers the virus was no big deal as they failed to take proper precautions.
My oft-repeated statement Fox is one of the biggest problems now facing America, every Part 2 through the years in this blog have several articles making that assertion.  And in the links below we only add to the proof, especially with Fox being complicit with Trump in allowing the early response to this virus crisis to be terribly inadequate.  So it’s bad enough that for years Fox has been polluting their viewers’ minds, but the last couple months in conjunction with Trump their rhetoric for Americans has actually become deadly!  Overall America will remain in trouble as long as so much of the population buys into false echo talking points, from which our nation can never progress forward when we can’t even agree around basic truths.  That’s why we need to expose Trump & his echo for the pathological liars they truly are, helping free that echo-audience existing inside their irrational bubble from the darkness they’re living in.  Maybe all the echo’s crazy & dangerous spin over the virus can finally prompt echo-fans to actually start thinking for themselves.  Or maybe the law can come down on the deceitful network:
These other links about Fox fake news feature one wackadoodle who was canned & another who seemed drunk on the air, but we still need to rid ourselves of deranged lunatics like Hannity & Dobbs from the network:
The Ramblings of Radicals
Rush may have lung cancer, but I present evidence below inside the first few links his mental health is far worse than his physical health…& a lot more dangerous!  But when guest hosts like Trump sonny-boy Donnie Jr. sub on his show, the lunacy emanating from the radio for 3 hours on weekdays is every bit as bad as before.  Other articles below explore the words & deeds of various right-wing crackpots who’ve gone off the deep end.  Many of these people & groups were extremist nutbags to begin with, so they’re using the cover of the Trump presidency to spread their threatening hate more than ever.  But the group that personally disappoints me most is the white evangelical demographic.
As a long-time evangelical, I’m offended so many of these misguided conservatives are essentially denigrating our faith, doing so by professing their faith while at the same time taking extremist positions which are untenable, uninformed, immoral & flat-out crazy!  By association it only serves to drive more & more people away from the faith.  The Christian witness is steadily eroding away as evangelicals are being mocked for all the wrong reasons, being perceived as hypocritical & morally reprehensible.  There’s no question a sworn allegiance to an earthly leader with none of the fruits of the spirit & characterized by moral debauchery is not a good look.  And should the unthinkable happen with the evil king getting reelected, this demographic group will be singularly responsible for bringing this curse of iniquity upon America another 4 years, from which the damage may become irreversible.
It’s astounding how so many conservatives overall are rabidly supportive of the emperor Trump based largely on his pro-life stance, while at the same time have lost respect for the sanctity of life.  They seem annoyed to be inconvenienced by this social isolation, their attitude suggesting what’s the big deal if we have to sacrifice a few lives (or a few thousand or possibly a few million) so long as the economy isn’t interrupted & their stock portfolios can be protected.  I’m amazed & baffled how inward looking they’ve become, adopting very narrow-minded/self-centered viewpoints which have enveloped the conservative mindset in recent years, much of it inspired by their addiction to their chosen echo-media.  Many have generally lost their sense of humanity & empathy towards their fellow man, those who are truly struggling in these trying times whether from severe health or financial challenges. 
It seems as though too many conservatives trapped inside their group-mindset bubble could be interpreted as ignoring or even renouncing the scriptures, as we’ll delve more into this topic about a lack of caring for the sick & the poor in the commentary starting off Part 3 below, plus see these Bible verses inside this link:  The GOP is no longer the same party I always supported, & neither is the attitude running through the evangelical churches I always attended.  The about-face has been so dramatic over recent years, yet subtle enough from the gradual transition for most to detect the changes, that it almost seems there’s some nefarious supernatural forces at play.  It’s truly a fine line between a genuine faith & an evil cult.  I hesitate to even personally associate any more with those who’ve crossed the line to the dark side & demonstrated they no longer share my moral values.  Check out these articles about some radical-right conservatives who’ve also crossed over to the wrong side of that line:
Part 3
The Economy
The best way to restart the economy without unnecessarily stretching out the duration of this current economic crash is to stay home & stay away from others.  Myself, my wife & our neighbors are so glad here in Ohio our governor ordered a lockdown ahead of other states, which is very likely reducing the number infected & dying:  We’re also grateful similar aggressive steps were taken early in the San Fran/Bay Area where our daughter works in the healthcare system.  Untold number of lives are being spared as such foresight is probably helping to flatten the curve & preventing the hospitals from being overwhelmed even more. 
We really should order a lockdown for the whole nation at least for a couple weeks.  That we’re such an open & mobile society tends to work against us, but we do have an advantage for wiping out the virus spread in that as a country we’re generally not as densely populated as countries like Italy & South Korea.  The death rates in America have accelerated to doubling every two days (, with the projections all over the board on the numbers of those who’ll eventually be diagnosed or die from the virus, or how long the outbreak might last.  Dr. Fauci laid this on us today:, but his projections shoot up closer to 2 million deaths if nothing is done.  There does seem to be agreement among health officials that strict isolation guidelines can greatly lessen & shorten the suffering:
An Easter target date to reopen as Trump floated could only lengthen the malaise from both a health & economic standpoint: & also see  At least today he did push back that date to the end of April.  We’ve already been shown the way by countries overseas who took aggressive steps to successfully reverse the virus outbreak, allowing them to get on the path towards normal commerce in just a couple months.  We’ve also seen all along that our health experts’ warnings about this virus pandemic have been accurate, as opposed to the inane ramblings from our president.  But most of all, we must monitor & listen to the virus, since only after the spreading subsides can we even consider opening up the economy again.  Corona really gets to decide when to relax social distancing measures.  Opening up the economy too soon would only allow the virus to spread even more & wind up further hurting the economy while extending the misery, plus we’d need mass testing available before ever taking that chance.
So let’s batten down the hatches & just be smart/patient about this, since the only true economic rebound can come about by arresting the virus first:  If we do take the proper steps & hopefully keep America’s death toll at or below what we’d normally get in a seasonal flu season, I can already hear the gripes coming from the radical-right that we overreacted to the threat by needlessly shutting down the economy.  But keeping the number of deaths from hitting the millions or even the hundreds of thousands in our country, it likely would only come about from taking drastic shutdown actions now.  And because we got such a late jump on the testing & isolation, it may already be too late for preventing such a high fatality count.  At this stage, none of us really knows what’s about to happen, but being overly passive could prove catastrophic. 
It’s a crying shame a country like ours so ultra-wealthy would face such an economic calamity from having to shut things down for at least a couple months.  It exposes the disturbing distortions within the system that a majority of our citizens are living paycheck-to-paycheck, being unable to withstand this type of temporary income disruption.  Once we’re able to put this entire miserable situation behind us on the virus & economic shutdown, we really need to find some way for creating a more inclusive society, where the American Dream of opportunity & upward mobility is available to all.  The level of wage/wealth inequality in the U.S. has become intolerable & unconscionable, so saving American capitalism will require revamping modern-day capitalism so the working class gets their fair share.  An oligarchical structure where DC politicians are in the back pockets of big corporate interests who work in cahoots to suppress the masses cannot be sustained.  Hopefully, perhaps this new private-public cooperation over the virus emergency can ultimately carry over to coordinating a new economic model defined by shared growth:  
The GOP once again tried to turn the stimulus package into more of a giveaway for their wealthy donors as they did with the 2017 tax cut bill, but fortunately the Dems managed to make it more of a bottoms-up aid bill, although GOP congresspeople still managed to slip in top-down provisions which relies on an obsolete trickle-down model.  The lessons going into November should be, only the mega-wealthy should vote GOP if people were to vote based on their own self-interests.  Trump talks a good game, but his actual policies aren’t designed to actually help the working class.  Conservatives tend to be so bedazzled by Trump & compliant to the echo, their mindset has been hijacked to a distant place with no connection to reality.  So a long-term fix to the economy becomes exceedingly difficult when most of the GOP base are tethered to an inane oligarchy doctrine which offer no remedies which could directly benefit them.  The first set of links here are reports on this scary economy pummeled by the virus pandemic with a variety of perspectives & opinions:
Badly Bungled from the Beginning

Trump claims nobody is to blame for the health & economic carnage brought on by the virus pandemic.  We beg to differ.  While Trump didn’t create the virus, he allowed it to get out of hand by his inaction in those crucial early days:  It’s reminiscent of another tragic event where the president’s critical leadership went missing.  A major hurricane struck Puerto Rico 2-1/2 years ago, with the subsequent lackluster & sloth-like response by the administration ultimately leading to the loss of a few thousand lives.  A similar irresponsibly slowed response happened with the virus outbreak during the past couple months, when the lack of presidential leadership to contain the spread will soon be responsible for far more lives lost than Puerto Rico:
It’s not an exaggeration to say Trump’s initial blunders may ultimately be linked to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans, if not hundreds of thousands, or possibly even millions.  There’s no way to predict the numbers at this point, but we can surmise the appropriate testing & isolation early on would have made a huge difference by possibly containing the virus.  So instead of presidential leadership, all we got were a parade of lies, rejection of the threat, unrealistic optimism & passing the buck.  Plus he utterly failed to rally the country in fighting this ominous threat, so instead of unifying the nation in a wartime footing as is his job, he’s still picking fights.  Somebody as reckless as Trump, we really need to watch him like a hawk & hold him accountable:  These articles explain what Trump was really up to in those pivotal early stages.  Not even Homer Simpson could have handled the situation any worse!:     
Unimaginable Incompetence!
The enormous blunders from the White House just keep coming!  That’s why we again have an enormous list of links below for you to peruse concerning various perspectives about this national emergency.  Just watch the way morgues are filling up in certain cities to know the costs of a president’s inaction & denials when preparedness was desperately needed as early as January.  And starting back in January he got the briefings from intelligence officials warning Coronavirus was about to hit us & we needed to get ready.  But for two months all we got from Trump were silly excuses, false assurances & a very arrogant dismissive attitude, which allowed the virus to gain the upper hand & get away from us.
We still have the playbook.  It was provided to us from the experiences of Asian countries whose testing & isolation policies reversed their spread in just a couple months.  We just have to stick with their playbook.  But our leader didn’t even open the playbook early on & still shows reluctance to use it, instead confusing us with all sorts of his perplexing unworkable ideas.  Instead of a nationwide isolation plan, the prez came up with some goofy plan a few days ago that every county could be graded based on their infection rate, wanting to open up commerce in those places where the virus isn’t as bad.  But how can we assess risk by county when the testing is still so inadequate?  Plus what possible good could it do rating counties by risk when in our mobile society the virus routinely crosses county lines? 
Our wise prez also considered a quarantine around the NYC region without even first consulting with the governors, maybe as a way to exact his revenge motives over an area he doesn’t like.  But the positive impact of such a restrictive & hard to enforce quarantine would be limited when lacking a national directive where the entire country is under some kind of social isolation order, especially since this virus has already spread to all 50 states.  The prez throws out such ridiculous ideas on a whim, then needs convinced how absurd they are as was the case with the NYC quarantine, so he backed off on that one just a few hours after proposing it.  He’s like a loose cannon with a trigger finger, shooting off indiscriminately without first aiming or thinking it through.
It wasn’t that long ago, but let’s not forget back in the beginning of this outbreak when the U.S. had only 15 cases diagnosed, our prez assured us it was under control & that number would soon drop to zero.  Now he’s trying to convince us what a great job his administration would be doing if they held the death count under 100,000:  Talk about moving the target!  But his loyal Trumpeters will keep swallowing whatever he says.  Should the deaths this year in our nation tragically reach one million, he could then convince his base how his great leadership stopped it from reaching 10 million.  He can say whatever he wants with a fan base willing to believe anything. 
In another instance, who could forget his promise a few weeks ago that anybody who wants a test can get tested.  Well, even now, only the very sick & celebrities are the ones able to get tested in many places.  That’s the way it’s been with Trump’s messaging during this crisis as it has been with his entire presidency, nothing but lie after lie after lie after lie:  He no longer even tries communicating with us based on facts, rather everything is a political calculation to make him look better & through that hyping up of his own greatness, it’s always spoken with a bent to resonate with his doting base.
At a time he should be using the power of his office to command the production of more urgently needed supplies & equipment, the president has all along done the exact opposite by repeatedly downplaying the need.  Contrary to what crisis management & medical professionals are sounding the alarms about, Trump has recently said there’s no need for mass testing or a higher number of ventilators, while the White House also had the gall to say they’ve seen no proof of a shortage of protective gear.  These are nothing but delusional denials & this is the administration leading the fight against this virus???!!!  Once again, this is the kind of flawed thinking that can tragically get many Americans killed:
How can a leader rally manufacturers & supply chains, or even the American people as a whole, to the moment when the prez fails to acknowledge the urgent needs which are so obvious to the medical community?  And he’s commanded the governors to bow down & worship him if they want the desperately needed federal assistance & supplies only he can direct, while he is picking favorites among the states:  Such a petty fool.  Just his ego & revengeful nature alone could lead to lots of deaths.  There’s such a huge contrast between the fact-based/instructive daily pressers from Gov. Cuomo vs. the delusional happy talk in Trump’s, as our prez turns them more into campaign speeches.  Our prez sure is a hoot:, but it’s no laughing matter. 
Normally during a major crisis Americans rally behind their chief, but with a president so incompetent & completely in over his head like Trump, we need to keep bashing him to shame him into doing the right thing.  We just saw that happen the very next day after he said there was not the need for so many ventilators, he invoked the Defense Production Act to enforce the manufacture of more ventilators (see our selected song at the bottom).  But that authorization should have happened weeks ago!  And not just ventilators, but our brave doctors & nurses who put their lives on the line every day need/deserve all the required protective gear, so the DPA must be used to mass produce those supplies too!  So to Trump & his small circle of cronies, QUIT DAWDLING!!!  Of course, as is his way of passing the blame, he’s actually accusing frantic medical workers of stealing the masks.  He has no shame!  
Once again there’s lots to review here with the large number of links, but Americans should pay close attention in holding our leaders accountable & for finding new leaders.  We need to protect our Constitution & free society, not letting the forces of fascism embodied by the radical right-wing echo fundamentally change who we are.  There’s never been another time in our modern history when it’s more important for Americans to stay informed, which is a good reason to share this blog.  Sadly, most echo-heads don’t want to know the truth since it would force them to acknowledge their own misconceptions.  As for the rest of America, complacency & being unaware can be as much an enemy as the enemies to democracy we’re fighting, so please get involved before the clueless incompetence we’re getting from Trump & his pundits allow our society to disintegrate before most Americans even notice:
Election Speculation
The links below offer up various topics about the presidential campaigns & November election.  We desperately need a change.  A terrible leader presents a real risk of running a nation into the ground.  Right now, America has a terrible president.  Four more years of this circus sideshow mayhem defined by incompetent cluelessness, there’s no telling how our nation would come out on the other end.  His authoritarian instincts could leave our Constitution in shreds.  We cannot afford to take that chance!  All rational patriotic Americans should share our concerns, so we ask you please share this info in our blog ( to alert our fellow Americans as to the dangers we face.  Ideology & party affiliation don’t even matter these days, we just need a leader who’s not a corrupt demagogue or tyrannical autocrat.  So no matter which Dem is nominated & put on the ticket to oppose Trump, be it Uncle Joe or Uncle Fester, they must get our undying support in ensuring we preserve our democratic freedoms.  I can’t emphasize this point enough, even though most of you don’t see it yet, a second Trump term runs the risk of destroying our free society as we’ve always known it.
Those daily briefings that double as campaign speeches with his incessant patting himself on the back, that’s helped tick up Trump’s approval ratings slightly.  Sort of a rally around the chief in a crisis moment thing.  But he still trails Biden in the head-to-heads.  I also suspect Gov. Cuomo has already launched his 2024 presidential campaign, he’s been very impressive.  In the aftermath of this current national emergency when it’s all said & done as the virus someday comes under control, we can objectively review in-depth all the missteps that initially took place in the handling of this crisis.  The president’s denials & delayed response unquestionably allowed the virus spread & deaths to escalate well beyond the levels where it otherwise could have been contained.  Trump certainly isn’t nearly as decisive or proactive (or honest) as many of our governors.  Inside a few of the links here, some PAC ads are already exposing the tragic stumbles starting in January featuring the ridiculous word-salad dismissals dished out by the prez: 
The Prez Thinks We Have Plenty of Ventilators
At least that’s what he told us on the Insanity Hannity show:  This virus spread had better peak soon, otherwise we do NOT have nearly enough ventilators!  No competent leader would dare risk bringing on mass deaths by downplaying the need for life-saving equipment, or being slow on the trigger to activate the Defense Production Act for immediately making ventilators.  The DPA must also be used to order the immediate mass production of desperately needed supplies for medical professionals working the frontlines:
So what kind of dawdling imposter of a leader have we managed to put in charge from inside the White House?  As of yet, nobody in the White House has taken those needed leadership reigns!  Instead of a leader, we’re watching our bumbling liar-in-chief in action who’s BS’ing his way through this.  If the virus cases keep rising awhile as health experts expect & projection models indicate, many will be stricken in hospitals without the equipment to keep them alive, while also running way short is the protective gear to keep doctors & nurses healthy.  Without loved ones by their side, patients will suffer agonizing deaths as their lungs fill up with liquid & having no ventilators to help them breathe, it ends with suffocating in their own bodily fluids.  Consider this song a desperate plea for more ventilators in more places:    
Feeling like a dead duck
Spitting out pieces of his broken luck,
Hey Aqualung